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These are the stories of the Rayout Pirates.
♥ Rayout to the Core!

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Name: Kero
Epithet: Demon Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation/s: Pirate; Captain of the Rayout Pirates

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'9

Build: Medium, muscular frame

Posture: Always walks with his back straight and head held high. He only ever loses his composure when he spots any kind of Chia Snacks around. When seated, he likes to cross his arms and lean back in a relaxed manner.

Gait: Kero likes to take his time and walk around slowly when there is no rush for anything. However, when there is trouble, he is always one of the first to reach the site.

Hair and Color: Cut short with long bangs; disheveled (points at picture to the right); is of a purple color that is so dark, it looks black unless under direct light.

Eye Color and Shape: Red; sharp and piercing, they can intimidate at just a glance (once again, points to picture at the right).

Clothing: He usually wears a long, faded purple jacket resembling a robe with a rose pattern near the bottom. The sleeves of these fade into a tan color and he has a matching tan buckle-belt that closes up the otherwise always open robe about halfway up his upper body.

Underneath, he has on a simple, long sleeve, light purple shirt with a low, rounded neckline. It isn't tucked in. However his trousers, which are dark grey, do tuck into his tan boots. He has a tan belt as well that he usually wears over his shirt and has his sword's scabbard attached to it. His sword is usually visible but he can easily hide it beneath his robe-jacket.

Unique: He has a long scar running from his top right shoulder in a slant across halfway down his chest. This can be seen slightly when he takes off his robe-jacket since his shirt is low cut but the full scar cannot be seen unless his upper body is bare.


To an outsider, Kero may appear to be very stern and serious, never really saying more than absolutely necessary. Even when he is joking, he speaks in a serious tone and keeps a straight face so it is hard for people who don't know him very well to tell whether or not he really means what he says or if he's just playing around. However, once someone gets to know him, he's pretty easy to talk to and get along with.

Kero is calm and collected most of the time, rarely losing his temper or rushing off to do things. He is a very observant person, often watching people and things closely. He also prefers to take things in slowly and enjoys a nap every now and then. Kai actually takes the lead on the smaller day to day activities in Kero's stead, allowing the Captain to relax and handle the larger issues. Although he may appear refined, those close to him know that he can be very absent minded and can't for the life of him find a sense of direction.

He often gets lost, whether he has a map on him or not. If he does go on an outing, he has to have a crew member accompany him. Otherwise, it is not uncommon for him to go missing for long periods of time because he is unable to find his way back to his companions. To make matters worse, Kero himself does not realize his lack of a sense of direction so it irritates him when the crew members mention or hint at it.

His sense of justice is also pretty extreme. Because he does not believe in the World Government or the way they handle things, he often takes matters into his own hands when he sees any wrongdoing and is not afraid of breaking the law to set things right. This is when those that he is fighting against truly see the 'Demon Wolf' awaken; he turns cold and calculating against his enemies, striking fear into any who oppose him. Because he would rather take things on his own shoulders rather than risk the safety of those around him, Kero is always the one who is leading the fight and the one to end things quickly.

Overall, Kero is a very laid back person who people mistake as being overly serious because of the way he looks and talks. He can be very absent minded and impulsive, rushing into things when he thinks an intervention is needed and has no sense of direction whatsoever. He is also very protective of his crew but, at the same time, causes a lot of trouble for them. Despite all of this and the crew poking fun at him for various things, everyone respects Kero as the Captain of the Rayout Pirates and follow him without question.

- His Crew
- Working out and practicing his swordsmanship
- Taking Naps
- Observing people and his surroundings
- Peace

- Chia Snack Foods
- Seeing people oppressed
- The World Government


Kero is an expert with a sword, choosing it as his primary weapon as a child and sticking with the training necessary to master it. He became such an expert that Kai, Ony, and Solen, who he trained with from a young age, sought out different weapons to master since they simply could not compete with him. Also, because he is ambidextrous, he is able to wield more than one sword at a time. He chooses, however, to wield one so that he can have free use of his other hand during battle and only resorts to using two when pressed.

He also possesses monstrous, physical strength and can take down opponents easily even without a weapon. When he was young, the amount of weight he could carry with his then slight frame used to shock the Rayenti villagers. He often used to volunteer for physical labor, such as fetching building materials, in order to improve his stamina and endurance. Although he has filled out more now, muscle wise, he still amazes people with his strength and his special training regimen seems impossible to most. Ony often calls him a monster when he sees him working out.

