Hello everyone, and welcome to Wistful's Website Page. Feel free to explore and look around to find out all you need to know. Wistful was founded on New Years Day 2013, by Sosu. The guild also counts on a handful of loyal members who are willing to help the guild and keep it up and running. In April 2014, Amelia and Katie joined the guild council and became co-owners. Wistful resembles the effort and time that both council and regular members have put into it to offer the best experience ever lived in a guild.

Wistful is an established, private and chat-based guild that aims to provide you with a tight-knit family of friends and a drama-free environment. We have a very cheery atmosphere that will guarantee you peace, relaxation, and contentment. You may find us saying this multiple times, but we want you to know that this guild was entirely made for you, so you can have fun, make friends and have a good time with us! Whatever it is you do on site, we are sure you will find your place with us in the guild.

We are really excited to be on our feet at last and provide the Neopian Community with a guild such as ours. Wistful stands out for so many reasons. We try to make it noticed that Wistful is a particularly unique guild. We are always trying to offer you things you can get involved with, activities you can participate in, and also provide an active, friendly guild board where you, besides making new friends, will be able to follow great, entertaining conversations, and get to know all the members. We noticed that most of the current guilds strive to help each other improve their accounts. We think that's a great way to get involved with something as well as to get to know more people. However, we want to offer you something else, because at some point when you finally achieve what you always aimed for, you won't have anything else to do.


On top of our best feautures, the guild is member and activity oriented, which means, we are going to focus on planning things for you to take part of every month. Just to name a few, the guild offers over 800 Guild Stamps you will be required to start collecting in order to rank up in the guild. Likewise, everything we offer is optional, and no one will be forced to do something they do not want. However, we make emphasis on activeness. You may not do our activities, collect our stamps or participate in our events, but being dedicated towards the guild by staying active and chatty is the key to staying in Wistful. We are supportive of our members in all endeavors, both on and off the site. We hope you can have fun in all of those aspects, from working towards a goal to chatting on the guild board!

Another thing to take note of is that the guild will remain private. Why? Being private means that you will be part of a guild that not all people can belong to. We do want to succeed, but it doesn't mean we have to have 200+ members, hence why we don't recruit people every day. In fact, we can guarantee you we only recruit less than five times a year. We look at quality over quantity to suit the interest of our members! If you got to this point, I highly suggest you to keep reading as you haven't finished getting to know what Wistful truly has to offer you.

Let's move onto what we are seeking for the guild. We have already mentioned everything about our plans with the guild, as well as what we are expecting from it. We strive to grow and aim to become the kind of guild where every single member can feel like it is their home away from home. When we say home, we mean a place you can come to everyday to have a supportive and cheerful group of people you can talk to, and even call your own family. Isn't it fantastic to know that you can count on another person when you need a helping hand, or a place that whenever you need help with something, you can go and ask for it? It indeed is!

The guild is based on what guilds used to be a few years ago, which is why we kept the old guild style vibe around. Things such as finding the basic guild pages filled with activities, a website, avatar lending and so forth. We will be also bringing original pages and fun events every month where you can get involved with the guild. We think that guilds were, are, and will always be based on how you treat your members and how much importance you give to them. That's why we want to keep you busy when doing activities, to encourage you to improve your account and any other aid that will certainly help you in the end. There is no way Wistful will disappoint you.

Honestly, we do care about what our members have to say about the guild and even more if they have constructive opinions. Improving the guild is what we are always looking forward to the most and letting the members participate in that is what makes us and the guild stand out from the rest. What you have been always looking for in a guild, Wistful will for sure provide it.


