Hey there! I'm Usul, but lately everyone calls me Sui since they get confused over the fact I'm not an Usul. So please, call me Sui and enjoy my page!

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She didn't know where she came from. All she knew was that she was blue, had a long tail, and wings that looked like a four leaf clover, much like the clovers she ate all the time.

Every day she jumped around on her tail in the forests near Neopia Central. And every night she never failed to sleep on the tree she deemed hers: a massive, towering oak with sturdy enough branches to hold her as she rested. Not many Neopets knew she existed and she did not know many Neopets existed either.

She did not find her life boring, although if others knew her, they would definitely think so.

One day, she was awoken by an angry twitchy creature standing on her tummy.
Could you move, please? This is my home, now, he said, rather snappily, poking her long, hooked nose in annoyance.
This creature was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Her paw flew to her mouth in awe as she gasped at the beauty of this creature.
What are you? she asked, breathless.
I'm an Usul, he said as he kicked her off her tree.

Her wings fluttered as she tried to resist gravity and she was successful: her heart-shaped feet landed on the ground without a bump.

She felt furious! How dare he take the home which she grew up in and lived in! But after a few struggles and a few bruises, she decided she would try later. In the meantime, she should find a temporary home before nightfall.

As she flew around, she thought long and hard about this Usul. He had the two most beautiful ribbons tied around his ears and tail, and a silky tuft of hair around his neck. She couldn't help but to feel a bit less angry from him, as she found a new tree. She gloomily looked down at her own body.
Golly, I wish I was an Usul, she whispered to herself. And then it hit her:
I could try to be! And then I'll be pretty just like them! In fact, I'll even call myself Usul!
She was beyond excited.

So that she did. She looked long and hard for ribbons, and finally, the owner of Unis Fashion Shop took pity on her and gave her some standard ribbons and a comfortable orange scarf. Usul could have cried with joy right then and there.

She flew over to the Rainbow Pool and looked at her reflection. She was feeling ten times more beautiful already. Excitedly, she approached the first Usul she met. And her heart sunk as he said:
You're just a wannabe poser and resumed picking nuts for the winter.

Usul ran off, in tears.
Where did I go wrong? she asked herself. Oh, this is so shameful! I wish the Usul never saw me! Other than their tails being fluffier and their fur being yellower, what's the difference?

It was just her luck she stomped on the tail of a creature just like her. But different. Usul looked upon the creature with curiousity. They had the same shape, but Usul wasn't hard, or shiny.
Shiny! she accidentally said out loud. I mean I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
Sorry? That's a weird name. I'm Cupid.
Cupid's voice was pleasant: it was as smooth as silk, and feminine.

Usul laughed.
No, silly! My name's Usul! I like Usuls.
Well, nice to meet you.
The green dial on her torso oscillated rapidly. From this, as well as her metallic casings, Usul inferred she was a robot. She read "Blumaroo 2.0" on Cupid's arm.
A... Blumaroo? Is that what I am?
Cupid said, a little bit touchily. Cupid was proud to be a Blumaroo, and Usul wished she was something else.
You know, Usul, Kauvara has morphing potions so you can turn into a Usul if you would desperately want to be.

This got Usul so excited her green wings fluttered about. Whoever this Kauvara was, she was surely the best person in all of Neopia.
Take me to her! she said, pushing Cupid into a random direction.
Sure. It's not like I have better things to do. Cupid was feeling slightly spiteful towards Usul. She loved being a Blumaroo while Usul was just... throwing it away. Nevertheless, she led Usul to the Magic Shop. Cupid, out of pity, waited outside for Usul. She didn't have to wait for long, however, since she saw the drooping ears of an ambitious faerie Blumaroo almost immediately.
She said I have to pay! How stupid is that?

Um... very stupid?
Cupid had no idea how to answer that. She would not feel entirely sincere as she agreed to Usul's statement.

They heard a voice coming from inside the shop.
I'll pay you in a Usul Morphing Potion if you work with me for a month, Usul.
It was Kauvara with a generous offer Usul snapped up at.