It can also be said that Kero has above average agility, speed, and overall reflexes. Although he is not as fast as Kai and his eyesight and hearing are not as good as Ony's (who are monsters in their own right), he is extremely talented overall.

The only true weakness Kero has are any snacks made by the Chia Company. When he sees or smells them, he physically turns sick, eventually passing out. This is because, as a youngster, he fell extremely sick after eating a bad bag and was so delirious with fever that he imagined the snacks were attacking and eating him alive. He thought they were getting revenge on him for eating so many of their companions since, at that time, they were his favorite snacks. He remained bedridden for a full month before he was well enough to leave his room. Now, he avoids these heinous snacks at all costs.



Kero did not have a very pleasant childhood or even one that he can remember very well. All that is known about his early years, before he became a member of the Rayenti, is that he was a slave. At 6 years of age, he was boarded onto a slave ship heading to a plantation island somewhere in the Damien Stretch. He was most likely purchased by the plantation head to be used as a worker.

Here, onboard this ship, he met two other key members of the future Rayout Pirates: Ony and Kai. They, too, were headed to the plantation island as slaves. Along with a group of others like themselves, including Mary, the ship headed from the mainland of Emolga to the island.

However, a freak wind blew the ship off course and made it head straight for Pekorun. The Rayenti tribe that inhabited the island spotted the ship from afar and witnessed the brutality of the crew towards the slaves. The Chief of the Rayenti people, Vitroy, pitied them and, understanding how cruel the government can be, decided to rescue the slaves.

From that point on, Kero and the other slaves of the ship were welcomed onto the island of Pekorun and became members of the Rayenti Tribe. From here on out, Kero, Kai, Ony, and the Chief's grandson, Solen, became inseparable. Being around the same age group, they shared the same dreams of becoming adventurers and worked towards their goals together. Each month it is well known that they all meet within the forest to have a dual to see who has become the strongest amongst them. Kero has never once lost in this competition.


At the age of 21, 15 years after he became a Rayenti tribesman, it was decided by the Chief and Mary, who had been the primary caregiver of Kero's orphaned group, that they would be allowed to set out to see the world. They would leave one month after the Celebration, which marked the day the ship of slaves was welcomed onto the island.

However, on the night of this Celebration, a ship of weary merchants crashed onto the island. Because the Chief thought it ill fortune to send them on their way in the dark on the night of such an occasion, they allowed the merchants to stay for the night and to rest the following day.

Although he was suspicious, Kero accepted the Chief's order. However, the 'merchants' brought with them the destruction of the Rayenti. In the aftermath of this destruction, the Chief, along with the majority of the Rayenti and Kero's childhood friend, Solen, were eliminated. In a rage, he and Kai set out to take revenge on the attackers, sailing after them when they were sure the survivors would be safe.

Demon Wolf

Kero and Kai were able to reach the attackers in a short amount of time. They destroyed the ships of their enemies with such precision and ferocity that onlookers thought it was the work of a demon, bloody and vengeful. This is where his epithet of "Demon Wolf Kero" was born.

After this assault, the World Government recognized the duo as criminals. When Kero and Kai met Rath and was, therefore, able to acquire a ship, they were labeled as pirates. Kero is now forever known as the Captain of the Rayout Pirates.

And that is where their true adventure begins.



Kai is one of Kero's oldest and most trusted friends. Because he is so level headed and can keep his cool in the most extreme situations, Kero respects his opinion and input on important decisions he has to make. He often relies on Kai to handle the necessary day to day activities for their journey, such as making sure the food pantry is always stocked, keeping track of funds, and making sure that they always have enough ammunition on board in case of a sea battle.

Because he is always smiling, everyone has a hard time really knowing how Kai truly feels on matters unless he states it himself. However Kero and Ony, having grown up with Kai, can read into his mood very easily and they are the only ones who are able to accurately tell exactly what he's feeling. This is especially true when he is angry and they are always on the lookout to see when Kai's temper has made a turn for the worse. This is so that they can slip away and hide until his fierce storm blows over.

Kai is in some ways the opposite of Kero; he is always smiling, initiates and keeps conversations flowing, and always thinks his actions through thoroughly before acting on anything. Kero, on the other hand, will rush into things without thinking over the consequences, never really smiles or shows much emotion, and doesn't really talk much. However, despite how different they may seem, they are the best of friends and would give up their lives for one another.