  • Wistful is well known for its activeness all around the guild. We focus on keeping our members busy with our activities while they have fun doing them. We have a wide variety of games and activities that you would certainly enjoy. On the other hand, we have a point system. This system is applied in all activities and games and you will be able to earn points from them. Basically you participate and do activities and earn points in return. We believe this is a good way to keep the members motivated!
  • Since the guild's first cut of the ribbon, we've welcomed all kinds of friendly and supportive members from all over the world. The real highlight of Wistful: our members. They are all unique in their own ways, from those awesome interests to how hype they get when chatting in the guild. Despite our variety of amazing people, we are a tight-knit family. We can assure you you will feel at home when being part of the guild. No member thinks differently, no one is ever left alone or feeling ignored. We welcome new faces with open arms and lots of cookies and cake. We talk about anything, everything from school and work to Disney movies, still cheerful and optimistic towards each other.
  • Helping each other can define us. Just to name one of our most remarkable moments, during Christmas 2013 the guild has helped grant over 900 wishes. From paint brushes, draik eggs, gourmet food to gallery items, we have definitely helped me many people in the guild to get their most wanted items. If you are one of those people who love making others smile, you will definitely enjoy our Wishing Well.
  • As a guild leader, and a member of Wistful, I, Sosu, always try to keep the guild as active as possible. Members' activeness is what keeps a guild alive and makes it established. Without active and devoted members, a guild wouldn't succeed. I can happily deem Wistful as an active guild. It's active in all ways, from members doing the activities to enjoying our fluent conversations in the message board. We always try to recruit members from all over the world so you will always find someone to talk to at any time. Fortunately we could manage to keep the board always active and members seem to love that; they are so talkative at times.
  • Did you know the guild is updated daily, 24/7? we are sure you're surprised now! Sosu works so hard to keep the guild as updated as possible. You will find him updating the guild untiringly, always. Our task as the guild council is to keep the guild going on and verify if everything's up-to-date. Otherwise there is no point in joining a guild whose council is not active enough to keep it alive. That's the key of success, keeping a guild updated the majority of the time. Our wonderful amigos, the council and sub-council members are so helpful it sometimes hurts. We are so glad that we have people to rely on for finding them trustworthy and loyal.
  • I believe that a successful guild should have high-quality graphics. We all know that making graphics can be very time consuming at times and that you need a lot of practice to be considered artistically good at it. I have been making graphics for ages and I do consider myself a good graphic maker. Besides I make graphics real quick, I'm always thinking of the guild look, that's why you will find me making graphics all the time, especially when switching guild layouts. I noticed after years of being in different guilds that when a new guild layout is made, members usually are more motivated and chatty in the guild. Don't ask me why, but it usually happens. Feel free to explore around our guild pages!

  • Asides from high-quality graphics, we also offer some really good animated layouts that are coded based on CSS3 and unfortunately they only work for some specific browsers. If you use any browser but Internet Explorer (IE) you should be fine with them! But now if that's your default browser, I'd suggest you to move to another one. First of all, that browser is so outdated and it's hard to code petpages and make them work properly on it, not that it happens in the guild though. I'm hoping that all the guild pages should work fine in all the browsers but as long as you can read the content, I'm fine with that! We're not going to force you to switch browsers but I highly recommend you to do so. That's why one of our requirements is to use any browser but IE. Likewise, our current guild pages do work in any browser yay
  • The guild also offers a Theme Week. What is this? Well basically the guild will change the graphic theme for an entire week. That is, we will make polls so people can vote on different themes like Anime, Harry Potter, Themeless, etc, and so our guild layout will be based on the winning option. We will be doing this from time to time, though, not every week. The guild will always stay as Neopets Related. The only graphics that will be affected are our guild layouts.
  • Monthly Guild Events take place in the guild. Sosu comes up with some of the best and funniest events which members can participate in. A lot of new stamps are awarded, new activities are made which people can do too and a lot of new things. Here at Wistful we try to celebrate every new month. We know how hard is to keep a guild alive and running, so every month birthday is a really important event for us. We try to make creative and original events and allow members to take part of them!
  • There are avid avatar collectors out there, and I'm happy to tell you that there's a place for you in the guild! The guild is somewhat oriented towards avatars, as we have an avatar lending program where almost all avatar pets and all petpets are lent out to our fellow Wistfuleans. We also lend avatar items such as ZDAP, Icy Snowflake, FQD, Chokato, etc. We hope to achieve and purchase more avatar items in the future to lend out. Hopefully we can help you get lent the avatars you wanted!