For a month, Usul worked hard, fueled by the concept of becoming what she wanted. She met a lot of people who lived around her - something that had never happened when she lived alone, from tree to tree. She also learned a lot of things about herself, and the world around her.

Most notably, she realised Usuls were the rudest, snappiest customers, even if Jetsams had snappier teeth. As every day went on, she wondered if being an Usul was really what she wanted, or whether it was because the Usul was the first thing to talk to her.

Every day, however, Cupid visited, coming up with an excuse, like I need to clear the leaves off my lawn with a tornado in a bottle. And every day, her lies grew more outrageous. Usul realised Cupid cared for her, and silently appreciated her efforts, and eventually, grew proud to be of the same species as Cupid was.

Finally, once the month ended, Kauvara presented her the potion, but Usul shook her head and turned it down.
What? Kauvara was shocked. But you worked so hard for it!
I did, but I don't think I'd like to be an Usul anymore.
Kauvara smiled. Fair enough. Would you-
Her words were accidentally intercepted by Usul's:
But is it okay if I still work here? I think I've developed a love for making potions!
The Kau laughed heartily, as that was exactly what she was going to ask!
Of course! See you tomorrow. Wait! I ought to pay you for your hard work.

She walked out of the Magic Shop with significantly heavier pockets that jingled at every movement. Cupid was right outside the door, holding a Water Faerie Usuki Doll: an intended present for Usul. Usul, preoccupied with the weight of the coins, accidentally trod on Cupid's tail again.

After sharing a giggle, Cupid looked a bit worried.
Where did your Morphing Potion go, Usul?
Usul decided not to reply. Rather, she hugged Cupid, out of appreciation.

You know what? she said, snuggling in the hard exterior of Cupid, being a Blumaroo isn't that bad after all.

... but I won't give up my ribbons!

Name: Usul, Sui


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22nd day of celebrating, Y13
I haven't been keeping track of my everyday life, but Cupid gave me a journal as an early Day of Giving present. It has the cutest Faerie Blumaroo on it, but it's one of those regular pink and blue ones. Still, I'm pretty pleased and I think I'll write about interesting things that happened to me. Like today.

Kauvara and I have been busy, since there's strangely a lot of people who like to buy Novae and starlight potions. I guess it's to brighten up the night. We've been making these like clockwork! Nearly every tree is decorated to some degree, and most of them have a nova or supernova at the peak (courtesy of the kind Neopians who buy from us!) It's so beautiful at this time of year, I think this is my favourite month. The festivity in the air makes me forget the weather is freezing.

I see so many happy families around, especially near the Toy Shop and Usukiland. (Speaking of which, the owner of Usukiland is a Blumaroo as well! I think we're becoming quite good friends. She even has ribbons like me!) But it makes me sad. Everyone has somebody to have fun with at this time of year, except me. For the first time in my life, I felt reluctant to work at the Magic Shop. I wanted to be surrounded by the people I loved, but the Usuls who lived in Neohomes here don't like me much and Cupid was going away to the Virtupets Space Station.

I feel alone, and it doesn't feel good.

I don't have anyone I feel close to, except Usul. And it doesn't feel good.

I want to tell Kauvara so badly, but I don't know, I feel like I should keep this a secret! It's so embarrassing to admit that you're absolutely alone in the whole wide world. So I'll have to keep my chin up and smile through another day.

23rd day of celebrating, Y13
I've been seeing a strange pair of pirates wander around the shop, occasionally. The Uni is called Aaron, and the Bori is called She-ra, or something along the lines of that. Kauvara keeps telling me to keep an eye on them if they enter, but they're really good for business because they buy a lot and nobly pay for everything (without haggling!) so this has left me confused. So I have to remind myself to ask them what they were up to (but not pry! I'm too good at being nosy)

My wish yesterday was granted. Kauvara said I had the day off for the Day of Giving. But now I kind of regret wanting that. I don't have anything to do! I want to make more friends. Yes! I'll make friends tomorrow.