Ony is another one of Kero's oldest and most trusted friends. However, unlike the thorough and reasonable Kai, Ony is very tempermental and can never keep his cool once he has been angered. Despite this, Kero sees Ony as one of the bravest people he's ever known and always trusts him to be there by his side whenever he is needed. Because Ony is usually not as busy as Kai, he and Kero spar and work out together most often, though the former has a hard time keeping up with his Captain when he switches into "special workout regimen" time.

Although Ony's sour attitude and temper bother some members of the crew at times (particularly Rin), Kero never gets angry at him. He can tell the difference between when Ony seriously means what he says in such moments or if he is just letting his emotions cloud his words. He also never gets mad when Ony picks on him either and usually just goes along with it.

If Kai is the reasonable half of Kero, then Ony is the impulsive, tempermental half. Kero is capable of keeping his cool even when knocking at death's door but Ony sees nothing but red and allows his anger to cloud his judgement. The only ones who can bring him back to his senses and see reason are Kero and Kai. Despite how troublesome he may seem, Kero never regrets having him around and they make a great powerhouse team.


Rath and Kero became good friends very quickly, having first met when Kero was separated from Kai. When Kero selflessly decided to help him get back his ship, Rath developed a deep sense of respect for Kero and decided to aid him in turn. The trust and respect for Kero was so great that he eventually agreed to have his ship, his pride and joy, become the Rayout Pirate's vessel.

They both don't talk very much, preferring to sit in silence rather than strike up a conversation, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy each other's company. No matter how few the words they exchange, they always seem to understand each other and it puzzles the other crew members greatly. However, Kero does seem quite amused whenever Rath ditches his silent and cool persona and becomes like a love-stricken school girl whenever he is in the presence of machinery.


Rin and Kero both respect one another and hold each other in high regard. Rin thinks Kero is an amazing leader and takes him and his advice very seriously. Unfortunately, because of this, she misses a lot of the jokes he says in his always-serious tone of voice and often gets confused until either Ony makes fun of her or Kai explains that Kero was just kidding.

Kero, on the other hand, thinks Rin is a very talented medic. For the most part, he stays out of her way, not even defending Ony when he gets a scolding. To him, she is reminiscent of Mary (the woman responsible for raising him, Kai, and Ony) and is very comforting to be around. It should be noted that it was Kero who formally invited Rin to join the Rayout Pirates and she has never once regretted her decision to be a part of the crew.


Kero first met Tikki in the bustling port town of Durban. Tikki had actually tried to steal from him, thinking he was easy prey. He was right and succeeded but he did not expect Kero to be impressed with his sly capabilities. He also did not expect the strange man to continually follow and nag him about joining his pirate crew. After some trouble, he relented and, in the process, grew to respect Kero, looking up to him almost as if he were a mentor.

Tikki idolizes Kero. He will literally do anything for him, including the odd job of removing any Chia snack foods in the vicinity before the Captain sees it. Kero also views the agile thief as a valuable member of the crew and, much to the younger man's embarrassment, he praises him often when he succeeds in an endeavor. Tikki often joins Kero when he works out, continuously pushing himself to endure the grueling "special workout regime" Kero developed. His most recent goal was to be able to do it without collapsing once (much to the dismay of Rin); there is a competition right now to see who will be able to do it first between him and Sun.


Vhei and Kero are both leaders and so hold each other in high esteem. Although Vhei is usually napping and carefree, Kero knows she is a formidable warrior with much more battle experience than himself. They both often exchange training techniques though Vhei has never once been seen working out by any of the crew members.

Kero is one of the few people Vhei will show her serious side to, though she only does so when the need arises. In terms of strength, she is the only one that can physically match up to Kero, making her one of the strongest members of the crew.


When they first met, Sun did not like Kero very much. This was understandable since he was a former Knight and Kero was a wanted pirate. Kero, on the other hand, did not have any feelings of animosity towards him. Once Sun got to know Kero and the rest of the crew, his views on them changed drastically.

Kero had an immense and overwhelming presence that he described as being similar to the feeling he got whenever he was near his sister. His leadership and how the crew members trusted him so wholeheartedly left him in awe. He grew to admire Kero, though he did still notice the Captain's weird absentmindedness and faults, unlike other members of the crew who disregarded it entirely. Kero views Sun as someone with the same burning flame of justice as he himself had and they get along well. It is also one of Sun's goals to complete Kero's "special workout regime" and defeat Tikki.


