you wallk into a stony room you look back the door slams you cant get out .... odd lookin wolf walks up to you and says.... hi am wolveye the blue wolf lupe thing as my owner called me *growls* any way hope you like your stay=3 oh and ya better come back or els.....

Name: Wolveye
Age: about about 4 in dog years
Famaily: still looking for my realy famaily
Occupation: Gaurdian of The Moon.
Love: none at all ='(
Friends: None

My owner stats

Age: 11
Birthplace:In a hostiptal.
Livingplace:In my house
Pelt Color: light grey
Eye color:blue
Specie:Half Human, Half Wolf




Star Fruit





The pound




It all hapend not so long ago , since my famaily got killed by hunters my life had changed , i had no one to look out for me so i was alone...

it was one warm summer day and the forest seemed to be queit ,so i thoght that i should go and see what was going on, i did find a odd looking tree not like the one's you find in my part of the forest,it looked black asif it has been burnt i, could tell because of the ash's that flutter down, whean i looked up i saw some of the birds that sing in the morning sunrise but thay just flu away like something had of spooked them out , i began to run but befor i new it i was on the ground , i wasent sure what was going on but i think i got shot whith something , but whan i wokeup i was in like a bamboo hut, i looked up i saw a girl she had long shiny blond hair , she was wereing the same cloths as the rest of the people in the land what sarrounded the hut , the girl had a bowl of water on her head supported by het left hand , she put the bowl of water on the floor were i was layed , i got up and walked out of the hut , the floor was stony and dusty like sand , all the people were sat arount a fire cooking some kind of meat it looket abit like a hair but more like a rabbit , the girl came whith a plate whith a whole rabbit i feelt hungry but i could'ent eat , i thoght if i shut my eyes and open tham agen this would just be a dream but it wasent it was real , there was a young boy calling "wolveye" i never new what it ment but went up to him anyway he put a mark on my arms, like a yellow moon shape, i noteset on the girl she had a moon shape on her arms too, it was asif i was apart of a tribe.

i did find out who that girl is she called amber now my new owner.

this is my sister she can be mean but hay what do you expect but she is awsom she's told me alot about life and she has to be the best sister you can ever have ^.^

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do not take tham if there not ment for you.
Leave the link on because i havent got my full name on anywere.
dont clame theam as your own
typ "Wolveye is cool" somwhere in your neomail or i will refuse to make you a coustom.(this it so i know you have read the rules)
do not edit tham in anyway ask me.
and know this is not a makeable so dont evan think about it.
Do Not EVER put theam on the BC or the AG.
have fun!
just neomail dark_wolf090 this form...
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