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Part 1: Choosing Skills Wisely
Includes a breakdown of all available characters and all of their skills. This section gives a suggested order to spending those skill points as well as why it's important to stock or save up skill points later in the game. Also included is a breakdown of final weapons so you can spend your skill points wisely.

Part 2: The NQ2 Battle Guide
This section includes battle strategies for working with 1, 2, 3, or all 4 of your party members as well as an advanced strategy for when all of your party members are stocking points. Also included is a strategy for defeating every boss in the game including more detailed strategies for the 4 Faeries, Hubrid Nox, and both battles against King Terask

Part 3: Walkthrough
This section is a walkthrough for the entire game broken down by Chapters and further separated by specific areas. Also includes a section on the rewards offered in the game.

Part 3b: Rewards
This is a subsection of Part 3 and details the rewards for all modes of the game.

Part 4: Fathers sword Rumor: Fact or Fiction
There are 2 parts to this rumor. Please read both parts before you make your decision. :)

Part 5: Maps
This part is not a link...not yet anyway. I am currently in the process of making my own maps but it is a time-consuming process. However, in the meantime, you can get all the maps you need from I can't link to them as Neo doesn't allow linking off this site. But this is a safe site with no ads or pop-ups.

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I'm sure that most of you have heard of NeoQuest 2. Many of you probably even know that you can get some great weapons from playing it, especially on Insane mode. Maybe you've even tried to play it and got confused or Zombom simply Decimated you into oblivion. Have no fear! Parker is here and I'm going to take you by the hand and lead you through the myriad complexities of NeoQuest 2 with a 3-part guide to success. So let's get started with the first part.

Part 1: Choosing Skills Wisely

This section was published in The Neopian Times, Issue #185.

This section was recently translated by camino945 into Japanese.


  • Rohane
  • Mipsy
  • Talinia
  • Velm
  • Why am I saving so many points?
  • Final Notes

    As you make your way through NeoQuest 2 (hereafter referred to as NQ2), you will meet 4 characters who will comprise your party and with whom you need to be able to defeat the final boss, King Terask. It's a good idea to become familiar with the 4 characters so you can choose which skills they will need to help you defeat that HUGE dragon at the end of the game. Please bear in mind that all of my answers to the question, Is this skill necessary? are my own personal opinion based on 10 completed games. You may not agree with my assessment and that is perfectly fine. The world would be a very boring place if we all thought exactly the same way. :)


    Rohane is your main character and with whom you begin your game. He's your basic warrior and, if your skill points are spent correctly, will do the most amount of damage each turn. Towards the end of the game, he can be doing critical attacks of over 150 HP of damage and be doing that nearly every other turn in battle. Let's look at his skills.

    1. Critical Attacks: This skill will increase the likelihood of a critical attack. The higher the skill level, the more likely it is that he will deal a critical attack. At maximum, he can be dealing criticals nearly every turn; usually every other one. It does vary though.
      Is this skill necessary? Absolutely!

    2. Damage Increase: This skill increases the maximum POSSIBLE damage that Rohane can inflict each turn. Note that I said POSSIBLE. He won't hit to maximum every turn. He may even miss sometimes. Phooey! :(
      Is this skill necessary? Oh my YES! DEFINITELY!

    3. Combat Focus: Contrary to most of my gaming experience, this skill does NOT focus strength; it focuses DEFENCE and DECREASES the strength of Rohane's attack. What this means is that Rohane will take less damage when he is focused but his attacks will also do less damage. The exception to this is Critical Attacks. His Criticals will still hit nearly as hard as when he isn't focused.
      Is this skill necessary? No

    4. Stunning Strikes: This skill increases the likelihood of stunning the enemy. Again, the higher the skill, the higher the probability that he will stun whatever he hits. Some bosses are immune to stunning strikes but if you can get it to work, it can knock an enemy's next turn back by as much as 5 seconds. Wow!!
      Is this skill necessary? Yes

    5. Battle Taunt: This does exactly what it says it will. Rohane sticks his thumbs in his ears, wiggles his fingers at the enemy, sticks his tongue out, and says, "Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyaaaaah!!!" This, of course, gets the enemies attention and they attack him instead of one of your weaker party members. If you have a party member who is nearly dead, this tactic can save them until they have time to get healed.
      Is this skill necessary? A point or two here is very necessary but that's about it.

    6. Innate Magic Resistance: The higher this skill is, the more likely that Rohane will resist or take less damage from a Magic attack. This skill can enable him to resist being slowed or mesmerized as well as resisting/taking less damage from actual magic attacks.
      Is this skill necessary? Not really. Rohane can take a fair amount of damage and there just aren't that many enemies who use mesmerize. A couple of points here is all that's needed.

    7. Innate Melee Haste: This skill reduces the amount of time in between Rohane's attacks. The higher the skill level, the faster he can hit again.
      Is this skill necessary? Oh my YES! DEFINITELY!

    Suggested order for spending skill points:

    All modes:
    Damage Increase: 9 points
    Innate Magic Resistance: 2 points
    Damage Increase: 2 points
    You should now have 11 points total on Damage Increase
    Battle Taunt: 1 point
    Critical Attacks: 11 points
    Stunning Strikes: 11 points
    Innate Melee Haste: 11 points

    Note that you've only spent 47 points of the possible 59 in the game. You will save those last 12 points to be spent after your FIRST battle with King Terask when you have gotten all of the possible final equipment for each character. If Rohane has gotten no equipment from the last 4 bosses, then you will want to spend those 12 points on Damage Increase, Critical Attacks, and Innate Melee Haste. If he has gotten some equipment from those bosses, then spend your skill points accordingly. Note also that a skill can only go to level 15 and no higher. So if you've spent 15 points on Damage Increase and get a weapon towards the end that has a bonus on Damage Increase, then you've wasted those points.

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    Mipsy is the second character you will meet during the game. She can be found in the first house on your left after you can cross the bridge in White River. She is your basic black mage and casts offensive magic spells. As such, her melee defence (that's her physical defence) is very low and she can take quite a beating if you're not careful. However, this is offset by the fact that she is a powerhouse especially in the first few chapters of the game. Her magic attacks will be invaluable in the latter parts of the game as it's the only attack that can hit with full strength against enemies that use Combat Focus, such as the bionic cybunnies and techo blademasters in Chapter 5. Let's look at her skills.

    1. Direct Damage: This skill targets a single enemy with a fairly potent magic attack. At maximum, Mipsy can cast Obliterate and do up to 100 HP of damage.
      Is this skill necessary? Many bosses are highly resistant to magic attacks; especially Hubrid Nox and King Terask. However, it's been my experience that this skill is still very nice to have for those bosses who aren't so resistant and for all of those random battles in between.

    2. Group Direct Damage: This skill targets the entire enemy group with a magic attack. At maximum, Mipsy can cast Astral Maelstrom and deal up to 64 HP of damage to EACH enemy in the group. The biggest drawback to this skill is that she takes more time in between attacks.
      Is this skill necessary? Again, we have the quandary of magic resistant bosses and then add in the fact that this skill won't hit nearly as hard as Direct Damage will. However, in the beginning stages of the game, this skill is great as Mipsy will PLOW through enemy sets.

    3. Group Haste: This skill does exactly what it says it will do; speed your entire party up so their next turn comes quicker.
      Is this skill necessary? Absolutely! Group haste will last longer than using a potion and it costs you no gold. However, at maximum, it will only speed you up by 38% whereas potions can speed you up by as much as 65%. Even so, this skill is VERY important.

    4. Slowing: This skill will slow a single enemy down. Mipsy casts it very quickly and at maximum, it can slow an enemy by 65%. However, one of Mipsy's final possible weapons has a -5 on Slowing rendering this skill largely useless. Add in the fact that many bosses will resist it or be immune to it and it's just not worth the expenditure. Use slowing potions instead.
      Is this skill necessary? No

    5. Damage Shields: This skill puts a barrier up around every member of your party that will deal a small amount of damage if the enemy physically attacks you. There is no chance of this being resisted and even with small amounts of damage, it will add up in the long run.
      Is this skill necessary? I rarely use this skill but that is a personal choice.

    6. Innate Melee Defense: This skill will enable Mipsy to take less damage from physical attacks.
      Is this skill necessary? Yes. But she really only needs about 6 points or so here except for Insane when this skill should be taken higher.

    7. Innate Casting Haste: This skill reduces the amount of time for Mipsy to cast a spell....any spell. The higher the skill level, the faster she can go again.
      Is this skill necessary? Oh my YES! DEFINITELY!

    Suggested order for spending skill points:

    Normal and Evil modes:
    Group Direct Damage OR Direct Damage: 11 points
    Innate Melee Defence: 6 points
    Innate Casting Haste: 11 points
    Direct Damage OR Damage Shields: 11 points
    Group Haste: 11 points
    I prefer using Group Direct Damage and Direct Damage in the choices above, but that is a personal choice.

    Insane Mode:
    Group Direct Damage OR Direct Damage (pick one or the other): 11 points (I prefer Direct Damage)
    Innate Melee Defence: 6 points
    Innate Casting Haste: 11 points
    Innate Melee Defence: 5 points
    Group Haste: 11 points

    I get asked quite often just what skills I use. Honestly, I have used them all. Most recently, I am powering through the game and spend my skill points just like I would for Insane using Direct Damage.

    Save the remaining 9 points (Normal or Evil) or 15 points (Insane mode). The most important skills for Mipsy to have in that last battle are, in order: 1. Group Haste, 2. Innate Casting Haste, 3. Direct Damage or Damage Shields (whichever one you chose), and 4. Innate Melee Defence. The Innate Melee Defence is much more important on Insane mode than in the other 2 modes. If you're playing Insane, you should move this skill up into the 3rd place in the order of importance and any points she has left over should go on Damage Shields.

    Back to Skills


    Talinia is the third character you will meet during the game. She can be found in the Mountainside Inn just north of the exit of the Caves of Terror in Chapter 2. She is your archer and can fire up to 4 arrows at a fairly fast pace. She can also slow the enemy down in a variety of ways. She will never hit as hard as Rohane, but towards the end of the game she can deal over 100 HP of damage to your enemy.

    1. Increased Bow Damage: This skill increases the maximum amount of POSSIBLE damage that Talinia can dish out. There's that word POSSIBLE again. Sigh :(
      Is this skill necessary? Absolutely!

    2. Multiple Targets: This skill allows Talinia to fire 2,3, or 4 arrow depending on her skill level. At level 5, she will be able to fire 2 arrows about every 10 sec. of elapsed battle time. Level 10 is her fastest 3 arrows, and level 15 is her fastest 4 arrows. In between the times that she can fire multiple arrows, she can still fire a single arrow.
      Is this skill necessary? This skill is very nice for the random enemies but largely useless in boss battles. However, there are a LOT more random battles than there are bosses. It's a personal choice and I do use :D

    3. Ranged: This skill is kind of hard to understand. Basically, if an enemy targets Talinia (he doesn't need to hit her...he can miss and this will still work), then his next turn is delayed. At maximum, I have seen enemies delayed up to 8 seconds when they try to hit Talinia. Note that this only works on enemies who have tried to or have hit Talinia.
      Is this skill necessary? This is another personal choice. Talinia does seem to get targeted a LOT so I find it useful.

