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Hi, I'm Melissa and welcome to Promesse! Promesse means promise in French. I promise you'll find everything you need here, from icons to textures, it's all in one spot. I hope you love this site and come back for more. There's new content almost everyday, so keep your eyes open! Established March 8, 2010. Works best in Safari.

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5. Have fun and enjoy!

Started on March 9, 2010


May 31, 2010

Your heartbeat song, it's good but it's not the one.
Currently listening to: Heartbeat Song- The Futureheads
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I stayed home. I'm sick so I didn't want to get everyone sick too. I have my last SAT this saturday, so after that, I'll open the requests again! I miss doing requests. There's only a few days left of school and it's kind of sad. Next school year I'll be a senior, and I don't like being the oldest. But, whatever. I still have college to look forward to! What do you think I should add to my site? Tutorials, contests, ect.? Just neomail me what you would like to see.

May 8, 2010

Hope it's just a case of flash delirium.
Currently listening to: Flash Delirium- MGMT
Hey everyone! I took a little hiatus just for a few days but I'm back with great news! On August 17, 2010, I'm going to go to a MGMT concert at Radio City Music Hall! I'm super excited and having amazing seats is a plus. I'll definitely use the pictures I take for a new wonderful layout. I took a bunch of SATs, so I hope everything goes well. I'm going to hold off on making another layout for now, not only because I love it, but because right now I don't seem to have the time. Please send me some feedback, I would love to hear what you guys are thinking. Bye!

April 25, 2010

I'm going back to 505.
Currently listening to: 505- Arctic Monkeys
Hello! I haven't blogged in a while. School is getting really tough so I have to focus on that more and get my priorities straight. I added brushes to the resource section yesterday! A lot more sets soon. New York City is beautiful this time of year and there are leaves on trees now and flowers blooming everywhere! I'm just a little sick though. When I feel better, I'll add some more stuff. I can't believe I reached 1000+ views! Thanks guys!


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What programs do you use?
I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and I love it (:

How old are you? Where do you live?
Well, if you must askā€¦ I'm 16 and I live in New York City.

Can I request something?
Sure, just click request to the right, see if it's open, fill out the form and neomail me.

Can I take off credit?
Absolutely not. I've worked really hard on this site and I would appreciate it if you left it on.

Can I steal your stuff?
Silly person, stealing is for Swiper! NO!

Music Suggestions

So I'm a big music fan and the music I listen to I think deserves more recognition. Here I'll list some music that I think you should listen to! Trust me, they're really good.

The Kooks

The Kooks are an indie band from England. The lead singer is Luke Pritchard. The Kooks are one of my favorite bands. They have two albums out: Inside In/Inside Out and Konk. I started listening to them during the summer, and I can't stop listening to them. I literally have one of their songs stuck in my head every day. Listen to their music!
Song suggestions: Naive, Matchbox, She Moves in Her Own Way, Eddie's Gun, Sofa Song, Seaside, See the World, You Don't Love Me, Always Where I Need to Be.

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys are also an indie band from England. Alex Turner is the lead singer of this wonderful band. Their lyrics are catchy and witty. They have "smart" lyrics. Alex is also part of another band called The Last Shadow Puppets. They're great as well.
Song suggestions: Fluorescent Adolescent, Old Yellow Bricks, Brianstorm, From the Rits to the Rubble, Teddy Picker, 505, When the Sun Goes Down, The Age of the Understatement.


MGMT is an indie band originating from Brooklyn. They are grammy nominated. Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser are the two main people in the band. I absolutely love them! They have a kind of trippy sound to them. They have two albums out, Oracular Spectacular, and their second album, Congratulations.
Song suggestions: Electric Feel, Kids, Time to Pretend, The Youth, The Handshake, Indie Rokkers.

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is an amazing band. They are like nothing out there. They have fresh beats, and music you just want to dance to. They too are from Brooklyn. They are simply unique. Even the lead singer's name is unique! Ezra Koenig and four others make up the band Vampire Weekend.
Song Suggestions: A-Punk, Cousins, Oxford Comma, Campus, Walcott

Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids are love. They are from California. I love their laid back music with a little bit of soul. I can listen to them all day. I went to a concert of theirs on January 29, 2010; and they were even better live. Some bands stink live but they definitely don't. They make you feel like they are singing to each individual person. Love them!
Song Suggestions: I've Seen Enough, Hang Me Up to Dry, Audience, Coffee Spoon, Red Wine Success!, Hospital Beds

Neon Trees

Neon Trees are a brand new indie band from Utah. Their debut album, Habits, just came out. My best friend was listening to them and I fell in love. They're really different and I hope they become really popular. I love the music video for their single, Animal. They have two different versions out of it, but I like the outdoor one better. Their music just gets me into a great mood whenever I listen to them! Check them out, you won't regret it.
Song suggestions: Animal, 1983, Sins of My Youth, In the Next Room.

Local Natives

I found about Local Natives a couple of months ago when I got a free song from iTunes. I put it aside and never really listened to it. One day, it came up on shuffle, and I couldn't stop listening to that song. It was so amazing. Local Natives are from California and have awesome facial hair. They harmonize like no others out there. They play really great live. I hope more people start to listen to them. I'm in love!
Song suggestions: Sun Hands, Wide Eyes, Who Knows Who Cares, Airplanes.


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