Welcome to Wonderland.

Welcome to Wondeur, a new button request site ran by Ro. My goal is to create the perfect button for you to advertise with. I hope to make a button that makes you as a client proud, one that will stand out to your viewers.

Please keep in mind that because this is a very new site, there may be mistakes/things I'm missing. If you notice anything, please don't hesitate to Please neomail me! :)

    Hi everyone, I was injured pretty badly and had to get 15 stitches in my right forearm, so it's pretty useless for button making until I'm healed :/ I apologize to the few requests I still have to finish, I will definitely try to get to them soon!
  • 10.29.16
  • 8 requests completed. I've been driving for 12 hours today, I'm so exhausted. But what better way to relax than doing what I love.. making buttons! :D
  • 10.24.16
  • Hi guys! I just got back from vacationing in Costa Rica a few days ago, and I completely forgot to close requests. I have a few piled up so please bear with me while I work on them! Thank you for your patience ^__^
  • 10.09.16
  • 12 requests completed. Since re-opening requests, I've got a bunch in so I've been working my behind off. I'm down to the last few so send 'em in!
  • Also, we hit 1000 views!!! Thank you all so much!
  • 10.03.16
    I apologize I haven't had requests open in so long, I've been pretty busy in real life and with my guild. But things are calmer at the moment, so I'll be able to work on some buttons (:
  • 8.7.16
  • 4 requests completed. Slowly working my way through my request list, I apologize that it's taking me so long!
  • 8.5.16
    I have a lot to finish, so requests will be closed for the time being!
  • 7.29.16
  • 8ish requests completed. Haha I think it's more, I just haven't kept track XD
  • 7.18.16
  • 6 requests completed. 1 new link back button. I've been working pretty diligently the last week on requests, I've only got one left! So send 'em in! (:
  • Check out Emma's newest site, High Society! It's a wonderful site, a community hub for coders, graphics makers and site makers that's highly organized and features so many great sites! ♥
  • 7.12.16
  • Requests are OPEN!!
  • 2 requests completed
  • 7.09.16
  • All requests completed! I think I'll keep requests closed for a couple more days while I work on things for my guild however. They'll be opening soon!
  • 7.06.16
    2 requests completed. Hey everyone, I just got back from vacation last night, and I have about 6 requests I'm working on so unfortunately I have to close requests for the first time since opening the site! Work and life are really taking a toll on my neo-time, but now that my schedule is a bit more balanced I should have time to work on buttons. (: Thank you for your patience!
  • 6.20.16
  • 1 request completed.
  • 6.17.16
  • 2 requests completed. I'll be away for the weekend, so I won't be able to make any buttons but feel free to request regardless (:
  • 6.14.16
  • 2 requests completed. Even though I haven't been updating this section lately, I've still been working on requests! (: So send 'em all in, although with the AC going on the wait is slightly longer. Thank you for your patience!
  • 6.02.16
  • 1 request completed. With the AC starting, I won't be advertising, but will continue to accept requests!
  • 5.31.16
  • 4 requests completed. I'm pretty disappointed in the amount of people submitting requests that haven't read the rules.. Guys. IF YOU CAN'T READ THE RULES, I CAN'T MAKE YOU A BUTTON. Please don't be upset with me because of this. They're there for a reason! (:
  • 5.29.16
  • 3 requests completed. Happy Memorial Day weekend!! I've been on a mini vacation so I'll work on the requests I have today. On that note…
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the rules before requesting! I have had to reject more requests than I thought I would! I reallyyy would like to just accept every request, but if you don't read the rules I have no choice! ):
  • Added one new affie and a 'listed at' site! (:
  • 5.27.16
  • 1 request completed. 1 new link back button
  • 5.26.16
  • I apologize for not advertising as much the past few days! In the past 48 hours, I have worked for 24 of those, and today I'll be at work for another 12 hours. On the plus side, I'll have the next four days off! So I can work on buttons/sleep/what not then XD
  • Added two new affies! Quartz and {Simplified}, both ran by Silver (:
  • 5.23.16
  • 4 more requests completed
  • Currently listening to: Shinedown : State Of My Head
  • 5.22.16
  • 4 requests completed! I'm on a roll ;P
  • Added 1 new affiliate, my lovely friend Casey's site Bubbly Buttons! Check her out!
  • 5.21.16
  • 1 request completed! Requests are still open! :)
  • Added my friend Hayley's awesome png site Loveable to the affiliate section!
  • 5.20.16
  • Grand opening! After what seems like forever, I've finalllyy opened the site to the public. Enjoy!
  • New content