    4. Shockwave: This skill will increase the likelihood of Talinia causing a shockwave that stuns all of the enemies. Sounds nice, right? It is except for the fact that it doesn't make a lot of difference in the later boss battles. At maximum, Talinia can cause shockwaves about every 3rd turn or so and will knock a normal enemy back about 2 seconds or so.
      Is this skill necessary? Until very recently, I have always used this skill. However, after my last game when I noted that it did not help in the battles against Hubrid Nox and King Terask, I decided to not use it in my current game. However, keep in mind that there are a lot more random battles than there are bosses and a 2 second setback can really be worthwhile.

    5. Slowing Strike: This skill allows Talinia to slow an enemy directly if she hits them with an arrow. At maximum, it can slow for 5%. However, keep in mind that it's cumulative and keeps adding on top of whatever the enemy is slowed for. It doesn't always work and some enemies are immune to it. Is this skill necessary? No

    6. Innate Magic Resistance: Just like Rohane's.
      Is this skill necessary? Nope. Again, only a point or 2 will suffice here

    7. Innate Melee Haste: Just like Rohane's
      Is this skill necessary? Oh my YES! DEFINITELY!

    Talinia skills can be spent in a number of ways. This is just 1 suggestion.

    All Modes:
    Increased Bow Damage: 10 points (yes! just 10!!)
    Multiple Targets: 10 points (fastest 3 arrows)
    Innate Melee Haste: 11 points
    Shockwave OR Ranged: 10 points if Shockwave; 11 points if Ranged
    Innate Magic Resistance: 2 points
    Shockwave or Ranged: 5 points on the one you DIDN'T choose earlier

    Again, since there are choices here, I get asked what I use. I prefer Ranged over Shockwave and have only been taking Multiple Targets to level 5 for the fastest 2 arrows. I spend no points on Shockwave at all but, keep in mind, Shockwave can be helpful with the random battles so it's really up to you. :)

    Stock up the remaining 11 points for your final battle. The most important skills for Talinia to have are, in order: 1. Increased Bow Damage, 2. Innate Melee Haste, 3. Ranged or Shockwave (I prefer Ranged), and finally, 4. Innate Magic Resistance.

    Back to Skills


    Velm is the last character you will meet and after you see his skill options, you will jump for JOY! Finally! A white mage and HEALER!!! YAY!!! No more struggling for potions! You can sell the lot of them! Well, I never did but you could probably sell all of them except the last 3 or so types. His skills are as follows:

    1. Healing: This skill will heal a single party member for up to 150 HP with Renew.
      Is this skill necessary? You CAN get by with this skill but I prefer to not use it unless I have several extra points at the end. Why don't I use it anymore? See the next skill. :D

    2. Group Healing: This skill will heal your entire party for up to 90 HP with Panacea. That will take care of most all damage in the game. A couple of rounds of Group Healing will take care of nearly anything. Another nice aspect of healing skills is that it will unmesmerize any of your characters as long as they also NEED healed...even if they're just down by 1 HP! How wonderful!
      Is this skill necessary? YESYESYESYES!!! :D

    3. Group Shielding: This skill puts up a protective barrier around every party member and increases their Melee Defence and Magic Resistance. At maximum, Protection of Infinity will add 30 points to each of these. Whoooohoooo!!
      Is this skill necessary? ABSOLUTELY! Without this skill, King Terask will STOMP you into the ground.

    4. Mesmerize: Finally! You will have the ability to mesmerize the enemy. However, most bosses are either highly resistant or just plain immune to being mesmerized. Another note on mesmerize: a mesmerized enemy can be unmesmerized by either taking damage from one of your party members or by being healed by their group. If you decide to use mesmerize during random battles or during the battle with the 4 Faeries, then you shouldn't be using any group attacks at all.
      Is this skill necessary? I prefer this skill over Celestial Hammer but again it's a personal choice.

    5. Celestial Hammer: Another hard to understand skill. This is Velm's ONLY offensive attack. At maximum, this skill will deal up to 45HP of damage as well as stun the enemy for up to 3 seconds.
      Is this skill necessary? Not really but it's a personal choice. Velm will spend most of his time healing.

    6. Innate Melee Defense: Just like Mipsy's.
      Is this skill necessary? Yes. But only about 6 points unless you're doing Insane mode.

    7. Innate Casting Haste: Just like Mipsy's.
      Is this skill necessary? Oh my YES! DEFINITELY!

    Suggested order for spending skill points:

    Normal and Evil modes:
    Group Healing: 11 points
    Group Shielding: 11 points
    Innate Melee Defence: 6 points
    Innate Casting Haste: 11 points
    Mesmerize OR Celestial Hammer: 8 points

    Insane Mode:
    Group Healing: 11 points
    Group Shielding: 11 points
    Innate Melee Defence: 6 points
    Innate Casting Haste: 11 points
    Innate Melee Defence: 5 points
    Up to 5 points can be spent on Mesmerize OR Celestial Hammer

    Stock up the remaining 12 points (Normal and Evil) or 10 points (Insane) for your final battle. The most important skills for Velm to have in that last battle are, in order: 1. Group Healing, 2. Group Shielding, 3. Innate Casting Haste, and then 4. Innate Melee Defence. The Innate Melee Defence is much more important on Insane mode than in the other 2 modes. If you're playing Insane, you should move this skill up into the 3rd place in the order of importance. If you have some points left over, you can spend them on Healing if you want.

    Back to Skills

    Why am I saving so many points?

    You should note that I never once suggested spending 15 points on ANY skill but rather to spend up to 10 or 11 and then hold onto the rest of them. I noted above that this could be a big waste in skill points. Let's look at that a little more closely. During the final 4 boss battles (Faerie Thief 3rd time, both Pant Devils, and King Terask (1st time), you will receive your final equipment. Each member of your party has 2 final weapons as well as 1-2 final armours that they can possibly get in these battles. For instance, Rohane may get one or both of these swords: Sword of Dominion and/or Sword of Apocalypse. It is entirely possible that he will get one, both, or neither of them at all. The Sword of Dominion has bonuses of † 1 on Damage Increase, † 2 on Critical Attacks and Stunning Strikes, † 3 on Battle Taunt whereas the Sword of Apocalypse has bonuses of † 2 on ALL 5 offensive skills. I've suggested putting your skill points almost exclusively on Damage Increase, Critical Attacks, and Stunning Strikes, and if you're lucky enough to get the Sword of Apocalypse, your skills will look something like this:

    Damage Increase: 11 († 2)
    Critical Attacks: 11 († 2)
    Stunning Strikes: 11 († 2)
    Combat Focus: 0 († 2)
    Battle Taunt: 1 († 2)
    Innate Magic Resistance: 2
    Innate Melee Haste: 11

    Notice that weapons NEVER have defensive bonuses. The last 2 skills for every character are their defensive ones. The other 5 are all offensive ones. You may have noticed that you could have spent a few more skills points on those first 3 skills. I really don't recommend doing this as some of the other weapons you can receive throughout the game can have a † 4 bonus on one of those. No sense wasting skill points and you can get all the way to King Terask, the final battle, with only 11 points on each of those first 3 and the last one. Rohane might also get Jeran's Battle Armour († 4's on the defensive skills) or the Darigan's Fire Cloak († 4 and † 3 on the defensive skills) or neither of them or both of them.

    Example 1: Sword of Apocalypse and Jeran's Battle Armour

    Critical Attacks: 11 († 2)
    Damage Increase: 11 († 2)
    Stunning Strikes: 11 († 2)
    Combat Focus: 0 († 2)
    Battle Taunt: 1 († 2)
    Innate Magic Resistance: 2 († 4)
    Innate Melee Haste: 11 († 4)

    If you've followed my recommendations, Rohane should have 12 points to spend. Spend 2 points on Damage Increase (13 († 2)=15), 2 points on Critical Attacks, 2 points on Stunning Strikes, and throw the rest on Innate Magic Resistance. He's one very stout fellow now. :)

    Example 2: Sword of Kings and Defender's Plate (both bought in Cirrus; no bonuses)

    Damage Increase: 11
    Critical Attacks: 11
    Stunning Strikes: 11
    Combat Focus: 0
    Battle Taunt: 1
    Innate Magic Resistance: 2
    Innate Melee Haste: 11

    Spend those 12 points you have saved up as such: 4 points each on Damage Increase, Critical Attacks, and Innate Melee Haste. You want him hitting hard and fast. Hopefully, your Rohane will be somewhere in between these examples.

    Talinia can receive the Bow of Light († 5 on each of Increased Bow Damage and Shockwave---that explains why you only have 10 on each of these rather than 11 but has a – 2 on Ranged and a – 1 on Stunning Strikes) or the Bow of Destiny († 2 on all 5 offensive skills).

    Velm's best weapon for his skills as I have suggested is NOT one of the final ones he can get but rather an earlier one; the staff of mettle. Note that it isn't capitalized. I've received this staff from the 4 faeries, Hubrid Nox, Esophagor, and in random battles in the latter parts of chapter 4. Keep an eye out for this staff. If you don't find that one, then carefully look over the others for the best bonuses on Group Healing and Group Shielding. Remember that he isn't there for his strength. A very early staff with bonuses there may serve him better than the Staff of Righteous Fury († 2 on all 5 offensive skills) or the Staff of Vengeance († 4 on Celestial Hammer, † 3 on Healing, † 2 on Group Shielding, † 1 on Mesmerization, and – 1 on Group Healing).

    Mipsy's best weapon is either the Wand of Force († 3 on Direct Damage, Group Direct Damage, Group Haste, and Damage Shields but a – 5 on Slowing) or the Wand of Reality († 4 on Group Haste, † 3 on Slowing, † 2 on Damage Shields, † 1 on Group Direct Damage and – 1 on Direct Damage). Look for the best bonuses on Group Haste and either Direct Damage or Damage Shields (whichever one you chose) and possibly Group Direct Damage.

    Back to Skills

    Final Notes
    You should never buy weapons for Mipsy or Velm, as the weapons bought do not have bonuses. Keep all of your old weapons for them until you get one that has better bonuses on it. For instance, during one game, I received almost no weapons for Mipsy and did not get any of her final ones. I used a very early weapon that had a † 2 bonus on Group Haste in the final battle with King Terask. That was 2 points that I could spend elsewhere. :)

    You should only buy new weapons for Rohane and Talinia if there is a significant difference in the DMG rating of the weapon. It just isn't worth losing good bonuses for only a point or 2 of extra DMG.

    You should buy weapons for Rohane and Talinia as well as new armour for EVERYONE at your stop in Cirrus in Chapter 5. This is the LAST place to buy weapons and armour and it's always possible that these weapons/armour will be the best you have for any of your characters. It's horribly expensive, especially on Insane mode so if you're short on gold, go out and do some fighting and earn more. You can always sell any old equipment that you have but you should ONLY sell enough to allow you to purchase what you need. Why? If you die, your gold is cut in half. (Unless you're playing Insane mode. In this case, your game is OVER!) Use your inventory to store that gold.

