whirr .....click!!

What you are now listening to is the recorded information manual for your brand new Neopian Robotics Corporation Gelertron 5380. We at NRC strive to provide only the best robotic companions for you and your loved ones, so proper care is needed in order to preserve the careful programming of your Gelertron 5380.

Your Gelertron 5380 has the ability to think and feel for itself, but do not worry: its primary directive is to befriend humans, no matter the case. In a nurturing environment, full of kindness and love, your robot will learn to love you back. In a life of sorrow and neglect, your Gelertron 5380 will become confused. Lost. Its programming will contradict, and damage may occur. It will want to love you, dearly so, but without someone there for it, then its entire existence is for nothing. Nothing!

I won't let you take him!

He is causing me no harm, see? I'm not the crazy one! He needs me!

5380 needs me! You can't just...you can't...


The Silicon Falls Incident

The mysterious audio clip seemed to appear from almost nowhere, and to most people, seemed to be nothing but a hoax. A poor-quality recording of a robotics manual diving quickly into the narrator's madness certainly wasn't something too hard to fake. However, residents of a small technology town outside of Neopia Central knew otherwise. This recording was not a joke, and was a testament to one of the most tragic incidents that befell the community and the robotics industry alike.

Silicon Falls was, and still is to an extent, the bustling hub of Neopian computer advancement. Here, laboratories from dozens of computing corporations were nestled, surrounded by quaint suburbian developments in which the laborious programmers dwelled. Things tended to go smoothly; computing wasn't necessarily one of the sciences to be plagued by things such as accidental disease contamination or widespread chemical spills, but this all changed in the mid-summer of 2005.

It was a sunny day in July; not a day anyone would expect any bad news to be broken. It was on that day that one of the Neopian Robotics Corporation's most talented and innovative researchers passed away due to a sudden severe decline in health. Nobody knew the nature or cause of his illness at the time, but rumors spread, and the truth eventually reached the public. His mind had been damaged beyond any hope of recovery, sadly and ironically brought about by one of his own inventions --- the Gelertron 5380.

Nobody could have predicted the detrimental effects exposure to the Gelertron 5380's processor would have been. Not even the robot's creator or the robot itself knew what was going on until the final days. Apparently, waves emitting from the processor were at just the right frequency to scramble cognitive function permanently until the brain was completely unable to think and keep itself living. Upon hearing this, the corporation quickly scrapped all plans for production of the Gelertron 5380, but as per its creator's wishes, the one lone prototype was to remain operational and secluded from further human contact. After quickly relocating their facility, allowing the Gelertron 5380 a place to "live," the Neopian Robotics Corporation eventually went bankrupt with all of the negative publicity surrounding the incident.

To this day, residents of Silicon Falls no longer approach or enter the long-abandoned robotics lab, knowing that the second victim of this tragedy existed within its walls. It was merely too much of a risk to afford the robot a mere few minutes of reprieve from its loneliness. In spite of this, rumor has it that a brave few have ventured in to find that the robot has a hopeful "soul" within its processors and wires--hopeful that one day, its creator would wake up and return once more.

The Lost Robot

stuff about 5380 here i guess

Technical Specifications

This is the end. Beautiful friend. This is the end...my only friend, the end

Name: Gelertron 5380
Alias: 5380
Material: Plastic, titanium
Fur: Dark maroon, synthetic
Eyes: Bright green, glowing
Ears: Generally floppy
Height: 2.5 feet at shoulder
Figure: slim, but not wiry
Species: Gelert
Brush: Robot
Gender Genderless; referred to as male
Age Nine years
Intelligence: Good memory; cannot understand some concepts.
Personality: Inquisitive, oblivious, overly friendly

The Details

5380 led you aside.

Doctor left these behind for me right before he was broken. I read them aloud sometimes when I get lonely and I pretend Doctor is with me.

My name is Doctor ------. I have decided to keep this journal of sorts to document and record my attempts to create true artificial intelligence. At this point, I have already drafted blueprints of a new, highly compact processor. There are some minor risks involved, but there is no risk that I will not be willing to take to pursue my dream.

