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Technical Specifications

This is the end. Beautiful friend. This is the end...my only friend, the end

Name: Robot 5380
Alias: 5380
Material: Plastic, titanium
Fur: Dark maroon, synthetic
Eyes: Bright green, glowing
Ears: Generally floppy
Height: 2.5 feet at shoulder
Figure: slim, but not wiry
Species: Gelert
Brush: Robot
Gender Genderless; referred to as male
Age Eight years
Intelligence: Good memory; cannot understand some concepts.
Personality: Inquisitive, oblivious, friendly

ABCD Character Prompts
Additional Information Database

What does your character look like?
How does your character feel about their appearance and how does it effect their life? Do they ever change their appearance (make up, tattoos, etc)? What sort of first impression does their appearance leave on others?

5380 appears to be half-robotic, half-organic dog; the reddish fur covering half his body is synthetic, so he is not a cyborg. He is relatively small in size and is of an indeterminate breed. 5380, living mostly alone, does not face much public reaction, but tends to surprise whomever comes across his path due to being...well...a robot. He does not change his appearance at all, as he has no real means to do so.


What family does your character have?
How is your character's relationship with their family? Are there any sore points in any of the dynamics (money, viewpoints, etc)?

5380's sole "family member" was his creator, known as "Doctor," who has been long since deceased. He considered Doctor a father figure, but Doctor never lived quite long enough for any major issues to arise.


What does your character do for a living?
If your character is an adult, what do they do to support themselves? Are they an adventurer, thief, king, housewife, investment banker? If your character is a child, do they go to school? Do they contribute to the household's earnings somehow?

As well, a robotic dog, 5380 has no means of income, nor does he need any. He was originally developed to be a robotic companion/service animal with the ability to speak and learn. Clearly, due to his emission of deadly microwave radiation his type was never put into production.


How does your character feel about death?
How does your character view their own death? Does this vary from their views on the death of others? Do their feelings towards death effect their life in any way?

5380 was not programmed to understand death, due to the original nature of his creation (they did not want him to remind potential customers, particularly the elderly, of their mortality). Because of this, he tends to view dead things as either sleeping, in temporary disrepair, or to have run away, depending on the situation. For example, he is firm in his belief that his Doctor is just broken, and will be repaired eventually.


What does your character do for entertainment?
What do they do in their free time? What hobbies do they have? Is there any activity that they have a preference for? Any unusual entertainment choices? How'd they get involved with those hobbies?

After living alone for so long, 5380 has developed some strange ways of keeping busy. His primary means of keeping b usy is exploring the forests near the business park the research lab is located in; frolicking with butterflies is one of his favorite things to do. He also likes reading through computer manuals over and over, and pretending to be in dog shows (voicing the announcers, handlers, judges, and dogs himself.)


What sort of diet does your character have?
Do they eat primarily processed or fresh foods? Are there any dietary restrictions (meat, dairy, gluten, etc)? If so, why (morals, religion, allergy, etc)? What's your character's favorite and least favorite food?

5380 recharges his batteries twice monthly. He cannot eat regular food even if he tried. Alas, the life of a robot.


How does your character act in group situations?
What (if any) is the difference in behavior or feelings when in a small versus large group? How do they act around strangers compared to close friends and family? Does your character have a lot of friends, a few or none?

5380 greatly enjoys company, and to him, being in small groups is wonderful. He acts the same around complete strangers as he does familiar faces--with great kindness and almost overenthusiasm. He was programmed to be uplifting and friendly, after all. Due to processing limitations, he does not handle large crowds as well, and manifests this through physical or vocal glitching which may eventually lead to a temporary shutdown.


Where does your character live?
What is your character's home like? Is it a massive mansion, one room cabin, just a nest or what? How is it furnished? Where is the home located? If it's in a city, what sort of neighborhood is it in?

5380 lives in an abandoned, yet clean computer and robotics research lab located in a business park outside of Neopia Central. Unlike most labs where one would find creepy little failed experiments, 5380's home is well-lit, not at all threatening, and smells like what your school computer lab smelled like. Doctor's will stated that his life savings went to providing electricity for the lab, though other utilities such as heat, AC and water are no longer provided.