    This ends part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2: The Battle Guide

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    Part 2: The NQ2 Battle Guide


  • Introduction to RPG's and battling
  • Basic Battle Strategies
  • Advanced Battle Strategy
  • Are you ready for the next area/boss?
  • You tried to take on a boss too early
  • Death of a Party Member

    Welcome back! This is part 2 of a 3 part series of guides to help you on your way to success in NeoQuest 2. This section is going to deal with battle strategies and some tips for defeating those nasty bosses.

    Introduction to RPG's and Battling

    For those of you who have never played an RPG (Role-Playing Game) in your life, you're going to find the constant battling tedious at best and downright annoying at worst. Suffice it to say that you MUST battle your way nearly every step of the game. If you don't, you will be woefully unprepared as the enemies and bosses get much harder.

    The battle system used in this game is a fairly standard turn-based one. Basically, one of your characters will have a turn and then they will have to wait a period of time before they can take another turn. However, the enemies also have to work with the same system so it works out fairly evenly….unless you don't increase your party members Innate Melee Haste or Innate Casting Haste. If you don't increase these, then you'll find the enemies getting more turns than your poor, slower party members will. Let's avoid that. :)

    There are 2 types of battles that you will run into during the game: Random battles and Boss battles.
    Random battles are those normal battles that you run into on your way through the various terrains offered in the game. You will not be able to see these battles coming so I refer to them as "random". These battles will consist of 1-4 enemies that you must eliminate before you can proceed. A normal rule of thumb, and it is NOT perfect, is that as you add a party member, you will start seeing the same number of (or fewer) enemies in your opposing group. Therefore, battles with 2 enemies are very rare until you get Mipsy and battles with 3 enemies are very rare until you get Talinia.
    Boss battles are those battles that will occur in a fixed location in the game and you will be able to see the boss before you get to him or her or them. Some of these battles are optional but I highly suggest you fight them as most bosses drop equipment as well as gold and/or potions and you are usually awarded some neopoints for defeating them. All of these battles, with 2 exceptions are against a single foe. The exceptions are The Revenant and 2 possessed skeletons in Chapter 3 and The Four Faeries in Chapter 4.

    Back to the Battle Guide or Back to the Skills Guide or Back to the Top

    Basic Battle Strategies

    Rohane only
    There just aren't a lot of options here for Rohane except to hit, throw a damage potion, or heal. However, if you're not paying very close attention, he'll be wiped out and you will never have known he was in danger in the first place. To begin with, start making a habit of checking on Rohane after EVERY SINGLE turn. Scroll down and look. Can he withstand another hit or 2 until his next turn or should you be healing now? If you can get yourself into the habit of scrolling down and looking constantly, your NQ2 adventure will be much easier.

    Rohane and Mipsy
    Sometime after you get Mipsy, you will have the option to start buying speed and slowing potions. I actually don't buy many at all in the first 2 chapters but from Chapter 3 on, I buy every single slowing and damage potion I can get my hands on. Beginning in Chapter 4, I buy every single slowing, speed, and damage potion I can find. In the first 2 chapters, I try to keep about 5 of the currently available slowing potions on hand as well as about 10 damage potions.
    Regardless of whether you chose Direct Damage or Group Direct Damage for Mipsy, she will still be doing a LOT more damage than Rohane will during Chapter 1 and partway into Chapter 2. Therefore, she should be casting her best magic spell and healing as necessary. Rohane will either be hitting or throwing damage/slowing potions (boss battles ONLY!) as well as keeping himself healthy. Again, keep checking constantly to see if anyone needs to heal themselves.

    Rohane, Mipsy, and Talinia
    There's not really a lot of difference when you add in Talinia except that by now, Rohane should be packing a pretty serious punch. Therefore, Talinia should now take the roll of using slowing/damage potions during boss battles while Rohane hits and Mipsy uses her best magic attack. Keep checking them constantly to see if someone needs healed. During the normal random battles, Talinia should fire a spray of arrows (if you have Multiple Targets) and otherwise attacking. Mipsy and Rohane should use their best attacks.

    Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia, and Velm
    Once you throw Velm into the mix, the battle strategy changes and once Mipsy has at least 8 points on Group Haste, it will change again. Velm should be casting Group Shielding at the beginning of the battle, which will cut down on the amount of damage your party members will take. From then on, his main role is to keep everyone healthy and keep his shields up. Rohane will be attacking and Talinia will fire a spray of arrows and fire single arrows in between. Mipsy should be using her best magic spell or thowing slowing/damage potions (boss battles only). Keep checking on your characters but now you need to add in those shields. They will last about 35-40 seconds of elapsed time from the time you cast it. During a boss battle, make a note of the elapsed time (way down at the very bottom of the page) when Velm cast Group Shielding. Add 35 seconds to that and plan on casting it again at that point. Even if his shields aren't down yet, this casting will continue them for another 35 seconds or so. That should be enough to get you through most battles including MOST, but not all, bosses.

    Once Mipsy has Group Haste to at least level 8 (any lower really doesn't do much good), then your boss strategy will change on you again. This should be happening BEFORE you get to the 4 faeries in Chapter 4. Velm casts Group Shielding, Mipsy casts Group Haste, Talinia and/or Rohane will throw a slowing potion until the boss is slowed. Now you will need to watch not only your health and shields but your Group Haste as well. Group Haste lasts about 30 seconds or so. Therefore, you will want to renew it about every 25 seconds or so of elapsed time in battle. If you're not in a boss battle, then just have Rohane and Talinia hit normally.

    Now let's add in Velm's Mesmerize and/or Celestial Hammer. Remember that if you damage a mesmerized enemy, he will become un-mesmerized immediately. Let's try and avoid that.

    Back to the Battle Guide or Back to the Skills Guide or Back to the Top

    Advanced Battle Strategy
    This strategy is mainly for use around the time you start stocking points. This should be occurring about the time you meet the 4 Faeries.
    Random battles: Velm should cast Group Shielding, Mipsy should cast Group Haste (as long as it's at or above level 8), Talinia and Rohane should attack. In between rounds, check on your party's health and have Velm heal, mesmerize, or hammer as needed.

    If you want Velm to mesmerize an enemy, have him use it on his 2nd turn unless someone needs healed first. Once you have an enemy mesmerized, then do NOT attack them at all until you've dealt with the other members of the enemy group. Therefore, Mipsy should be using Direct Damage or Damage Shields (whichever one you chose) or she should lob damage potions (not recommended due to the expense in gold). Talinia should be firing single arrows and Rohane should attack normally. Keep in mind that using mesmerize delays Velm's next turn quite a bit. Make sure your party can withstand some damage until he gets his next turn. If anyone gets in trouble, try using Rohane's Battle Taunt to draw the enemy attack away from your hurt character and use a healing potion as quickly as possible.

    Boss Battles: Before you throw a single punch, you MUST get your party prepared for battle. Velm should cast Group Shielding the very first turn he gets. Mipsy should use Group Haste (level 8 or higher) or a slowing potion. Talinia and Rohane should lob slowing potions. On the next round, everyone should lob a slowing potion until the boss has been successfully slowed but don't take more than 1 full round. On subsequent rounds Mipsy should cast her Damage Shields (if she has them) then have her lob slowing or damage potions or use her best magic attack. Have her recast her Group Haste and/or Damage Shields if they wear off. Velm should concentrate on keeping everyone healthy, using his hammer (if he has it), throwing slowing or damage potions, and keeping his shields up. Talinia and Rohane should be attacking as often as they can. Rohane can also use his Battle Taunt to draw attacks from any party member who is in trouble. Keep checking your status noting the elapsed time, shields, speed, and health. It's a LOT to keep track of but it's worth it.

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    How do I know if I'm ready for the next area/boss?
    This guide is intended as a general guideline only. You must apply your own experiences to this game as you progress through it. To better determine if you're ready for the next area, answer this question. Do you have to heal one or more of your characters after nearly every battle or can you survive 3 or more of them without healing? If you can survive 3 or more without healing, you're ready to proceed. As a general rule of thumb, if you can make it to a boss, you can usually defeat him. This is especially true on Evil and Insane rather than on Normal. Why not on Normal? The random battle enemies in Evil mode have 1.5 times the Hit Points of those on Normal and the enemies on Insane have 2 times the HP of those in Normal mode. Therefore, it is MUCH more difficult to get to a certain boss on Evil or Insane modes than it is on Normal mode.

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    You tried to take on a boss before you were ready
    Oh dear! You're going to have to weigh some options here. If you're playing Normal or Evil modes, you might just want to let the enemy kill your party members. This will return you to your last resting point where you can restock your potions. Then go out and level up and try again. This option is not viable on Insane mode because if you kill off your entire party there, then it's GAME OVER and you have to start all over again. There is another option open to you though and that is to Flee!! The problem with Fleeing is that it doesn't always work. Before trying to Flee, make sure your party is as healthy as you can get them and then try to run. It may take several tries to Flee from a battle. After you have successfully fled a battle, get everyone healthy before you move on. Head back to restock potions and level up some more.

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    Death of a Party Member
    You KILLED one of them??!! SHAME on you!!! I'm just kidding! It happens. So now the question is, "How do I get him/her healthy again?" You actually have three options available to you:
    Option 1: This is the option you will use most of the time. Drag your poor injured party member to the nearest Inn or resting point. Rest and they will be completely restored. This is much cheaper than using a potion. However, it's not always possible.
    Option 2: Use an Awakening Potion or the equivalent and then use regular healing potions to bring them up to battle health. You should pick up about 5 of those Awakening Potions in White River or in Seaside (not Lakeside);10 for Insane mode. Hopefully you won't need any more, as they get HORRIBLY expensive later. Remember to keep checking on your characters to see how they're doing.
    Option 3: Even though your character died in battle, they will receive experience for the battle they died in. If your party member is very close to leveling up and the experience they received during that fatal battle is enough to bring them to the next level, they will be completely restored. Isn't that nice. :D If you fight more battles after the one in which your character died and they haven't been restored yet, then the unconscious character will receive no experience.

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    Individual Boss Strategies

    The following is a generalized strategy guide for each of the individual bosses in the game. The levels are given in the order Normal/Evil/Insane. These are only my recommendations. You may find that you'll need to level up a bit more. It's up to you to make that decision. Remember, you can choose to Flee from any boss battle EXCEPT the very final battle with King Terask.

    Chapter 1

    Miner Foreman
    Level 5/6/7
    Location: Dark Cave (directly North of Trestin)
    Hit and heal. Watch Rohane's health. No damage potions required.

    Level 11/12/12-13
    Location: Mysterious Tower; 4th floor
    He's nasty! I prefer using the Blast Potions on him. Buy about 10 of them in White River. Do NOT use any Healing Flasks or Healing Potions before you get to him. If you run low on Healing Vials, return to White River and restock. He can resist the damage potions but I have had very good luck using them. If he resists the damage potions 3 times in a row, switch tactics and use your sword. Watch Rohane's health like a hawk and you will emerge victorious.

    Giant Sand Grundo
    Level 14/15/16
    Location: Phorofor
    This guy isn't quite as tough as he looks. However, he deals critical damage and will probably gang up on Mipsy. Therefore, pay very close attention to her health. Slow him down if you want and then gang up on him. :D

    Ramtor (first time)
    Level 16/17/18
    Location: Meridell Castle
    Reduce his Hit Points by half. This first battle is pretty easy but he can mesmerize one of you. Rohane and Mipsy should both concentrate on using their best attacks and healing when necessary. You can use a slowing potion if you want but it really isn't necessary.