I have finally gotten the raw materials to begin work on the project. The processor - Neopian Robotics Corporation Processor Model 5380 - has already been constructed. What must be done now is to create the robot itself. I have decided on a dog-based design, as the mobility and balance of a humanoid robot is severely limited.

The robot's body is nearly complete. Only a few minor rewirings and visual touches are necessary at this point. The processor has been installed, but will not be activated until the robot is fully operational.

We have decided upon activating the robot tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, this will be a major breakthrough in robotics and science as a whole. The world will soon know that it is, indeed, possible to create life from silicon and wires, that a robot can truly think and feel as if it were one of us. Robots will become more than just tools. They will become our trusted allies, beings to be respected.

The time has come. My robot was activated for the first time. All of my fellow colleagues were there to witness the event. When the power came on, a joy surged through my heart. It was a joy that I have never felt before: my eyes teared up just as I saw my robot's two green eyes flicker into life. As it is a learning robot, it did not know many words at first. It merely stood there, just as awestruck as the rest of us. All of a sudden, it began to move. Slowly making its way towards me, it spoke it's first words: doctor...friend...

The robot is learning very quickly. I wanted to give him a name...a real name, but he insisted on being called by his processor model number. Perhaps he wants to feel unique and embraces his robotic state. Nobody really knows. He seems to have a fondness for nature. I often take him out to the woods nearby, making sure no twigs or dirt gets caught in his joints. He's still quite a weak walker, and doesn't have much skill in depth perception. However, that will all improve. His vocabulary has grown to that of a 5-year-old child. I read him the dictionary to help him learn more.

5380 is becoming more and more knowledgeable of the world around him. He has confided to me that he feels separate from the organic world, and wishes to become real. I told him that this was an impossibility. He grew very emotional, and once that happened, I began to have a severe migraine. I don't know if it was the stress of seeing my creation...my child...upset with something that cannot be fixed, or merely lack of sleep caused by constant observation. It has been approximately two weeks since 5380 was first activated, and he is still taking massive strides in communication and emotional understanding. As much as it pains me to see him in such turmoil, it is necessary that he learn how emotions truly work

5380 is now coordinated enough to take walks in the woods without supervision. He feels very connected to nature. despite not having come from it. A few days ago, I saw him chasing around some butterflies in a clearing not too far from here. Most animals seem to avoid him, however, even before taking sight of him. I think he's glad he found some creatures that don't fear him as they do man.

The headaches have been getting worse. My migraines, once occasional, now seem to take over the larger portion of my day. I think I should take a few days off from observing 5380. I believe it just has to do with my stress. He can make do on his own for a while.

I have finally come back to the facility after a week. My head has gotten significantly better, but I'll get a few minor aches here and there. Those are of no worry to me now. I have lost invaluable research time which needs to be made up. 5380 has not been allowed out of the facility since I had left, and was very restless. When he saw me, he ran over faster than I have ever seen him and tried to drag me outside.

i want to see the butterflies again, doctor. I want to see them again.

Now, you see, winter was approaching, and butterflies don't necessarily live too long. Long story short? They weren't there, and this upset 5380 to no end. A piercing pain shot through my head soon as his temper began to flare up. He was angry at me for being gone. He was angry at the butterflies for disappearing. But most importantly, he was angry at himself. He was angry because he wasn't real.

There is obviously a correlation between 5380 and my headaches. It seems that whenever he feels intense emotion or if I have been with him for a long enough time, I begin to feel a shooting pain on my head. I fear that my premonitions about this processor were true, but hopefully, the outcome of this all won't be as catastrophic as I predicted. I don't want to hurt 5380. I don't want to tell him that he is hurting me. He already deals with enough that he cannot control, and I don't want to make the load on him even heavier than it already is.

Three months have passed since we have built 5380. He is progressing along as well as he always has been. My health, however, has been deteriorating. I have a cough that doesn't seem to go away, and I am often fatigued. 5380, however, seems to be cheering up. The winter is cold, optimal for machines to run well, and he enjoys frolicking in the snow. Thank goodness he's resistant to water damage.

I cannot work anymore. My constant state of tiredness is impeding in my work. The facility has allowed me to take 5380 along with me. We don't live very far away. I take him to the woods sometimes. He wants the butterflies back. When will spring come? I want the butterflies back too.

