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Hello there shadowcrafterars and welcome to Shadowed, the premade layouts site, run by yours truly Melissa (or you may know me as Shadow). Here at Shadowed you can find more 'graphical' premades, but it will eventually expand to css premades as well.

Want some help with graphics/coding or simply wish to contact me?
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Tuesday 27th March, 2012
- Now listed at Simple Gifts
- Sorry for lack of layouts, more should be up in next few weeks!

Monday 27th February, 2012
- New Nightsteed themed user lookup added
- New meepit request signs added to resources

Tuesday 17th January, 2012
- New button placeholders have been added!

Saturday 10th December, 2011
- New link back button gifted to me by Moose

Tuesday 6th December, 2011
- New Christmas user lookup is now available!

Sunday 27th November, 2011
- Now affiliates with Seraphic

Friday 25th November, 2011
- Fixed uni pet lookup coding, the text is now properly aligned

Tuesday 22nd November, 2011
- New link back button made by Opulence
- Now affiliates with Opulence
- Want a challenge? Don't forget to enter Shadow Claw!

Saturday 19th November, 2011
- Added 9 new small arrow bullets

Friday 19th November, 2011
- Added 9 new small neomail signs
- Cleared out older updates
- Looking for button makers, please neomail me


Pet Lookups: 10
User Lookups:8
Petpages: 5
Resources: 131
6th October 2011

There are only seven rules, so I would appreciate it greatly if you obide by them when you use my graphics. If there is any rules you do not understand, feel free to contact me.


Please do not remove or cover up the credits, if you see someone doing this, please report them to me.
You may edit the coding to personalise it, but you can not use it to make your own layouts.
Please do not edit or use the graphics in other places,
they are solely for the premades.


Please credit my site somewhere, either via link or by a link back button.
You may use them as many times as you like.
Do not use these resources to make your own, or use them on your own resources website.
Do not edit the resources at all.

Can I edit the coding at all of any of your premades?
Please refer to the rules section.

Do you take requests?
Currently not I'm afraid, I may do in the future but it's highly unlikely

Where do you get the neopet images from?
I mainly use images from here (background section in pet central) but you can also get good images from the caption contest.

What programs do you use?
For graphics I use Photoshop CS5 and for coding I use notepad plus

Is there any free programs you would recommend?
GIMP is a great alternative to Photoshop. It's not as powerful as Photoshop, but you would be surprised what you can make with it with a little experimenting!
Notepad Plus is also a very good coding program which is completely free. It is basically Notepad, but with a lot of useful added features.

Could you teach me how to code/ make graphics?
Sadly I do not have enough time to teach people individually everything, or the resources/qualifications to do so. I can though however offer my assistance if you would like advice or run into coding difficulties.

Your question not here?
Neomail me
I do not take resource or layouts requests because I do not have time, however feel free to request a theme for a premade or resources you would like to see!

Subject: RESOURCE/LAYOUT Suggestion

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