Hi there! Welcome to Nienke's Premades, a premade layout site by Nienke. Here you can find a wide variaty of high quality layouts for several kinds of pages. The layouts I offer are petpage layouts, userlookups (also for the altador cup), guild layouts and templates. All layouts have been designed with the greatest care to work in all major browsers and with all screen resolutions. Enjoy browsing around!

23.08.2017 I've fixed all petpage layouts (but NOT sink in), guild layouts and userlookups (but NOT altador cup lookups). It actually didn't take me quite as long as I had expected. I think the page I started with was also in the worst state, with none of the actual layouts working. I'm contemplating whether I should fix the altador cup lookups or just remove them al together. Does anyone use them? They weren't up to date with the latest team members when I last checked and that's about two to three years ago...

22.08.2017 I'm back (temporarily) and I'm going to be fixing all my layouts. I started working on the petpage layouts. Except for three layouts (sink in, lifeline and golden skies) I managed to fix all of them. I seem to have lost all image files for sink in, so that is the only one that I might not be able to put back up... The other two were just a bit more difficult and my tired brain can't handle that right now. I will be going through the rest as well, but it will take me a while. I uploaded these images all over the place and some I can still access, others were just removed. Then for most I kept the PSD files, but I still have to figure out how I coded the layout and cropped all the images and backgrounds... And it is just an exhausting process.

06.12.2015 So I moved to another country for an internship and since I still have to make new friends, I decided it was a good time to try and see if I can still make layouts. I haven't done any proper photoshopping or coding in over a year. And a half. Wow. I tell you guys, I live for science now. Hard-core biology each day, every day. But back to the point, I made a new layout. I think I did a pretty OK job. I was going for something a bit more simplistic and clean. Hope you like it! :)

While I was going through my pages I noticed that some of my images had been removed. Awesome, why does this always happen? The nice thing is that I save all images, but the not so nice thing is that the USB containing all my work is still back in the Netherlands. I might upload everything again, once I get hold of that thing. But I'm not back OK?

Rules The main rule is simple, please do not remove my credits. You have to keep at least one link back to this page or my userlookup. How you do this, is up to you, as long as it is visible and clear that I made the layout. You are allowed to edit my layouts to your likings, as long as you give proper credit and the layout is for personal use. You may not use my coding for premade or requested layouts.

This is more a request if anything, but please reupload the images to your own imagehosting site if you use a layout for a site or page that gets a lot of traffic. The ammount of bandwidth I have is limited, please keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions As I barely log in I decided to bring back the FAQ on this page. If this FAQ does not answer your question, you can try mailing me, but be aware that either it takes me at least a month to come back to you or that I never answer at all.

Do you take requests?/Can you make me...?
No. I do not ever take request ever.

I can't find/click the save button on one of your petpage layouts.
This is not a mistake in my coding, you can still easily save the layout. Try this page to learn how.

I came across someone who removed your credits.
Firstly, I want to say thank you. It's nice that you care. However, I'm not invested enough anymore to go after these people. If you want to help, and I'm not saying you have to, you can always try to mail them or report them if you think it's necessary.

I want to change something to your layout/I have a coding question about one of your layouts.
Then take a look at my coding help. It's a list with questions about coding issues people come accross when they use one of my layouts.
Can I use your codes for my own layout?
Only if the layout is for personal use, so no premades (or requests when you own a request site)! Also, please leave the credit. If you change the image, you don't have to credit for that, but you do have to leave a link back to this page.

Where do you find the pictures you use in your layouts?
All over the site! But mostly here and here. You can also use images from plots (The Curse of Maraqua, The Faeries' Ruin and The Tale of Woe are my favorites!) the advent calendar, wearables (If you're too lazy to look for them yourself, this is a great page with all backgrounds) and caption contests.

What programs do you use?
I use Photoshop CS5 for the graphics (also for button animations). For finding coordinates for coding my layouts, I use Paint.

My other pages I used to be an avid site maker so if you like what you see here, you might want to check my other pages!

Details is a graphic resource site which offers many, many textures and stock images and also brushes, png renders and web resources. A staple for every graphic maker if I may say so.

Lore is a tutorial site that focusses on web design. You can find there quite some extensive tutorials on photoshop and button making and also some other stuff.

Credits A lot of the resources used in my graphics were made by me and can be found at Details!

Textures 17dayone, 99Mockingbirds, Feel.zeroexposure, Swimchick, my own. From DA: Anliah; Ro-stock; Sublimeartdust; DeviousRose; Yunyunsarang; ISOstock; Moonchilde-Stock; Cloaks; Ransie3; Bashcorpo; Jane-beata; Lilystox; Sanami276; Vikyvampirs90; So-ghislaine; Dastardly-icons; Inconditionally; Sarytah.

Brushes 17dayone, Swimchick, Memorylast, Misprintedtype, 99Mockingbirds, Moargh and Missfairytaled; Dreamon72; Dennytang; MagicalViper; Withwhipcream @ DeviantArt. PixelsJen @ Brusheezy.

Gradients Crazykira-resources, Icechicken, Shattereddesigns07 and Millepetit @ Deviantart.

Patterns 77word @ livejournal, Subtlepatterns

Counter BoingDragon

Link back If you want to use a fancy button!