Balloon Blast, trick or treat edition is a very simple game and has very easy to follow rules. It's basically an action:consequence board in that you pick an action and each action has a meaning behind it that you have to follow.

The game is played through the neoboards or the guild board. Any number of players can play, but for the perfect game there should be 7 players, but I have had more members play! :) I will keep everyone updated with whose turn it is on the boards.

Order of Play

Step One: Before beginning the game, neomail me to sign up. Once the game starts, I will post the playing order on the boards. :)

Step Two: When it is your turn to play, I will ask you what balloon you would like to pop. You choose the number of a balloon which then corresponds to the balloon gameboard.

Note: There are 20 Balloons and it is in order from left to right and so on. So the fourth balloon in row three on the grid is balloon number 12.

Step Three: Each balloon has a corresponding picture hiding behind it which is revealed when you pick a number. So once you pick your balloon to pop, I update the gameboard, tell the guild board/boards, and follow through with the correct action.

Step Four: The winner of the Balloon Blast is the last player left standing or the player pop the last balloon, whichever comes first.

Note: There are a variety of ways to improve your account and earn tokens! :*

So, that sums up the basics of the game. Always check the updated balloon gameboard each turn. If you have a decision to make (such as eliminating someone) I will notify you if so. It has turned out that some players won't necessarily get a turn to play, it is just the way the game turns out, you may be eliminated before you get the chance! If you are, just have fun with it!

Item Board

Item Amount Action
x7 You are Eliminated!
x2 Medium - Random Account Improvement!
x1 Player after you is Eliminated!
x3 Small - Random Account Improvement!
x1 SAVE! Save yourself from Elimination (one use)
x1 Surprise! You have earned a token!
x1 Large - Random Account Improvement!
x1 Miss your next turn !
x1 Time for a tough decision! You can either Eliminate yourself, and get the added bonus of a pumpkin square for being so nice, OR eliminate someone of your choice, and be one step closer to winning!
x1 Everyone randomly switches places!
x1 Next Player misses their turn!
WINNER 1 A lovely token!

The Game Board

Board of Ballons ~


October 29, 2017

Game updates will be displayed here.

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