Yay! Thanks for the blinkie! New layout change? Yes I have currently made my own layout (it isnt the best) but I needed something better than the old one.


CAn YOU read it?


(note this screenie was found on a board that people were posing for screenies on,some peoples replys are stranger then others)


Only if she had really fed ALL my pets.

Random Events

-yawn- My screenies are boring

Too bad i got the RE before i got a zombie flotsam..zombies get along well with ghost!

Im still training my pets

What would I could with 20np?

Random events now days...bleh

(not really cool)

Honestly like i could afford a 1k item..

I can't help it that im cheap...

Who likes lime juice anyways?



Zombies get everything!


Pea chia!Who would pound one??

Random Sreenies




I stayed up till 2am to get the sidebar!


Oh great more sidebars

No pb still


Don't worry im fixing my screenies!

The V2 computer

Blumaroo's look weird since the redraws o_O

Awards / Fan Mail

Link back?

Only take this award if I gave you a 8/10+ anyone that takes it without permission....well you know what would happen, and neomail me to rate your screenies!And you "might" recieve the award.