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Make Some Noise
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AC VII game play update:

You can use the mouse again to control the players on the field! Click and hold the left mouse button to throw the ball farther or to steal the ball from your opponent.

So, you want to learn NEW Yooyuball? Well, you are at the right place. Before we start, let's look at the controls. We will be using our keyboard to control the entire game. The arrow keys or your WASD keys help you to control the players. Note that you can only guide one player at the time and that player is automcatically selected for you. The only moment you can get rid of the auto selection is when Tonie Plessix, our goal keeper, is on the screen. If you want to take control of Tonie, press V. If you want to control the players again, you will need to press V again.

There are two more keys that you need to play Yooyuball. The first one is shift and is used to bring back your players into their original positions. (Quite useful after a goal save!) The other one is spacebar and is overly used in the game. Spacebar allows you to shoot the ball. If you hold that key for a while, you notice a power meter above the head of your active player. That meter will increase the strenght of your shots, so it's quite important in the game as it allows you to throw the ball farther. You also use spacebar to tackle an opponent and to steal the ball from him.

With the new version of Yooyuball, four power-ups were introduced : Speed Boost, Goal Expansion, Mystery Power-up and Freeze Opponent. They are all quite useful, so be sure to catch them when they appear on the pitch.

Now we'll look at the formations, and then the yooyus.

The formation of your team is vital. There are three formations to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. During the match, many of your players will be, more than likely, running in 'squares' and annoy Elon to get the ball. Formations are important though, as should you lose the ball, the right formation can help you get it back fast.

The examples in this guide are played from right to left. They use a 1+3 formation, ensuring the best defense possible in the event that your goal attempt is blocked and that the opponent runs to your goal to attack Tonie's net.

Formations Images

The first option (Called '3+1') is an offensive formation. You can almost immediately get to the Yooyu, and swiftly drive for the goal. If one player loses the ball, the other two left in the front line can catch the ball and pass it back. If the opposition gets past, there is only one defender and a goalkeeper to save your tailfin, so watch out. Make sure you score first with this formation.

The second option (Called '1+3') is a defensive option. It's essentially the opposite of '3+1'. You can still get to the Yooyu equally fast, but with only one player up in the scoring area, should you miss the net on your first try, you might have trouble getting it back quickly. However, if your opponents do get the Yooyu, you have plenty of fish back there to save you. *Phew*!

The ONLY formation that we recommend, due to changes made in Yooyuball this year.

The final option (Called '2+2') is a middle-of-the-road option. With this position, you can easily switch between offence and defence. Although you might not be able to get to the Yooyu quickly, you can easily shoot off and control the two front players. The same goes for the defenders, too. But watch out! This formation is vulnerable to an easy attack. With a clear center, the opponents can easily just zoom through you and score, so block the central area as best as you can (as the computer loves to shoot there.)

Every Yooyu has it's own way of moving, which you can view below.

What to do at the kick-off

The most important trick in the newest version of Yooyuball. It's very important that you don't rush to touch the ball first. Instead, move up to the white line on the pitch and wait for the forward player on the other team to touch the ball first. As soon as it happens, tackle the player by pressing spacebar. It gives you a boost of speed, making it incredibly easier to score within 3 seconds.


Normal, Fire, Snow, Clockwork or Mutant Yooyu

There is a nice strategy that works with most Yooyu that you encounters in Yooyuball. After getting the ball from the kick-off (see above strategy), you need to move towards the net and to position yourself slightly below its middle, directly in front of the goal keeper. In clear, dash down by a couple pixel (2 tap on the down arrow key) and then keep running in straight line to the goal.


Darigan Yooyu

This ball can give you troubles at time. It follows odd angle, which makes it impossible to follow the generic strategy to put it in the goal. You have to position yourself in the bottom corner of the pitch. Face the wall while you gather some power, and release spacebar to shoot. If you are lucky, the Yooyu will either go directly in the goal or bounce off the wall and go directly in the goal. Even if you follow this strategy, it's possible that it work at the first try. Keep firing the Darigan Yooyu and eventually you will score a goal.

Still having troubles with the Darigan ball? Then read on this tip that was submitted to us by tibiafan100:

You can also go to the goal as a normal ball, and then just before you shoot turn around. The Darigan Yooyu will follow the exact opposite angle, and you will score. I use this tactic all the time for the Darigan Yooyu and it works! It's isn't hard at all. Just turn around before you shoot.

