Tamwyn Child of the Dark Prophecy

Thoughts from a broken soul

29 of Novemeber
The world is quite...
I've lost all those I cared about.

Is my life just one tragedy after another?
Have I lost all I was?

please bear with us as we re-work my page and design! new plot in store!


Name : x_Tamwyn_x
Meaning : Dark Flame
Alais : Tams
Birthday: November 2nd, 2003
Breed: Wolf
Gender : Male
Age : Adult
Pelt : Black
Optics : Blue
Build : Long, Thin, Toned
Personality : Loner, Dark, Lost, Loyal, Secretive, Reluctant
Resides With : Sharkie
Occupation : Spirit
Pack: Shukumei

Likes and Loathes

Being Alone


He ran through the mist endlessly. Never once looking back to see if anyone was following, he knew they could no longer see him. His form had turned and he was now just and evenescening memory...

The pain was bad. That is the first thing I remember... I wasn't in my body but in that of another. I was frightened by seeing the family of this wolf that I now lived inside of. They called me Tamwyn, not my name, but I had to answer them anyways, 'I am not Tamwyn!' I yelped, wide-eyed and scared. My family was nowhere to be seen and neither was I for that matter... I was simply brought back to life by that of the unknown.

But I'm getting too far ahead of myself. I shall begin at the very moment I was born...

Part I

On a Dark winter evening I was born to a pack of snow white wolves, There were my brothers and sisters, and of course my mother. I could hear the howling of the pack, as if they were greeting me for the first time. It was snowing and the naming ceremony was to take place at the high rock where our leader would pick names for each of the pups born. There was two litters that needed naming before my mothers pups, It wasn't until two moons later I would receive mine.

It had been two moons, and my eyes had opened up. For the first time we were allowed outside the den, taking in the sights of the world we had yet to discover. Our naming ceremony was this night, a proud day for all young wolves as they begin their travels into adulthood. It was nearly sun high when our leader called us to the high rock to be named.

I watched, excited to receive my name. I was the youngest in the litter, the last to be named, 'The young silver wolf shall be known as Nakai, Wise One.' our leader said as the pack chanted his name, My brother was proud, He was the oldest of us and the smartest his name was fitting, wise he was, I on the other had was a little more adventurous and couldn't sit still for long. 'You shall be known as Wyakin, Cunning and Beautiful.' he said to my sister, she too had a fitting name. It was finally my turn. I had though of names I would have loved to be called, our leader call me forward and chuckled as he watch me wriggle in anticipation, 'You've been looking forward to this for a long time haven't you young one?' he asked as I nodded, 'I have thought long and hard over this, Its not very often we have a black pup in the pack!' he said looking towards my pelt. It was true, most of the wolves in the pack were sliver or snow white, I on the other hand was midnight black, 'From this day forth young one, you shall be known as Motomo, Black One.' The pack chanted my name as they did all for all the others, I was a bit upset not having a name chosen not for my talents but for my color.

With the days to come I grew older and more distant. The other pups in the pack mocked me for my color, quoting the Elders saying 'A black wolf brings nothing but darkness'. I felt alone and confused. I couldn't understand why I had to be the one that was made fun of. It wasn't fair, but there was nothing I could do about that... Or so I thought.

Years later I had grown into an alliance with only those I felt I could trust. My mother was one. She was the only one that didn't care about my pelt color. She loved me just as much as the others. I kept close to her side making sure nothing would happen to my only friend. I also kept close to Nakai's side, He never judged me for what I was. He was the only one I could share all my thoughts and feelings with. But things started changing, I started having strange feelings that I couldn't control... I had felt it before, but not as strong as now. I couldn't bear the thought of letting it out, yet it had a mind of its own and I lost control...


Sharkie is more like my friend than my keeper... She has recently resorted to talking not to her own kind but to wolves and other animals. She finds they are more interesting and are more willing to listen to her than people are.

Talk bad about animals and you're in for it! She is a HUGE Animal Conservationist and will stick up for any animal.

Anyways Sharkie took me in a while ago and brought me over here to meet her other wolves. They seem nice but I like to stay close to her.

Nakai... How can you be my brother? I dont feel that warm feeling you get when you are around me anymore... I didnt mean to do what I did... it just... happened... Can you ever forgive me?

Poor Bliss is a very kind wolf by the sounds of her... I haven't gotten to know her as well as I would like but I fear I would do her damage and she seems loved by everyone and everything around her... I wouldnt want to take that away

Spot? Now there's a person I could get used to! He enjoys pillaging places all over the world by stowing away on boats... and his trusty yet noisy keys are always with him...

Maugrim is a spirit walker... He is my closest friend and I really only share things with him... He is older and wiser (and knows what I am too) and doesnt mind my spirit being here... The last spirit he had to send away for unknown reasons but he has befriended me... he has helped me in more ways than one.. Thank you Grim...


Maugrim says that Ravens and Wolves are a team that shall forever work as one being. I find this to be true...

When I had lost all hope this little raven was my only friend...

I had just been exiled from the pack and had begun my journey towards the high mountains in search of my own place. I had heard something crying, as if it were hurt. I called out to it and sniffed, trying to find the source of the cry.

There under a tree was a baby raven, featherless and cold. I took pity on the bird and took him with me instead of letting nature take its course. I couldn't stand to watch another thing die. I took him into my care and raised him the best I could... Teaching him to fly wasn't easy but he finally did it on his own.

