Welcome to Solasta! A button request site run by Tia and Jake. Solasta was founded in November of 2016 and is dedicated to making beautiful buttons for you.


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meet jake

Jake is your typical long time Neopian resident. Dabbling in one thing or another over the years. On neo you can usually find him in the Kadoatery, chatting away in Conjure or playing Food Club. In addition so Solasta, he owns a font site called Arials. Off Neo he is usually at work on spacing out on yet another netflix binge.

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meet tia

Tia is a 23 year old recent college grad from New Jersey. On neopets she loves food club, chatting in her guild and making graphics/css. Along with Solasta she owns a premade CSS site called Meraki. Outside of neo, you'll find her watching anime, playing video games, or drawing.

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Before placing any requests, please read through all the rules!

1. Always leave credit. Do not claim these buttons as your own! Please credit us in some way.
2.Do not beg. We will let you know when your button is ready, please don't constantly neomail us asking when it'll be ready.
3. No Stealing! Do not use any of our borders or other resources without permission. If you do receive permission, make sure you leave credit!
4. Only 4 requests per week. Because this site is run by two people, you can request up to four buttons a week. That is two from Tia and two from Jake.

If you have read all these rules you may proceed to place your request.


There are two types of requests. Custom and Our Pick (which will be split into Tia's Pick and Jake's Pick). Custom you get to choose everything from the image, animation, border etc. For Our Pick, we choose everything, you just provide the text you want on the button.

requests are open

To request an Our Pick fill out the following form and neomail it to Tia or Jake.

Custom Request

To request a custom button pick an animation and border then fill out the form below.




Pick ups will remain here for one week. If you missed your pick up, let Tia know.


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