  • Here at Wistful we have so many things to offer, but if we should highlight our best feature, we would definitely say that we are proud of our Guild Stamps. Once you join us and become a member, you will be able to collect over 800 stamps that will motivate you and encourage you towards your account and guild goals!

  • One of the things that makes Wistful special is that we offer something for every single person. I'm always thinking of good ideas and activities so everybody has something to do. It also helps when my fellow Wisties contribute and tell me their ideas, so the guild grows and we have more things to offer and keep you busy. If you are devoted to improving and achieving your account goals, you can participate in our account improvement collecting stamps and try to achieve them. If you love customizing, then you can play around a bit with our activities involving customizing your pet. We also have a Wishing Well, where we list our member's wishlists. We also have a dream pets program so you can gift your Wisties and make each other happy! In some words, we offer practically what you've been always looking for in a guild!
  • We also count with monthly member sweeps. We take time to neomail inactive member (once you join you'll get to know when a member becomes inactive and we will provide you enough information) and chat with them, warning them there's going to be an upcoming member sweep and that they might be swept. Activeness is the key. As long as you stay active and chatty you don't have to worry about this, but just so you know we do have them to keep the guild as exclusive and active as possible.
  • I bet you are already convinced that Wistful is what you were looking for! We offer at least one thing for all the interests such as avatar collecting, graphic design, portfolios, clubs, collectable guild stamps, wishing well, guild compliments, adoption agency, guild magazine, key quest tournament, movie night, you name it! We will be adding new things from time to time. You are the reason that makes a guild keep running so we are here to please your likes!


  • We are semi-literate, which means, we are not too strict on grammar. We don't mind too much about perfect spelling, but it is vital that we understand what you are talking about. We know that you will slip some grammar mistakes from time to time, and there might also be members whose native language is not English. They will make those mistakes, but that doesn't mean they won't be understood. On the other hand, we are perfectly fine with the usage of some chat-speaks, phrases such as the common lol, brb, btw, omg, etc. Remember to use a readable and decent-looking font, as well as keeping your acronyms to minimal use. We do not accept people who talk "l1k3 d15". We don't mind if you don't capitalize letters either.
  • The ideas and topics that are discussed in the guild are from and for the guild and they will always remain within the guild. Do not pretend to join to steal ideas and give them to another guild. We ask that you do not copy/steal anything found here. All content and graphics were made by us for Wistful only and exclusively.
  • No spamming. If you want to be part of our guild board, try to follow the current conversation. We don't want to generate a lot of spam so try not to! Try to write everything you want in one message and not several at once. This will help us to keep our guild board as clean and understandable as possible. We are not asking for 20-lines post but try not to reply with just one word or one smiley when chatting.
  • Do not ignore anyone purposely. We know that our board can be very active and it might be difficult to follow it sometimes. If at some point you feel you were ignored, first consider if the person did it on purpose or not. If you believe they did, don't hesitate to Neomail one of the council members.
  • We do not accept side accounts. People who occasionally get silenced/suspended will be able to join the guild in their side. Please, do not insist. If you truly want to join the guild, please do it in your main!