Faerie Yooyu

Can be very easy. Different from all the others, this ball curves when kicked. You simply run straight at the the goal keeper, and kick it directly at him from the proper distance so that it will curve around and past him.

If you have trouble with that method, here is an alternative that is likely to work. Trick the goal keeper with a feint. If you pretend to go up, the goal keeper will eventually move up to protect the corner of his net. You want to sneak away and take on the opportunity of that opened net, shooting from around the center of the net.

Shootout Showdown

There is no minimum score for this game, you just need to get at least one goal in and it will count towards your personal ranking. Preferable if you send perfect scores of 1200 points, as this game is extremely easy to master.

In Shootout Showdown, you play as a Maraqua player practicing by scoring goals to become an expert. You have 60 seconds to shoot 5 yooyus passed the Jelly Chia goalie. Simple enough.

The game controls are pretty straight forward. Use your LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to position the Yooyu and press arrow keys to position the Yooyu and press SPACE BAR to add some power behind your shot. If you want to add an angle to your ball, press your arrow keys again. Then release the spacebar to shoot the ball.

The game ends as soon as you have successfully scored 5 times or when the 60 seconds is up. The maximum score you can achieve is 1200 points. At the end of the game, you will get 60 seconds to shoot 5 yooyus passed the Jelly Chia goalie. Simple enough.

The game ends as soon as you have successfully scored 5 times or when the 60 seconds is up. The maximum score you can achieve is 1200 points. At the end of the game, you will get 14 points for each remaining seconds on the timer. You will also get bonus accuracy points(how many times you shot the ball versus how many times you scored, e.i. a 5/5 is perfect).

Timing is crucial in Shootout Showdown. However, the game is not as random as it seems to be. In order to score with a Normal Yooyu, tap 2 times on your left or your right arrow key. When the goalkeeper is far away from the side you are aiming at, all you have to do is to release your spacebar and shoot. The power of your shot has no effect on the score you get, so just shoot when you think you'll make the shot.

Make Some Noise.

A score over 3000 points will count towards your ranking.Good score is 5000 points, and anything higher than that is considered very good or amazing if you can make it over 9000 points!

In this simple game, your goal is, well: simple, help the insane Techo SuperFan cheer on Team Maraqua to victory.

At the start of each game you're given two tap alternatively i.e. first one then the other, then the first one again and so on, raising the Techo's cheer meter. The faster you tap them, the higher the cheer meter goes.

The two keys are different each time you play, and it's random which two you will get. So, if the keys are too far away for you to do properly, just restart the game. You should be trying to tap them alternately. Your cheer meter will still go up if you don't tap alternatively, but your Tap Rating will go down.

Tap Rating percentage bonus that you get when you submit your score, a higher rating means more points for YOU and MARAQUA.

Keep an eye out for the Bonus Keys. They will appear at the top of the screen, and you get extra points the faster you hit them, like shown here.

Slushie Slinger

A score over 285 points will count towards your ranking. Scoring over 600 points is considered very good.

In this game, your goal is to work hard for those loyal Maraquans fans, who are dying for Slushies between games.

When you see a new customer, look at the color of the slushie they want (in the thought-bubble over their head). Then, move to the correct slushie machine by using the UP and DOWN arrow keys. When you're standing next to the correct slushie machine, press the RIGHT arrow key to make the waitress turn to the machine, and then press the SPACE bar. Wait until the slushie is ready, then press the LEFT arrow key to turn the waitress back to the counters. After that, use the UP/DOWN arrow keys again if needed to get to the customer, and press SPACE to give them their slushie. They will slurp it for several seconds, and then they will leave, making the empty cup move along the counter back to you. You must catch it, or you'll lose a life. You also lose a life if the customer reaches the end of the counter before you serve them. Remember that you have 5 lives, and there is no way to gain additional ones, so save those cups!

The beginning of the game is easy, but as you keep serving the guests, the pace gets swifter, making the customers appear more frequently and being less patient. So you'll have to speed up too.

The game speed goes up every 50 points.

If you see customers piling up, feel free to sell them any slushie if it means you can clear the lines and catch the cups. As for those cups, keep in mind that the second counter is longer than the first one, and the third one is longer than the second one, so if two customers release their empty cups on different counters at once, go to the shorter counter first.

Remember : Only play 1 game at the time

It's now a freezable offense to play more than one flash game at the time. Stay safe Maraqua and don't bend the rule!