Awards / Misc Screenies

Hello, and welcome to my screenie page!

I'm afraid I don't make screenies any longer, but I thought
I'd keep this page up anyway since I know a lot of people
seemed to enjoy it in the past, and I wouldn't want to make
anybody sad by deleting it! (Also, I still think some of them
are kinda funny, even if the art is terrible.) SO, ENJOY.

Screenie Pets:

*Maki used to be the lab pet, so you'll see him as lots of different things here.

Hmm... fishy... 6__6

This brings strange images into mind... O__o;

Honestly, what do they want from me? DX

Such are the disadvantages of being a villainous bug. -nods-

No, really. I swear. It was a fake!

Nooo! I don't stand a chance against Oli's hugenormous ego! TwT

Cheapwad... -grumbles-

Yeah, okay, I'm /never/ going to another Neopian concert again. O__O;

Sic 'em, Wrena!

This screenie brought to you by: ROOT BEER!! 8DD

Don't ask who the dude with the red shirt is. He's, uh... Matt. Yeah.

He's back.... KING SKARL! And his Chunky Meaty Stew of Death! -dun dun dun!-

Turns out that the runes on the Shrine actually say "BEWARE: QUICKSAND!"
Who woulda thunk, eh? O__o;

How come the kings on this site are all so cheap? Do they just hate me? T__T

Now, if /that/ wasn't completely pointless....

What's this? A BOARD SCREENIE?! -laughs maniacally-

The faeries are mean to me~ DX

Aw, Maki. Denial will get you nowhere.

Uh-oh, the Tooth Faerie's in for it!

Stupid kings should at least be able to afford decent prizes... Oh well, at least Wrena won't
go hungry.

GEE THANKS, YOU GUYS, for sending me all this stew XD Oli really appreciates it.

Kei just seems like the tea party type, no? XD

Someone's lying :O And I got a haircut! XD I can't draw
it very well yet, though...

The cold hard concrete just looks so comfy~
(Please ignore my horrible attempt at poison gas XD)

I bet it does, Wrena. I bet it does.

...Well. Wasn't expecting that.

Poor Swamp Ghoul. I bet he's really a nice guy, too.

He doesn't go away... ;3;

Oli really /does/ have fans!

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