Kaleidoscopic is on an indefinite hiatus, which means I may or may not come back. I really did love my site, and I'm glad I'm closing/hiatusing now, rather than just leave you all hanging.

This means, directories and affiliates, feel free to remove me. If I come back, I'll check up on you all and make sure I do what I need to do to 'reopen'.

Running Kaleidoscopic was a blast, receiving neomails and counting votes was my FAVORITE. I just found it a lot of fun! Seriously, competition site are awesome and I support all out there. If you want to open one, give it a try. All I can say is be creative and have fun with it! I'll support all competition sites out there.

Why am I closing? No, it's not because "I got too concerned about rankings" (heck, I love rankings; I really appreciate people appreciating my site!). It's because I just need a break from running a site and updating. I'm leaving site-running very amicably - after all, I see myself back one day!

And also: thanks so much! For visiting, voting, neomailing, participating, etc.: thanks!

- Kelly


Swirling... twirling... dizzying... ever-changing...

Kaleidoscopic (adj.) - Continually shifting or rapidly changing.

Hello guest and welcome to Kaleidoscopic. My name is Kelly (jaquie888) and I am here to provide you with a Competition Site with a TWIST. Enough with boring old SOTMs! Here, you will find something unique every month. No two competitions will be the same, and every month there'll be something different. I hope you enjoy your time here and decide to join in on the fun!

For more information on what's going on, feel free to browse through my site. There is the SOTM, a special Event, as well as some Extras like Resources and Past SOTM History. At the bottom of the page, you can also read my updates to see what's new around here. Thanks for stopping by!

SOTM Competition Status

Exclamation Box

The Exclamation Box is where I put anything that happens in the Sitely Community which is exciting or perhaps just something I find interesting. The little letter and number at the beginning of each point is the date posted (eg. (N17) = November 17). If you have anything you'd like to share, feel free to neomail me.

Currently Under Construction

Currently Unavailable Currently Unavailable Currently Unavailable Currently Unavailable Currently Unavailable
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Only 9 sites will be allowed to enter each month.
Please do not neomail everyone asking for votes. You can put a button on your site, but I want people to vote for you because you are the best, not because you are asking everyone to!
You are given the option of providing one short blurb for why a potential voter should check out your site/vote.
Make sure your site fits the theme.

Theme-specific rules


Do not be coerced into voting for a site!
Please vote for the site which you feel best fits the theme.
You must vote for 3 sites. No more, no less.
Voting will start once 9 sites have entered, and end exactly 15 days later.
If you are participating in the contest, you can vote. Please vote for three sites, only once, and for the best sites - even if you honestly feel it's your own!


Do you want to vouch for a site? Send me a neomail with the form below for the site you would like to "advertise". Each site that has been vouched for will stay up for 2 days! (Your name/username will be shown)

I love looking through Caylee's latest works of art! Just by reading the name of her site, you're immediately drawn into it. - Eve (awong22)

Voting ends: January 22, 2012

Votes: 13 + 4

Sugarrush is bursting with sweet surprises and lives up to its name ^^
Votes: 4

Ayuda means 'Help' in Spanish which, as a review site, is exactly what we offer~!
Votes: 5

Hooroosh! Gosh, whose heard of that? It's a unique name that definitely portrays what it means: A wild, rushed or hurried state.
Votes: 2

Ginger Glaze isn't the best name, but it's still great! After all, who could resist some glazed donuts? d:
Votes: 1

Celestality is a site naming guide and I believe my site has an extremely creative name (the theme).
Votes: 13 + 4

A whirligig is an object that spins or whirls. In graphic making, it seems that I, Caylee, am the object that is being spun by the ever-changing trends. :3
Votes: 1

To me Nyrom sounds like a crayon brand or a hip hop band. It makes me think of bright colors and graffiti.
Votes: 7

Our name is meant to capture a pleasant memoir with each layout received ^_^
Votes: 5

Zeal is a name that describes what every site/sitemaker should have: passion and enthusiasm
Votes: 5

Last Fantasy portrays a sequel to the previous 'Trapped Fairytales'. The buttons are now in a world of their own.
Votes: 3

Need a new layout? Blueprint will map out the layout plan and create a custom made area, just for you!
Votes: 10

DigiHear? You're featured! DigiHear is meant to make sites heard by showcasing the featured sites throughout the whole site community.

