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Welcome to Bamboo Boat, owned by me, Kiuchi(Rachel). This is a directory where you can see all kinds of things like, graphics, customs, brushes, tutorials, ect. Any questions, neomail me: sataruu or rachelsreviews:)


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Premade Graphics

Sonic Fusion
Darkened Dreams
Turbulence Graphics
CullenLove Twilight Graphics
Twisted Twilight
Shannon's CSS
Colours Of The Wind
Memerable Memories
Dark Light
Pink Sharpie
Forever Stranded
BOOM Blinkies
Amber's Icons
Emily's Graphics
Buttercup Banners
Cold as Ice
Tokyo Lights
Starry Pawsteps
The Flying Shoyru
Candy Sharks
Ezmee's Music Codes
Summer Sensations
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Disney Magic
Zebra Swirls

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Eighty Eight
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Candy's Pixels
Bubble Gum
Veggie Basket
Bunny Love Pixels
The Pixel Field
Sticky's Goodies


So you want a painted pet...

Review Sites

Rachel's Reviews
Purple Butterfly
Defying Gravity Graphics
Treat Yourself!
Eternal Meyhem
Shooting Star
Sunset At Midnight
Everlasting Reviews
Emily's Reviews
Lindsey's Reviews
Fish Reviews
Paint It Lovely
Reviewer's Inc.
Moonlight Reviews
Everlasting Reviews
Hawaiian Reviews
Tell Me Tonight
Impressions Reviews
Lilly Pad's Rave Reviews
Ashleigh's Ratings


The Labratory


Midnight Sun
Wrapped Upp
Bubble Gum
Whirly Pop
Maraquan Festival
Valley Dreams
Bitten Apple

Other Directories

Forever Mine
Faboo Links
Tastymint Links
Converse AllStarz
The Hidden Doorway
Innocent Words
Sandstar's Directory

Pet Directories

The Cybunny Castle


Katherine and Sally's Fonts

Adoption Agencies

Star's Lab
Noshoe Adoption Agency


Button Royalty
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Untaken Names

The Naming Game
Lynn's Unused Names


Funny HC Topics


8/26/09- Wow so many people want to get listed! I got 15 requests to get listed in one day! Amazing!

8/25/09- Listed 10 sites!

8/18/09- Listed 12 sites! So much!

8/15/09- Listed SO many sites! Enjoy!

8/11/09- Wow, did't update for a while lol well listed tons of sites!

8/1/09- Listed 5 sites!

7/27/09- Listed 3 sites!

7/21/09- Listed six sites, enjoy!

7/15/09- Listed two sites!

7/10/09- Listed 5 sites!

7/8/09- Listed a new button request site!

7/6/09- Listed 2 sites and 2 new affies!

7/2/09- New link back button by TGB!

6/29/09-Listed 4 sites!

6/28/09- Listed 3 sites:)

6/26/09- Listed one site and new affie!

6/24/09- Listed 2 sites and 2 new affies!

6/23/09- Listed Converse Allstarz

6/22/09- Listed 2 sites and earned an award!

6/20/09- Two new affies and listed 2 sites!

6/19/09- Listed Memorable Memories.:)

6/17/09- Listed Colours Of The Wind

6/16/09- Added 5 sites!

6/13/09- New site!

6/12/09- Added new sites to premade graphics and directories. new affies too!

6/11/09- Added a new site for premade graphics, enjoy!

6/8/09- Listed Turbulence Graphics

6/7/09- Listed Darkened Dreams

6/4/09- 2 new sites added!

5/31/09- Added 3 new sites!

5/30/09- New affie yay!

5/30/09- New site!

5/25/09- Two new sites added!

5/24/09- New affie! yay!

5/24/09- Just added new site

5/20/09- Brand new link back button from Aduana!

5/20/09- A new site added! Candy's Pixels

5/15/09- Just added a new site to Button Requests

5/13/09- Got a new link back button from Roast Zoe Button Requests

5/12/09- New link back button from Jessi:)

5/12/09- Just added Defying Gravity Reviews and Roast Zoe Button Requests

5/12/09- Recieved a new affie! Woo-hoo!:)

5/12/09- Added Midnight Sun and Purple Butterfly to the directory:)

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