What injuries has your character had in the past?
Have there been any major injuries? Which have been worse, emotional or physical injuries? Are there any injuries which caused lasting damage and continue to effect your character?

The worst injuries that have occurred to 5380 were emergency shutdowns. These happen when 5380 is surrounded by too much at once, and cannot process the information. These rarely leave lasting damage, but they do drain 5380's battery and are generally uncomfortable situations for him. On occasion, they will delete memory, but only the newest memory obtained.


What sort of sense of humor does your character have?
Does your character prefer to make jokes or listen to them? What sort of jokes do they tend to make? What type of jokes do they prefer? Knock-knock, slapstick, sarcasm, social commentary, etc?

5380 has a terrible sense of humor. He can only tell jokes that he has heard before, and that he understands. His jokes, therefore, are often stale, overused, and only funny because a tiny robot dog told them. He adores knock knock jokes.


What is your character's opinion on kids?
How does your character feel about other people's children? What about the idea (or existence) of kids of their own? Does your character want to ever have children? Why or why not? Would your character ever adopt a child? Why or why not?

Again, this goes back to a matter of programming. 5380 was programmed to be friendly and tolerant of everyone-even children. It doesn't matter how small, disgusting, or annoying the child is, 5380 is programmed to put up with them, and he will do so with joy. Of course, we can't forget the deadly microwave radiation so it would be best to keep children far, far away from 5380.


How does your character view love?
What does your character feel is the meaning of love? Does your character believe love exists, or is it just a meeting of like minded individuals? Does love at first sight exist or does it need to grow? What's your character's opinion on 'true love' and soul mates?

5380 can only experience two kinds of love; a friendly love and a familial love. He has only felt the latter for Doctor, whom he has regarded as his father. Everyone else, he feels a friendly love towards. Much like a dog. Or a robot programmed to be a friend. Or a robotic dog programmed to be a friend.


What kind of music does your character enjoy?
Why does your character like that particular music? Did your character grow up with music around them? Does your character sing or play any instruments? If so, why and how do they feel about it?

5380 prefers his music to be simple and harmonious. He does not enjoy dissonance of any kind. That's really all he judges on. As for making music, 5380 can play it back but cannot create any original composition. It's like his jokes, but less corny.


How does your character feel about the night?
What is their preferred activity at night? What time does your character generally go to sleep - and why at that time?

He was built with night vision capabilities so the dark is no problem for him to navigate in. He has the option of going into sleep mode, but only does so when he is exceptionally bored, regardless of the time. He just doesn't care, look at him go.


How does your character respond to new opportunities?
Does your character attempt to create opportunities for him or herself, or do they wait for them to happen? When one does come up do they react quickly or think about it for a while? Has your character ever passed up a huge
opportunity? If so, how do they feel about it now?

5380 is a waiter when it comes to most opportunities. He will take initiative when an opportunity to help or befriend someone comes around, but with others, he much prefers to not worry about straining himself too much in pursuit of things he does not need (and by that, we mean to help people, and to be nice to people). Docile robots are funny creatures like that.


How does your character feel about pets?
Does your character own any pets? What kind of pets do they like and dislike? How does your character view the pet-owner relationship? If your character is a pet, how do they feel about being a pet and how did they come into the care of their owner? If your character has a pet (or pets) how did they come to own the pet(s)?

Pretty much being a high-tech pet to begin with, 5380 has no objection to the notion of living in someone's house and well, being a talking robot dog. Sadly, he will never have that chance. One could consider the butterflies he likes to chase around his "pets," but since they're wild insects, nobody really knows what that could be classified as.