5380 wants to be real? 5380 wants to be real? 5380 will be real. I will make sure my precious child is real. He will be real. I will buy fur for him. Yes. Beautiful red fur. I will make him real. He will be real. People will love him. The animals will love him. The butterflies won't die once he is real. My head will stop hurting once he is real. He will be real. Yes.

Spring has come. 5380 wants me to see the butterflies now. I see them. They are in my room. They are in my head. Flittering around in my head. In my eyes. I made 5380 real. Somewhat. The pretty red fur only covers half of him. I cannot find more for him. I am sorry 5380. But the butterflies are back for you. They missed you too. I'm sure they did.

I, a doctor, need a doctor now. How tragic, it is. He visited. Says my organs are failing. He says my brain has lesions. That the butterflies are all lesions, spots, on my brain and my eyes. The flittering, decay. The beautiful colors, decay. I can barely write, but I must leave my mark. I want you to see this 5380. I want to tell you that I will never leave you. You are real now. The butterflies can take me away. 5380. I am sorry. But the butterflies are here to take me away forever.

The Years After

dog things and butterflies

The Others

coming soon~


5380 motions to his left with his head. In the corner was a small pile of toys and plushies

These are my friends. They are cute and nice and I love my friends.


Mini Adopts II


#5380 Clickie ^^ #5380.By.Piku!

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By Others
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Note from the Management: 5380 is currently the oldest character of mine that is still active today. Although for most of his existence, 5380 has been a robot dog, half covered in red fur, his personality and backstory have changed and evolved significantly. This is a (relatively) brief overview of the development of the little guy trough the years.

First Things First: Who is Whiplash?

That seems to be the question on most people's minds when they learn about 5380's character, and the answer is incredibly simple.

Whiplash_Teh_Gelert was born as a red gelert on February 28th, 2005, merely moments after I saw a neopian book that sparked an idea in my young 9-year-old mind.

As if being born in a storm was not enough,
this poor puppy was given the name Whiplash....

Really, that idea just equated to 'sad angry dog', which at age 9 seemed pretty interesting and incredibly, incredibly deep. I don't remember much else about the personality and petpage of Whiplash while he was still Whiplash. All that comes to mind is a slightly edited version of the basic gelert template layout with a plethora of collected red gelert adoptables haphazardly scattered at the bottom of the page and a music code that I am 100% sure was an midi version of a Linkin Park song blaring in the background. That was all there really was about him.


I'm unsure exactly when Whiplash stopped being known as Whiplash and became 5380, but I knew the change occurred sometime in the last quarter of 4th grade. I had been contemplating turning him into a robotic character for a while at that point, but I needed a cool robotic name. Whiplash just didn't cut it (ahaha haha ha ahem sorry). While doing some math homework, I noticed a number I thought would be easy to remember. There was no reason other than that. The number, of course, was 5,380.

The early 5380 could be best described as one of the most stereotypical robot characters ever. He was made to be a weapon--an unthinking, unfeeling mechanical monster with lasers and super-strength...that also happened to be a dog. He was activated in a dark, scary lab by evil scientists, but something went horribly wrong

It's like Ultron meets Mewtwo meets E-123.

Mere minutes after being 'brought to life,' 5380 destroys the lab and everyone in it. Everyone. He leaves the lab and sets off on a further path of destruction, with human forces trying and failing to contain him and prevent him from obliterating all of humanity.

Why did he do it? Anger. Something went rogue in 5380's programming, and he felt nothing but pure, unstoppable hatred towards the human race. It's typical robot stuff, you carbon based lifeforms wouldn't understand.

Why Can't I be a Real Boy?: 2006-2007

During 6th and 7th grade, I had read quite a lot of Asimov, who still remains one of my favorite authors of all time. A particular book of his that really stuck with me was one titled The Positronic Man, which was a novel-length rewrite of his older work, The Bicentennial Man. It was the story of a robot named Andrew who developed a conscience and a personality and constantly strived to become more and more human as time went on.

The concept of a machine wishing it could be a man eventually lent itself to 5380. Of course, he wanted to be a real...talking...dog? Unlike Asimov, though, I lacked the ability to make complex characters at the time, so I relied on a heavy dose of pathos to make 5380 tick.