Extras to the SOTM section
Come to this page to pick up your SOTM participant award, check out the Gift Basket (be sure to visit the sites offering prizes), and Pre-enter for the next competition!

Additional SOTM Details

This page stores extras to the SOTM competition. The SOTM page was getting very crowded, so this page will show the extra details which pertain to the current SOTM, it's participants, and the future SOTMs.


Thank you for participating! You can take the award just below, and in the 'img src' code, feel free to change the title to the place you got, or just delete that section. Winner of the SOTM can take one of the special icons, but please only take this award if you won the comeptition.


As suggested by Rika.
Personally, I've never been a huge fan of buttons/icons saying that you won "the SOTM @ Kaleidoscopic". So, as an alternative, the winner of the SOTM will get to choose a prize. For more information on how this works and how to participate, CLICK HERE!

Prizes (hover)

All prizes include a month long ad at Neostars Magazine.

Second Place will also receive one button from Seraphic.


Would you like to enter next month's SOTM? Well, here you can! All you have to do is make sure your site follows the rules listed above and you can join before the competition starts. You may receive some extra visits to your site while you are listed here.

Enter now!
The theme will be: TBA

Neomail Me

- None yet


Button Collage

Due to Belly Buttons going on hiatus, I will hold the button collage at Kaleidoscopic! Here's some information:
A picture will be chosen from Neopets. Then, I will split it up into as many equal (88x31) parts as possible.
Each button maker who applies will get to choose which section of the image they would like to work on. First come, first serve!
Your button should have a 1px colored border and 1px white border that is rectangular. Please make sure that is it 88x31. More information will come once this stage has begun.
When all of the images are collected and put onto this page, we will have a fabulous creation, just like the one from the first Collage!

Current Step: Admire!

This event was finished on November 6, 2011. What a beautiful collage the site community has made (for the second time!). It showcases our unique talents and the different skills each button maker has. You have to admit, it's a pretty neat looking design :)

The Final Product

Take it home

Feel free to take this image and put it on your site/wherever. Please leave the link back to Kaleidoscopic so the credit for all the buttons can be found in the future. (The picture below is scaled down)


SOTM History
Total votes and my final thoughts on all the competitions Kaleidoscopic has held, since March 2011. The remarkable sites on this page are definitely worth a visit!

Just some resources you can use to decorate and add some personality to your site. Currently contains bullets.

Site History
This page gives you an idea of why Kaleidoscopic was created and what my inspiration was. Peruse some of my past buttons and layouts too!

All of the awards and fanmail Kaleidoscopic has received. Every compliment of yours is kept here, as it really inspires me!

Site Suggestions

Have you got something to say? Have a good idea? I'm happily open to all suggestions! Also, take our poll below to determine what next month's SOTM theme will be!
a) Site with most interesting content
b) Best introduction site story - contributed by Eve Event ideas:
a) Best site button (take this oppurtunity to recognize one of your sites favorite buttons) - submitted by Cookies

Extra's Ideas
a)Travelling ______
b)Competition Conundrum
c) Participation Problem (within Sitely community)

My other sites

Belly Buttons (closed) is my much-loved button request site! If you need a fun button for anything, just give me a visit and send in a request.

I made this site for you, guest. Visit it to find out more about Cellblock, get an unbeatable strategy, and win the trophy!



You are allowed to edit the colours of the resources if they do not quite match what you'd like.
You must give credit for these resources. Use the text link back below or one of my link back buttons.


This is an example sentence with a simple, small round bullet.

This is an example sentence with a simple, large round bullet.




Site History

Creation of Kaleidoscopic

I created Kaleidoscopic for one main reason: I felt that competitions sites in the sitely community were really lacking. The one well known competition site, Mignon Ink, had recently gone on hiatus and there was almost no one left to fill it's place. Thus I decided it would be fun to open a competition site. I also saw the endless possibilities involved in running one, as the current competitions were so cookie-cutter. I felt that I could change this. These are the factors I feel I used best to my advantage in regards to Kaleidoscopic's success. I knew that Kaleidoscopic wouldn't be here one day, gone the next, nor would I allow myself to make it forgettable. I've worked so hard on this competition site, and I am so proud to say that I feel it has all payed off. The astounding number of votes in some competitions as well as the participation I have from my viewers is really what drives this interactive site.

