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Welcome! to the Majestic Mall help page!

So you're new to the malling experience? Here you can find all you need to know about how to be a successful shop and get the biggest bang for your buck!

No matter your shop size or how much you budget towards stocking your shop -- this guide will surely help you get the maximum profit possible.

And time for a shameless plug:
♥ If you are serious about making the most NP possible to reach your goals, I personally recommend purchasing Neopets Premium. It includes the Super Shop Wizard which will show you the top 10 cheapest shops for that item. This comes in handy for snipping (I'll explain later on)and for judging how to price your items. Not to mention it saves A LOT of time! Also, there are no ads so your pages load faster! If you're interested or have questions, neomail Tori and I'll answer any questions you have!

Ready to learn how to be a pro at restocking? Continue on to "Restocking" at the bottom of the page!

Restocking for Beginners!

Before we start: keep in mind that restocking takes a little bit of practice. The more time you spend in the shops, the more you will learn the general prices of items and whether or not it is a good deal or not. We all have bought an item for 2500nps and find out it is actually worth less than 100nps. It's terrible. Keep in mind we all have been beginners and we all know what it is like. Patience is key when you first start. I promise you will get the hang of it soon!

Time to get ready:
♥ It is recommended to have about 50,000nps on hand before you start. This is just a recommended amount. Just remember: you don't want to run out of nps mid stock!

♥ Get your computer ready. If you want to be successful, you want to make sure your computer is running at top speed. If that means closing down programs or moving to a spot where you get the best WIFI connection: do it! The best items can be gone in a matter of seconds! Also if you have a mouse try and use that! I find it is faster and easier to click things than a laptop pad.

♥ Make sure you have a totally empty inventory! Neo won't let you purchase items if you have 50+ items in your inventory. Just dump everything in your Safety Deposit Box or in your shop inventory. You'll be thankful that you did!

♥ Finally, take a deep breath and relax. Restocking can get stressful and even down right frustrating! (I have wanted to throw my lap top out the window on several occasions!) Keep in mind: it's just a game! If you start getting too stressed or aggravated...take a break!

Now we are ready to head to the shops! Pick one shop to start out in...and just restock there while you get used to the shop. So if you are "Sweets and Treats" themed stock only from the candy store or only from the bakery until you get the hang of what are good items and which are not!

For Instruction Purposes I am going to use The Bakery.

First thing is first, let's take a look at the items stocked in the store.

Notice how I have crossed out the Peach Pretzel. Right away, without using shop wizard, I know that this is not an item I want to go for.
Knowing this general rule -- I will always steer clear of this item and any other items priced exactly at 2500nps or 5000nps

Next after we have eliminated the 2,500np items we do a quick scan for any other junk items.

From experience, I know these items are not worth anything (Bucket Cookie = 100nps on SW and Cupcake = 10nps on SW.)
They are what I consider distracters.
Knowing which items are worth significantly less than the amount of nps you paid for them really comes with practice. Try to familiarize yourself with "junk" items that can be found in the shop you are trying to restock at to save yourself a lot of disappointment later on.

***Remember: Eliminating these items should take you only a split second***
You want to be able to identify the valuable items and junk items with in a matter of moments because there are sometimes hundreds of other Neopians trying to get the same item (esp. if it is valuable!)

Now it's time to pick out the GOOD items!
I tend to like to go for items I can buy in bulk that I can sell for 400-800nps profit. I recommend you start with these items first. Build your confidence a little and just get into the groove of buying. Go for things that have multiple of that item in stock.

I chose to go for the Lettuce and Tomato Baguette for several reasons.
One. I know that I can make about 600nps profit off of this item
Two. I can buy multiple of this item. I am going to buy 4 items for a total of 2400nps profit.

Now let's Haggle!

It's recommended that you don't spend much time trying to haggle. Get one hand ready to type and leave the other hand on the mouse so you can scroll and click the neopet as soon as your page loads. You want to type in the numbers fast and you want to hit numbers close together.

If you do want to try and haggle (which I do sometimes if I know I have time to!) don't do more than 100nps from the original price if it's under 1000nps.
So for this item, I wouldn't have gone much below 390nps. I was able to get one of the four that I bought for 399nps! So it is possible.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just bought your first item to make for profit! Exciting huh?

Remember the shops add new stock about every 8 minutes or so. So just keep refreshing until you see new stock. Speed is key! Just make sure you don't get Shop Banned from refreshing too much. Try and refresh your screen about every 2 seconds. That way you won't get banned! (Don't worry, it only last for up to 24 hours!)