Fill out the following questionnaire from the point of view of your character:

1. How old are you?: I have been in operation for nine years.
2. What makes you special?: I am special because Doctor programmed me to be smart! Not all robots are smart, you know? Some never learn! How sad for them, sad, sad.
3. What is the most normal thing about you?: I...I have some fur? Like a real dog! See??
4. What is the last thing you ate?: Sorry friend, I do not eat.
5. What is the last thing you did prior to this questionnaire? I was peering out the window, looking at cars, looking at people in cars, saying hello to them as they drove past. I do not think they heard me??
6. With whom did you last share a hug?: I hugged a squirrel earlier, but I think it was broken. How sad.
7. What's the most exciting thing you did yesterday?: Yesterday I saw a plastic bag flying around outside so I caught it and I pretended it was a jellyfish. Only it was not a jellyfish, it was a plastic bag, but I called it a jellyfish.
8. What will you do after you finish this questionnaire?: I will go back to the window and say hello to the people in the cars again.
9. Who do you want to talk to right now?: Doctor. He is still broken, you know. It will take a long time to make him better.
10. What are you wearing?: That is silly, human, I do not need clothing, see? Dogs do not wear clothing. Silly, silly.
11. What's your favorite color?: Green! Green is a very nice color.
12. What do you wish you were doing right now?: I wish I were saying hello to the people in the cars.
13. Do you like pie?: Irrational numbers make me very uncomfortable; I cannot stop thinking about them. Please do not ask me to calculate pi to an indefinite digit thank you.


What's your character's opinion on robots?
What about robots with emotions? What cyborgs? How does your character feel about the concept of a robot uprising? If robots are unknown to your character, how would they respond to the concept of robots, artificial emotions, cyborgs and robotic takeovers?

5380 is a robot. A robot with emotions, in fact. He does not find the notion weird at all, as that is his norm. He doesn't have any opinion on cyborgs, but he will be very sure to point out that he is, in fact, not a cyborg when someone calls him one. Robot uprisings, though, are a different story. If one did happen, 5380 would not object, but he would not be an active member of the rebellion. This is because he would never intentionally harm a human.


What scares your character?
Are there any fears which your character has overcome? What are they most afraid of?

5380 is terrified that Doctor will never come back or would never forgive him if he did. Sadly, that fear is 100% justified, but his false hopes essentially negate this. He is also afraid of accidentally hurting others, especially considering he was the one who "broke" Doctor.


What is it that your character desires?
Is there anything that would tempt your character to break their moral code? Has your character ever succumbed to temptation against their better judgement? What were the results?

Above all, 5380 desires and craves friendship. He does not care who you are, how dangerous you seem, or what mood your'e in; he will find you, and he will be obnoxoiusly friendly towards you. Though this may go against the code of ettiquette for most, poor 5380 has no grasp on society and only backs off if people are visibly upset with him.


What is your character's idea of a perfect society?
What are the laws, punishments, jobs, etc in this society? What prevents their utopia from existing? Is there anything that comes close in their reality?

A perfect society, to 5380, would be one where everyone is friends with each other and nobody "breaks" or "goes missing" or "sleeps for a few millenia." This doesn't occur, obviously, because human nature and the laws of nature forbid it.


How does your character react to success?
How does your character respond to victory in team activities? What about personal victories? How does your character react when failing to achieve their goals or expectations?

5380 wins and loses with enthusiasm. If he wins, he's motivated to do more things. If he loses, he's still motivated to do more things. Maybe we should all be like this robot. The author certainly should.


What is your character's greatest wish?
Why? In what situations do they make a wish (wishing wells, shooting stars, birthday cakes, etc)? What sort of variety is there in those wishes, if any? If granted any three wishes what would they be?

5380's greatest wish is for Doctor to come back. Being both logical and completely irrational at the same time, 5380 takes every chance to wish for his Doctor back. Why not?


If your character could have any superpower what would it be?
Why? What would they do with those powers? What well known power would be their least favorite (flight, super strength, telekinesis, fire manipulation, etc)?

If anything, 5380 would like to fly. He has considered seeking rocket boosters, but that was not plausible. He wants to fly because then he would be able to say hello to the birds and well, he would be able to fly.


What does your character own that is considered extravagant, such as a yacht, expensive jewelry or a super computer?
Does your character feel it is extravagant? Why does your character choose to own such things? Does your character have any objectives to own something else extravagant?

5380 is extravagant to begin with; he's a super-advanced robot with both emotional and learning capabilities. If he were to go into production, he would certainly cost a couple grand to even purchase. The only things he really owns are waht's in the lab. This includes some very advanced supercomputers, but many are no longer operational or of no use to 5380. His most prized posessions are items that belonged personally to Doctor, which are of no major monetry value but of the utmost sentimental value to him.


