Hello guest! Welcome to my screenies! My screenies are just mostly pound screenies, so if you don't like pound ones, I suggest you leave because that is all of what they are right now, except for like two other quest ones.But don't fear! Lola's screenies will become bigger if you just stick around for a while...a long while...but don't worry, I will post some more up soon! Enjoy them! And please don't forget neomail me your rating!

Now on with the screenies.....


Those were my screenies. As you can see, I have had good luck with the pound. But someother pets I found in the pound and didn't have time to screenie was a
Red Draik
Baby Wocky
Split Bruce
Rainbow Tuskinninniny
Two Blue Kois
Green Kiko
Green Hissi
Grey Lupe
Some other pets I forgot.

Now that you have read everything, you can go. Don't forget to neomail me your ratings! And don't worry, I will have a link me button up soon. Bye!