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It's that time of year again! The Haunted Faire has returned, Bart is handing out new prizes at his apple bobbing booth, and Saskia's rickety cart is back on the map. Keep checking back for daily updates - I try my best to keep up with the events in real time. If you spot something on this page that is out of place, missing, or mislabeled, don't be afraid to neomail me! Follow this link to my userlookup.

News and Updates

I'm sorry, I can't keep up with this right now. Hurricane Sandy and all.
10/27/12: Day 2 of Masks of Dread!

First, head to Saskia's Cart and select any mask. Then, head to Moltara and visit Lampwyck's Light Fantastic. Next, head to the Petpetorium in Moltara. Finally, head to the Moltaran Town Hall, and back to Saskia.

10/25/12: Day 1 of Masks of Dread!

First, head to Saskia's Cart and select any mask. Then, head to the Wishing Well and make a wish! Next go to the Defenders' Page, and finally, Back to Saskia. Enjoy your first bunch of prizes!

10/17/12: The Haunted Haire is back! Click here to visit! Also, just to clarify, the Treat Bag and Background previews being shown on fan sites are not obtained by bobbing for apples. The bags and backgrounds are not yet available. There are, however, some new apple bobbing prizes!

It seems that the 'Masks of Dread' event will also be returning this year; according to Jellyneo, the names of the upcoming masks are 'Tribal Mask,' 'Random Mask,' 'Funny Mask,' 'Combo Mask,' 'Evil Mask, and 'Pretty Mask.

Jellyneo and TheDailyNeopets have also both posted sneak peeks of the upcoming Trick or Treat bags, and the backgrounds that you could find inside!

Stay tuned for updates!

09/03/12: Prize lists fully updated and searchable by CTRL+F.

Basic Information

Pro-Tip: Move your items from your inventory to your Safety Depost Box. Your careless pet might "drop" an item into the barrel.
Pro-Tip: You can still lose Neopoints even if you have 0NP on hand. You will get -###NP as a result, should a band of thieves rob you while you're bobbing.

Possible Outcomes

Receive an Item Lose NP (known max 1100) Lose an Item Lose 50% of Active's HP Mood Decrease Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is a common Neopian disease characterized by your pet seeing spots and bumping into things all the time. Luckily, there are several ways to cure your Neopet of Blurry Vision, listed as follows from most expensive to least expensive:
Extra Thick Goggles
Minor Healing Ointment*
Healing Springs

Click here for alternative healing options.

* Minor Healing Ointment may take multiple uses.


To unlock the "Imposter Apple" avatar, you must receive an Imposter Apple from the Apple Bobbing daily. Click the link above to go now! Another method is to have an Imposter Apple in your inventory when you go bobbing for apples, and hope that your inattentive pet drops it into the barrel. The avatar is randomly awarded.


Exclusive Prizes

These prizes are exclusive to the Apple Bobbing daily.

Apple Apple Apple Bobbing Bart: A Biography Apple Bobbing Bart Bark Apple Bobbing Bart Hat Apple Bobbing Bart Plushie Apple Bobbing Cane
Apple Bobbing Manual Apple Mitts Beaten Old Apple Chocolate Cone Witch Hat Cobweb Cake Crabby Apple
Cup of Stagnant Water Customized Apple Dappled Apple Dopple Dapple Apple Franken Apple Frozen Apple
Ghostly Apple Golden Apple Green Tentacle Eraser Grobrin Pencil Sharpener Haunted Cookie Jar Haunted Drums
Imposter Apple Meowclops Candy Apple Mini Apple Bobbing Game Petrified Apple Pile of Spooky Laundry Piles of Apples Background
Rotten Apple Scariest Neopian Shiny Apple Slimy Apple Spooky Apple Muffin Spooky Tree Flute
Spy Apple Spyder Cupcakes Tarnished Apple The Art of Apple Bobbing Undead Apple Untarnished Apple
Vampire Apple Villainous Apple White Chocolate Ghosts Whoot Cookies

Daily Bobbing Prizes

Amulet of Darkness Angry Pumpkin Avocado Gummy Korbat Tail Baked Pumpkin Bread Blue Korbat Plushie Blueberry Gummy Korbat Tail
Bound Darkness Scroll Cauldron Table Cherry Gummy Korbat Tail Chocolate Ice Cream Apple Lantern Chocolate Korbat Ice Lolly Comfy Pumpkin Bean Bag
Crystal Ball Table Dark Chocolate Gnorbu Dark Nova Dark Red Spooky Candle Dark Vine Potion Deviled Delight
Deviled Eggs Eau de Korbat Evil Hair Clip Evil Muffin Evil Snowflake Evil Spells
Evil Twin Goatee Ghost Burger Ghost Lupe Spooky Stories Gingerbread Korbat Gravestone Chair Green Korbat Plushie
Grey Evil Fuzzle Halloween Aisha Stamp Halloween Ruki Tales Haunted Milk Haunted Mynci Haunted Woods Chocolate Milk Glass
Haunted Woods Reader Haunted Woods Snowglobe Headless Von Roo Plushie Jar of Meepit Eyes Koibat Plushie Korbat Halloween
Korbat Mooncake Korbat Seasonal Fruit Basket Korbats Lab Stamp Linty Bologna Little Witch Usuki Meepit Lamp
Meowclops Chair Meowclops Coffee Table Meowclops Statue Milk Chocolate Korbat Mystery of Halloween Night Stone
Nightsteed Cake Nightsteed Mug One Scary Night Orange Chocolate Korbat Orange Gummy Korbat Tail Organic Korbat Pumpkins
Pack o Pumpkin Seeds Poison Snowball Poisonous Jelly Pumpkin-Filled Doughnut Pumpkin Baby Food Pumpkin Chip Surprise
Pumpkin Cookies Pumpkin Lid Hat Pumpkin Lip Gloss Pumpkin Mocha Pumpkin Pasty Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Roll Pumpkin Spice Soap Pumpkin Waffles Red Korbat Plushie Rotten Carrot Rotten Egg Salad
Rotten Negg and Onion Quesadilla Rotten Tomato Salad Rotten Wormy Apple Shadow Korbat Plushie Snot Pizza Slice Snot Umbrella
Sophie the Swamp Witch Spirit of the Ruins Fizz Spooky Buzz Tales Spooky Comb Spooky Doughnut Spooky Food Ideas
Spooky Ghost Usuki Spooky Gravestone Stamp Spooky Green Candles Spooky Kau Story Spooky Korbat Stories Spooky Looking Dark Potion
Spooky Ring Spooky Rock Spooky Skeith Adventures Spooky Stories Ultra Dark Reflectorb Very Rotten Tomato
Von Kougra Plushie White Chocolate Korbat Witch Hunting Techniques Witchcraft Spells Wooden Korbat Bat and Ball Game Worms and Dirt Sundae
Yellow Korbat Plushie

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