Cellblock Guide

Welcome to Goodjolly's guide to Cellblock! This guide was founded and copyrighted by Goodjolly.
Goodjolly allowed his good looking brother (Unhapppy11) to publish thie guide for him.
This guide will result in victory almost every time!*!

Have you been trying to win a Gold Cellblock trophy for your cabinet, but can't seem to win enough matches?
Well, this guide may just be the answer. Follow the simple steps and you'll be on your way!

In Tournaments 1 - 10, the board starts with two of your pieces and two of your opponent's pieces in the middle
of the board. Unfortunately, this guide will not apply to Tournaments 11 and onwards because the board is set
up differently every time. This guide uses a sequence that lasts nine moves, the ninth clinching the game. It might
help if you have open another window of Cellblock while you are reading this, so you can check the moves that
you are making. I will describe where to make your move in relation to other pieces with nautical directions,
e.g. N, N/E, E, S/E, S, S/W, W, N/W.

Move 1
Move S/E of the lower of your two starting pieces, so it makes a diagonal line of three.
You opponent will go on one end of your line, it doesn't matter which.

Move 2
Move N/E of Move 1, so your pieces make sort of a backwards tick.
Your opponent will go to the other end of you original three line of three that they didn't go to last time.

Move 3
Move S/W of Move 1, so now you have two diagonal lines of three in a rotated 'T' shape.
Your opponent will go to one end of your new line of three.

Move 4
Move N/W of Move 3. Your opponent will go to the other end of your second line of three.

Move 5
Move N/W of Move 4. This will now make a third line of three.
Your opponent will go to one end of your new line of three.

Move 6
Move N/E of the higher of your original pieces, making a fourth line of three.
Your opponent will go to one end of your new line of three.

Move 7
Move S/W of Move 6. This will now create the winning formula: Two overlapping lines of three, untouched at
either end. It is in a rotated 'T' shape. Your pieces should be in a 3x3 box. Your opponent will go to one
end of one of your new lines of three.

Move 8
Move one end of your untouched line of three, creating an untouched line of four, which is unbeatable.
Your opponent will go to one end of your line of four.

Move 9
Go to the other end of your line of four, creating a line of five and winning the game! Yay!

I hope you followed all that, and that you're well on your way to getting that Gold Trophy. Following this guide,
it takes under 30 minutes to complete one tournament, and so for under an hour a day, you could have your gold
trophy in under a week! By the way, a big thanks to my brother unhapppy11 for making the background for
this page.

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*goodjolly does not take any responsibility if your opponents react in any way contrary to what this guide has stated, making it innacurate. goodjolly's own
experiences are that your opponents will move where this guide has stated MOST OF THE TIME, and wrote the guide accordingly. If your opponents do
deviate from "normal" behaviour, goodjolly recommends trying to save that match, and winning the next one, using the guide. The guide does work for a very
large percentage of matches, please do not be upset if it doesn't work once or twice out of fifty tries. Please do not send harassing neomails or Piles of Dung.

Cellblock CHAMPION!!!