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- Welcome to my lands

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Welcome to my petpage! Continue on reading to learn more about me.

- Stats

- Background

Well where should I begin? Might as well start from the beginning then. It wasn't normal where I was born. It wasn't in a cave or any place like that. It was a house of all things. I had only one sister. She was nice but, me and her didn't get along very well to start off. I hardly knew my mother since she was dragged off because of my father.

I must have been about 2 days old when he dragged her out. Never saw her since, just me, my father and my sister. But he separated us even taking her to one part of the house and me to the other for a while. He experimented with both of us and tried to turn my sister into a half werepyer half dragon but it failed. He tried with me and he got it to work, but I'm just a werepyer not half werepyer half dragon. I would have been just a normal black lupe but since my father messed with my DNA, my eyes turned red and I got purple marks underneath them and on my back legs I got red marks. The cross I wear all the time I found. It's blood red and it doesn't affect me because I'm half vampire. I have bat like wings that are also pitch black with no markings or anything. Ala was supposed to be the stronger of us and the hunter. The reason he tried to do the experiment on both of us was to have us work together. But since it failed in my sister I only had it.

What is a werepyer you may ask. It is a half vampire half werewolf hybrid. I laid on a table for two weeks with needles stuck in my sides. After that I got to see my sister but she never remembered anything. We fought of course like brothers and sisters do. I tried to tear her wing off because I never knew any better but after that we quit and started to get along.

My father started to torture me soon after that. I finally had enough of it and attacked him and escaped. Fought with him for a few hours even though I wasn't that old or had enough strength. He bit down on my left wing and scarred it, and every now and then it acts up and when it starts to glow I lose who I am, I don't remember anything until I calm down.

I never knew what happened to my sister until I found my father again. I wondered around for a long time, I found a pack but didn't stay in there long. Mistic was the alphess, she was my mom's sister but I never found out about that until later. After that I kept wondering around place to place and never found a home until AJ found me. He gave me a home but someone else wanted a lupe so he gave her me and I've never been happier.

I found my sister again, not to long after that either. Her name is Gualae she's nice but has a bit of a nasty side when you make her mad. She also murdered the first pack she was in from repressed memories but luckily I left before that happened. I found my cross when I returned to the pack me and my sister was in after she murdered them. It is made from the blood of those slaughtered that day. Ala has a mask that was from her closest friend in that pack. Since she became a mutant the DNA inside her has been fixed and she is now half dragon and half werepyer even though she doesn't look it. That was all done by Dr. Sloth though so I won't go into that much. Spirit was my mate, she's a great mother and a wonderful lupe. She's a true lady but she can be mean when upset.

I have two pups and their names are Bakari and Flame. Flame is the oldest and is a female, the youngest is Bakari and he's a male sadly he acts just like me. Bakari is always following me around from place to place while Flame is normally with her mother. Flame is nice and gets along with her brother well, she gets upset easily to. Well instead of just one new addition, I have two! Crystal is the girl and Barak is the boy. Great... another set of twins to watch out for.

- Wolfwing's Cross

My cross is very unique to me. It is made from the blood of the fallen pack my sister Ala has slaughtered. She was being picked on by them and lost it on the pack. I had no idea as I was away and when I returned I found the bodies and mixed in the blood was this cross. I took it as a keepsake of the pack. It was nice while I was there but I guess you never really know people, huh? The cross didn't really do much for a while, didn't enhance my strength or even do anything besides look cool. One night however this all changed. I was sitting there, just watching the snow fall and I heard a female lupe talk to me. I recognized the voice as a lupe called Nessa. I knew she was deceased as she was in the pack that my sister had destroyed. I ignored it at the start as I was thinking I was going crazy or just missing her a lot. She was a good friend to my sister and I. I thought it was just a onetime thing but I was wrong. She spoke again and after that appeared in front of me. She told me that all the souls from the pack was inhabiting the cross that I had been carrying around for months maybe even years. Nessa then explained to me that she could actually boost my strength in times of need. Especially if my sister was the one I needed to help or get under control again if she lost it. Then she explained that in order to keep up with my sister she would also be enhancing my werewolf-sides strength. However there is a price. The more I use the cross in times like this it drains itself of blood. The only way to refill it is to put it in the blood of someone who my sister has slain. It is kind of difficult to do that as I don't wish for my sister to hurt another for my own benefit. I'm hoping that I only have to use this ability rarely.

- Fun Facts

Loves Snow
Prefers cold climates
Loves watermelon
Loves pups and would take all that he could in

- Meet the petpet

Teal'c is a nice little petpet. He's a little timid once you meet him but after that he's really nice. Teal'c likes to play alot and he also gets hyper every once in a while. I bet Blackfire has something to do with that... -_-'
- My love


Karemei is my wonderful mate. Loves to take a flight during the night time and loves Halloween! She is very king and loving. She will protect her family at all costs and I will protect her with my life. Karemei does like to test out her strength against others though. I guess that's not a bad thing. *laughs*

- Meet my family


I don't know really where to begin on my father.... He is the reason Ala and I are in our current states. He cost us our childhood and a lot of friends along the way. Kiaran also removed our mother from our lives. I can't bring myself to completely hate him but I cannot trust him either.


