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Types of guilds
There are many different genre's of guilds that you'll see floating around the Guild Message Boards. But do you really understand what each one is?

Neorelated My personal favorite to create. The Neorelated guilds usually follow the neopets theme many times creating layouts from neopets images. The Neo-related guilds are usually very creative and many times stay open the longest. You can almost always trust the leaders of the guilds to keep up with the guild; not abusing the donation, creating activities that are both enjoyable and provide great prizes. Many times, neo-related are the guilds that are made the most. You can always find people on the Guild Message Boards asking to create a Neo-related guild.

Celeb Much different from Neo-Related guilds, the Celeb genre has taken off lately. Usually focused on models or actor/tress', the Celeb guilds have amazing layouts and creative leaders, though they don't always last long. You may find that a Celeb guild doesn't make it past it's first week often. Though if you fancy talking about the latest 'it' person, or fashion, a Celeb guild is for you.

Scribble Those who have actually mastered the Scribble art form are truly amazing. Scribble guilds also last fairly long and have amazingly intraquit layouts which have so much detail you're usually awe-struck upon viewing them. These guilds appear to have a ton of fun (and they very well might, though I'm not positive because I've never been in a Scribble guild).

MultiAll of the above". Literally. The Multi genre is relatively new. Like 2006-ish. These guilds range from every genre of guild, with amazing layouts. They usually gain a lot of members in the first week, but sad to say it, don't make it past that. Multi guilds have five-nine owners at times, and each one is amazing at the style of graphics they do.

Graphics For those who make graphics, and for those who want to learn how to make graphics. You can bet that these layouts are the most complex of all because many times the owners have a great understanding of graphics and CSS. Not many of the guilds last long, but you can learn a lot and enjoy yourself for the time being.

Harry Potter Pretty self explanatory. If you like Harry Potter, these guilds are for you. The layouts range from amazing, to not bad but you'll find that Harry Potter guilds seem to never die. They stay around forever because the members and owners involved in them love Harry Potter so much that they wont let him die. (Though there is rumor that Jk Rowling is going to kill him off =O )

Avatar guilds These guilds usually have a requirement to join. Something like you have to have over 150+ avatars and remain active for __ amount of time. Usually, avatar guilds have layouts with avatars speckled around and one very key thing you can get out of an avatar guild are the trading. If there's an item you need to get an avatar, but it's out of your spending range, an avatar guild may provide it. Given that you've proved yourself loyal.

Roleplaying You have have a lot of fun in these guilds. I was once in a Pirates of the Caribbean Role Playing guild and I always role played as Jack Sparrow. I have to say it was the funnest time I've had in a guild, ever. These guilds usually have a set theme and you get to chose (or create) your character in which you role play (in easier terms, your pretending to be that person). These guilds also usually last quite long, although they don't have the best graphics (usually).

Anime What is Anime? Your probably wondering the very same thing. Anime is like Japanese Manga. The most popular anime characters are Naruto and Inuyasha. These guilds have amazing layouts based on anime characters. They also are usually role playing as well, because you chose a character that you occupy while in the guild

Writing/Literate I love these types of guilds, 1. Because Chatspeak has become apart of so many neopians lives, that it's a breath of fresh air when you join a guild that is Literate. 2. Because I love writing (and am actually in the process of writing a novel). Writing/Literate guilds stay open for a very long time, even if they have 20 or so members. They can honestly say they don't care about how many members they get. I also think Writing/Literate guilds are the most educational when it comes to guilds on Neopets. How much can you say you've learned from a Role Playing guild? I'm sure it's not much, but with a Writing/Literate guild, you can expand your writing ability while having fun at the same time.

Other Many times being related to different types of movies, or sports, the other genre of guilds isn't very popular. There are the select few who make them, but there is always a neopian around who will join them. Usually, the layouts aren't want pulls the members in, but it's the content and 'good time' the guild has to offer.


Becoming a Leader.
Not everyone has it in them to become a guild leader. Do you?

Qualities of a guild leader:
1. Active

  • And by active we don't mean coming online for just two hours of the day. No, active is getting your butt online every free second you have. That's what it takes. I remember, in very successful guilds, having to jump on Neo before school, before bed, AT school. Every change you can get, or your guild will fail. this is where having multiple guild leaders comes in handy

    2. Credible

  • This one is hard to judge yourself with, but people have to be able to rely on you. You have to come off trustworthy. Many guilds have "donation shops" and members wont even consider donating to your guild if you come of as a scammer.