  • Points System: Wistful is based on activities and activeness. We have implemented a points system where you can get points by doing our guild activities. We also offer different ways to get them and each one varies according to what you must do. Activities such as inviting new members, completing activities, hosting pages, etc. are just some to name. The points never expire so do not be afraid about that. With all the points you earn, you can use them to win prizes (we talked about this on our website, so you can also learn more when you join). Further information about this can be found in our Guild Points page.
  • Chat Based: We decided that during school/college time, the guild will be more of a chat based community, which means you won't be in need of participating in the activities in order to stay. We do understand how busy and hectic life gets during school/college year and when breaks are over so we thought about condensing lacking of activity towards our pages. All the current guild pages will be updated on a regular basis according to page hoster's availability (they have their own times so they are not required to update them as often) so this means that all the activities, clubs, portfolios and every single thing we offer will still be available to sign up and participate for those who desire to. That is, they will be optional. No, we are not asking you to post messages every day but we at least want you to come to the boards to chat once a week. We know sometimes we just log in for dailies and then vanish but please, if you have some time why don't you spend it with your fellow Wisties as well? This will help you not to be swept when member sweeps take place in the guild!
  • Guild Stamps: As mentioned, here at Wistful you will be required to collect stamps in order to rank up. We offer over 800 stamps and we are continuously making new ones for our special events and activities. Also, the stamps will encourage you to work towards your account as well as helping others! This is optional. However, if you do not meet our stamp requirement, you will not be able to move to your next rank within the guild.


  • When you first join Wistful, you will be Wishing you could have joined sooner. With all the lovely people around, the atmosphere is friendly and sophisticated, everyone welcoming you with open arms. Since you're new, Why don't you familiarize yourself with the rules, take a glance at all the Activities, and most importantly, chat and laugh with some of your new guildies? Introduce yourself, jump into the conversation. Remember to start checking out our Guild Stamps.
  • So you've been around a while, and you've gotten used to everything. Or have you? After you've made 150 posts and 50 guild stamps, you might suddenly have the Desire to delve deeper into Wistful's community. Just as the world is vast, Wistful's members hail from all walks of life, from all time zones. Maybe you should stop by at the stroke of midnight - no worries, we've got no spooks here - only someone that's probably having lunch halfway 'round the world.
  • Wow! At 800 posts and 100 guild stamps, anyone can tell at a Glance that you're dedicated to Wistful. You know people like the back of your hand, and you're always willing to lend a hand! What an awesome person you are! But you shouldn't stop here! Keep striving to be better! At this point, I'm sure you pretty much know everyone and that you are definitely going to stick with your fellow Wisties. We are happy and proud to have such a dedicated person within the guild.
  • Incredible! Is 3,000 posts and 200 guild stamps even possible? Well apparently so, because you're there! Your familiar Melody is sure to boost the spirits of your guild mates. Everyone's heard you around sometime or another, and they've got good words about you! You're a role model, a real figure to look up to. Hold your head up high, you deserve it!
  • It's been spoken of only in rumours. No one knows yet if it is true, but legends are always based upon truth. What is it you ask? Well it's the famed 7,500 posts and 350 guild stamps! It's said that one who achieves this will have endless Insight and bountiful honour. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
  • Even though we do not have any special rank for those who are part of our Sub-Council the people who have a star next to their username are the ones who have some privileges, as well known as guild admin powers, which will help keep the guild updated and clean. We don't usually accept or recruit people for this sub-council but if we happen to need more helpful hands, we are definitely going to let you know. Council searches are always announced in the guild so everybody gets a chance to participate and apply.


    Here at Wistful we only have a few requirements that will rely on how your account looks like. We do not want to judge anyone by making them fill tedious forms and then get an answer from us later, but we want to ensure that each member in the guild is devoted and dedicated. Having a decent, good-looking account is what we look forward to seeing in your account. No, it does not need to be great, just decent. If you think your account would meet our following easy requirements, I think it's time for you to neomail us and get an invitation! Remember you have to meet the three bolded requirements and one of your own choice. We do make exceptions!

