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Welcome to Memory, a button request site owned by Hikari with help from good friend Tammy. Here at Memory we offer the highest quality buttons myself, Hikari can produce since 8th November 2011. We strive to please you with our hand-made graphics! Thank you for visiting, have the best day!

23 nov 2011 Very sorry about the sudden drop in updates! I will definitely catch up and hopefully requests will open by the weekend! :D (0 buttons completed)

15 nov 2011 Requests are closed! I will update the site after school ^3^ (0 buttons completed)

13 nov 2011 Cleared the waiting list, requests are open! ^u^ Ranked 8th at Soroptimist Directory and listed at a few places :3 (4 buttons completed)

12 nov 2011 I've done some requests today, I might do some more tonight and upload them tomorrow morning ;3 Affies with the amazing Perfect Symmetry and ranked at Clarity :D

11 nov 2011 I'm a little busy, please bear with me :3 I've completed some requests, I think they look alright. x3 (3 buttons completed)

10 nov 2011 Updating after school, requests closed :) (0 buttons completed)

9 nov 2011 2 new amazing affies (Clarity + Chinensis Designs ), a bunch of listers and a few requests :3 I will update the waiting list and leave requests open overnight so I can fill up the waiting list. :3 (4 buttons completed)

8 nov 2011 Pretty much done with the site ^^ I think I will start getting listers and all that stuff now and requests are open xD (0 buttons completed)

7 nov 2011 Started making the site ^^ Tammy has has being spending her free time teaching me her button making secrets and it's been a real help! (0 buttons completed)

Please read the rules below...

001 Link back to Memory at /~yourforevermine when using the button I made for you.
002 Your site can only be on Neopets.Com and I do not make buttons for applications, guilds, or button request sites.
003 Only neo-related images please. (The button will not turn out good otherwise, trust me.)
004 Please be patient with your request.
005 I will only make buttons for active sites.
006 If you do not like your button you may ask for a remake within one week of it being completed.
007 You may only request one button at a time.
* I will not always complete requests in order.


Questions with an asterisk * are optional.
Subject: Double Rainbows

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