Viette is the most enthusiastic and eccentric member of the crew. Although she annoys a few of the other members with her energy, Kero isn't one of them and he enjoys her presence. He actually encourages her to be herself and not hide when in the presence of the crew, even when it means some of the things she concocts in the kitchen comes out looking rather questionable.

She likes to test new dishes out on the crew and Kero is one of her favorite subjects. He is pretty serious when tasting new food and his input is very honest. Although Viette is usually very fragile to criticism beneath her energetic persona, Kero's words don't sting her much because he always has constructive criticism, never meaning it in a hurtful way. When he does see Viette sad, in the fashion of an elder brother, he pats her on the head to cheer her up.


Al is in awe of the other members of the crew and so views Kero as if he were on top of a pedestal. Kero often invites the younger lad with him to watch training sessions, teaching him combat prowess at the same time. In turn, Al tries his best to teach Kero about maps and navigating but this is pretty much in vain.

Kero is really impressed with how experiences a navigator Al is despite his age. He often sits with him and teaches him little things that he learned from the Rayenti about survival, allowing the youngster to absorb everything like a sponge.

[ Birth of the ' Demon Wolf ' ]

Pekorun was an ideal island, situated just between the great continent of Emolga to the east and the large island chains of the Damien Stretch to the west. It was, in fact, located in the only easily passable area in an otherwise dangerous zone of the Briareus Sea. Many nations sought it out for the sole purpose of possibly turning it into a profitable port, along with making use of the unusually abundant natural resource found on the tiny refuge.

It was thought that whoever controlled Pekorun would also control the prime trading route between the great land mass and the rich and lucrative islands from the Damien Stretch. As such, there have been many battles fought, both on the mainland and in the sea, to see who would be the one to acquire the 'Jewel of the Sea.'

The struggle on the mainland over control of the island was one reason why it had not yet been taken over by a power hungry nation. The other and far more deadly reason were the natives that inhabited Pekorun; Rayenti people.

Known as a warrior tribe, the Rayenti people were not to be trifled with. They loved their home and protected it to the core, resisting any and all forms of takeover from the larger nations. This bravery and valor in protecting what they cherished most translated them into hostile and blood thirsty barbarians to those on the mainland. Stories of brutal and merciless slaughter of merchants docking the shores of the island spread like wildfire, scaring away a lot of the traders wishing to use the island as a base.

However, this did not mean the Rayenti were the only ones on the island.

- - -

The forest was very dense, thick with trees and shrubs of all shapes and sizes. Within it, there was barely any place the sun's fading light could reach all the way to the ground. However, in one tiny opening within the trees, there was a clearing where the warmth shone brightly.

Here, surrounded by a ring of shady trees, was where they had always come to meet. And now it was time again.

Out of the shadows, a lone figure stepped into the light of the clearing. At his side was a wooden sword strapped to his belt and he held it gently now as his sharp red eyes scanned the area. His gaze finally rested on a large tree directly across from him.

."Are you ready?" he asked softly. His voice, although not loud, carried through clearly. As an answer, three figures hopped down from the tree and stood before him.

They were three young men, all around the same age as him, and each one held a wooden sword similar to his own. One of them stepped forward with a cheerful and friendly smile donning his handsome face. "It took you long enough Kero. We were beginning to think you had gotten lost again and that we would end up having to search for you in the dark." he said, his clear violet eyes amused.

Kero shrugged with indifference and pointed his sword at the three. "I asked you a question." he said, looking at each one of them in turn.

Another of the young men, with long red hair and golden eyes, laughed aloud. "Same old Kero, always ready to battle!" He hopped from foot to foot in anticipation. At last, he took a deep breath and said aloud, "Kai, Solen, let's roll!".

At his words, all four rushed at each other with a dash. And although this was clearly a battle, each one of them shared a look of enjoyment on their faces, eager to see who amongst them was the strongest this time.

- - -

."Kero! Kai!" screamed a voice. "Ony, Solen, where are you!" The owner of the voice, an older woman, paced back and forth along the entrance to the forest impatiently. "Oh, where have those boys gone off to at such a time?" she sighed, rubbing at her temples with her fingertips.

Behind her, she heard a chuckle. "Turning around, she saw the elderly chief of the Rayenti approaching, cane in hand. "Chief Vitroy, what brings you over here?" she asked, puzzled. "Shouldn't you be preparing your speech for the Celebration?".

