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This was created for everyone! As a traditional artist I found it took a while to gain the skills I posses today. I've only really skimmed Tutorials but never read through them. I decided by my own will to supply the masses with a tutorial that I feel will help them.

These are basic techniques I use. I am planning to add more to help
you all. The most important thing about art of course is practice!
I spent most of my summer only watercolor painting. No markers,
no acrylics, nothing. I think my practice showed a little improvement
as I got used to the materials.

If you would like me to touch more on watercolors, marker, pencil
renderings, or colored pencils just neomail me and I'll put in a section to help.

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Strong Colors Strong Composition

Color On Color

Shades and Texture

Coming Soon...

Some of My Traditional Art

Marker :

Markers are one of the easier modes to work with. The colors are bold and usually even. It's all about marker strokes:). As you can see some of my drawings have textures from certain strokes. I also go over my lines I already drew to create depth and intensify color.
Watercolor :

I Like watercolors, I think they are so hard! Again I kept in mind depth and shadows. I always use detail brushes, even when laying down the wash for the skins. That's just me. I make sure I have a fair amount of water on my brush also, I dislike working with really wet puddles of paint.

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Other Tutorials

Mir's Coloured Pencil Tutorial!

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