This is the mother I lost during my childhood. I eventually found her again and she somehow recognized me immediately. She did not turn me away or behave any different than a mother would to me. I really wish Ala and I had her around when we was pups. Maybe some things would have turned out differently and we wouldn't be where we are now but we would have had her.


This is my sister Ala. Of all things my twin had to be a girl. I would have been better off with a brother. She's nice when you get to know her but shes kinda evil sometimes. She calls me Shadow alot but that's just a nickname that she uses for me a lot.


Vrouh is my cousin. My sister Ala calls him Blizzard Boy all the time. He's nice and doesn't like to fight which I can understand since I don't try to myself. Vrouh can be a little to nice but hey that's just him and I don't want him to change at all.


This is one of the pups I had from a mate before Spirit. Her name was Katlyn and it didn't really last long. I had no clue about Karzi and his sister. I later ran into them and they told me they was my pups. I took them in and did everything I could for them. They was my pups after all. He is more like me in being quiet and calm.


This is Karzis sister, Kazza. She is very nice and approachable. They both was born without my knowledge. I really wish I would have known about both of them before. I would have attempted to be there for them. I didn't have any issues with their mother that would have really prevented me from being there. It just fell apart after so long.


The first of my four pups with my previous mate Spirit. Flames name does say a lot about her. She can be very fiesty when she wants to be. Otherwise she is very calm and relaxed. I love her very dearly and will not tolerate anyone trying to harm her!


Barkari is Flames litter mate. They was the only two in the litter. Bakari is gentle and tends to keep to himself and his mate more than anything. He is the only one of my pups to have a family of his own.


Crystal is one of the last two pups I ever had with Spirit. She is a bit timid and doesn't tend to get into any confrontations. Crystal would rather talk things out rather than get into someones face and fight about it. I only worry what will happen if she gets pushed too far.


Barak is the very last pup with Spirit and Crystals litter mate. He is a bit more like his mother in that he won't hide from fights like Crystal. He knows when to stand up and when he needs to back down. My only worry with him is if he gets into a fight he can't handle.


Pimli is my youngest daughter and first pup with Karemei. She is very curious for a pup and loves to explore the world around her. She is a half werepyer, half demon cross breed. Unfortunately she has deformed wings that make her unable to fly. Because of her inability to fly we have given her the nickname Fallen Angel. I hope she never loses her spirit even if those around her pick on her for it. Pimli has one of the biggest hearts I know and I would hate for someone to break it.

- My Best Friends


Demon is a alright guy. He's fun to hang around with and hes a good fighter as well. He taught Zukeii to fight when he came here. He has a brother named Vourii that is bigger than he is and stronger but Demon is the wiser one. They both love to pick on people.


This is Ancest. Shes really nice and scared easily. I'm very protective over her as I think of her as my own daughter. She recently went through a change though. Still as nice as she was.


Oldoc is one of my newer friends. I am still learning about him but he is a fun guy so far. He is a pirate which is odd for me. I have yet to hang around with one until him. I just hope the rest are as nice as he is. His little petpet Akawa is a bit odd. He likes to bite peoples feet if they don't pay attention to him and he steals food sometimes. I enjoy hanging out with both of them and hope to continue hanging out with him!


Crazy, funny and gingerbread man addict. That is one of the best ways to describe him. He is cute and is very intelligent. He always asks for a gingerbread man when I'm near him. I wonder what would happen if I stopped making them for a while?


This would be Tyburius or Ty for short. I can't call him my best friend yet or anything really. I just got to know him. He does pick on me and call me fluffy but I really don't care. He is a fallen angel and holds a grudge against them for putting a demon inside of him. He also practices voodoo.

- My pack

I do not have a pack currently and am not looking for one. I'm focusing on my family and raising it currently. I do meet up with my sister from time to time.

- My clone army

- Credit to Lord-Reptile on DA-

- Here's some adoptables!

Please take me home! Kick!

- Wolfwings Adopts!

Hello! These are Wolfwings adoptables. I will only be doing trades for right now but that may change. Will only take two at a time and will need references as well. Also please link me to the profile of the lupe you wish for me to do. Will also send you a neomail telling you when it is done and to come back to Wolfwings profile to pick it up. :)

(Also note that the buttons and snow can be colored too!)


The old adopts will be retired and will never be used again. Please do not ask for them at all. The new ones do have wings, certain types of horns, different types of ears, ect. If I need to have it edited to include them that will be alright but, it may cause a slight delay as the lines was created by another person for me to use and she will be editing them in for me. :) Sorry if you wished to use the other adopts!

Warning: May stretch your page! Sample is down scaled in size!

A few simple rules and they are pretty basic.

1. Do not steal.
2. Do not use or sell.
3. Do not use in Beauty Contests.
4. Do not take my name off.
5. You must link back to me!




Pick up:

- Uto -

- Zilashkee -

- Hane -

- Everett -

- Uto Revamp-


- Reizhar -

- _Dehry_ -

- _____Kamikaze_____ -

- Links to my friends

- My Linkbacks!

Now you get to choose which button to use ^_^



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