Welcome to Creamied

Hello and welcome to Creamied! Creamied is an ice cream adoptables and request site. It was established on June 26, 2013.

My name is Julia, and I will be serving you for the rest of the day.
At Creamied, not only do we serve ice creams, we also offer lollipops, bubble teas, muffins, and candy canes! There is also a kiriban event. The person who is the lucky visitor has the chance to order an ice cream and a customized side, even if requests are closed.

We're always adding new flavors, so do check back!

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to neomail me! I will get back to you as soon as I received your neomail. You can also contact me at Vanillarise in deviantart.


+ 25th July 2013 // Requests are CLOSED! : Oops~ Sorry for my sudden absent, I was wayyyyy too busy to maintain Creamied.
One new lovely affiliate, Doodleness!

+ Have tons of new suggestions for ice creams/sides? You can now send in all your ideas at the Suggestion Box!



You can find a large variety of ice creams in the display case, feel free to adopt one of them!
Umm.. They wouldn't melt so soon, so don't worry ^^

If you have some new flavour ideas in mind, please do not hesitate to tell me. You can do so by dropping a message in the Suggestion Box!

Hover over each Ice Cream to view its flavour/colour!


Please do credit properly if you used the adoptables.
Please do not use my adoptables off-site.
Do not redistribute the ice creams or claim them as your own.
Do not alter or edit the image in any way; if you would like to recolour or edit it, please contact me first.
If you were caught stealing once, you will be warned with a gentle reminder. The next time you steal, you will be reported without hesitation.
If you saw someone stealing, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact me.

* Ice Creams with the Text Banner allow you to add in your own text! *

Mega Cone Ice Creams

Without Text Banner

With Text Banner

Mini Cone Ice Creams

Without Text Banner

With Text Banner



Bubble Teas


Candy Canes


You are free to color these linearts and post them anywhere, but please do not redistribute them. Crediting Creamied is mandatory!
The linearts are just plain themed bases. You can add in your own decorations, sprinkles, toppings, etc. But please do not erase the eyes (if applicable), toppings or any other things I've added. You can only add toppings, but please do not erase the pre-drawn ones.

How To Use?

First, save the lineart image. Then you open the image in any photo editing program and start colouring it! After you have finished colouring, upload it to any image uploading websites (Usually I use Photobucket, deviantArt & ImageShack), right click the image, and then click Copy Image URL or Copy Image Location or Properties - Copy the URL. Now you're finished! You can post the image anywhere you want.

* Hover over for the theme of the lineart, drag to the address bar for full view. You may also see examples at the Premades section.

Mini Cones

Requesting Rules

Only order an ice cream when requests are open.
Please do credit properly for the ice creams.
Do not redistribute the ice creams or claim it as your own.
Expect to wait up to 7 days for each ice cream you ordered.
Please only order one ice cream at a time, if I've finished yours and requests are still open, feel free to request one again!
Please do not alter or edit the image in any way. After you've read this, put Lollipop somewhere in your form. If you have not read the rules properly, you have 2 days to correct this by sending in a new form with the subject : Ice Cream Request (New).
If you are not satisfied with what you get, please do not hesitate to tell me, so that I can tweak it for you. If you think you would like a redo, please tell me.
If you have made an error in your form, please send a new form with the subject : Ice Cream Request (Re:).

Mega Cone ice creams do NOT come with faces, while Mini Cones do. Also, Mega Cones' outline can either be darker than the base colour (You can see examples at the adoptables section/portfolio), or plain blank. Mini Cones' outline are all black.
Also, please note that I'm living in Singapore. Usually neomails will be replied at 9PM NST or later.


* Drag to the address bar for full view


* - Optional fields

1. NAME ; 2. NAME ; 3. NAME ; 4. NAME ;
5. NAME ; 6. NAME ; 7. NAME ; 8. NAME ;

Pick Up

All Ice Creams will be moved to the Portfolio in 7-10 days.
If you can't find your ice cream here, please check the Portfolio.
*Hover over the ice creams to see who's the owner

Please do not take ice creams that are not for you. Only take those that belonged to you!



For the kiriban event in Creamied, be the visitor with the lucky number, which will be announced every time a Kiriban is over, and when a new one starts. The Kiriban winner for this time will be getting the Kiricream Package of : 1 Mini Cone Ice Cream & a customized themed Lollipop - For the Lollipop, you give me a theme and I will customize it for you.

The Lucky Visitor Number is : 400!
Good luck! :D

Terms & Conditions

To be qualified for the Kiriban event, you have to take a screenshot of the lucky number featured every month, put it up on a petpage and send it to me!

If there's more than one person who send in a screenshot, the first one to send in will win (Judged by the time of the neomail sent). The rules for the kiriban is same as the requesting rules, just that you can actually forget about the keyword.


In this section, the contents will all be inside the mini content box, so there's no need to search for a link, except for the Portfolio.


Either you've missed picking up in the Pick Up section, or you want to have a little peek :P In the Portfolio you can find all of the ice creams I've made throughout since Creamied has been open!

Retired Items

These are the items that once advertised Creamied, you are still free to use them though.

Suggestion Box

Feel free to send in as many suggestions as you'd like! Please list them in bullets form :)


Link Back

Sister/Brother Site

Tsunami is a pet adoptables and request site owned by the fantastic Alice! Tsunami provides different species of pet adoptables, and its requests are also open often. Tsunami is definitely worth your visit ♥!

Affilaites : 14/24




If you found any missing credits, or anything that is not written properly please do not hesitate to tell me.

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