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Welcome to Pandora, a simple button request site run by yours truly, Amina. Established the July of 2015, my aim is to provide requesters with buttons of top-notch quality. In addition, I pride myself in taking the tastes of my clients into careful consideration, thereby ultimately producing a personalized, aesthetically appealing button specially crafted for that specific requester.

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june 6, 2016
  • I think I left requests open waayyy too long, haha. Got a lot on my plate! All requests should be finished by next week. With that said, requests are now closed.
  • +5 requests received
  • +2 requests completed
  • p.s. I'm not clearing the pick-up section until all requests are finished and picked up. I want to see it filled this time haha
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    Have some feedback? Feel free to send all questions and comments to my account, radiantine.

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  • Credit. Whatever you do with my work, please leave some sort of credit back to me.
  • One button at a time.
  • *asterisks indicate required fields on the forms. Please fill these parts out.
  • I'm willing to work with anything, be it a button in different dimensions or an image outside of Neopets. However, I must ask that you cooperate with me via neomail as there are limits of my capabilities.
  • Patience. I will neomail you once your request is ready for pickup. I will specify an estimated waiting time on my reply back to your form.
  • Resend your form if you do not hear back from me in 5 days.
  • Refer to my portfolio for some examples of my work.

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    I hope you're satisfied with your button! Buttons will be moved to the portfolio after a week.











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    the obligatory question and answer page

    What do you use to make your buttons?


    Do you take ____ requests?

    As of now, I'm only taking button requests on this site.

    Can you teach me how to make buttons?

    Well, not from the very beginning, but I do every so often post tutorials on my blog that require a bit of button-making background. I recommend Impulse's Tutorial and A Button Collection if you're looking for more basic guides.

    How often do you change your layout?

    Every two months or so...now that I think about it, that's pretty often.

    Did you make this layout?

    Part of it! I made the design and the amazing Jewlz coded it!


    All the site stuff.

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