Welcome to A Small List! Officially opened as a link directory on January 16, 2011, A Small List reopened as a request site on December 13, 2014. Run by Sasha, this site offers coding recovery, proofreading, and link sweeps. Please send me Shimmery Seagrass if my neomail inbox is full. Have a fantastic day!


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Date Requested
Type of Request
For What?
June 4, 2015 cubscout30 General Proofreading Sitesaholic
June 7, 2015 tdog_19 General Proofreading Parchment
June 21, 2015 macbethh General Proofreading The NeoCache Post
June 27, 2015 xxerinxgraciexx Link Sweep Lawless Lutari
August 15, 2015 wildstar_of_darkclan Link Sweep Dragon's Lair
January 22, 2016 wildstar_of_darkclan Link Sweep Dragon's Lair
November 18, 2016 kriffy_100 Proofreading Colored Wishes


Hello everyone! As you know, A Small List currently has a small list of requests that we can fulfill. I am looking to expand this list, but at this moment, I am not sure what may be useful to everyone. This is why I need the help of the site community to suggest what can be useful to an individual, their site, or the community overall.

Whether it be new request types or new features, all suggestions will be taken! Submit something today, and who knows, it may be the next request we can offer!


Code Recovery

If you ever lose any custom code for any reason, we will do our best to recover it for you. It may not be up to the most recent update, but hopefully what can be recovered will help return your stuff to normal.

I can't guarantee that your coding will be recovered;
it depends on when it was cleared.


Note: It isn't required to fill out the entire form, but the more information, the higher the chance of recovery is. Don't stress yourself out filling out the form.



Here, you can request anything to be proofread, from pet descriptions to site content. I will proofread to American English, but I will attempt British spellings if requested. Proofreadings will include Oxford commas (x, y, and z).


Subject: Proofreading


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Link Sweeps

As a previous link directory owner, I know that it is very important to have the most up-to-date links on your page for your visitors. Here, you can request to have your site checked for updated links. This is especially useful if you run a directory, regardless of topic.

This request will take a bit longer, depending on
how many links there may be.


Subject: Link Sweep


Waiting List

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Code Recovery

Merely Michelle's Portfolio: October 29, 2011 - Site Closed


Link Sweeps


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Featured Site

March 16, 2015:

Sensation is a fabulous button request site owned by Sarah. Opening its doors originally in March 2011, Sarah is back after a long hiatus and continues to artfully create eye-catching and marvellous graphics. She also has a section where users can request their own personal layouts. For as long as I have run A Small List, Sensation has been a site that has stuck in my mind since it opened back in 2011, not just for its overall high quality but also for the fantastic person that runs it. Thank you Sarah for bringing Sensation back.


Last ranked: August 1, 2015


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The Beginning

The concept of A Small List began early in January, 2011. At first, this page was white with several linked buttons that I wanted to save for the future, as I have made mental notes of other links, but forgotten them over time. Soon, later that week, I decided to create another site with Unique Sites to learn more about coding and to actually try to run a site that I would update often, like others who have inspired me greatly. I finally thought of a name, got a premade layout, and began my journey of listing sites that other Neopians possibly have lost. A Small List officially opened as a directory on January 16, 2011.

After a series of unfortunate events, I was unable to update the page regularly. As my time is now limited, I decided to close A Small List as a directory and reopen it as a request site, now that I have a laptop. The first services offered are recovering lost coding, proofreading, and link sweeps. Code recovery requests started from helping a friend, and were soon offered as requests on September 2, 2011. I started offering all three of these services on December 13, 2014, when the site reopened.

Old Stuff

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Special Thanks

To Sarah (0r30sr0ck) and Brian (subtileknives) : I know this sounds corny, but you two were the best sibling site team ever. I know that both of you have moved on from button making, but still, after I continued running my site, I still remembered your buttons. Sarah, I love the blue button you made; the simpleness, the pretty border. I still remember Sunset Towers, and Brian, I still remember how dark and mysterious Writhe was. The green button, after you changed it slightly from a bit gray to a vibrant emerald. You two were the best button makers in Neopia, and I wish you guys luck wherever you go on your sitemaking adventures. Best wishes!

To the fabulous people at PPT Forums: I've only been there for a while, but I grew up there, talking to everyone. Siniri, Blue, Jacob, Plastic Ninja, ginny-ROX, and everyone else there, thank you. Thank you for everything. You all taught me so much, I could never write how much you guys mean to me. PPT is now forever my home, and I never want to leave it. I am who I am today because of your guys. Thank you.

To my neofriends: I can never thank you guys enough for supporting me, chatting with me, and just being my friends. You inspire me to do greater things and... everything. Just everything. I look forward to chatting everyday with my neofriends and discussing anything and everything under the sun and moon and I just want to thank you for that.

To my brother: Well, this should be interesting. XD Lets's see, where to start... Ah! Thank you for supporting my idea to go to Burger King years ago. Getting that Happy Meal with the VPC kicked off my Neopian life, and yours. Salamatina and Haldir, although in other families, will always be part of our Neo family. But enough babbeling; I can't thank you enough for being my brother. :D

To my good friends in Real Life: You will never read this as barely anyone knows I play Neopets, but thank you also. You guys survive through my hyperness without Mountain Dew (Oliver and Jacob, you don't need it! XD), my randomness, and my obsession with pi, pie, and apples somehow. I really hope I will see all of you guys again after we leave our farm town and move on with life. I want to stay with you guys forever, although I know we will all part one day. :*


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