Last Farewell. . .

Masked was a simple link directory by Rainbow from mid-January 2012 to December 2012. Masked contained 373 sites at its closing. My aim for Masked was to be a simple community-friendly directory. Masked got its name when I thought sites with what I needed were mostly hidden, or masked, by surrounding sites.

Masked as a directory is closed. All of Masked Directory's contents were transferred to new owners who I no longer know since I lost all my neomails after I went on a long hiatus from Neo. I was never told of the new location of the directory, only that the name was no longer Masked, but something else.

Masked as a directory will never return. Thank you for all the support, kindness, and comments while Masked Directory was still active.

Oldie Sites I Enjoyed Visiting Over the Years

49 Days Add a Name Petpages Bon Bon Box Checkmate Classic Layouts Clock Catchers Coding Guide CSS|Guide CSS for You Dark Light Delicious El Pix Emblazoned Flamboyance Foomanshu Graceful Box The Graphic Treasure Illusion Impulse's Tutorial Live. Laugh. Love. The Lodge Memoir's Premades Morgan's CSS Neopets Code Reference One of a Kind Open Eyes Pastry Pixels Picnic Crunch Plethora Psychochromia The Quiet Place Resourceful CSS Guide Saranghae Shout to the Pillow Soroptimist Directory Sparkle Storm. Sugarrush Sugary Premades Sushi Bar Velvet Vibe What's Cookin', Good Lookin'? Whirligig Words~Unspoken Yuliya's MS Paint Tutorial Zel's Anchoring Guide

15 Things I am Grateful For

15. I have the luxury of easy access to hot and cold water.
14. I wake up without pains or aches.
13. I get to meet inspiring people and hear their story.
12. I get to see and visit great sights.
11. I have the opportunity to further my education.
10. I get to read great books.
9. I have a caring family.
8. I have wonderful sisters.
7. I still have my hearing.
6. I can see, with the help of my glasses.
5. I get to eat amazing food.
4. I have close friends who I can talk to about anything.
3. I have the opportunity to see and speak to my great-grandma and grandparents.
2. I am able to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.
1. I am alive.


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This layout was made by Rainbow with
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Masked was inspired by the following: Thank you Converse AllStarz, Dark as Day, Sandstar's Directory, New Acadia, Compendium, and Little Black Book for being the most lovable directories

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