I tend to notice that my older characters tended to go through what I like to call the 'emo phase,' which is where I slapped a pathetically sad and dismal personality on a character for no reason other than I could. All 5380 really did around this time in his life was whine and cry about how he was "just a machine," which was just as overused and boring as the EXTERMINATE, ANNIHILATE, DESTROY attitude 5380 had almost a year before.

Somebody Call a Doctor: 2008-2012

5380's storyline changed yet again in 8th grade. I was tired of him just being another Pinocchio clone robot in the sea of Pinocchio clone robots. If I wanted to keep my sad robot dog around, I needed to come up with a real tragedy.

In comes the Doctor for the very first time. An eager roboticist, the man programs and puts together a robot with his very own hands, trying desperately to unlock the secrets of a 'learning computer.' The result, of course, is 5380. Unbeknownst to both the roboticist and his creation, 5380's processor emits radiation which slowly fries Doctor's mind and organs from the inside out. Ouch.

It was a hard time for everyone involved.

5380 was distraught by this, and secluded himself off in the creepy little lab in which he was built. 5380 was articulate, intelligent, but still really, really unhappy. He reacted to loss like a human, which is all swell, but eventually I just got sick of all the misery.

Programmed For Optimism so You Don't Have To: 2013-now

The basic gist of 5380s story had not changed much at all, but the overall aesthetic surrounding his page and art, as well as his personality, shifted majorly.

Almost in direct contrast to 5380's very first purpose (serving as a weapon), the 5380 of today was built as a companion. He was made to comfort others, be there for humans in need, and learn to adapt to whatever situation. He was programmed to always stay hopeful, even when humans are not, and most importantly, he does not understand the concept of death; he simply can't. It was never intended to be in his programming. Therefore, 5380 is not capable of mourning, nor is he capable of wallowing or stewing or any of that. Though he knows Doctor is gone he does not know that he is gone for good. The tragedy remains, yes, but it's no longer overbearing.

Isn't life grand?

Happy Android Pals

gross adoptable rules coming soon. i do trades guys.

look at this dumb dog



Bet You Didn't Know

On your way out, you find a dusty old folder laying on one of the laboratory counters. A quick look inside reveals pages upon pages of facts and figures. Why not read a few?

The word "robot" was popularized by a playwright.
Though automaton-like machines have existed for ages, the word robot was first used in 1920 by the Czech author Karel Čapek in his play, Rossum's Universal Robots. Though he brought the word into the popular eye, he claimed that it was his brother, Josef, that truly coined the term. Robot is based off the Czech word robota, which means drudgery or hard labor.

Robots are everywhere.
The idea sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but the fact that robots are an important part of our daily lives cannot be disputed. Nearly every factory nowadays utilizes robotics technology, and robots are becoming more and more prevalent in the medical and military fields as we speak. Robots for use in home maintenance applications also exist.

One of the very first AI programs was made in the 1960s
Computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum developed the ELIZA program back in the 1960s to simulate human conversation by taking cues from a human's responses and using word substitution to mimic a human response. The program, though rudimentary, became the basis for other "chatbots" in the following decades.

All electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed.
Whether it be radio waves, visible light, or even gamma radiation, all forms of EMR travel at 299,792,458 meters per second in a vacuum. Of course, because the universe we live in is not a vacuum, the speed of light has to be adjusted for in calculations if true precise answers are to be obtained.

Metal does not "catch fire" in a microwave
Rather, they arc with electricity. Why is this? Metals are incredibly conductive elements. When you put a piece of metal into the microwave, the radiation generates an electrical current within the metal. However, metals are not perfect electrical conductors. They still have resistance, which leads to static buildup and eventual electrical discharges, causing the bright, hot flashes you see when you accidentally leave the foil on when you microwave your food.

There was a real computer component called the NCR 5380
However, it didn't handle complex learning processes and emit microwave radiation when under "emotional stress." The NCR 5380 was in fact a SCSI controller chip in a number of computers from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s, including the Commodore Amiga and the Macintosh Plus. The chip served to coordinate devices connected via SCSI cable with the computer.




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