    Ramtor (second time)
    Level 19/20/21
    Location: Ramtors Tower
    Actually, the double demonic grarrl battles up here are far worse than Ramtor ever thought about being. Ramtor speeds himself up, can mesmerize you, and uses Direct Damage which can really hurt Mipsy due to her low Hit Points. Slow him down if you want, then have Rohane attack and Mipsy use her best magic attack. You can use damage potions if you want but again, it really isn't necessary.

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    Chapter 2

    Level 20/21/22
    Location: Damp, Smelly Cave
    Leximp is very magic resistant so Mipsy's magic won't be as effective as it has been. However, this shouldn't stop her from using it. Keep a close eye on your health and heal as needed.

    Level 24/25/26
    Location: Terror Mountain Eastern Pass (just before you get to Happy Valley)
    Have Talinia keep Kolvars slowed down while Mipsy and Rohane dish out the damage. Once he's slowed, Talinia should join in on the damage either by hitting or using damage potions. I have found that Chill Potions work very nicely against him so have Talinia lob some of those if you want. Heal as necessary.

    Level 29/30/31
    Location: Top of Terror Mountain
    He's not very fast but he uses Tornado, a group damage of up to 36 HP per person as well as Indifference which slows you down. Have Talinia try and keep Scuzzy slowed down using slowing potions while Mipsy and Rohane dish out the damage. You can use Chill and/or Frost Potions if you'd like for additional damage. Heal as necessary.

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    Chapter 3

    Level 32/33/34
    Location: Temple of the Sky, 2nd floor
    This guy is NASTY and is the worst boss in Chapter 3, imho! He's made of stone and it shows! Rohane's criticals won't hit nearly as hard as you're used to, he resists magic, and he hits HARD! Get Silicast slowed down or he will be getting nearly 2 turns for every one of yours. Have Rohane and Talinia hit him. Mipsy should be using her best magic attack or throwing damage potions. Pay very close attention to your health and just keep after him.

    Gebarn II
    Level 34/35/35-36
    Location: Ruined Temple, 4th floor
    After Silicast, this guy is a piece of cake. Slow him down and use your best attacks. Heal as necessary.

    The Revenant and 2 possessed skeletons
    Level 35/36/36
    Location: Palace of Ancient Kings, Basement
    First off, IGNORE the skeletons! They will die when the Revenant dies. Velm should put up his shields, and the other 3 should throw slowing potions until The Revenant is slowed down. Once he's slowed and your shields are up, hit him with your best attacks while Velm keeps you healed up.

    Coltzan's Ghost
    Level 37/38/38-39
    Location: Akhten-Ka
    Another very straightforward battle. Use the same strategy that you used for the Revenant. Get Velm's shields up, slow him down, and take him out.

    Level 39/40/41
    Location: Zakharukh's Pyramid, 3rd floor
    Same strategy as Coltzans Ghost.

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    Chapter 4

    Level 40/41/42
    Location: Count Von Roo's Castle
    He speeds himself up and uses Infestation (Group Direct Damage of up to 44 HP) over and over and over and….you get the picture. Get Velm's shields up, slow Meuka down using one of the slowing potions from Chapter 3 that do 35-40% slowing. If you have any early damage potions left, you can lob those at him. Otherwise, Talinia and Rohane should attack, Mipsy should use her best spell, and Velm should be healing nearly every round.

    Spider Grundo
    Level 44/45/46
    Location: Cave of Dark Things
    Mipsy probably doesn't have her Group Haste quite high enough to help out so have her TRY to slow him down. However, he's quite magic resistant so that might be easier said than done. Restrict yourself to using the 35-40% slowing potions from Chapter 3. Velm should get his shields up and then concentrate on keeping everyone healthy, keeping his shields up, and using his Celestial Hammer if he has it. Talinia and Rohane should attack.

    The 4 Faeries
    Level 46/47/48
    Location: Balthazar's Grove
    There is just no other way to describe this battle than UGGGHHHH!! There's 4 of them! And they can do nearly everything you can do! NOT fair! LOL!! You're going to need a lot more help with this battle so let's break it down some.

    Round 1: Velm casts Group Shielding; Mipsy should have Group Haste at a high enough level to make a difference so she should cast that. Talinia and Rohane should throw slowing potions at Dark and Fire. They should be slowed on the first time and use the very best slowing potions that you have….Sloth's Sloth Potions.
    Round 2: Velm heals if necessary. If it's not necessary, then either mesmerize or use Celestial Hammer on the Dark Faerie. The next 2 party members should slow the Water and Earth faeries. The last one should start whacking on the Fire Faerie. If Velm used mesmerize successfully on the Dark Faerie, then use only single attacks on the Fire Faerie. Have Mipsy use the best damage potions you can buy, Corrode Potions, if all she has is Group Direct Damage.
    Round 3 and on: Your job now is to keep those 4 faerie all slowed down so pay VERY close attention to that. If one of those faeries loses her slowing, then immediately stop attacking and throw out some more slowing potions. Velm should keep his shields up, keep everyone healed up, and mesmerize or use the hammer. If you can successfully mesmerize the Dark and Water Faeries, then take out Fire first followed by Earth. Earth is immune to mesmerization so don't waste a turn there. After the Earth faerie is defeated, turn your attentions to the Dark Faerie and try to keep Water stunned or mesmerized as she can heal. Once Dark is down, then take out Water.

    If you do NOT have mesmerize or it just isn't working (and it should work the first time you use it), then take out Fire first, followed by Dark, then Water, and then finally Earth.

    Patience is the key to this battle. Take your time and check everything in between rounds. Look at your shields, your health, your speed, and the faeries slowing. If you get in trouble you can try to Flee but it's difficult to do with 4 enemies facing you. Level up appropriately and TAKE YOUR TIME. :) Once you have taken all 4 of them out, you may jump for joy and cheer! Very nicely done! :) Return to Faunt (behind the Haunted House… actually admits to being Haunted now :D) and restock whatever you used in battle. You may need those Corrode Potions and Sloth's Sloth Potions later.

    Hubrid Nox
    Level 48/49-50/50-51
    Location: Nox's Fortress, 9th level
    OMG!!! This is the ABSOLUTE WORST battle in the entire game and I am NOT joking. He's worse than King Terask. He's also Optional! Did you know that? You don't HAVE to fight him. However, he drops equipment and for that alone, I'll fight him. If you're on Insane, you may just want to sidestep around his fortress and head on over to Esophagor. I fought him on Insane though and you can too.

    This battle will take all of your patience. Nox really isn't dangerous but he's tedious, very very tedious. He's already very fast and he uses Rampant Acceleration to speed himself up by 38%. Then to compound matters, he will take each one of your party members and cast Petrification on them, slowing them for 65%. So he speeds himself up and slows you down….badly. His attacks can also slow you down for another 5% each time it gets through. So now you're turtles and he's the hare. And to top it all off, he's EXTREMELY magic resistant PLUS he casts Renew ALL the time healing himself for 150 HP each time. WAHHHH!!!

    But remember Aesop's fable about the Tortoise and the Hare? Remember the moral of the story? Slow and steady wins the race. So here's what you do. Velm gets his shields up and keeps them up. Mipsy should have Group Haste at a sufficiently high level. Equip her with a weapon that will bring this up as high as you possibly can. Her job is to get you sped up and keep you sped up. Notice that the Group Haste will NOT undo the Slowing from Nox. It's all additive. So if Nox has you slowed for 65% and Mipsy speeds you up for 38%, then you have a net slowing of 27%. You can negate the rest of this by using Speed Potions if you like but they will wear off in about 20 seconds of elapsed time so keep an eye on it. Rohane and Talinia should concentrate on dishing out damage. Since he's highly magic resistant, it's very difficult to get a slowing potion to work. You'll have the same problem with damage potions. You're welcome to try them but don't hold your breath. Luckily, Rohane's critical attacks will be dealing some very hefty damage, Talinia will also be doing some good damage and you just need to do more than 150 HP of damage for each round he heals in. Just keep after him and eventually, he will go down. After the battle, trek back to Faunt and restock any potions you used. Yes, you're going to need them and it's not really THAT far.

    Level 49/50/51
    Location: Goo Bog
    After Hubrid Nox, this guy is a walk in the park. Velm should concentrate on shields and healing, Mipsy should concentrate on keeping the party sped up and potion-lobbing/magic attacks. You can slow him down with a 35-40% slowing potion if you want although it's not necessary. Then take him out.

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    Chapter 5

    Fallen Angel
    Level 50/51/52
    Location: Faerieland
    This lady hits very hard and uses Astral Maelstrom. However, she's not very fast so if she does use Astral Maelstrom, she's going to set herself back a long ways. Velm should put up his shields, Mipsy should cast Group Haste, Rohane and Talinia should attack. Once the shields are up and your party is sped up, have Velm heal and Mipsy can try some 35-40% slowing potions and her best magic attack. If she hits too hard, use a healing potion instead of waiting for Velm.

    Level 52/53/54
    Location: Cumulonimbus
    He's slow but he sure can HIT! I've seen him deal attacks of nearly 150 HP to Talinia and over 100 HP to the other characters. Add to that the fact that his hits are criticals, he can stun, and his attacks will slow you down and you have a sure-fire recipe for disaster if you aren't paying attention. Poor Talinia. He's also damage-resistant which means that Rohane and Talinia's attacks will not do as much damage as you're used to. He's not really magic resistant though so get your shields and Group haste going; slow him down with one of those 40% slowing potions from Chapter 3 and take him out by either using regular or magic attacks or you can use some of those early damage potions. Watch your health carefully and use a healing potion if necessary. If one of your party members gets in trouble, have Rohane stick his thumbs in his ears and use Battle Taunt. He's a MAN; he can take it! LOL!! :D

    Faerie Thief-1st time
    Level 53/54/55
    Location: Faerie City-upstairs of the Inn
    Reduce her Hit Points by 1/3. She uses Astral Maelstrom, can heal herself with Renew, she hits hard and can stun you. Get your shields up, speed yourself up, slow her down with slowing potions from Chapter 3, and start hitting her. Have Velm keep you healed up and use healing potions in between if necessary. Rohane should use his Battle Taunt if someone gets in trouble.

    Faerie Thief-2nd time
    Level 54/55/56
    Location: Faerie City- building just west of the entrance to the city; you'll need to go to the door to the west, down the stairs, through the basement, up the stairs to where she is located. Reduce her Hit Points by 2/3. Same strategy as before.

    Faerie Thief- 3rd time
    Level 55/56/57
    Location: Faerie City-North side in front of the double pink doors
    Reduce her Hit Points to 0. Same strategy as before.

    Pant Devils x 2
    Level 57/58/59
    Locations: Northeast and Northwest towers of Faerie Palace
    They're both the same and you'll fight one in each of the towers. Each of them has ½ of the key to get you in to see King Terask. They're really not that difficult. They can cast Astral Maelstrom and Rampant Acceleration. Velm should put up his shields, Mipsy should speed you up, Talinia or Rohane should use a Coma Potion (you can restock these just before the very last battle) and then take him out. Use healing potions or Battle Taunt if necessary.

