• jan 27, 2019 school and homework are picking up again, so requests are closed!
  • jan 25, 2019 requests are open for a little bit!!
  • jan 24, 2019 +3 premades while i'm between classes (:
  • jan 21, 2019 +1 premade for my girl AG
  • jan 16, 2019 reminder: please do not send in requests when my requests are closed. they are closed for a reason, and i promise i'm not neglecting MLF. i simply don't have the time to make fonts at the moment! i've received a few requests when they are closed, and any future ones will have to face my sassiness. 0:-)
  • jan 7, 2019 it's been a hot minute!! +1 premade
  • dec 10, 2018 uhhh MLF has been open for... 6 months?! that's crazy. that flew by!!
    +2 premades
  • nov 26, 2018 requests are closed! if you are waiting for a font, please be a tiny bit patient! they should all be done by friday. very sorry for the delay!
  • nov 20, 2018 requests are open for my thanksgiving break! want to chat with me? i'm going to keep a board open on the AC the whole break. come say hi!
  • nov 6, 2018 +2 requests completed. +4 premades. Requests closed. Updates cleared.
  • welcome.

    Welcome to Moonlight Fonts run by me, Molly. MLF officially opened on June 10, 2018, and grows more and more every day. Take a look around!

    Please make sure you follow the rules when you use my fonts. Thank you so much! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to neomail me.

    Want to get a good feel for my style? Take a look at my premades and my portfolio.

    premade font list.

    rules for use

  • Please do not steal my fonts.
  • You may edit my fonts, just do not claim them as yours.
  • Credit is not required, but it is appreciated!
  • If you like a NB pen font, but don't have a NB pen, feel free to ask me to make the code shorter for you! You can ask me to do this at any time, even if requests are closed.
  • If you want me to change a color scheme for any of these fonts to fit a different avatar, feel free to neomail me at any time!

  • name: so simple by thea
    avatar: valentine chia

    name: the louvre by lorde
    avatar: feed florg

    name: cupid by ryan beatty
    avatar: gelert - starry

    name: 7 rings by ariana grande
    avatar: kadoatery - mew!

    name: imagine by ariana grande
    avatar: must... keep... smiling...

    name: tradelist/wishlist
    avatar: kadoatery - mew!

    name: white christmas
    avatar: Whee!

    name: holly jolly christmas
    avatar: Seasonal Attack Pea

    name: wraith pinned to the mist (and other games) by of Montreal
    avatar: Let it Snow!

    name: glory and glore by lorde
    avatar: Grarrl Warrior

    name: silent night
    avatar: Whee!

    name: shuggie - foxygen
    avatar: Grey Faerie

    name: creepin' it real
    avatar: Mynci - Halloween

    name: end of a spark by tokyo police club
    avatar: Petpet Laboratory

    name: bravado by lorde
    avatar: Battle Faerie
    requires nb pen

    name: goodnight, travel well by the ki.llers
    avatar: Grundo - Faerie

    name: the kids aren't alright by fall out boy
    avatar: Grand Theft Ummagine
    requires NB pen

    name: get well soon by Ariana Grande
    avatar: Mutant Graveyard of Doom

    name: get well soon by Ariana Grande
    avatar: Grey Wocky - *sigh*

    name: Glitter in the Air by P!nk
    avatar: Kadoatery - Mew!

    name: Solitaire by Marina & The Diamonds
    avatar: Illusen's Glade

    name: Dying in L.A. by Panic! at the Disco
    avatar: Mootix

    name: King of the Clouds by Panic! at the Disco
    avatar: Whee!

    name: The Light is Coming by Ariana Grande
    avatar: Babaa - Math's Nightmare

    name: Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie
    avatar: Elephante Surprise

    name: Starman by David Bowie
    avatar: Gelert - Starry

    name: Ode by Arthur O'Shaughnessy
    avatar: Super Attack Pea!

    name: Campus by Vampire Weekend
    avatar: Forgotten Shore

    name: Green Light by Lorde
    avatar: Draik - Hatched

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    view my portfolio?

    please read the rules for requesting!

  • Please do NOT claim any fonts here as your own.
  • Credit is not required anywhere, but it is appreciated!
  • You may edit my fonts, just do not claim them as yours.

  • Fill out the form below to send your request.

    waiting list

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  • pick up your font.

    drag and drop image to address bar for larger view.

    Taylor - Maths Nightmare

    Taylor - Beauty Contest




    most recent is on the top


    If you are trying to edit one of my fonts, here is the perfect place to grab all the goodies you'll need. So, let's get started!

    picking colors

    In my opinion, there are two very great options you can do to find the perfect colors for your fonts.

    1. BLOCK FONT COLORS. This page has a basic color scheme for every single avatar available. They provide me with a great idea of how I want the colors of my font to be, even if I'm not using a block font.
    2. SUNNYNEO'S ONLINE EYEDROPPER TOOL. This tool is fantastic. If you're wanting to do any color scheme at all, this eyedropper goes pixel-by-pixel through an avatar and you can pick and choose which colors you would like to use. It's a must-have for font making.

    choosing a font

    There are a good handful of fonts that I like to use, and they fit perfectly with my style. However, it's a great idea to mix and match fonts and see what fits with your style! Below, I have listed the fonts I generally like to use. On the right are the ones I commonly use, and how I use them! (Not listed is "Mistral". Sometimes cannot be seen, depends on the computer).

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    want to apply? neomail me.


    have you listed me? neomail me.


    site credits

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