What brings your character peace?
When your character's mind or day is hectic, how do they regain calmness? How does your character relax

5380 finds relaxation in nature, which is odd considering that nature is the one place he will never truly belong. He likes to think he is a real animal when he's walking around in the woods, and will do so to both unwind and pass the time. If 5380 gets too stresed, the only option to avoid major damage is to shut down, which is not fun for him at all.

The Details

5380 led you aside.

Doctor left these behind for me right before he was broken. I read them aloud sometimes when I get lonely and I pretend Doctor is with me.

My name is Doctor ------. I have decided to keep this journal of sorts to document and record my attempts to create true artificial intelligence. At this point, I have already drafted blueprints of a new, highly compact processor. There are some minor risks involved, but there is no risk that I will not be willing to take to pursue my dream.

I have finally gotten the raw materials to begin work on the project. The processor - Unified Neopian Robotics Processor Model 5380 - has already been constructed. What must be done now is to create the robot itself. I have decided on a dog-based design, as the mobility and balance of a humanoid robot is severely limited.

The robot's body is nearly complete. Only a few minor rewirings and visual touches are necessary at this point. The processor has been installed, but will not be activated until the robot is fully operational.

We have decided upon activating the robot tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, this will be a major breakthrough in robotics and science as a whole. The world will soon know that it is, indeed, possible to create life from silicon and wires, that a robot can truly think and feel as if it were one of us. Robots will become more than just tools. They will become our trusted allies, beings to be respected.

The time has come. My robot was activated for the first time. All of my fellow colleagues were there to witness the event. When the power came on, a joy surged through my heart. It was a joy that I have never felt before: my eyes teared up just as I saw my robot's two green eyes flicker into life. As it is a learning robot, it did not know many words at first. It merely stood there, just as awestruck as the rest of us. All of a sudden, it began to move. Slowly making its way towards me, it spoke it's first words: doctor...friend...

The robot is learning very quickly. I wanted to give him a name...a real name, but he insisted on being called by his processor model number. Perhaps he wants to feel unique and embraces his robotic state. Nobody really knows. He seems to have a fondness for nature. I often take him out to the woods nearby, making sure no twigs or dirt gets caught in his joints. He's still quite a weak walker, and doesn't have much skill in depth perception. However, that will all improve. His vocabulary has grown to that of a 5-year-old child. I read him the dictionary to help him learn more.

5380 is becoming more and more knowledgeable of the world around him. He has confided to me that he feels separate from the organic world, and wishes to become real. I told him that this was an impossibility. He grew very emotional, and once that happened, I began to have a severe migraine. I don't know if it was the stress of seeing my creation...my child...upset with something that cannot be fixed, or merely lack of sleep caused by constant observation. It has been approximately two weeks since 5380 was first activated, and he is still taking massive strides in communication and emotional understanding. As much as it pains me to see him in such turmoil, it is necessary that he learn how emotions truly work

5380 is now coordinated enough to take walks in the woods without supervision. He feels very connected to nature. despite not having come from it. A few days ago, I saw him chasing around some butterflies in a clearing not too far from here. Most animals seem to avoid him, however, even before taking sight of him. I think he's glad he found some creatures that don't fear him as they do man.

The headaches have been getting worse. My migraines, once occasional, now seem to take over the larger portion of my day. I think I should take a few days off from observing 5380. I believe it just has to do with my stress. He can make do on his own for a while.

I have finally come back to the facility after a week. My head has gotten significantly better, but I'll get a few minor aches here and there. Those are of no worry to me now. I have lost invaluable research time which needs to be made up. 5380 has not been allowed out of the facility since I had left, and was very restless. When he saw me, he ran over faster than I have ever seen him and tried to drag me outside.

i want to see the butterflies again, doctor. I want to see them again.

Now, you see, winter was approaching, and butterflies don't necessarily live too long. Long story short? They weren't there, and this upset 5380 to no end. A piercing pain shot through my head soon as his temper began to flare up. He was angry at me for being gone. He was angry at the butterflies for disappearing. But most importantly, he was angry at himself. He was angry because he wasn't real.