    King Terask (1st battke)
    Level 58/59/60
    Location: Southeast Tower of the Faerie Palace
    This is your introduction to King Terask and WOW! He's BIG! This first battle isn't nearly as nasty as the 2nd one is. He can cast Obliterate, Astral Maelstrom, Rampant Acceleration, Petrification, Damage Shields, Protection of Infinity, and Mesmerization. However, he isn't damage resistant and magic will hit him much more frequently than it will in his final form. (That's still not very often but better than it will be later. :)) Velm should cast his shields, Mipsy should speed you up, Talinia and/or Rohane should lob a Coma Potion. Keep lobbing Coma Potions at him until he is slowed down. As soon as you have King Terask slowed down, I have EVERYONE lobbing Hurricane Potions until King Terask uses Protection of Infinity with Velm healing nearly every turn. Eventually, one of 2 things is going to happen: 1. He'll put up his Group Shield, Protection of Infinity (like Velm uses) or 2. You'll run out of Hurricane Potions. Once one of those things happens, stop lobbing potions and start hitting him with either your attacks or magic. Keep a very sharp eye on your elapsed time. The slowing potion will last about 20 seconds on him so you want to try lobbing a new Coma Potion about every 15 seconds or so even if it still says he's slowed. If his shields are up, this can be difficult to get to work. This is Mipsy's job once he puts up those shields. She needs to try to keep him slowed down but only use the Coma Potions or any of the slowing potions you might have left that you bought in Chapter 3; 35%-40% slowing. If you run out of those, then have her just use her magic attacks or more Hurricane Potions if you have any left. Do NOT use any other potions than the Hurricane Potions or Coma Potions or the very early ones. Watch your shields and speed and if his shields go down, revert to the Hurricane Potions if you have any left. Once he's defeated, equip your characters and spend all available skill points.

    King Terask (2nd and final time)
    Level 60/60/60
    Location: Southwest Tower of the Faerie Palace
    Before we get started with King Terask, let's take stock of what you should have available to you in your inventory.

    Healing Potions: 20 each of Jhudoras Lifeforce Potions, Fyora's Blessing Potions, Faerie's Gift Potions, and Constitution Potions
    Damage Potions: 20 each of Hurricane, Typhoon, Corrode, Rot, and Blister Potions
    Slowing Potions: 20 each of Coma, Slumber, Sloth's Sloth, and Vile's Apathy Potions.
    Speed Potions: 20 each of Speed of Light, Eyrie Flight, and Kougra Sprint Potions

    You can restock the Jhudora's Lifeforce, Hurricane, Coma, and Speed of Light Potions at the potion shop/resting point just before you reach the stairs to the tower where Queen Fyora is being held..
    Equip your characters appropriately (you should have already done this so this is just a reminder) and spend all of your skill points according to Part 1. Then, grit your teeth, roll up your shirtsleeves, and prepare for a long, intense battle. If at any time during this battle, you start feeling tense, put down the mouse and walk away for a while. Go grab a soda or go outside and take a walk. This is the only battle in the game that you cannot flee from so make sure you are well prepared and rested before you start. If he kills you on Normal or Evil, you will have to restock whatever potions you can and try again. If he kills you on Insane, it's all over.

    Here we go! He's HUGE!!! You're going to be doing LOTS of scrolling in this battle. We start off just like we did in the first battle with him. Velm casts his shields, Mipsy speeds you up, Talinia and/or Rohane throws a Coma Potion at him. Keep throwing Coma Potions until they work! Now, damage potions. King Terask is damage as well as magic resistant so any damage potions that get through will do more damage than all of your characters put together. Now you're going to have everyone lobbing damage potions at him (have Velm heal when needed) until he uses Protection of Infinity. He may do this nearly immediately or late or sometime in the middle or….you get the picture. Once he uses Protection of Infinity, you should have Rohane and Talinia attacking, Mipsy should be using her best magic attack or lobbing potions (slowing or damage-whichever is needed), and Velm should keep everyone healthy. Keep a very close eye on your elapsed time. Velm's shields will last about 40 seconds, Mipsy's Group Haste lasts about 30 seconds, and the slowing potions about 20 seconds. Velm should be group healing nearly every turn and throwing potions in between times.

    Velm is the MOST important party member in this battle. If you lose him, you will most likely be toast. And King Terask KNOWS this and he goes after Velm with a vengeance so keep a very sharp eye on Velm. If he gets anywhere near the yellow mark, then have Rohane use his Battle Taunt to draw the attacks away from Velm. You do have healing potions. USE them and get Velm back up to snuff.

    If one of your party members gets mesmerized, decide if they can withstand a hit from Terask to unmesmerize them. If they need healed, then Velm can cover that and take care of the mesmerization at the same time. If Velm gets mesmerized, then hopefully he will either get hit or come to the end of his waiting period before your shields go down. Those shields are crucial in this battle. If they go down and Velm can't get them back up, then you will be spending most of your time using healing potions instead of doing damage to King Terask. This is alright for a short period of time but Velm MUST get those shields back in place.

    Watch your elapsed time like a hawk and take notes so you know when you should be casting Haste or Shielding or lobbing another slowing potion. Do NOT wait for any of those to just wear off. If you're not sure, recast them and take note of the time.

    King Terask will also slow you down. You can counter this with Speed potions to bring you back up to speed but Mipsy should keep the Rampant Acceleration active at all times. That way if one of your potions wears off, you aren't slowed as badly.

    Once King Terask gets down into the yellow, he'll start using Renew more often but he doesn't use it like Hubrid Nox does. He will keep himself sped up, will use damage shields, and Protection of Infinity. Just keep after him watching your health, speed, and shields at ALL times.

    Once he gets down into the red, you're going to start getting excited. Put the mouse down and take a break. You can't afford to take risks at this point. Being excited is all well and good but it has a tendency to make you lose your focus. Take a break. Go walk the dog or play a game of Go Fish with your little brother or sister. When you're ready to finish him off, then go back, take a very careful stock of your health, shields, and speed. If you can't remember when the last time was that you cast any of those, take a turn and recast them now. King Terask will probably start using Renew much more frequently now, which is fine since that means he's not hitting you. If his shields are down, keep using whatever damage potions you can lay your hands on. Otherwise, just keep after him and you will eventually be rewarded with a very large skull on your screen.

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    Part 3: Walkthrough


  • Walkthrough Introduction
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Rewards for playing

    Walkthrough Introduction

    This last part is to give you a general walkthrough for the game. If you find yourself unsure what to do next, then this section should get you back on track. However, if you're lost in a dungeon, hop on over to the NeoQuest/NeoQuest 2 Board and ask around. They can point you in the direction of existing maps.

    There are 3 different modes of play for NeoQuest 2: Normal, Evil, and Insane modes.
    Normal mode is the only mode that will be available to you when you start your very first game. All of the random enemies and bosses have a Normal amount of Hit Points (HP).
    Evil mode will become available once you have completed Normal mode. The random enemies have 1.5 times the HP of Normal mode and the bosses have 1.25 times the HP. Potion and equipment costs have been increased by 20% as well.
    Insane mode will become available once you have completed Evil mode. The random enemies have 2 times the HP of Normal mode and the bosses have 1.5 times the HP. Potion and equipment costs have been increased by 50% over the cost on Normal mode. SIGH!

    There are 2 modes of travel that are available to you as you progress through the game: Normal and Hunting. On Normal, the # of spaces you can move between battles varies but will average about 6-8. There are certain areas where the encounter rate is higher and you'll be fighting more often even on Normal travel mode. When you switch to Hunting, the encounter rate will increase so that you are fighting a battle about every other step. You will actually spend most of your travel time in the game on Hunting mode as it will help you level up faster. You can choose which travel mode you want to use under the 8-point compass.

    As a normal rule of thumb for ALL RPG games, you should explore everywhere and talk to everyone. You must also fight lots and lots of battles. These battles give you Experience Points that go towards your next level. As you level up, your party members will become stronger and faster and they will be awarded a Skill Point for each new level they attain that you can spend on abilities as per Part 1 of this guide. For instance, Rohane will require 1000 Experience Points to "level up" to level 2. He will require 1100 points for level 3, 1200 points for level 4, and so on. The number of experience points for each character to reach the same level is identical.

    Throughout this walkthrough, I try to use the cardinal directions. North is up, south is down, east is right, and west is left. Northwest will be diagonally up and left etc… This is ALWAYS from your, the player's, point of view. I certainly hope you know your left from your right by now.

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    Chapter 1-Meridell

    Town of Tristen/Dark Cave/Miner Foreman
    You start out in the town of Tristen. Talk to Mother and head west out of town. Switch to Hunting mode and fight within 2 squares of town until you are about level 3. Go back to Mother and heal as necessary.

    Avatar Alert! Let one of the Plains Lupes kill you by choosing to "Wait 5s" every turn. After you've been defeated, choose "Return to last resting spot" to receive the Weakling avatar.

    At level 3 head further west into the hills and fight there until around level 5 or so. Return to Mother on Normal mode to heal back up as needed. You should now have the ability to "walk and heal". You can take 7 steps and heal 1 HP each step. Once your party member reaches 150 HP, they will be able to gain 2 HP per step; at 350 HP they will gain 3 HP per step. It doesn't sound like much but it can be really helpful. Head west and then north to the forest and check the Battle Guide for what level you should beat the Miner Foreman on. If you find that the enemies are just too tough, backtrack to easier ones and level up. Fight in the forest and inside the mouth of the cave until you're nearly at the appropriate level. Do NOT use any of the Healing Flasks that you might pick up. Stick with the vials. If necessary, go back to town and restock. Remember, that Mother is always there and she will heal you for free. When you're ready, head into the cave and defeat the Miner Foreman.

    White River/Underground Cave/Mysterious Tower/Zombom/Mipsy
    After the Foreman is defeated, equip the armour (I've always gotten armour; never a weapon) and head through the teleport orb to take you back outside. Head straight east across the small land bridge and then head southeast to White River. Buy Rohane's new sword and restock your Healing Vials.
    When you're ready, head up into the plains and forest areas north of White River and fight there until you're about 3 levels from the level recommended for Zombom. On Insane mode, this is going to really test your patience but do NOT set foot inside that cave until level 8 or level 9. You can go in there a little earlier in the other 2 modes. Level up 2 more levels inside the cave. Again, do NOT touch the Healing Flasks or Healing Potions that may get dropped. Use only Healing Vials to heal with. Return to White River to restock if necessary.
    Once you're within 1 level of that recommended for Zombom, make sure you are fully stocked on Healing Vials and start heading through the cave following the water puddles. You may need to return to town to restock one more time. Plan on finishing that final level in the Mysterious Tower. Once you've hit the recommended level, go find Zombom and beat him up. Use the teleport orb to return outside of the tower and then make your way back to White River.
    Pick up Mipsy on your way through White River. Spend her skill points, restock your potions, buy better equipment for Rohane and some Awakening Potions in the shop across the street from where you picked up Mipsy. I like to have about 5 Awakening Potions before I leave the White River area. On Insane mode, you might want to get 10 of them. :o

    Head east, then south, then west/southwest, and then finally south to find The Eye of Meridell and the town of Lakeside. If you reach the desert, you didn't go far enough west. You should be traveling on Hunting Mode the entire time as make your way to Lakeside. Once in Lakeside, stay at the Inn if you'd like, restock your potions, and buy equipment for both characters.
    A brief note about Mipsy: Never buy a wand for Mipsy. They have no bonuses on them and that is far more important than the damage it will do if she whacks something with it.
    If you're short on gold, sell any old equipment and then go outside of town and fight. You can also go over to the desert and fight there as well but you'll need to return to town to buy equipment and potions. At some point while you're in town, talk to Kijandri over north of the small pond on the west side of town. After you've talked to her, head north and talk to the middle Elder in the far north building and ask about the hermit. Then head out of the building (stay in town though), go north, and then wend your way to the west through all of the trees until you find a break in them to allow you to turn south to find the hermit, Portraddo. He'll give you the code to get into Phorofor.