Now it's time for pricing your item! (Click on the Pricing link below to get some pointers on how to best price your items)

Pricing for Beginners

So now you have successfully bought some great items to sell! You're almost finished!

The tricky part about pricing is trying to find the happy medium. If you are in a mall, you don't want people to buy you out right away because you will never have a healthy shop stock. On the other hand you don't want your items over priced because no one will buy anything (also -- you'd be breaking one of the Majestic Mall rules!)
Pricing is just like buying items takes some practice. It takes some time to find that happy medium.

Pointers to Pricing:

One. Shop Wizard (SW) is your BEST friend! Regardless if you're using regular Neo or premium Neo -- you always want to use the SW! Couple things to know about SW. You can get SW banned if you use it too much (i.e. just constantly refreshing SW). If you aren't using Premium -- it may take some time to find the lowest price.
Two. As a General rule, I like to price a majority of the items in my shop about 25% over the average price you find (unless of course the item that's worth 1000nps is shown in one shop for 100nps...then you're going to want to buy it and then sell it in your own shop!)
Three. In order to attract some people to your shop, choose a few items in your shop to sell below SW price. You still want to make a profit on this item but by choosing to price it a little under SW you will attract buyers to your shop! Hopefully they will look around your shop and buy more.

Let's use the Lettuce and Tomato Baguette we bought earlier as an example on how to price! I am going to be using Super Shop Wizard (SSW) to save some time. If you were using SW -- base your prices off of the page that has your name on it.

Based off these prices -- you can see the average price for the Lettuce and Tomato Baguette is about 750nps. I just picked the price in the middle of the screen (Note: I did not include the 599 because it is significantly lower than the other prices. If you see something like this, you could buy the two baguettes from that shop and sell for profit or you can just ignore it.)

Now that you see the average price, you have a few options to choose your price. Keep in mind we bought the Lettuce and Tomato Baguette for 434nps.
One. You could price the item at the absolute lowest price on SSW at 598nps for a profit of 164nps. This would cause the item to be sold almost right away.
Two. You could price the item at 750nps right at the average. This would give you a profit of 316nps. This would most likely cause the item to be sold pretty quickly.
Three. You could price the item at 930nps about 25% over the average. This would give you a profit of 495nps. The item won't sell as quickly as option one and two but it will enable you to have a full stock of reasonably priced items.

There are always a lot of options to pricing -- these are just a few. Trial and error will help you figure out what is best for you.
Remember: we want to make the most profit possible while still maintaining reasonable and fair prices for the costumers.

One thing is for sure: if you priced this Lettuce and Tomato Baguette at 1500nps it will turn off shoppers and they will most likely leave without buying anything.

Half Priced Day

I am getting excited just writing about it!

Half Priced Day is a monthly event that occurs in the shops all over Neopia. It falls on the 3rd day of each month at 12am NST. It's exactly what the name says: every item is half priced! Can you say restocker's dream?

Things You should Know about 1/2 Day:
One. It only occurs in the main shops of Neopia. Not in user shops. Don't worry your shop's prices won't change (unless you decide to have half price day in your shop.)
Two. Shop Keepers do not like to haggle. They are already giving you everything half priced. So don't haggle more than 10-20 nps from the asking price.
Three. Items sell out QUICK! Try to participate really early in the morning or late at night to get the most items you can. I have had times where they shop restocks and I get nothing!
Four. Speed is still key. Just click and go. The more you have practiced restocking the better you will be at getting items on half priced day.

Also, several pages I have read suggest not stocking the items you buy on this day in your shop. They say that items are generally priced lower than normal on these days because people want to get rid of them quickly. This can work to your advantage, stalk the shop wizard to try and get some good deals through there if you aren't having luck in the Shops!

Happy Shopping! ♥

Igloo Garage Sale

Igloo Garage Sale is located in the land of Terror Mountain in the Happy Valley. This shop is ran by two Chias, Mika and Carassa, and always offers extremely discounted items. They restock about 8 times an hour so don't fret if you don't see any items...just keep on refreshing!

Here is a screen shot of one of the times I saw in the Garage Sale:

As you can see -- they offer a wide range of items...some "junk" and some very valuable like codestones and Neggs! (Yes! I have gotten several of each!) They have items for any theme of shop so it is a valuable source of profit for any shop! Make sure you choose wisely because you just click and buy. There is no haggling.

The Rules of the Garage Sale:
One. You can only buy one item every couple of minutes. It's generally one item per stock.
Two. You can only purchase TEN items per day! So choose wisely! Three. There is no haggling. Just click the item and it'll be bought!

Happy Thrifting! It's always fun to see which items people are able to purchase! ♥

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