    3. Knowledgeable

  • Every guild leader has to know there stuff. You can't go head on into making a guild if you don't know what HTML or CSS is. True, graphics aren't everything, but it's good to know how to make semi decent graphics because, lets face it, that's what members look at. HTML is a key thing to know when making a guild. Without it, you literally have no guild.

    4. Kind/Nice

  • You want your members to like you, to want to get online everyday and post to talk to you. If your a rude owner who only cares about getting a ton of members, you'll most likely get the opposite. Be able to befriend your members. It will, in the end, help your guild grow and you'll end up making great friends in the process.

    5. Literate

  • This one seems sort of funny, but it's absolutely necessary if you're considering become a guild leader. Members don't like to struggle in decoding what your saying to them. Ta1kin lyk dis annoys people and will turn them away from the start. It's also, not very hard to be literate. It takes not even a second to type out ever letter in a word.

    Do you see yourself with these qualities? Perfect! Now it's time to find owners to help you with your new adventure. Lets face it, it's easier to run a guild with five people than with only one.

    Through a few easy steps, you should have as many guild leaders and you feel necessary:
    Step One: Head on over to the
    Guild Boards.

    Step TwoCreate a new topic. Make it stand out. You don't want something that looks like this, but you want something that will catch peoples attention, like this, . Smiley faces catch peoples attention. Those are good tools to use.

    Step Three Your main message. If you didn't specify which genre of guild you wanted to make in your board topic, do so now. You also want to provide people with a form to fill out. The following form is one most popularly used:

    You can use the above form in your board and feel free to make it more personal. Add other area's to fill in if you'd like to learn more about the person applying.

    Step Four Always always fill out your own form. It allows others to see where you come from. Many wont fill out a form without seeing your qualifications. Others will repetitively ask you to fill out your own form which makes you seem non-professional.

    Step Five Accept or deny those who applied in order of who applied first. You can be the judge on who makes it and who doesn't. It's different for every person; normally, though, it's based on examples. Be polite. If someone you denied asks why, tell them. But don't put them down.

    Step Six Once you've found all the owners you think you need, create a guild and get started! You should be all set on help needed.

    Keep reading the guide to find out other things needed to make a guild successful.


    For the members.
    Creating a successful guild isn't just the leaders job, but the members as well. If your a member, and want to improve your memberness this is the section for you.

    The Member checklist
    By completing these things, you'll become a class-A member

  • Posting at least once a day. Many guilds die because their members decide not to post. It can't be all up to the leader to keep the guild active. As a member, it's almost your duty to post. This will keep the guild funner, and surly not slow.
  • Participate in activities. Not only do you have fun, but you win great prizes! Participating in the activities your guild has to offer is another way to keep the guild active and it'll make you feel part of the guild. (A reason why many people end up leaving a guild in the first place)
  • Make an appearance to all the guild bashes, even if you'd arrive late. Bashes are a ton of fun in a guild. Usually their not too often, and are held once a goal is reached, so why not celebrate for doing your job? It's also very likely you could get plummeted with prizes.
  • Donate. Not a necessity, because not everyone is a multi-millionaire, but a few neopoints here and there will help the guild get better handouts.
  • Advertise for your guild! You can't expect the guild leader to do all the advertising. With a couple members advertising at a time, you can greatly increase your member amount and make the guild 10x more fun. This is probably one of the biggest jobs any good member could follow through with.


    The content you put in your guild is very essential towards being a successful guild.

    To be literate, not to be literate. That is the question
    And the answer is to be literate. There isn't a decoding tool at your members use to decode everything you've said if u r ta1kin lyk dis. Future members who see that wont even bother trying to figure out what you're trying to say and will just skip your guild to go on to the next one. Talk like a human being. We are human beings after all. It makes both you and your guild look more intelligent when you use proper English and the correct punctuation. If your not an awesome speller, type out what you want your guild to say, in word and transfer it over.

