Sovereignty Application

Username;; purpalini
Nickname;; Max
Recruiter;; Guild boards?

Roleplay Experience;;
I have roleplayed Harry Potter, Warrior Cats, gifted stuff, supernatural stuff, yeah. Mostly Warrior Cats though. I roleplayed for about three-four years but then took a long break from it. I haven't taken a break from writing in general though, I write daily, whether it be novels, poems or rambling. I have roleplayed mostly on neo but I have tried a few forums. I want to make my roleplaying feel less strained and wordy, I want it to fit better. I also would love to improve my character development. I'm extremely indecisive which can get in the way with creating a character and I'd love to fix that.

Guild Experience;;
I haven't been in a guild in ages but I co-owned four and was in around twelve. Again, mostly warrior cats. I try to be as active and as literate as I can be, I've never had too many issues with those things (except when health stuff comes up). I planned a lot of roleplay events for our guilds as well as created necessary pages and graphics. My HTML skills are limited but I'm kind of in love with photoshop. I like a guild that I feel comfortable in and has steady roleplay as well as ooc chatting. Friendly and cool people are awesome too.

Benefits of my membership;;
I really like making references, having awesome conversation and challenging the norm. I like to give critique when asked. I'm kind of an activist and I like to educate people about causes important to me. Writing is super important to me and I try my best to give quality roleplays.

Sovereignty's benefit to you;;
Being a part of an active and friendly roleplay community is really great. Writing with a multitude of people and characters is also a really good way to challenge myself with my writing. Being able to roleplay more often is also a huge benefit.

Roleplay Sample;;
Lightningsoul goes back to camp after fighting rogues. His mate, Lovewhisper, had been killed by them.

The golden blur that raced across the open field could've easily blended in with the yellowing grass and sharp sunlight, if not for the splotches of dark red. His once pristine pelt was now littered with ugly claw marks. The wounded cat kept running though, quietly begging the wind to stop being so harsh.

Lightningsoul reached the forest, breathing long shallow breaths. He took shelter beneath a solid oak, carefully sitting down. He began to lick his wounds; the metallic taste of blood was becoming far too familiar to him. After he deemed trying to heal himself as futile, the young warrior rested his head on his paws. Lightningsoul was growing tired; he felt as though age had slammed into him without warning. He felt ancient, though the amount of moons he had seen indicated otherwise.

I need a medicine cat," He murmured to himself. It had been reckless of him to fight those two rogues and he was well aware of it. Cats with such ruthless intentions were always dangerous. Lightningsoul couldn't will himself to care, his emotions were too wild for him to mull over the risk. He had seen her matted pelt in their eyes; he felt her howls of pain in their laughter. Lovewhisper had been dead nearly a moon now but the pain of her loss still felt fresher than newleaf grass.

Lightningsoul pulled himself up and began limping back to camp. He was dreading the reaction he would receive when he returned. The whole clan knew he wasn't the same warrior he had been before. The change in him was painfully apparent. They were all wary of him; tiptoeing around him delicately, as though he were fragile.

I'm not a kit," He mewed softly, sighing. "Or maybe I am. Only kits are mousebrained enough to take on two rogues."