    Desert/Phorofor/Giant Sand Grundo
    Head east over to the desert (you have to go north and around the mountains first, silly) and fight around here until you're within 1 level of that recommended for the Giant Sand Grundo. Down on the very southern side of the desert is a strip of green grass. This area has NO random encounters at all, henceforth referred to as "no encounter" areas! This area is perfect for leveling up as you can use the green areas to "walk and heal" in between battles and never have to switch between Hunting and Normal modes. (I wonder if all of the green areas around this desert are "no encounter" areas? Hmmmm.) Return to town to restock and buy equipment as needed. When you're within 1 level of that recommended for the Giant Sand Grundo, head into Phorofor to finish leveling up. Find the Giant Sand Grundo in the southeast corner of Phorofor and beat him up. Head through the teleport orb to take you to the next dungeon.

    Tower on a Hill/Seaside
    This next dungeon can be pretty difficult if you're not ready. The Wockies in here will come at you in pairs almost all of the time. Make sure you're fully prepared.
    Wend your way through this 2-floor dungeon (you'll probably need to hunt down a map). Once you're outside, head north, then east, and then southeast to find the city of Seaside.
    Head to the potion shop and talk to Uthare, the shopkeeper. (The Potion Shop is the building with the sign that has a picture of a bottle on it. o_O) Don't buy anything from him yet. After talking to him, head to the northeast pier and talk to his brother, Uthyni. Choose the option that says,
    Say, "What do you know about the troubles at the castle?".
    During this conversation, you should have the option to tell him that you'll try to help. Make sure you choose that option. (If you decided to choose "Slowly edge away" then restart the conversation and choose the other option.) At this point he'll tell you that he will give his brother (back at the Potion Shop) a personal recommendation and you'll get a discount. Now, head back to the shops and buy equipment and potions. Make sure you have 5 of the Awakening Potions (10 for Insane) on hand for later use in the game, as you really don't want to have to buy any more. Once you've finished shopping, leave town and head south/southwest to Meridell Castle.

    Plains of Order/Meridell Castle/Ramtor (1st time)
    Once you get over by Meridell Castle, you'll be on the Plains of Order. This is a HUGE "no encounter" area making it another perfect leveling up spot. Once you've defeated Ramtor for the first time, talk to the guard on the north side of the doorway. He will now let you rest for FREE!! YAY!!! Now you can level up fairly painlessly. Once you're about 2-3 levels from that recommended for the 2nd battle with Ramtor, return to Seaside restock your potions and buy any equipment, if necessary. Don't forget to get those Awakening Potions as this will be your last chance. You can buy other revival potions in later chapters but they are horribly expensive. Once you're ready, head west of Meridell Castle and then turn north to the tip of the peninsula to Ramtors Tower.

    Ramtors Tower/Ramtor, 2nd time
    The green grass just outside of the door into Ramtor's Tower is another "no encounter" area. Make your way through the tower. You'll have to go down the stairs in the southwest corner. Work your way through the passages until you get to a T-intersection where you can go north or south. Head south and go down the stairs to the dungeon to find King Skarl in one of the jail cells. Btw, the jailors in this area give good experience.
    After talking to King Skarl, head back up the stairs and go straight north to go up another set of stairs. Work your way to the far east side to yet another set of stairs. Be very wary when you go up here. The random battles up here are INTENSE with extremely fast and nasty double demonic grarrls. There is another "no encounter" area down on the south side of this room. Finish leveling up and when you're ready, head to the southwest corner to fight Ramtor for the 2nd and last time.
    When he is defeated, you will get some cut-scenes and the end of Chapter 1.

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    Chapter 2-Terror Mountain

    Chia Oscuro/Damp Smelly Cave/Leximp
    As you start Chapter 2, you'll notice a town directly in front of you. However, there is only 1 person in town you can understand at this point. He's in the northern-most building. Note that right around town is another area of no random encounters. Level up here until you're ready for the Leximp. When you're finished chatting/leveling, head out of town and to the east to find the Damp Smelly Cave. Work your way down to the Leximp and defeat him to regain what he pilfered from those nice chias. When he's defeated, head back out of the cave and back to Chia Oscuro. Now you can restock potions but the equipment is the same as what was offered in Seaside so you shouldn't need that. Pick yourself up some of those Frost Potions for later use. There is also a free resting spot open now in one of the houses making this a good leveling spot. Once you're about 3 levels or so from that required for Kolvars, start making your way to the far east side and then turn north to the next cavern, the Caves of Terror.

    Caves of Terror/Mountainside Inn/Talinia/Kolvars
    Step into the Cave and fight a battle to make sure you're ready to proceed. Once you're ready, head through to the far northern side of this cavern. Once outside, proceed a short ways north to find the Mountainside Inn on the east side of the path. Enter here and pick up Talinia, the 3rd member of your party. Spend her skill points wisely. You can also restock potions here by visiting the chef in the kitchen on the 1st floor. I also like to buy 20 Chill Potions here as well for use in this and the following chapters. This is an inn though, so you'll have to pay to rest. Level up in this area until you're 1 level from that recommended for Kolvars. When you're ready, hunt your way to him and beat him up. Head south to find Happy Valley.

    Happy Valley
    When you enter town and talk to people, you'll find that a little boy has been lost. The townspeople (and the shopkeepers) would be most appreciative if you can find him. Can you say, "DISCOUNT!!"? I thought so. First, you need to find and talk to his mother, Jualie. Once you've spoken with her, head down to the very southern part of town and then head west through the trees to find Niacha. Tell him to scoot on home. Now everyone is very happy with you and you get a discount in ALL the shops. Buy potions and new equipment. Remember, no wands for Mipsy. If you can come out of here with 20 of each the Chill and Frost potions, then you'll have a nice addition to your arsenal for future boss battles. After you've shopped, head out of town. There is another "no encounter" area around here but there's a better one in just a little bit. (wink)

    Adventurer's Camp/Lost Caves/Scuzzy
    Switch to Normal mode for a bit and make your way clear to the east and then head north. This path north will lead you to the Adventurer's Camp and the Lost Caves. This path is almost entirely a "no encounter area" and the Campsite offers you free healing. This is the best leveling up spot in the game. You have 2 entirely different enemy sets to work with (one south just off the path and one north inside the cave). Switch back to Hunting mode and level up. I like to head through the Lost Caves when I'm about 2 levels away from what I recommend for Scuzzy. But if you want to level higher here, please do so.
    Once you've leveled up, then make your way through the 4-floor cavern. Be sure and say, "Hi!" to the Snowager as you walk past him on the 4th floor. Once you're back outside, head west, then south and then east to find Scuzzy. Beat him to end Chapter 2.

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    Chapter 3-The Lost Desert

    A note about the Lost Desert: It's EXTREMELY easy to get lost here. Go hunt up some maps or pay very, very close attention to where you're at and which way to go to get back to the last recognizable spot because one screen of desert looks just like the next unless there's a landmark around.
    Another note: Start buying 20 of each of the slowing potions and damage potions offered in this chapter. If you use some of them, and you probably will, be sure to replenish them on your next visit to town.

    Sakhmet Palace/Sakhmet City
    Talk to the Advisor and the Princess and then work your way to the northwest room to talk to Phebiya for more information about what you're to do here. After chatting, head out the door on the west side to see a collection of tents that make up the town of Sahkmet City. Here you'll find Potion and Equipment shops as well as an Inn. Shop, chat, rest up (if needed) and then head north a few steps. Directly north of town about 2 squares is another no encounter area. Level up around here until you're about 1-2 levels from that recommended for Silicast. When you're ready head east until you're above the palace and then head northeast to find the Temple in the Sky. You may have to hunt around a bit to find it. They don't call this the Lost Desert for nothing. Sigh. :(

    Temple in the Sky/Silicast
    This temple isn't too hard to navigate but there are lots of rooms. Work your way to the stairs leading up to the 2nd floor. The enemies up here include the mutant sand grundo and they are rather tough. If you can't handle these guys, you can NOT handle Silicast. Even if you CAN handle them, Silicast is STILL tough. Level up accordingly and return to town to restock if necessary. No moaning! You will do LOTS and LOTS of walking in this chapter. When you're ready, go find Silicast and reduce him to a pile of dust. Use the teleport orb to return to the palace.

    The Ruined Temple/Gebarn II
    After returning to town, talk to the Advisor, the Princess, and Phebiya. Go out to the tents to restock your potions. Don't forget to replenish your slowing and damage potions. When you're ready, head north to the Ruined Temple. Make your way through this 4-floor dungeon and level up accordingly until you're ready to take on Gebarn II on the uppermost floor. Find him and take him out. Head through the teleport orb to return to town yet again. Talk to the 3 people again, restock, and head north past the Ruined Temple to another collection of tents, Waset.

    When you arrive in Waset and talk to people, you'll hear about a young lady who was kidnapped. (All together now! "DISCOUNT!!" Excellent! This IS the last place that you'll receive a discount of any kind so remember where they all are on your next journey through NQ2.) Stop into the Inn (yellow-striped tent) and pick up Velm, your 4th and final party member and my personal HERO. You may now jump and shout for JOY! YAY!!!!!! Spend his skills wisely. Buy NOTHING here right now unless you absolutely must. You really shouldn't need any potions just yet (especially since you now have your own personal healer with you) and the new equipment can wait until you can get the discount.

    Palace of Ancient Kings/The Revenant and his 2 sidekicks/Lifra
    Once you have Velm and his skill points are spent, make your way north out of town and bear slightly west until you find a break in the mountains. Go through this break to find the Valley of Kings and head southwest to the Palace of Ancient Kings.
    Go to the northwest room and step on the bed there to find a secret underground passage. The priests around here should drop a Journal Page that tells you where to go. I can never seem to find it until I've already passed through the bed. Once downstairs, wend your way through the passages to find The Revenant and his posse. Get rid of them.
    After they're gone, head north and then turn east to talk to Lifra. What does she mean she didn't need rescued! And then she disappears on you! There's gratitude for you! o_O Head over to the east to find a teleport orb to take you back outside the temple. Make your way back to Waset. Yes! You DO have to walk all the way back. This is nothing compared to the next sections of walking.
    Go find Lifra in the northeast tent and talk to her. She will give you a code that you'll need for the next part. Restock and buy your equipment now. When you're ready, head out of town.

