All the looks are belong to me.

Zizey the Transparent Aisha

Raix the Transparent Hissi

Zady the Transparent Hissi

Ziys the Transparent Peo

Srya the Toy Uni

Egoy the Transparent Skeef

Ried the Stealthy Eyrie

Zolf the Transparent Bori

Cyclops the Stealthy Peophin

Xaia the Zombie Draik turned Robot Hissi

Maybor the UC Mutant Skeef

Luke the UC Darigan Grarrl

Trekoti the UC Grey Grarrl

Proto the UC Darigan Techo

Zonked the Transparent Grarrl

Zerx the lab rat

Zirc the Stealthy Grarrl

Zyin the Robot Grarrl

Zork the Jelly Grarrl

Gustav the UC Darigan Skeith

Arcanatu the UC Mutant Scorchio

Old Pets