    I'm happy, but not that smiley happy
    Smiley's are cute little additives that you can put into your blog, but when is it too much? One smiley should get your point across. I know everyone likes to decorate their blogs, but smiley's don't decorate, they clutter. And, quite frankly, get annoying after a while. Chose one smiley that will get the job done.

    Dear diary, and today I did this
    Don't use the blog as your own personal diary or journal, it's great that you want to share your life with your members, but do it in the guild message board, not on the front page. There is a limited amount of characters you can use on the guild front page, why waste them explaining what you had for dinner? Use the blog to share some of your goals for the guild, or make a meaningful update.

    Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!
    A big no-no on guild blogs. Asking, or begging for your members to advertise makes it visible to your members that you only care about quantity over quality. Mention it once, and don't keep stressing it. Members should understand that in order for the guild to stay active, there needs to be more members, and they'll advertise on their own time.

    ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )
    Try not to use many of the Shift+# characters in your blog. Just like smiley's, they clutter your content and make it hard for your members to pay attention to the point you want to get across. These characters are fine to use in the message board when it's very informal talking. Your blog should be as formal as possible.


    For Leaders
    Decide that you're going to be a guild leader? In this section, I'll explain many of the things involved with a guild and making it successful.

    It's all in a name
    The name makes your guild. Chose a good name and your guild is that much closer to becoming successful. Chose a bad name, and neopians might mock your guild and not take it seriously. Try to chose a name that is one to two words in length and doesn't have any Shift+# charactres (ex. ! @ # $ % ^ & * ). Names with "Muffin" in it are so 2004. So steer clear away from those.

    Donation shops - open for business
    Many times, guild leaders try to get extremely good handouts for their members, and end up spending their own money buying those expensive items. Create a donation shop instead! Many members who are very passionate about your guild will donate and you'll be able to buy amazing items for your guild without putting a big hole in your budget. You'll have to use the shop neopets gives you for the donation shop, which many times isn't a problem for leaders. Usually, leaders keep a list of who has donated what in their shop for others to see. Remember to use only junk items in the donation shop. All items in your shop should sell for 1,001 NP + so taht you can keep track of which of your members has donated

    I'm new, give me a Newbie Pack
    A Newbie Pack is another thing you have the option of offering in your guild. Newbie Packs are groups of 3-6 items in a specific category that your members will receive just for joining the guild. Newbie Packs are usually housed in the leaders trades. You have to be careful, though, with Newbie Packs, because sometimes people just join your guild to get the items and then leave. To insure that this doesn't happen to you make it so that you have to stay in the guild for ____ amount of days (generally a week) before you can get a newbie pack
    Newbie Packs as well as Giveaways are against Neopets rules, so if you decide to offer them in your guild, be aware of the risk involved

    Join ______ today!! Woot!
    Create guild ads for your guild members to use when advertising. It makes it much easier for your members to advertise if they have a form to use. There are usually two types of advertisements. 1- the simple ad. 2- the descriptive ad.
    1-the simple ad usually consists of your guild name, what genre the guild is, and an optional link. Below is an example of a simple guild ad:

    »*star*Point Zero« {Nu*NR} ++ LINK HERE

    2- the descriptive ad. Many times the descriptive ad lists ALL the possible things your guild has to offer. It's not as effective as the Simple guild ad, but many chose to use it. Below is an example of a descriptive guild ad:

    *star*Join Point Zero«

  • ___+ Members
  • ____+ Messages
  • Donation shop
  • Amazing guild leader
  • Daily changing layouts
  • Newbie Packs
  • Paintbrush handouts
  • Fun Activities
  • Super Active
    All we're missing is you!

    Bash @ 143 members!
    Bashes are a fun thing to incorporate into your guild, in fact, most guilds have bashes. Bashes are usually held after a specific member goal has been met, though there are also holiday bashes. In order to hold a successful bash, you should make sure all your members know the set date and time that the bash will take place and have a schedule of the bash available at your members disposal. These schedules should have the time starting and time ending of each activity and who's hosting that activity.

    Pick my team! Pick me!
    Guild teams are a great thing to have in a guild. Not only do they unify the guild, but they add friendly competition between groups. Members in a guild team can earn points for doing many different things. 5 points for refering a new member, or 1 point for ever 100 Np donated. If your going to have guild teams, make sure you have: Individual names which are catchy, a list of what will get you ___ points, team leaders, tournaments.