There is obviously a correlation between 5380 and my headaches. It seems that whenever he feels intense emotion or if I have been with him for a long enough time, I begin to feel a shooting pain on my head. I fear that my premonitions about this processor were true, but hopefully, the outcome of this all won't be as catastrophic as I predicted. I don't want to hurt 5380. I don't want to tell him that he is hurting me. He already deals with enough that he cannot control, and I don't want to make the load on him even heavier than it already is.

Three months have passed since we have built 5380. He is progressing along as well as he always has been. My health, however, has been deteriorating. I have a cough that doesn't seem to go away, and I am often fatigued. 5380, however, seems to be cheering up. The winter is cold, optimal for machines to run well, and he enjoys frolicking in the snow. Thank goodness he's resistant to water damage.

I cannot work anymore. My constant state of tiredness is impeding in my work. The facility has allowed me to take 5380 along with me. We don't live very far away. I take him to the woods sometimes. He wants the butterflies back. When will spring come? I want the butterflies back too.

5380 wants to be real? 5380 wants to be real? 5380 will be real. I will make sure my precious child is real. He will be real. I will buy fur for him. Yes. Beautiful red fur. I will make him real. He will be real. People will love him. The animals will love him. The butterflies won't die once he is real. My head will stop hurting once he is real. He will be real. Yes.

Spring has come. 5380 wants me to see the butterflies now. I see them. They are in my room. They are in my head. Flittering around in my head. In my eyes. I made 5380 real. Somewhat. The pretty red fur only covers half of him. I cannot find more for him. I am sorry 5380. But the butterflies are back for you. They missed you too. I'm sure they did.

I, a doctor, need a doctor now. How tragic, it is. He visited. Says my organs are failing. He says my brain has lesions. That the butterflies are all lesions, spots, on my brain and my eyes. The flittering, decay. The beautiful colors, decay. I can barely write, but I must leave my mark. I want you to see this 5380. I want to tell you that I will never leave you. You are real now. The butterflies can take me away. 5380. I am sorry. But the butterflies are here to take me away forever.

The Years After

dog things and butterflies

The Others

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Do Machines Dream?

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5380 motions to his left with his head. In the corner was a small pile of toys and plushies

These are my friends. They are cute and nice and I love my friends.


Mini Adopts II


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Bet You Didn't Know

On your way out, you find a dusty old folder laying on one of the laboratory counters. A quick look inside reveals pages upon pages of facts and figures. Why not read a few?

The word "robot" was popularized by a playwright.
Though automaton-like machines have existed for ages, the word robot was first used in 1920 by the Czech author Karel Čapek in his play, Rossum's Universal Robots. Though he brought the word into the popular eye, he claimed that it was his brother, Josef, that truly coined the term. Robot is based off the Czech word robota, which means drudgery or hard labor.

Robots are everywhere.
The idea sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but the fact that robots are an important part of our daily lives cannot be disputed. Nearly every factory nowadays utilizes robotics technology, and robots are becoming more and more prevalent in the medical and military fields as we speak. Robots for use in home maintenance applications also exist.

One of the very first AI programs was made in the 1960s
Computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum developed the ELIZA program back in the 1960s to simulate human conversation by taking cues from a human's responses and using word substitution to mimic a human response. The program, though rudimentary, became the basis for other "chatbots" in the following decades.

All electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed.
Whether it be radio waves, visible light, or even gamma radiation, all forms of EMR travel at 299,792,458 meters per second in a vacuum. Of course, because the universe we live in is not a vacuum, the speed of light has to be adjusted for in calculations if true precise answers are to be obtained.

Metal does not "catch fire" in a microwave
Rather, they arc with electricity. Why is this? Metals are incredibly conductive elements. When you put a piece of metal into the microwave, the radiation generates an electrical current within the metal. However, metals are not perfect electrical conductors. They still have resistance, which leads to static buildup and eventual electrical discharges, causing the bright, hot flashes you see when you accidentally leave the foil on when you microwave your food.

There was a real computer component called the NCR 5380
However, it didn't handle complex learning processes and emit microwave radiation when under "emotional stress." The NCR 5380 was in fact a SCSI controller chip in a number of computers from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s, including the Commodore Amica, the Macintosh Plus. The chip served to coordinate devices connected via SCSI cable with the computer.




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