    Oasis/Lost Desert
    Once outside of town, head north to the top of the mountains on the west side, then bear northwest about 4-5 steps, and then due west. Finding the Oasis without a map will really tax your patience. Happy hunting (and you should be on Hunting through most of the rest of this chapter)!
    Once you've located the Oasis, talk to the hermit there for directions. Follow them EXACTLY!! Start directly above him, go straight north until you can't go any farther, then turn and head straight east until you again can't go farther. You should get a Something Has Happened notice right above the game -blocked- Retrieve the 2nd piece of the Medallion. Look at the medallion in your inventory to see where you're headed next. ACK!! ALL the way down THERE??
    Now for LOTS of walking and on Hunting mode, no less. Head east a LONG ways, then turn south. Go all the way south and you should find a path leading south. Follow this path to Akhten-ka, talking to Bledynn along the way if you wish.

    Akhten-Ka/Coltzan's Ghost/Lost Desert (again)
    Make your way north through this abandoned city and then turn west, then north again into the room where Coltzan's Ghost awaits you. Make sure you've leveled up appropriately before battling him. Take him out and then talk to him. Be sure to pick up the gemstone on the barrel before you leave. Look at the medallion in your inventory to get a rough idea of where to go next.
    Note: Akhten-Ka is a very nice place to level up as the enemies here aren't extremely difficult but yield a good amount of experience. I usually level up here until I'm actually 1 level from that recommended for Anubits fighting Coltzan's Ghost at some point during my leveling up. When you're done leveling, head out of here.
    Work your way back around the path and head up into the very large circle of rocks. Check the medallion in your inventory to get your bearings and head to the spot indicated by the jewel that you picked up off of the barrel. When you reach the correct spot, you'll get another Something Has Happened. Retrieve the jewel, look at the medallion, and head to the spot indicated. Get hiking! (You should probably return to Normal for this LAST hike as the enemies in the earlier parts of the desert will now give you little or no experience.
    As you pass back through Waset, restock all of your slowing and damage potions. Head south out of town. If you need to buy more scorch potions or potions of loafing laziness, return to Sahkmet City and restock them. You should end this chapter with about 20 of each of the damage and slowing potions for later use.
    After you have completely restocked, head southwest from the Ruined Temple (where you fought Gebarn II, to find the last temple in this chapter.

    Zakharukh's Pyramid/Anubits
    This temple is frustrating with LOTS of dead ends. Work your way to the northwest part of the first floor (easier said than done without a map) to find the stairs leading up. Then wend your way around this next floor working your way inside to the middle to find the next set of stairs. Go up the stairs and find Anubits. Defeat him for more cut-scenes and the end of Chapter 3.

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    Chapter 4-The Haunted Woods

    Shadow Gulch/Count Von Roo's Castle/Meuka
    As you begin chapter 4, you'll see the town of Shadow Gulch right ahead of you. Enter this small town and talk to the people to get some more of the story line. Stop by the shops and pick up new equipment if necessary. Beginning in this chapter, you will want to start stockpiling damage, speed, and slowing potions that you won't use until your final battle. The slowing and damage potions you picked up earlier can be used in any boss battle up until you fight King Terask but you shouldn't be using any of the potions from chapter 4 and 5 until the very end. This isn't so critical on Normal modes as it is on Evil, and on Insane you will want anything you can get your hands on for that final battle. So let's start getting ready now. Buy 20 each of the damage and slowing potions. You can also buy the speed potions if you want but I don't usually start buying them until later in this chapter, as I don't use them often. If you should need to use any of these, plan on backtracking to replace them.
    When you've finished shopping, head out into the woods and follow the path around to Count Von Roo's Castle. Beware of the mutant ixis around here as they can use Astral Maelstrom, the highest level of Group Direct Damage. With Velm around, they're not nearly as threatening but you should be wary. As you enter the castle, these ixis will appear in 3's and 4's on the first floor. You may want to just switch to Normal and get through this floor as quickly as possible. Once you descend the stairs, the enemy groups will change and the ixis won't be appearing much if at all again. Switch back to Hunting and go find Meuka. Take the little snot out but be sure to clean up all of the snot when you're done. EWWWWWWWW!!!! Talk to Von Roo and use the teleport orb to take you outside.

    Cave of Dark Things/Spider Grundo/
    Head east from Roo's Castle and follow the path to the swamp. (You ARE on Hunting mode, right? Stay on Hunting until AT LEAST after the first boss in Chapter 5!) Finding the next cave in here can be a little tricky. Basically, it's directly east of where you start but clear over on the eastern side. Wend your way through the tree stumps and around the mud puddles to find it.
    Once you've found the cave, head in and follow the green puddles that are scattered through here. (Meuka must have been here earlier. Blech!) Be careful as some of the puddles lead to dead ends. Eventually, you will reach the end of the puddles and will start finding stalagmites instead. Now, follow those west, south, east, and then south again to get to Spider Grundo. Make sure you're leveled up sufficiently and take him out. Talk to him when you are finished. At this point, you may want to return to Shadow Gulch to replace any of the slowing, damage, and speed potions you've used. You can go on Normal if you'd like but go back and replace them.

    A little side note from me: You may be wondering if it's REALLY necessary to backtrack and restock those potions. I have fought King Terask 10 times now. In nearly every single battle, I've had to use Rot and Corrode potions as well as every single other damage potion that you can buy later. Using these potions makes the battle against him go faster as 1 of these potions can do more damage than all of your characters put together. Another thing is that it can take 5 or so slowing potions before 1 of them finally works so you will go through these at a phenomenal rate. Ultimately, the choice is, as always, yours. But do you REALLY want to get into that battle and find that you should have bought more. Better safe than sorry. ;)

    Haunted Woods/Balthazar's Grove/Happy Fun Non-Haunted House/The 4 Faeries
    Leave the cave to the west of Spider Grundo. Follow the path to Balthazar's Grove, which is basically south and a little west of where you are now. You can't possibly miss the Grove, as it's the only green thing you've seen this entire chapter. Head west through the grove and talk to Balthazar and the 4 faeries if you'd like. No worries. You don't have to fight the faeries just yet.
    Take the path by Balthazar and head north to the Happy Fun Non-Haunted House, which I can assure you, is DEFINITELY haunted. Proceed through the house on hunting mode until you finally reach the 2nd floor and from there to another set of stairs that will take you back downstairs and out the back door. Talk to the Brain Tree for a codeword that will infuriate the faeries and cause them to attack you. He will also open the gates on either side of the house so you won't have to go all the way back through the house to get to the faeries. Talk to Augur Faunt near the Brain Tree to buy equipment and potions. Buy 20 of each of the damage, slowing, and speed potions that he offers. He'll even let you use the house as a free resting place. Use this and the house to your advantage to finish leveling up for the faeries. When you're ready and rested, head west of the house and follow the small path along the side where the gates are now open to return to the front of the house and then back down the path to Balthazar and the faeries. Beware this time though because the instant you get close enough to talk to the faeries, they will attack. Banish these 4 lovely, yet misguided faeries to be able to proceed further. Talk to Balthazar and go back behind the house to restock your potions since I'm certain you used some of them. When you're ready, head back and follow the path that the faeries were blocking.

    Haunted Woods/Goo Bog/Nox's Fortress/Hubrid Nox/Esophagor
    Follow the path from Balthazar's Grove around to Nox's Fortress but do NOT enter yet. Switch over to Normal mode when you get close to the Fortress and go right on by it…for now. You're going to level up in the swamp so keep following the path until you hit the Goo Bog and then go in a ways (about 10 steps or so). Switch back to Hunting mode and level up in preparation for your battle with Hubrid Nox here.

    I'm sure you're wondering WHY I'm having you level in the swamp rather than the fortress. On the upper levels of the fortress as well as on the east side of the path from Nox's Fortress, there is an enemy called the Hand of Nox. (shudder) These guys are NASTY! They use Obliterate, the highest level of Direct Damage, which does up to 100 HP of damage. The worst part is that most battles will have 2 or more of them in it, and since Mipsy has the lowest HP, they WILL go after her and they WILL kill her. So let's just avoid that happening and do our leveling up in the Goo Bog instead. You may still run into them on the eastern side of the fortress as well as on the upper levels of the fortress but hopefully not more than a couple of times.

    Once you've leveled up sufficiently for Nox, switch back to Normal mode and head back to the fortress and make your way upstairs. Let's not tempt those Hands any more than necessary. This fortress has 9 floors! This fortress will also serve as your introduction to enemies that use Combat Focus. Mipsy's magic is the best attack to use against this as it can still hit at full strength whereas Rohane and Talinia's attacks can't. Make certain you're ready for Nox before you head in because it's a LONG way back down. Find Nox on the top floor and stomp on him. Talk to him after you've brought him to his senses and use the teleport orb to return you outside the fortress. (Which witch indeed! LOL!)
    Head back over to the Goo Bog, return to Hunting mode, and go find Esophagor in the southeast corner of the Goo Bog. Defeat him for more cut-scenes and the end of chapter 4.

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    Chapter 5-Faerieland

    Faerieland/The Northern Watchtower/The Fallen Angel
    As you enter Chapter 5, you'll see that, this time, there ISN'T a town nearby. Phooey! Stay on Hunting mode and follow the cloud path until you find a pink tower. The faerie slavers around here can mesmerize you so you might want to focus on them first but otherwise, the battles aren't very difficult. Upon entering the tower, talk to the guards and then go straight south and talk to the captain. The gentleman southeast of you will offer a free place to rest as well as new equipment. For the potions, head upstairs and talk to the chef. Again, buy 20 of each of the damage, slowing, and speed potions for use in the final battle. When you're fully stocked and equipped, head south out of the tower and work your way south to find the Fallen Angel. There are several dead ends here so be careful but stay on Hunting mode until you find her. If you find that you aren't quite leveled up enough to battle her, then wander around down here and finish leveling up. When you're ready, go stomp on her to open the path to the Underclouds. Just follow the path; you can't miss it.

    After defeating the Fallen Angel, I've found that I can proceed through most of the remaining parts of the game on Normal mode and only have to go to Hunting mode occasionally. However, if you're playing on Insane mode, I suggest you just stay on Hunting until after the Devilpuss. At that point, you can probably proceed on Normal and return to Hunting only to finish leveling up. However you do it, just make sure you're appropriately leveled before tackling any of the bosses in this chapter.
    The Underclouds can be rather annoying. Your first task is to head east and then south and talk to the faerie, Essit. She'll tell you that the entrance to Cumulonimbus is in the far southeast corner. You'll have to head west first, then south, and then finally work your way over to the far southeast side.
    Enter Cumulonimbus and talk to Ceth. The exit from town is directly east of you but it's guarded by the Devilpuss. However, in order to get to him, you will have to thread your way through nearly the entire city as there are immovable cloud blocks blocking the path to him. Start in the building south of the faerie and from there, work your way through the city. It's a long, convoluted journey through hallways and rooms. You will eventually emerge near the Devilpuss. Finish leveling up if necessary and go stomp on him.

    Avatar Alert: You will rewarded with the Devilpuss avatar after defeating him. This makes the 2nd of the 3 avatars possible in this game.

    Head east from the Devilpuss and start working your way east and north to find the city of Cirrus.

    Avatar Alert: The final avatar, Bionic Cybunny, is probably my favorite one in the game. You should start finding the cybunniess near Cirrus and you'll be fighting quite a few of them for a while. After completing your first battle with a cybunny, you'll get the avatar. The sad part is that you will fight lots of these guys. They are damage resistant and they focus. Bleh! Mipsy's magic is the best offense against the cybunnies.