  • 150+ avatars
  • Decent and Customized pets
  • 100+ Games played
  • Legible font
  • 3+ NC Album Pages
  • 10+ Kads fed
  • 40+ Stamps
  • Level 25+ Habitarium
  • 3+ month account
  • Usage of any browser but IE
  • Have either BGC/SUAP/MSPP
  • Nice graphics as decided by Sosu


    Why did you choose Wistful as the guild name?
    It wasn't easy to find the perfect guild name, but Wistful had a sort of simplicity we liked about it and it was a name we agreed would be fitting. Choosing the guild name is by far the hardest step when making guilds. We all tried to brainstorm different and random words, and Wistful came out. We hope you like it as much as we do! Meaning: Full of wishful yearning. Pensively sad; melancholy. Showing pensive sadness

    How can I join the guild?
    Read through our rules, regulations, requirements and basically what you find in this page and then you have to neomail the council: Sosu, Amelia and Katie. The three of us are active and get here daily so expect a fast response from any. If you found us in any of our recruiting boards, then you can either post on them or neomail the people who are bumping the boards. Make sure to carefully read our rules, otherwise your neomail can be ignored. We mainly recruit members through neomail as we barely make boards now.

    I don't meet the bolded requirements, can I still join?
    Even though we do have some really easy requirements, we are still going to make an exception. It all depends on how much joining the guild means to you as well as if you are a loyal, hard-working Neopian who would like to belong to a close-knit guild. Just don't hesitate to ask!

    What things are you expecting for the guild?
    We want to create a place where, whenever you need someone to talk to, you can! We want our members to have fun while feeling at home. We are always willing to help! Once you join the guild, it'll be like your second home. We pledge ourselves to put as much effort and love into it as we can. You're the reason why this guild was created, and we'll try to bring what you were looking for in a guild.

    If I have a problem with any member, what should I do?
    Neomail the council and we will handle it. Also, if you see someone spamming the boards or bothering other members, you can let us know about that as well. All Neomails will remain anonymous. We want people try to fix issues outside the guild to try avoiding drama. It never happens though, but if it does we still want to offer a peaceful environment.

    I go to school/college - I work full time every day. I love this guild but I'm afraid my schedules won't help me at all. What do you recommend me to do?
    You are basically describing our lives but that shouldn't stop you from applying to join us. We are not so bossy about being active but activeness is what we expect the most. A guild that has inactive members tends to die quickly and we do not want that to happen to Wistful. As long as you can come to chat every week, we are fine with that.


    Sosu (sosudude) Hi Wisties! I'm Sosu, I'm 21 and I'm from Argentina. For those who didn't know, Spanish is my native language. I can speak English fluently and defend myself with some Portuguese. I go to college three times a week to major in what I love: Graphic Design. Guilding and making graphics are the two things I do most here on the site. You will pretty much find me making graphics for the guild all day long. I basically run the guild. I host most of the guild pages and try to keep them as updated as possible, I make a new guild layout every week or so, and I also try to spend most of my time chatting with you all on the board. I'm so friendly and talkative so please, never feel shy to neomail me. When people ask me why I work so hard on this even though it's not like I'm getting paid anyways, I just told me that I truly enjoy this. I'm such a driven, people person and I love meeting and helping others as much as possible. I'll be always here for you!

    Amelia (imgonnageta) Hi there! I'm Amelia, a member of Wistful's council. I have been a member since January 2nd, 2013! I am currently: the guild recruiter, a board monitor, a graphics maker (fonts), page hoster, and a member monitor! What these mean is that I am in charge of member recruitment, I monitor the members as well as boards for any double posts or rule breaking, I host a few guild pages, and I make fonts for the guild! I also am a page hoster and my mailbox is always open! I will answer any questions I can or direct you to someone who can.

    Katie (dothawaave123) Hello there, fellow Wisties, my name is Katie. I've been a member of Wistful since March of 2013, and I've loved and treasured my time here ever since I joined. Such a warm and welcoming guild isn't it? Around the guild, you can probably catch me chatting it up on the boards almost 24/7 as I love talking to people. I love helping with Wistful's additional features in any way that I can. Additionally, I am a font maker for the guild, and I have made many recruiting fonts for the use of the guild members. If ever you need anything or have a question, feel free to contact me, as I am available most of the time. I hope you are enjoying your new home!