    And the member of the month is..
    Having member's of the month's is another thing you can add to your guild. It gives members an incentive to keep the guild active and participate. By deciding to create a member of the month sort of activity, be sure you are stocked up on items that are worthy to give out to the member who stands out during a certain month. Also, post the members name somewhere on the guild or guild webbie so that the member gets the credit they deserve.

    What makes a good guild?

  • Graphics
  • Activeness of guild
  • Amount of members
  • Webbie
  • Rareness of handouts
  • Updates
  • Creativity
  • Originality


    Every guild has (or should have) a guild webbie. But what's put into the guild webbie that makes the guild successful?

    A guild webbie can be hosten on 1. A pet page, 2. Freewebs [dot] com, A personal website

    1. Layout

  • Each webbie should have a layout specific to their guild. Make sure it's eye candy and looks good. It's sad, but true, that looks do matter when it comes to guilds.

    2. Navigation

  • If your guild webbie is hard to navigate then your members will give up trying to find information and leave. Make it so that a six year old would be able to find their way around your webbie.

    3. Content

  • Activities, more updates, and everything else that makes your guild should be on the webbie. The guild webbie is like an addition to the guild front page, except for the fact that you can post an unlimited amount of information on the webbie, where-as on the guild font page, Neopets limits you to a certain amount of characters. Use this to your advantage and make the webbie just as good, if not better than your guild font page.


    Graphics are a key part of guild making. In order for a future member to even consider joining, they must be pulled in by the Eye-candy of your guild layouts, banners seen on members lookups and other graphics that you may have.

    Guild layouts
    There are two styles to guild layouts, the full paged layout and the blog layout. Below are two of my own personal examples of each style (right mouse click and chose "view image" to see full size):
    The full page The blog

    The full page layout is designed so that no other neopets links are visible, where-as the blog layout goes in the space neopets provides. There are also free-form type layouts, as shown below:

    Where there is no exact shape to the layout, but in most cases it's still considered blog.

    Two key programs to use when deciding to make layouts, Photoshop (any version, though CS and CS2 are the newest), and Paint shop Pro (any version, though X is the newest). Invest in these programs which will help you excel in graphics not only for neopets, but for your future. (that sounded cheesy xD)

    If you can't make your own layouts, look for amazing layout makes and see if they take requests. If they do, you can request a personalized layout for your guild.
    Never, and I repeat NEVER use a premade layout from Neopet Help Sites. They make your guild look extremely bad although the layout may be good. You always want to have a layout catered to your guild.

    Banners and Logos
    The guild logo's should coincide with your current layout. If need be, take a part of your current layout and make a banner out of it. You don't want to use Avatar/Icons for you Logo because many times they don't work with the theme of your guild. It's better to use a logo that you've personally made than a premade (again).

    Banners are very useful when trying to advertise your guild. A banner should be long in length and shorting in height, usually only possessing your guild name and a motto sort of saying.


    How to Advertise
    Advertising seems to be a pretty simple thing to master, though I've found one technique which guarantees about 85% more members.

    Step One Have the pre-made guild ad saved in your memory. If your unaware of how to do this, copy the ad and then press CTRL+X and you should have it saved in your memory. (Note, don't CTRL+X/C any time in between this process)
    Step Two Head on over to the
    guild boards
    Step Three Look over to the side of the posts where it says replies. Specifically look for those posts with "0" replies.
    Step Four Once you find those with "0" replies, quickly check to see if their post topic mentions being guildless in any way shape or form.
    Step Five After you've found their boards, with "0" replies, briefly skim their first post to see if they ask you to post anything to confirm you reading it. If they do, write what they ask you to, and paste your ad in your reply (To paste, CTRL+V). Also, if they say to only neomail them, head on over to the neomails. If they say both are fine, do both. It increases the likelihood that they'll see your guild.

    Step Five is a very critical step because if you miss what they have to say, it could (and most likely will) result in them skipping over your guild. And then you would have just lost a possible future member.


    The FAQ section is currently empty. Have a question that I haven't addressed in the guide?
    Neomail me and I'll reply back to you, and it will appear in this section as well.


    Link back to the Ultimate Guild Guide
    I would greatly appreciate it if you helped spread the word about the Ultimate Guild Guide by adding a banner to your lookup or shop.


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