    Head into Cirrus. This is the LAST place to buy equipment. Plan on buying weapons for both Rohane and Talinia here as well as new armour for everyone. Buy 20 each of the new damage, slowing, and speed potions for your battle with King Terask. If you're playing on Normal or Evil modes, plan on staying at the inn. At 1000 gold, it's horribly expensive but do you REALLY want to trek all the way back from the Northern Watchtower if you get defeated? I didn't think so. If you're playing on Insane mode, use potions instead if you need to heal up. You'll get lots more in the upcoming battles.
    After restocking and healing up, head out of Cirrus and continue working your way east and north to find the exit from the Underclouds. You'll be back on the cloud paths but this time, it's a very straight forward walk to find the Faerie City.

    Faerie City/Faerie Thief (all 3 battles)
    Head into the city and talk to Lucina just inside the entrance. She'll give you general directions on where to go. Your first stop is the Inn, which is the first door to the north of you. Go in there and work your way up through the room to the northern most part to find a set of stairs leading down. Go downstairs and work your way down to the southwest corner to face the Faerie Thief for the 1st time. Make sure you're leveled up accordingly. Reduce her Hit Points by 1/3 and she will run away. There are no teleport orbs here so you'll have to walk all the way back to the faerie by the entrance.
    The faerie will tell you that she saw the Faerie Thief heading to the west. Head directly west and you will actually pass by the thief but there isn't a doorway directly into where she is. Phooey! Keep going west and head into the first door you see. Proceed up to the northern most part of this room to find a set of stairs heading down. Go down the stairs and work your way down to the south (center aisle) to find another set of stairs going up. Go up and the Faerie Thief will be just south of you. Reduce her Hit Points by 2/3 to scare her off again.
    Return to the faerie by the entrance. Head straight north of her and work your way to the very north part of Faerie City to find the Faerie Thief just in front of a set of pink doors leading into the Faerie Palace. This is the last time you have to find her so be sure to express your gratitude to her for leading you on such a merry chase through the city. After chastising the Faerie Thief, the pink doors will be unlocked. Well, you can't see any difference but you can get through them now.

    Faerie Palace/2 Pant Devils/King Terask (1st time)/King Terask (2nd and final time)
    Yup! This is the last section and you're getting close now. But don't get over-confident as the enemies and bosses here can stomp you right into the ground. To begin your trek through the palace, talk to Stenvela just inside the entrance. Basically, you have to find a way upstairs but all of the staircases have been blocked off….except for one set at the very northern part of the 1st floor of the Palace. To make matters worse, there are those silly cloud blocks that you had to contend with back in Cumulonimbus and the Underclouds. Head east from the faerie and work your way to the very northern end of the Palace to find Kroliya. The staircase you want is actually just a bit to the west of here but it's blocked off from this direction. Head south from her through the garden and follow the hallway to Arthal, the last faerie on this floor. From her, head straight west, and then work your way clear to the north, then turn east down the hallway, and then finally south a bit to find the stairs. Head upstairs.
    Talk to Vitrini, and YAY, you can rest for free!!! She doesn't sell anything though. She'll tell you that you need to defeat the Pant Devils. There's 1 in each of the northwest and northeast towers. It really doesn't matter which one you do first. Head west/east to the hallway leading south. Follow it down and turn west/east to find an open doorway. Work your way through the rooms to the stairs leading up. You'll have to go up 2 flights of stairs on each side. Make sure you're leveled up before going up that last set on either side. When you're ready, go upstairs and stomp on the Pant Devil to retrieve half of a key. Return to Vitrini, rest up if needed, and repeat the procedure on the other side for the 2nd Pant Devil for the other half of the key. Return to Vitrini yet again and she will put the keys together for you which will allow you to gain entrance to the southeast tower where King Terask awaits you.
    Make your way to the east, then south, then east again. Continue past the open doorway where you went in to find the Pant Devil and just keep following the hallway until you come to a set of pink doors. Head in here to find 4 more sets of stairs. Take the ones in the lower right corner and then just work your way to the next set of stairs 2 more times to find King Terask. He's big; he's mean; he's UGLY! Inform him in the most appropriate way that imprisoning Queen Fyora is simply NOT DONE!
    After explaining things to King Terask at sword point, equip your party members and spend all of your stocked skill points. Then use the teleport orb (yes, there really is one this time) to take you back downstairs and make your way back to Vitrini. She's going to tell you that she doesn't think you're quite finished yet so you'll need to head over to the southwest tower where Queen Fyora has been imprisoned. This is the final stretch. You're almost done.
    Head west from the faerie, then turn south, then west again past the open door where you headed up to find the Pant Devil. Continue following the hallway to the set of pink doors and head inside. Work your way through the next floors finding staircases leading you farther up inside the tower. When you reach the floor with cloud paths, you're nearly there. Follow the cloud path to the last faerie, Lyra. This is your last chance to rest and restock any of the potions that you bought in Cirrus and may have used. Make sure you have 20 of everything. Equip your characters appropriately (just a reminder in case you didn't do this earlier), spend any skill points that you may have acquired since defeating King Terask earlier, and get ready for the final showdown.
    When you're ready, head out the northern door and follow the path to the last set of stairs. Go upstairs and head towards Queen Fyora. On your way there, you're going to get a HUGE surprise! He's bigger! He's meaner!! He's even UGLIER than before!!! Get ready to take on King Terask in his 2nd and ultimate form. Use my Battle Guide for tips on how to defeat him but make sure you are completely rested up and have about 30-60 minutes of non-interrupted playing time. This is one very tense, very looooooong battle. Once he has been defeated, you will get the last set of cut-scenes. Following the cut-scenes, you will get a page telling you what your neopoint and trophy awards are. At this time, jump to your items to find out which of the very nice weapons you also received.

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    Part 3b: Rewards

    The rewards for playing the game are as follows:
    Normal mode:
    Bronze trophy, 19,900 neopoints acquired throughout the game for defeating ALL bosses, 10,000 neopoints for completing the game, and one of the following weapons: Rohanes Armour Polish, Mipsys Charm Bracelet, Talinias Whittling Knife, OR Velms Healing Potion

    Evil mode:
    Silver trophy, 19,900 neopoints acquired throughout the game for defeating ALL bosses, 30,000 neopoints for completing the game, and one of the following weapons: Ramtors Spellbook, Scuzzys Comb, Halo of Devilpuss, OR Tooth of Terask

    Insane mode:
    Gold trophy, 19,900 neopoints acquired throughout the game for defeating ALL bosses, 50,000 neopoints for completing the game, and one of the following weapons: Sword of Apocalypse, Wand of Reality, Bow of Destiny, OR Staff of Righteous Fury

    My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS go out to you for making it all the way through NeoQuest 2. Remember that there are 3 modes of play and each of them offer a nice weapon for you at the end. You can only receive the weapon from Insane 1 time but you can do Normal and Evil modes as often as you like and get a weapon each time.

    Part 4: Fathers sword Rumor: Fact or Fiction?

    There is a rumor that has been bandied about for some time now regarding Fathers sword. I have done some research into the rumor and these are my findings. There are 2 parts to the rumor:

    Part 1: Fathers Sword deals more damage in the very final battle against King Terask.
    Fact! It DOES do more damage. This is the very first sword that you ever got in the game. When used in the final battle, you'll get a message that states:

    The spirit of Rohane's father lashes out against King Terask!

    On October 30, 2005, I had Fathers sword and the Sword of Kings and I tried both. Using Fathers sword and Rohane at level 56, Rohane dealt criticals to Terask of 69 damage. I then let Terask kill me off and then switched to my best sword which was the Sword of Kings; dmg 72. Rohane had received no other swords for final equipemnt. Using this sword, Rohane dealt critical attacks to Terask of 55. So Fathers sword dealt 14 more damage points or a 25% increase in damage from Rohane.

    Part 2: If you use Fathers sword in the final battle to defeat King Terask, you'll get the WORST prize.
    Shortly after writing up this section I received a neomail from another player, phaleneak, who has used Fathers sword in 4 of her 5 games. I'll just quote the relevant section here:

    I wanted to comment on the Fathers sword/worst prize section. I've used the Fathers sword on all but my Normal game and out of 3 evil games I've had the ToT once, and RSB and the Halo the other times. On Insane I got the SoA, so in my case it hasn't meant that I've only gotten the worst prize.

    Angelala30 has used Fathers sword in 3 games on Evil mode. Each and every time, she was awarded the Tooth of Terask. Pure bad luck, I guess. I had also received a message about another player who received the Staff of Righteous Fury on Insane mode. Maybe the odds of getting a bad prize increase with Fathers sword; or maybe not.

    I guess what it boils down to is I need more information. If you would like to help me with this research, here's a list of the information I will need from you:

    How many games in each mode have you completed?

    How many of those games did you complete using Fathers sword? (can be 0)

    How many of the following prizes have you been awarded?
    Rohanes Armour Polish--
    Mipsys Charm Bracelet--
    Talinias Whittling Knife--
    Velms Healing Potion--
    Tooth of Terask--
    Halo of Devilpuss--
    Scuzzys Comb--
    Ramtors Spellbook--
    Staff of Righteous Fury--
    Sword of Apocalypse--
    Wand of Reality--
    Bow of Destiny--

    Your actual statistics will be kept confidential. However, I would like to include a list of names in a special Thank You section. May I list your name?

    NeoQuest 2 Prize Statistics
    FS NOT used FS USED
    Prize # Awarded # games Ave. per game # Awarded # games Ave. per game
    RAP 1 2 0.50 0 0 0
    MCB 0 2 0 0 0 N/A
    TWK 0 2 0 0 0 N/A
    VHP 1 2 0.50 0 0 N/A
    ToT 1 12 .083 4 6 0.67
    HoD 3 12 0.25 1 3 0.33
    SC 1 12 0.083 0 0 N/A
    RSB 7 12 0.583 1 6 0.167
    SoRF 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
    SoA 0 0 N/A 1 1 1
    WoR 1 1 1 0 0 N/A
    BoD 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A

    Thanks go to 5 very dear friends of mine for encouraging me, not only to just play this game, but to explore all of the nuances contained within it. Without their encouragement, questions such as, "Help!!" or "Should I use this skill?" or "What level for (insert boss name here)?", data collection, and proofreading, this guide would not exist. So my most sincere THANK YOU! to intrepid7, m_evard, pretiful, rosebud2554, and sirinja. You guys are the BEST! My thanks, as well as my most humble apologies, go to my husband. I typed this guide during a trip with him and then made him listen to me read it aloud while he was driving. He didn't once nod off. I'll take that as a good sign. :)

    I would also like to thank Angelala30 for her information regarding Fathers sword. Thanks also goes to Misterp55555 for taking the time to go completely through my guide as he was playing and taking notes. I might add that his comment regarding skill points is to use the ones I have outlined for Insane mode but use them for all 3 modes instead of just Insane. His game went much faster. I can't remember who first told me about the rumor regarding Fathers sword but others have also passed it along to me. If you believe your name should go here, please mail me again as my messages regarding Neoquest 2 seem to have disappeared.:(

    March 5, 2005
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    By Parkerchempro
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