On the 26th, Neopia Central will hold a large potluck for everybody, between the Grooming Parlour and the Chocolate Factory. As it happens annually, I've heard people talking excitedly about it today. My specialty is making Cherry-tastic Fruit Pies, so I guess I'll have to get the ingredients for those tomorrow, and make them on the night.

I want to tell somebody that I'm lonely so desperately, but that's the problem. I'm lonely so I don't have anybody to tell, do I?

24th day of celebrating, Y13
It started snowing! I think I'll make a snowman or something later. This is exciting. My fruit pies finished being made, so they're cooling. Occasionally, a waft of its sweet fragrance comes my way and I have to resist with all my might to eat it all myself.

I finally struck enough courage to talk to Shira (that's how you spell her name) today. She said she came from very far away, and no magic shop is as good as the one Kauvara owns. Ahren was silent the whole time. I wonder why Kauvara is so wary of them? I guess Shira did say I don't steal anymore which means she could have stolen from us in the past... but I haven't seen her ever, so that might not be it. I think I won't care so much for this, since what's done is history.

The most amazing thing is, I think Cupid's psychic or something, since I received a delivery from her a few minutes ago. It was in a small box with holes in it, and it scrabbled around once in a often. When I opened it, a blue creature jumped out and hugged me tight! Turns out the creature is a Huggy. I think I'll call him Odie since he's not very smart, like the dog in Garfield.

I don't think I'll have to worry about being alone anymore.

25th day of celebrating, Y13
Today was the day! It was a great success. My pies flew into peoples mouths faster than the racing poogles can run. I sat next to Shira who sat next to Earl, which meant I was forced onto a more obscure table but that's okay by me.

I talked a lot to Shira, who seemed uncomfortable but that's just because she's naturally really quiet. I'm kicking myself so much for saying so many embarrassing things (and accidentally spilling sauce onto her bracelet, whoops!) but she said she didn't mind, and meant it. Her bracelet was gorgeous, it was black and colourful at the same time, which sounds like it contradicts but it really doesn't.

Shira told me to drink something (she said she used to be a bartender so she supplied a lot of drinks) which tasted delicious, raspberry juice with a tang of grape, but she looked a bit disappointed. As everybody parted, she said she'd keep in touch with me, so I think I made a really good impact on her.

Odie was with me the whole day, eating every crumb that fell under the table. That Huggy sure can eat! The only thing he refused to eat was what Bart brought (what was Bart doing in Neopia, anyway?) but I didn't eat that either.

Overall, today was a really good day. My problem solved itself. This is the best Day of Celebrating ever!

1st day of sleeping, Y14
Three... two... one! Fireworks exploded everywhere, and so did the cheering. And then... everything slowed down. The world turned grey and the sounds dulled, like I was listening to the world through earmuffs.

But for everyone else, the world was normal.

Shira's mansion was well furnished, organised with the colour scheme of navy blue and gold. By a fireplace, Shira sat comfortably on the floor, by Ash who was sitting on a comfortable sofa.
You know what? I saw Sui a week or so ago, she said lazily.
Hm? Ash listened in, turning the page of his current novel.
She forgot everything.
It's all for the best, he said absentmindedly. Shira shifted in position, as the fire was a bit too warm on one side of her face.
What if she remembers everything?
That won't happen. Ash was lax.

I had the strangest dream last night. I was collecting stars in a sky which was red. It was so vivid, I could swear it was a memory if I thought of it during the day. I think I should record it before it flies out of my mind.

It was night, the sky was black (but with a red tinge instead of the normal blue) and I was waiting outside a window of a small child. The moment he fell asleep, there was a star coming out of his heart (it's hard to explain. Like, it floated out) and I noticed I had a butterfly net in my mind. The end that didn't have a net had an orange moon on it. Deciding that net was designed for the star, I tried to catch it but it fell out of her grasp. It floated to the sky with every other star, but I somehow flew there and caught it.

Then I was at home with the same star, with a knife and a fork and ate it. Just like that. It was the most delicious thing in the world! It was sweet, but not overwhelming, like it was made in heaven. I was chewing the pillow when I woke up.