    Diana (nyc_nature_girl) Hi Wisties! I'm Diana, a member of Wistful's Sub-Council. I'm the go to person for recruiting, rank updates, and just keeping the boards as beautiful and neat as Sosu's graphics. I also love to chat it up when I'm not busy studying, and I'm on Neo way more than I should be, so you can mail me anytime you have a question or want to talk. I hope you all love Wistful as much as I do!

    Bubblez (xx__bubblez) Greetings Wisties! I'm Bubblez and I'm a bubbly person! I have been in the guild since January 2013. Wistful is my second home. As a sub-council member, I help in any tasks that is needed to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in Wistful. Generally, I love meeting new people and getting to know them! If you ever need a good listener, send me a neomail. I hope you enjoy the guild as much as we all do ♥

    Elaina (painted_neo_faerie) Greetings! My name is Elaina and I have been in the guild since early November of 2013 and have enjoyed every last second. I love to socialize, make graphics, and help wherever I can! You can find me on the guild board and I am on almost every day, so if you ever need anything, never feel afraid to ask! I love meeting new people, so if you ever need to talk to anybody about anything, don't hesitate.

    Foy (morifoy)

    Chibi adoptables from Bisou


    I've been a dedicated neopets user for over ten years and prior to joining Wistful I was always in a council position. This ended up being a curse. Every guild I joined or helped make, the owners would end up deciding that due to me being much more active than them, I should be deemed leader. This was very stressful and I often found council members not living up to their expectations. All in all, I had pretty much lost hope and became very picky when it came to guilds I joined.

    I had considered joining Wistful many times in the last year but I always found a reason not to, not because the guild was bad but because the guild had everything I wanted and it seemed perfect. It just really intimidated me, I wanted to believe it held up to all of the hype the members seemed to talk about. Little did I know, they were all right!

    One night not too long ago the lovely Sosu found my 3 AM guildless board. He was the only one who took the time to talk to me, get to know me and tell me about the guild in depth without useless copy and paste adds. Sosu spoke from the heart. He is an amazing guild leader, on daily and always willing to lend a helping hand! Sosu and the rest of the guild council (Amelia & Katie) update pages DAILY! Upon joining the guild I was very worried that I wouldn't be satisfied, that the guild website wouldn't live up to it's promises. Boy, I sure was wrong!

    Ever since the first night I joined the guild I've felt at home. I've found a place where people have such a great sense of humor, they understand any joke and they play right along. No one judges you and they will talk about anything (provided TNT approves). The ages range from low to mid but you can't tell at all! The chatty atmosphere doesn't have any harsh restrictions when it comes to how many sentences you're required to post, it's just fun!

    The guild provides members with so many things to keep them entertained! We have guild stamps, member portfolios, avatar lending, adoption agency, guild compliments, and SO SO SO much more!

    My favorite guild extra is definitely the guild events! I joined Wistful right around Easter of 2014 and I had the time of my life! It was just like any neopets plot (old style) and the challenges were great. Over-all I just hope that you'll give us a fighting chance, I can guarantee that you will be satisfied! Do not put it off another minute because once you decide to join you're going to regret not doing it sooner! - Aliesha (myheartisash)

    Wistful is easily one of the top 5 guilds I've ever been in. The tight-knit family quality, the constant chatting on the boards (guild message board or neoboards), and who can forget Sosu's AMAZING graphic/coding abilities? Of course, the thing(s) I love most about Wistful are the members. I have gotten to know most of them, and I know there are some that I haven't met, and I look forward to meeting them all as well as new members. I love this guild and I can't wait to see it grow more. ♥ - Amelia (imgonnageta)