Hearing the admonishment in her voice, the Chief cleared his throat and looked at the woman with kind, grey eyes. "Mary, you mustn't worry about Kero and the others. They are all 21 and 20 and can care for themselves now. Next month, they will even be leaving us to depart on their own adventures.".

."They may be the age of young men but they still act like children." she replied. "And you know as well as I do that they are out fighting each other again. I know they do this every month but I thought they would at least hold off this time, having it be their last Celebration with us before they leave." She shook her head and sighed.

."Now, now Mary, they have had this competition of strength once a month ever since they were youngsters; it is normal for them to continue with it tonight as well." The Chief said gently. "As for the Celebration, they have done everything they could to help prepare for it before they went off on their own. That's probably the reason why they're so late now.".

."Yes, I know," Mary said, resigned. "But it is well past sunset and-" The sound of a twig snapping broke her off and she spun around to see the very four she had been speaking of. But instead of feeling relief, the sight of them made her go pale.

All of them were covered with dirt and visibly hurt. Ony, the red head, even had Kero and Kai on either side of him to help support him up. Solen, the young man amongst them with short silver hair and grey eyes matching those on Chief Vitroy looked at the two elders in surprise. "Mary, Grandfather, what are you two doing here?".

."Boys!" screamed Mary, who awoke from her shock and rushed over to them. The look on her face scared the four so much, Kero and Kai almost dropped Ony on the ground to make a run for it. The Chief only looked on with a chuckle.

- - -

."Ow, ow Mary!" Not so tight!" cried Ony in pain. After he and the guys were dragged to their little hut by an irate Mary, she promptly sat them down and began bandaging all of their wounds. Unfortunately, because Ony's right leg was worse off than the injuries of the others, Mary had been giving him extra attention.

."You have no right to complain! Going off and fighting each other to such an extent and on the night of the Celebration no less!" she scolded. "Why I have a mind to keep you all locked up here tonight instead of allowing you to take part.".

All of the guys, except Ony, who was wincing with pain, laughed awkwardly. "Mary, please don't be upset." said Solen. "If it makes you feel any better, Ony actually hurt his leg by tripping over a leaf.".

."And how is that supposed to make me feel any better?" Mary continued her scolding. "That still doesn't explain your injured arm or Kero and Kai's wounds either." she gave the silver haired Solen a frightening look, pointing at his bandaged left arm. Knowing better than to argue back, he gave her a small apologetic smile instead.

."Now then," she said in a gentler tone, "because this will be your last time here for the Celebration before you journey off, I will let you come and join everyone at the feast. You may do so after you have cleaned yourselves up and rested a bit." Mary got up and walked towards the door.

Kai chuckled. "Thank you Mary." he said genuinely. All of the young men gave the older woman a smile and she looked back at them with warmth in her eyes. Then, without another word, she turned back around and headed out.

."Man," cried Ony, "I thought I was going to die!" He began to gingerly touch his swollen leg.

Solen laughed. "Come on Ony, your fall wasn't that bad." Ony's responding red face only made him laugh harder.

Kai smiled sadly. "Despite trying to finish our match quickly, we still ended up missing the Chief's speech. Sorry Solen.".

."What? No, it's fine Kai! You know as well as I do, Grandfather likes to repeat this speech year after year. We've all probably heard it a thousand times now." Solen replied, waving his good arm around frantically.

."14." said Kero quietly. The others turned to look at him. Crossing his arms and leaning back, Kero repeated his words. "We've all heard it 14 times." He set his eyes on his friends and smiled. "This year would have made it 15.".

Kai, Ony, and Solen all returned his smile of contentment with their own. "15 years now that we've all been together," said Solen, dreamily. "Time sure flies huh?".

."Yeah," answered Kai. "It's all thanks to the Rayenti for saving us all those years ago." The four went quiet.

Kero thought back to that time so long ago. He was on a ship, along with Kai and Ony, and he can even vaguely remember a younger Mary. They were sailing to an island plantation with a group of others to be sold as slaves.

If a freak wind had not blown the ship off course towards Pekorun, and the Rayenti people had not seen and rescued them, there was no telling where they'd all be now.

Snapping back out of his thoughts, he turned to look at Ony. "Can you walk?" he asked.

Ony looked back at his friend and shrugged. Slowly, he stood up and tried to apply pressure to his right leg. "I think so-" he began but winced with pain as he fell forward. Luckily, both Kai and Solen were at his side to catch him.