He has since been with me for years now, always flying but never far above, He is a free bird but I am glad he chooses to stay close. He is the light that stands out in my darkness. And like most of the time, He is the only one who can make me smile...


Vindy... Why does her name bring back painful memories of happiness? She helped me see the lighter side of life... but I believe she has forgotten me like all the rest... are we still connected?


I carried you through the wreckage of your darkest night
Met you with the glass as we fell through the ice
Cause everytime I look at you I feel so lost inside...

宿 Shukumei �

In some distant part of his mind, he heard again the ringing words of the Dark Prophecy. They had haunted him all through the seventeen years of his past life.

Exausted in spirit as well as in body, Tamwyn forced himself to stand upright on the ledge. Yet another rocky cliff rose above him, through not quite as steeply as some that he had climbed. The pervasive mist seemmed to thin a bit, shredding itself like morning haze in the day's first light.

That was when he saw something new-something that made him rock backward, so much that he nearly fell right off the ledge. A splash of green, as well as a hint of lavender, gleamed through the vapors. And even more striking than the colors themselves was their position: They seemed to stretch not so much upward, like the formidable cliffs, but more outward, reaching to the side for a great distance, as far as he could see.

Tamwyn licked his salty, dirty lips. Could it be? He might actually have made it to the first valley.

Tamwyn scaled the cliff, climbing paw over paw with renewed vigor. Sweat dribbled down his brow, streaking his face with dirt, but he didn't mind. He was thinking about just one thing: topping this rise.

As he pulled himself up the final ledge, a new landscape opened up before him His grimy lips lifted in a grin, for he could see enough beyond the shredding mist to know he had, indeed, reached the first valley.

And what a landscape it was! Sharp, steeply cut valleys, running right beside each other, stretched in long green rows as far as he could see. From where he stood now, atop one of the parallel ridges that divided the valleys, he could make out three or four of the green swaths on each side. And each of those valleys, like the ridges that divided them, ran straight to the hazy horizon. The look of these slim ridges reminded him of something, though he wasn't sure what.

Tamwyn peered down into one of the valleys below, Thick, lush grasses rippled in the buffeting breeze like the hides of galloping horses. It almost seemed as if the land itself were loping.

adjusting his position. he walked down from the ridge to explore the upper rim of the valley. Soft grasses soon replaced rough rock under his paws. Ahead, he could see several deep gullies that ribbed the slope. Within them. dense rows of lavender-colored bushes lined cascading streams where water sparkled in the starlight.

He smacked his dry lips. A drink from a fresh water stream would taste wonderful right now.

As he reached the first gulley, he pushed his way through the bushes towards the stream. A sharp chirp from a nest hidden in the shrubbery made him halt. Seeing a sudden flash of movement from the nest, he realized that it held a fledgling, who would someday fly high above the wonderful landscape.

He sat down on the muddy bank of the stream, taking a break to catch his breathe, and plunged his whole head into the water. He lifted his head, black fur dripping wet-and then plunged his head back into the stream again. Finally cooled and rinsed, he bent down and took several long, lovely sips.

At last, he sat relaxed on the bank. Scanning the ridgeline above him, he followed it down the full legenth of the valley. He spied several steaming pits, deep green in color, that dotted the rim. Sniffing the air, he caught the sharp, sweet aroma of resins, much like he would have found in a forest of pine and spruce.

Then, near a jadded outcropping of stone that resembled and uplifted hand with fingerlike spires, he noticed some movement...


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Questions and Answers

Q- Would Tamwyn like to roleplay with my lupe?
A- Shukumei Members or close friends only 8D

Q- Tamwyns design looks a lot like another lupe I've seen on Neopia! You stole it! 0-0
A- Actually if you have seen this lupe then you have a very good memory... She is one of my old frozen neopets who will never again get to see the light of day...

Q- Can you make me an adoptable?
A- Check to see if they are open and follow the rules and maybe yes

Q- Can I take your design/story/music/art
A- No way in the world! All of the content on this page is (c) to ME and no one else! If I find you using it you will be warned and if not removed prepare for TNTs fridge of doom!

A- Dur Nope! Tamwyn has been an idea of mine for 6 years. The only difference now is that he is a male and has a slightly different personality...

Q- But why does his name say Motomo in the story? Can I use that name? Does it really mean that?
A- I'd preffer if you didnt. It was Tamwyns orignal name before he became Tamwyn and I don't plan to have any people use it. Motomo means just what it says, 'Black One'

Q- How do you know it means that Huh??
A- Its part of one of my 3 Native American Language... and which one it is I will Not tell you Muhah!

Q- Can Tamwyn and my lupes be mates?
A- Are you even his friend? And its going to take a while for Tams to ever fall in love again... if he ever does

Q- I love the music! Where did you find it?!
A- Muhah! That is also a song from one of my native tribes! But which you will still not know! and DONT steal it! Otherwise Tamwyn WILL eat you!

Q- Can I use your art?
A- You + My Art w/out asking = FREEZE BOX!

Q- Will you build me a pet page?
A- Sorry but NO WAY DUDE! It takes long enough to code my page to where TNT will allow it and I dont really like making them for others XD take the time to try coding yourself. that is the only way you will ever learn.

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