    I first joined Wistful during their Grand Opening. At first I wasn't sure about how well this guild would be for me, so I ended up switching to my side account in the guild, about a day or two later I switched back to my main account. Since then I have fallen in love with all the members in the guild, I have fallen in love with all the events, activites, graphics, chatting, the list keeps going on and on and on. Wistful always has something for me to do whenever I am bored, or need something to do. Wistful always also has members who will listen to me and not ignore me like some other guilds I have been in. They make me feel better when I have a bad day, and are really funny people. Wistful has been my favorite guild ever by far. Because of Wistful, I no longer have to guild hop, and keep making guildless boards. If you are thinking about joining, you should. - Connor (cubscout30)

    I've been on Neopets for at least 10 years now. I've found myself becoming interested in guilds, only for them not to live up to what I had hoped, like not updating activities I'd love to do. As a rising graphic designer, I actually looked at Sosu's premade site and saw that he owned a guild with a love for graphics! I was happy to find that the requirements weren't too harsh, as I'm a laid back yet dedicated player of Neopets. Now that I'm in here, I can say that this is the most beautiful, creative, most active, and talkative guild I have ever been in! The activities are wonderful and updated constantly! Everyone is so accepting and caring. Even though I had close friends in other guilds, I was quickly realizing these friends in Wistful were going to be even more important to my neo-life! This guild is by far the greatest I have ever been in. - Elaina (painted_neo_faerie)

    I was pretty nervous and hesitant to join a new guild. I had been in a guild for quite a long time and then in another guild with the same people as the previous guild. I had built so many close friendships and had gotten so comfortable with them I didn't know if another guild could be the same. When I joined Wistful I immediately felt accepted and comfortable. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and made me feel at home. That's how Wistful feels, like home. I am so happy that I took a chance and joined because I absolutely love it. - Jen (jbaby311)

    Wistful is easily the greatest guild to ever exist - and that is an understatement. I joined Wistful back in March of 2013. Before that, I found myself getting super inactive - more and more each day. However, when Sosu found me, I decided to join Wistful, not anticipating that it would be one of the greatest things to ever happen to me on Neopets. Wistful is a closely knit family - you really get to know a lot of people who after a while, become very close to you. I have so many friends in Wistful that I am glad I met. Wistful is truly an experience that you do not want to miss out on - it have a big impact on you! After I joined Wistful, I finally became more active on Neopets after 2 years of being inactive. Thanks to Wistful, I now encountered an experience that has blessed me with an amazing and closely tied family full of fantastic people. - Katie (dothawaave123)

    When I came back to guilds in Neopets, I was looking for something special and fun. I looked for something that connected me with people that enjoyed every aspect of the site which helped me strive to improve my account around the site. Wistful is the guild that gave me this, along with exceptional graphics that spirited my creative side. Sosu has always been associated with amazing guilds and epic graphics in my eyes, but I also believe the members of this guild make it what it is. I hope that every person that comes across Wistful takes the time to fully appreciate all that it has to offer. The activities, boards, and graphics are sure to keep you very entertained! I love Wistful with all my heart and I'm sure you will too (: - Owlie (kiki5556)


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    If you consider yourself a very loyal Wistie, have you thought about submitting your Member Testimonial? We love hearing what members have to say about the guild. These testimonials will be public for all potential new members who may be considering joining us in the future. It's always encouraging when members, new and old, can leave a good message about the things Wistful has provided them with. Sharing your thoughts about the guild you belong to is the best way to guarantee we, the council, are doing a good job owning the guild.

    It is not mandatory, but if you want to do this feel free to! If you are new to the guild but you truly think you finally found the right guild, you are welcomed to do it as well. Did you know you can earn a stamp for submitting your testimonial? Neomail Sosu if you want to do it while you wait for the puzzle seven to be released tomorrow! (If your testimonial is too long, please put it onto a petpage)

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    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
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    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
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    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
    Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
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    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.
    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
    Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.

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