The Sleeping Magma Pool Guard

Deep in the heart of Moltara Caves is the mysterious Magma Pool guarded by the even more mysterious - and oddly nameless - Magma Pool Guard. This dreaded Tonu often greets visitors with a phrase more fearsome than "Ni!": "I'm sorry, only those well-versed in the ways of Moltara are permitted to enter the Pool. Learn more and try again later." Of course, like all guards - he has a weakness, a rather peculiar sleeping condition. When he nods off, you'll have your chance to take a dip in the Magma Pool.

The Magma Pool Guard sleeps for a total of ten minutes every single (24-hour) day. For most of us, his nap will consist of just one window of ten minutes. That's rounded up, of course. The exact Magma Time on my main is 1:13:00 to 1:22:59 PM NST. Techically 9 minutes - but ten just sounds nicer. However, some of us will come to find that the Magma Pool Guard takes two 5 Minute naps at different times of the day. It has been confirmed that one methodical player has an exact Magma Pool window of 11:56:00 - 11:59:59 PM NST, but does not yet know the exact time of her other window to the Magma Pool.

Finding your Magma Pool time isn't all that complicated. Simply refresh at the Magma Pool once every five minutes. The reason for this is that if you have two five minute windows you are more likely to find your time. If you refresh once every ten minutes and you have the two five minute windows, then it is very possible to not find one (or both) of your Magma Times. It's still possible to refresh once every five minutes and miss a Magma Pool window, so at the very minimum refreshing every 3 - 4 minutes exactly should help you find both of your windows.

If you are interested in methodically refreshing at the Magma Pool, then you'll need to keep track of the time you started looking for your Magma Pool time, the times you refreshed to find that the guard was still awake, and the hours you have yet to check whether the guard is awake or asleep. Many players find that using a spreadsheet is helpful - you can also use it keep track of when the Moltaran Worms appear in any given hour of the day. I like to keep track of the information in a notepad file - whatever works for you, stick with it!

Here's an example of what my Notepad file would say:

Chi -
6:00 AM NST - 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55
7:00 AM NST - 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55
8:00 AM NST - 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 MT!

Chi - The name of the account I'm currenly looking for my Magma Time
6:00 AM NST - when I started refreshing
05, 10, 15 - when I refreshed the page to see that the guard is still awake
30 MT! - when I refreshed and I saw that the guard was asleep

I usually go back to the Magma Pool later on to:
1.) Find the exact time it starts
2.) Find the exact time it ends

On that particular account, it was exactly: 8:30:00 AM NST - 8:39:59 AM NST

For the longest time I used to say "refresh at the "0"s and "5"s, but a neofriend of mine has confirmed that one of her five minute windows is at 11:56:00 - 11:59:59 PM NST - in which case she might have missed an earlier window (or not found a later one) because she followed my advice - in which case I apologize, I'm still figuring this out. I don't advise refreshing every minute - that's maddeningly tedious. I do suggest that however often you refresh, keep on trying. I've known some players (myself included) who had to refresh for a total of 20-23 hours out of the day to find their Magma Pool time. That's why we keep track of when we have and haven't refreshed at the Magma Pool - so that we can do it over a few days or a few weeks without loosing too much sleep at once.

Once you know your Magma Pool time, you basically have access to a free color change for the pet of your choice on any day of the week. Once you use the Magma Pool, you must wait exactly seven days (to the minute) before you can dip another pet in the pool. The Magma Pool will give you the option to dip any pet you choose provided that it isn't already painted Magma. There is a little confirmation box so you can make certain you're painting the right pet Magma. If all of your pets are painted Magma, you'll see this message, "You must have at least one non-magma Neopet to take in the Magma Pool.

There is the very real possibility that you'll refresh five minutes all day long (that is, as long as the sun is up in your timezone,) and still not find your time. Congratulations! You have narrowed down your Magma Time to sometime in the middle of the night when you usually are catching Zs or counting babaas. Here are my tips for that endeavor:
1.) Choose a time when you can afford to loose a little sleep.
2.) If you can, play in a lit room or have a lamp on near you.
3.) Find a distraction from the fact that you should be asleep, be it a movie or some music.
4.) Stick to the method that you've been using to find your Magma Pool time.
5.) If you're playing other areas of Neopets in a tab, avoid the games.
6.) Refreshing at the Magma Pool is your priority - if you're going to loose sleep, make it count by finding your Magma Time.
7.) Snack quietly! Drink if you think you can get away with it. Take breaks when neccessary.
8.) Avoid excessive celebration in the middle of the night, waking up the whole household isn't a great idea.

It is perfectly safe to transfer a Magma from one account to another, however, when put in the pound, Magma pets always turn red. It might take a few hours, a few days, or even a week for a pet's image file to display correctly when a pet is freshly painted Magma or a former Magma pet is picked up in the pound - customizing your pet will take care of the problem more quickly. Magma Pets cannot be transferred to accounts under 4 months of age.

Your Magma Time is not affected by Daylight Savings Time, once you find it, it will not change. This is the method that you can use on your side accounts - if your time is inconvient for you on one account you may check your other accounts for a more convienent time.

