Hi, I hardly get on Neopets anymore. I may pick up again at some point, but I am not active at the moment. If you have requested during my unannounced hiatus, do not expect a completed request. Please do not request and disregard my messages below that were written the summer. I never got the chance to adjust. I apologize. Feel free to still neomail any concerns as I will try to reply the few times I still log in. Thank you

button requests

EXCUSE ME: I am in the process of editing Stiles's coding- as you can probably tell. In the meantime, both layout and button requests are open! So feel free to request while I still fool around with making this page look a little nicer. Sorry for any inconvinences this might incur.
  • Requests are limited to one button at a time.
  • Unlike my layout requests, I am willing to create buttons of any theme.
  • I do not have a list of fonts, animations, borders, etc. If you do have a specific design you would like for any of the forementioned, please let me know. I will try to best accomadate your wants. With that being said, please have a reference image from another Neopets site included in the form.

    To view some of my previous work, please look below.


    layout requests

  • Requests are limited to one layout at a time.
  • Unfortunately, I limit the requests to only be neo-related or themeless. Please do not request any layouts involving anything beyond.

    To view some of my previous work, please hover over some of the previews below.

  • Sometimes I randomly make layouts for no particular reason. Problem being is I do not necessairly have a use for them. Therefore, I created this section. I will post my creations that can be then turned into yours! I simply change the text to what you'd like, and now it you can make it customized for you!

  • Layout image is not to be altered in any way. This includes removing or adding any elements of the image.
  • I will make no other adjustments to these layouts besides the text. Please do not ask for other alterations. If you would like something more customized then please make a layout request.
  • do not confuse the pharse "make it yours" with act like you made it. Make it yours solely means that I take one of my premade designs and change the text to match your intended use. I still created it. You still must credit me.

    Feel free to click through my premades below.
  • » Web design & coding created by Miranda (fearthecrazy)
    » Low-opacity backgrounds from Lolwat.
    » Bullets from TLB.
    » Arrow icons from Flaticon.

    listed at