3rd day of sleeping, Y14
Cupid's back! She looks different, but in a good way. She's shinier, and instead of being predominantly pink, she's red now! She updated the screen on her torso too, it's higher definition and has a red frame around it. She looks good.

I told her about the dream I have (I still remembered it, even after a day in between) and she suddenly tensed up. I didn't even know robots could look stiffer than they did, but apparently so. She said I have to ask Shira about it, she knows dreams really well and then I was like whoa! You know Shira? So do I! We met when you were gone! and that surprised her. Having mutual friends is cool. Cupid was really worried over something, but I don't really get it.

When she left, I neomailed Shira, asking her what was up with the dream, and why Cupid was so mysterious over it. I wonder if she's the type who's really lazy about replying or the type who replies in the first possible moment she can. The response was almost instant.

Yo. Ask Kauvara for a memory potion then come to me. Stat. I'm in the Pizzaroo, Plaza.

It got me really curious, but it's nighttime so I grabbed a coat and a torch. The Plaza was never well-lit.

Shira waited, watching the steam rise off the pizza on her plate. The windchime by the door sang as Usul opened the door, memory potion and flashlight squeezed in one hand.
Have a seat, Sui.
What? My name's Usul. Usul was confused, and she figured that was why Shira had told her to bring a memory potion.

Have you wondered why you have no memories of the past, before you met Ange? Again, Usul was confused, and just guessed Cupid was an alias. Shira pointed to the memory potion, and indicated Usul should probably drink it. Usul unscrewed the bottle and swallowed the entire mixture in one gulp. It tasted awful: bittered beyond belief yet soured with awful memories. Shira giggled as Usul pulled a face, memories flooding back.

The stars she ate weren't made up, and the reason why the sky was red was simple. Sui was born and raised in Alsatia, the place where there is no laws, whether they be man-made or natural.

Eating stars was how Sui survived. She traveled through the vast land at night, waiting for aspirations to appear. With her net, they were easily caught. Sui had normal faerie wings back then; they glided better, and she was more aerodynamic.

One night, Sui came across the most elaborate castle in all of Alsatia, and if she had a map, she would have known it was also at the exact center of the place. Predictably, a star floated out the window, but this was different in colour. The light was almost white, unlike the usual yellowed tinge stars had. She was in awe of this, so she didn't eat it and waited until morning to return the star.

The moment the sun fell, Sui knocked on the door and a kind-faced butler opened the door. Seeing the star in her palms, however, the butlers face soured and said the Angel was waiting for her. Leading her into the his bedroom, she saw a pale and clammy angel lying uncomfortably in the bed.

G-give it back. P... please. he weakly sobbed. A single tear ran down his left cheek.
Intimidated, she also stammered. I-I have it. Walking closer to him, she pressed the star against his chest and it sunk in. Instantly, he looked better, and there was calm disapproval on his face.
You should have died for what you've done, but I'll give you a chance. You'll be sent to Neopia, and there will be a mark on you so you will not fit in. Of course, Sui didn't know what Neopia was, but she gratefully accepted and curtseyed. The butler nodded, and brought her to the cellars.
Don't worry. You won't remember a thing... he whispered.

I can't believe I did so many awful things, in Alsatia. Guilt eats through me so easily now, I can't forget a thing. Shira told me it was my choice whether I get a forgetting potion, but I think I won't. My past is a part of who I am, and forgetting it would get me back to square one. I want to see the Angel again, but Shira told me he was dead. The new ruler (called Fae or something like that) wouldn't understand. I guess this is a thing that I cannot ever forget or shake off. This means there's some explaining to do for Cupid (who I hadn't met in Alsatia. Weird).

4th day of sleeping, Y14
Well, that went well. Not. After my confession and saying that I wished I met the Angel once more, Cupid said she, her siblings and Shira were the ones to take him down. That I was the start of his madness. What?

The Angel didn't want to see me. Not yet, maybe not ever. I feel so guilty, so I think I'll do the next best thing possible: be the best I can be and try to make up for my wrongs by doing right. I think the Angel would like that.

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