."I'll go make you some crutches." Kero said simply and left. He left so quickly, the others stared at the spot where he had stood for quite some time.

After a while, Kai smiled and broke the silence. "I think Kero feels bad we all got hurt to such an extent this time. I'm sure he wanted to be able to end things quickly since it would be our final bout.".

Solen laughed. "Well, hey," he said jokingly, "if the battle took longer than expected it means we all improved.".

."Yeah!"cried Ony triumphantly. "I bet if I hadn't tripped on that stupid branch, I would've won this time!".

."Leaf." coughed Solen and Kai.

."Whatever!" screamed Ony.

After a fit of laughter, Solen and Ony became serious in their demeanor. They turned to Kai with a look of determination in their eyes. "We'll beat you guys next time for sure." said Solen. Ony nodded in agreement.

Kai looked at the two, who were only a year younger than himself and Kero, and smiled warmly. "You guys are getting a lot stronger but all three of us will have to work harder to beat Kero." They nodded.

After 15 years of competing against one another in a test of expertise and power, Kero had yet to be defeated.

- - -

The feast was just as plentiful and extravagant as the first year the Celebration took place. Wild meats from all over the island had been brought, much of it from Kero and the others, as well as fruits and vegetables gathered and grown from the other villagers.

Everyone had much to rejoice over for it was the 14th year the Rayenti took in the sad ship full of survivors and welcomed them onto the island and into their homes.

Kero sat back contentedly in his seat and soaked in the festivities. He watched as Kai and Solen danced with all of the young ladies of the village, excusing himself by saying he would like to keep Ony company instead.

The young man in question sat beside him, seemingly swallowing his food rather than eating it. After a while, he looked over at Kero and said, "You know, you can go join them if you'd like. I'm fine here by myself.".

Kero shook his head and replied, "I don't want to dance." He looked Ony in the eye and used his gaze to discreetly signal for his friend to look behind him. Ony followed his cue and his own gaze settled on a group of women ogling at Kero. Ony recognized the leader of the group immediately; a very tough and hard headed woman by the name of Elga.

At once, Ony understood. Elga did not hide the fact that she was attracted to Kero and would often gang up on and intimidate any girl who approached him that was not of her group. A big sweat drop appeared on the side of Ony's irritated face. "You really are using me as an excuse …".

Kero coughed and went back to observing everything quietly. When the latest song ended, Kai and Solen merrily headed back to the table that Kero and Ony occupied.

."Man that was fun!" Solen said joyously. He took a seat beside Ony and looked back at his dancing partner with wink. "I think she likes me." he said as the young woman rushed back to her friends, blushing profusely.

Ony looked at him and said in a dry voice, "You're such an idiot." He then proceeded to take a huge bite out of the piece of meat he held in his hands.

."You're just jealous you can't dance with all the pretty girls here because your leg's broken." Solen shot back. The two glared at each other but, after a little while, they burst out laughing.

."I'll let you go this time." Ony said cheerfully and dug back into his food. Kai and Kero watched his short exchange in silence and with smiles. They knew that although the two often quarreled, they were never seriously angry.

Suddenly, Solen turned solemn and look about him with sadness. "This will be the last celebration we'll be apart of before we set off, isn't it?" he asked. The mood amongst the four became lulled as they each watched the villagers that they loved so dearly partake in the festivities. Even Ony ceased his eating, a dreamy look spreading across his face.

Kai smiled sadly. "Yeah, it is. Next month we'll we heading off to explore the world on our own." He paused a bit and continued. "I'm really going to miss everyone.".

It had been their dream to go out to see the world. Since they were young, they had done everything in their power to prepare for their adventure, going so far as to build their own boat. Although not exceptionally large, it was big enough to carry all four of them, along with a few days worth of supplies, quite comfortably.

This boat, along with their constant training and burning resolve to set out, finally convinced the Chief and the overprotective Mary to let them go.

Kero looked at each of his depressed friends and, in an effort to lighten the mood, jokingly punched the shoulder of the one closest to him: Kai. He smiled at Kai and looked at the others. "We'll go see the world to our heart's content but we can come back to Pekorun whenever we feel homesick. We always have the option of coming back whenever we want."

."That's right, you are always free to come home and visit at any time.".

Startled, the four turned around to see that it had been the Chief who had spoken.

More coming soon! ^.-


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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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