  • Wondeur opened May 20th of 2016, and I have plans to keep it open as long as possible. :) I have a love of graphics that I wanted to share with the world, and I figured this was the best way to do so!

    Link Back

    Link Back

    You're entirely bonkers. All the best people are.

    Before submitting a button request, please read the rules. There aren't that many, and besides, they're important! :)

  • Credit to Wondeur is mandatory. I accept credit in two forms: text link, or a link-back button.
  • Please do not steal, alter, or claim anything I made as your own (including borders). I work very hard to create things for you, and it would tear me apart if I had to take everything down because of thievery.
  • Only request a button if you plan on using it! If you are unsatisfied with your button in any way, please inform me and I will make the necessary changes. (Please do not edit them yourself.)
  • Please only request one button at a time. Wait until your request is completed before submitting another request.
  • When filling out the form, please be as specific as you can in order to create your perfect button (unless you want me to use my creative license). The more detail you give, the more likely the button will be what you want.
  • You will receive two neomails, one informing you I've received your request, and another letting you know when it is finished. Include 'mad hatter' in your neomail if you've read the rules. Please have patience, and do not spam me.
  • If you do not receive a neomail from me, chances are you did not read the rules.

    We're all mad here.


    You choose everything about the button, from the image to the color scheme. Feel free to fill out only part of the form and leave the rest up to me though! (Asterisks are required)
    View my portfolio for inspiration.

    Please scroll down for borders and animations

    Form :


    If you are having trouble deciding on a border, feel free to ask me.
    Do not use any border without my permission


    Please note: Certain animations, borders and fonts work better together than others.


  • Please provide me with a high quality (not blurry/pixelated/small) image to use to make your button.

  • These site's have great images to choose from: Ro's SWFs (my own SWF site), Neopets Backgrounds, Caption Contest images, shopkeeper images, Dr. Sloth's Neopets Image Emporium

  • It's only a dream.

    I hope you like how your new button turned out! :) After at least 7 days, buttons will
    be moved to my portfolio.









    Curiouser and Curiouser
    This is my current button portfolio!
    Newest at the bottom

    more to be added

    You've lost your Muchness

    All my buttons made before and during Wondeur.
    Premade button borders and placeholders, and fonts I use. Please remember to credit me!

    Past Layouts
    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    What do you think he's dreaming about?

    Blank Bases
    Feel free to use these blank button bases on your own buttons.
    Please remember to credit me.

    Placeholders will go here.
    Fonts I Use
    These are only some of the fonts I use while making buttons/banners. Choosing a font is a big part of making a good button, which is why I don't include fonts as a category on the form.
    Sometimes I'll use 3 different fonts on one button, it all depends on the aesthetics.

    Past Layouts

    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon

    A Lifetime of Adventures
    Link Back

    An acceptable form of credit when using one of my buttons/resources :)


    Wondeur is currently looking for affiliates! Please neomail me to be added.
    (Graphic sites only please)

    If you've listed me, please let me know so I can add you to this list!

    My Other Sites
    I run an image resource site for graphic makers called Ro's SWFS. Almost every released background is listed there in alphabetical order for easy access. (I omitted most altador team backgrounds, but you can still find every other bg.)

  • Layout and content © Ro

  • Header inspiration from Nienkju

  • Bullets from Ebonred on Deviantart

  • Textures are my own, Details, or from deviantart.

  • Envelope from Kezzi-Rose on Deviantart

  • Quotes and inspiration from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

  • Counter from boingdragon

  • Counter started May 20th

    We're all mad here

    We're all mad here

    We're all mad here

    We're all mad here

    We're all mad here
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