Editorials with Magma Pool related questions:
1. You can visit the Magma Pool on side accounts if you know your Magma Time to get past the sleeping guard.
Editorial 454 and Editorial 423
2. Your Magma Time's last minute lasts until the end of that minute.
Editorial 445
3. The secret of getting accepted by the Magma Pool guard is very well kept, so much so that not many TNT Staffers haven't accomplished this feat.
Editorial 436
4. You cannot earn your way into the Magma Pool on side accounts.
Editorial 433
5. No, we have not figured out how to get automatically accepted, most people have given up and are waiting for somebody else to figure it out.
Editorial 489

Would you like to see all the Magma Pets in one place? Here you go! Magma

Much to my annoyance, it seems that Magma Kau's cannot take off their bell. (It's probably been melted into place.) If you like cross-painting, there are only five species-specific clothing items you can get from having dipped your pet in the Magma Pool:
Magma Aisha Collar
Magma Bruce Bowtie
Magma Elephante Hat
Magma Ixi Collar
Magma Usul Bow

The Awake Magma Pool Guard:

As I've referred to, there is another method to gain entrance into the Magma Pool. If you go to the Magma Pool to find this message: "Welcome to Moltara's Magma Pool! You must be a true master in the ways of Moltara. One of your Neopets may have a dip in the Magma Pool... Please select your Neopet to take a swim in the Magma Pool and be painted Magma... " Then you are among the lucky few who have 24/7 access to a free Magma color paint job without the tedious hours of refreshing. Chances are you have no idea how you managed this. To tell you the truth, we don't know either. I've been trying to keep track of any common factors that people who have 24/7 access have and so far the only thing my information indicates is that every single one of them have participated in the Atlas of the Ancient Plot from a few years ago. I'm relatively certain that TNT would make it possible for people who weren't around then to manage this feat, but it's probably very difficult. I have no proof of this. If you are working on this mystery, feel free to send me a neomail with what you've figured out. The method for earning acceptance involves neopoints in some way, shape, or form, so you cannot attempt to earn acceptance on a side account.

Can I have another dip my pet for me?
I've figured out when the guard falls asleep on my account. I don't have a new Neopet to paint every week, though. I've been wondering whether it is okay to transfer other people's Neopets to my account and paint them magma for them. I've already asked on the Neoboards and some people think it's okay. Please remove my username. ~username removed
We suppose it's alright, but you may not ask for any compensation for your assistance. You can only do it for free as a good deed, and must politely refuse any gifts they may offer in gratitude. As always, players should be very selective and cautious of who they lend their Neopets to.(Editorial 457)

By the way - it's allowed for you to ask other users to paint your pet magma for you - you aren't allowed to gift them any items or neopoints in return (and if you do - they aren't allowed to accept), a simple 'thank you!' will suffice. You can always "pay it forward" to thank others for their kind deed.

The best time to ask is at the beginning of any month before users have used up their transfers, while you still have yours.
If your account is less than two years old and you agree to a 1-for-1 pet swap so that your pet can be painted Magma, you'll have to wait until next month to get it back. I suggest that if you have no other choice, transfer your pet out towards the end of the month so that you can get it back at the beginning of next month.

That's pretty much it. If you have any questions whatsoever, neomail me and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. Good luck finding your Magma Pool Time!

Uncommon Questions
1. If I have one five minute Magma Pool window at 2:01-2:04 AM NST, will my other Magma Pool window be at 2:01-2:04 PM NST?
Best answer: It's possible, but it's not very likely. The aforementioned neofriend with the near Midnight MP Time looked again towards Noon at the exact time and it wasn't her MP Time. It seems that both five minute windows are randomized, so it's possible to have your Magma Times be exactly 12 hours apart to the minute, but it's just as likely to be any other five minutes at some random time of the day.

2. I found my Magma Time, clicked on one of my pets and it doesn't look Magma to me, what gives?
Best answer: There are two possibilities,
A. - you might have found your MT within the last few minutes and by the time you clicked on your pet, it had already ended - in which case your pet wasn't painted Magma. Visit again around the same time tomorrow, hopefully a few minutes earlier so that you don't miss your time.
B. - if you go to your pet look-up and it says "The Magma" Whatever-species-it-is, then it is a Magma Pet, if you customize your pet you can reset it's image file to reflect its new color. It sometimes can take awhile to update on its own.

3. Are there any other ways to get a Magma pet?
Best answer: Yes, there are a few other ways to get a Magma Pet -
a. Zap them with the lab ray.
b. The Splash of Rainbow Fountain Water Random Event can turn your pet Magma.
c. Magma is not available through a Paint Brush, Morphing Potion, Magical Plushie, or FFQ, so the Magma Pool is your best option.

Note: Magma Pool times have changed after the transition to our new owners, they are random - so you'll have to find them the old-fashioned way.

Giving Credit Where Its Due
My brother - who explained Divs and helped me to clean up this page's original code.
User GLB - who unfortunately discovered the 5 Minute Windows can actually be 4 Minutes long.

Spread the word!

My Magma Pool Times:
(Starts at the :00 second and ends at :59 seconds)
4:42 - 4:51 A.M. NST
8:30 - 8:39 A.M. NST
1:13 - 1:22 P.M. NST
11:50 - 11:59 P.M. NST
11:55 - 11:59 P.M. NST and ?

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