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This page is a humble resource and adopts site aimed at catering simple and unique tools and trinkets for anyone out there who feels like getting creative. This site is owned by me, SILVER, who is also the creator of the premade banner site {simplified.}. Quartz currently focuses more on premade bases, backgrounds, signs and adopts. Please remember to read the all important rules (under the home tab above) before using any resources from this site! Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! :)


It's been a longgg time since I last updated! Sorry for that but I'm planning to put my sites on another (hopefully short) hiatus as I rlly haven't found the time to get on neo lately and the likelihood of me touching graphics aren't very high..Plus, I have some issues back in real life to deal with so yeah. Wishing everyone a merry x'mas in advance and hopefully update again soon! I'm definitely not shutting my sites down haha just that I'm rlly not sure when I can get them active again at this moment of writing so I think that putting them on hiatus will be better c: thanks for the understanding!

It's been a longgg time since I updated Quartz! I actually have planned some time ago to work on new premade layout bits and digital art but haven't taken the action to start due to the hassle xP This is partly because I'm still rather undecided about layout part dimensions-such as the bgs, headers, etc as stuff such as full screen bg dimensions are usually not that convenient to use as bgs in layouts since most likely you'll only end up zooming in on one section so I'm still thinking of what dimensions to make the bgs in and such. And art. I reallyyy want to try drawing some digital art of my own but I've yet to try out drawing and have not much experience in it. But most likely its gonna take me more time to complete that's why I didn't touch them yet. So, I do have these plans in mind, plus adding more premades here of course, but slowly along the way when I find the time and mood to x] Until then, most likely requests will remain closed since many parts will take me time to do up properly. Best!

Rules & Such

  • Always credit me for my work. A link back is COMPULSORY, either in the form of buttons or text links.

  • As this is a site meant to aid all graphic makers, you are allowed to use ALL my graphics here for PREMADE SITES as well, as long as you credit me for the original work. Feel free to edit all content here further to suit your needs :)

  • HOW TO USE: For most of the graphics here, you can Right click the image you want and select copy image address to get the image url to include into your coding or use the basic image coding here:

    You can also choose to save image as in order to download a copy onto your computer for further editing!

  • I do not regularly back up any of my creations here, so do save a copy onto your own computer if you really like a graphic and will not want to lose it in the future.

  • I am always open to suggestions on what new themes I can make my graphics in. So if you have any or are still in doubt regarding the usage of any graphics here, just contact me via my main account NM (jhvi_236) :)

  • Counter

    Idea Box!

    I've opened an idea box here to take in any suggestions you may have with regards to what other THEMES I can make all my premade graphics in! This suggestion box is always OPEN unless otherwise stated. I will also note any plans I might have for my future graphics. These ideas are more like reminders so most likely I will take some time to work on them depending on whether I'm free. I am open to both NEO AND NON-NEO RELATED themes, and I'll try my best to make it work as long as the idea is FEASIBLE AND SUITABLE for use here :) Already have something in mind? Send a NM my way and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


  • Requests

    Things to note before requesting:

    + I am currently only accepting requests for bases (excluding counters), full screen bgs and adopts! I am not accepting requests for other resources as I'm sticking to graphics which I think I'll most likely be able to complete for you.

    + For adopts, I'm now open to drawing anything that is not too complex and in the same styles as what I have here (need not be exact same object). I'll let you know beforehand whether I can draw the adopt for you before accepting requests!

    + I prefer up to one request each per person at a time for Quartz as some things need more time such as adopts. If you have multiple requests, just ask me beforehand whether it's possible and I will confirm with you again if I'm free to take up more than one.

    +An important note on requests, please be clear about what you want and provide me the details. If you've read my rules and bothered to go through my site info and have a clear idea of what you want, just grab the form, fill it up and NM me straight. Be polite as no one owes you a request and if in doubt, just ask but politely. I can choose to ignore impolite mails and those that obviously have not bothered to read the info on my site. If you don't bother to read things before requesting, why am I then obliged to answer all you random mails and spoon feed you everything? I don't want to sound direct about this but some people just don't get it unless you state it clearly and directly lolol.

    Please please please NM me a completed request form as it makes tracking requests much much much easier! Thing is, I don't want to have to exchange multiple neomails just to get details on what you want for like one request! One person is fine but if I'm contacting multiple people for multiple requests things are going to get confusing. If you really can't find anything or need further help, then feel free to ask me about it!

    Once you have read the above notes and are fine with them, complete the form below and NM it to me by clicking the button below! To copy the whole form. click anywhere within their respective text boxes, right click and choose select all before copying. Please replace the parts within straight brackets with your own answers!

    Normal Request Form (bases and bg)

    Adopt request form:

    Waiting List

  • Pickup

    Pick up your requested graphic here! Please backup a copy of your request on your own as I do not backup requests for you.





    Large(700 x 200)

    Small(250 x 150)

    Icons (100 x 100)


    Buttons (88 x 31)


    Full Screen


    Do note that backgrounds here are all edited to a certain extend, so please only use them if you are fine with that. I do not provide original and untouched backgrounds here.

    Just a little tip for using full screen bgs, cz many layouts (be it petpages/lookups etc) will not use up the full bg, meaning only parts of it will be captured within your monitor screen. As such, it'll be useful to add commands after your bg url code such as: top, left, bottom, center, or combinations of any two e.g. bottom center, to choose the specific part of the bg that fits your layout more as I cannot alter from my side here to suit everyone's coding, as it varies with each person. I've included a very basic coding here you can copy and paste to edit (note the commands used after the url, that's what you can use to alter positioning):

    Alternatively, I've also added in a smaller size (1300x 600)for full screen bg which works well for me in fitting more nicely into petpage and lookup codings.

    1920 x 1080

    1300 x 600




    Neomail Signs





    Requests (OPEN)

    Requests (CLOSED)



    Drawn Adopts

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    Pixel Adopts

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    Quartz is open to collaborations! Let me know if you are keen :)

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