Previous Layouts

Version 1: Kaleidoscope This layout, by Brieta from Out of Focus was amazing. I truly believe that when I set out as a new site this layout gave me an edge. Amazingly professional and unique, the layout created by Brieta was everything I wanted and needed it to be!
Used:March 16, 2011 to July 21, 2011

Version 2: Paint Swipes Once again, my amazing layout made by Brieta stood out as vibrant and special. Brieta's layouts represent my site, and I'm glad they do: they're so wonderfully made and brilliant. Again, they help Kaleidoscopic to stay unique, and I can't thank Brieta enough.
Used:July 21, 2011 to December 31, 2011

Previous Buttons

Here are the buttons Kaleidoscopic has had in the past! They are all amazing, I just wanted to switch things up, so I decided to keep them here.

SOTM History

January 2012

Good job to both Sugarrush and Whirligig! After a Sudden Death which ended up with the sites still tied, there's no doubt in my mind that the site community loves both of these site names. Good job to everyone in the competition, too!

Total Votes: 77, Theme: Best Site Name

November/December 2011

This was such a fun SOTM to hold! All of the layouts were marvelous, and everyone got a respectable amount of votes. In the end, it was Lee's unique layout for Viridian which pulled out first. Runner up was Brilliant Secrets layout! Good job Lee and everyone else!

Total Votes: 89, Theme: Best Site Layout, Winning Layout:

October 2011

Good job to you Pip and Trapped Fairytales! Your buttons make me jealous. This competition was very interesting, as Seraphic and TF tied, so I got to use the new idea of Sudden Death. Only participants could vote, and in the end, TF won. Good job everyone!

Total Votes: 84, Theme: Themeless

September 2011

Congratulations to the winner of the September SOTM, The Florist. What a unique theme Sophia has, as well as a fitting, beautiful layout. This SOTM was so fun to run, because really, the competition was anyone's! Our close runner up, Wonder Pop, also runs a fabulous site. For this competition, I had 12 entrants, due to popular demand. They all got a decent amount of votes!

Total Votes: 76, Theme: Most unique theme maintained throughout the site

June/July 2011

Congratulations to the winner of the June/July SOTM, The Teahouse and the runner up, SLM/PB Prices! The wide array of helpful sites in this competition, from guides to untaken name sites to review sites, made this a tough competition! In the end, the most popular, and no denying, helpful, review site came out on top! Congrats Rika!

Total Votes: 48, Theme: Most helpful site

May 2011

Congratulations to the winner of the May SOTM, Autumn Breezes and the runner up, The Lunch Box! These two sites, as well as all the others in the competition, are incredible. The sheer number of votes attests to that!

Total Votes: 117, Theme: Site with quality and quantity

April 2011

Congratulations to the winner of the April SOTM, Optimism and the runner-up, 49 Days! These two sites are AMAZING, but I also believe the sites that didn't do so well are great too! Personal shout out to Adorn, who I feel is an amazing site! This is also the round where voter's first choice got 2 votes. I don't feel this worked as well as I liked, so this will not continue.

Total Votes (including the two First Choice votes): 54, Theme: Best New Site

March/April 2011

Congratulations to the winners of the March/April SOTM, Playlist and Waffle! I wholeheartedly agree with the results of the competition and I'm glad my first round as a new site was so successful!

Total Votes: 53, Theme: Most unique site of its type


I keep my awards and fanmail here, as it really shows me that all of the hard work I put into Kaleidoscopic is worth it. I'm grateful for every kind word and I know Kaleidoscopic, as a completely interactive site, would not be able to run without the support it receives! I also very much appreciate every person who ranks my site, unfortunately I often forget to list them, therefore I do not have that section listed her.


Featured at The Rice Hut - May 2/11

Drag and Drop!



Link back

Buttons are linked to original creators, with my sincerest thanks!

Vote for Me Buttons

Sister Site

I greatly encourage you, guest, to check out my amazing sister site, Addiction. Eve's site is new, but she shows great dedication, one of the most important aspects of a competition site. Already, Addiction is well-established and provides top notch competitions, as well as various extras to make it all that much better. Please check out Eve's site!


Open 20/24

Sites inactive for 1 month + (without notification) will be removed. Feel free to reapply if you return!


Hover to see if I am recommended.
Soroptimist Directory
Smiley Central
The Faerie's Compass
Angel's Directory
High Class
What a Wonderful World
Brave Directory
Cloud 14 Directory
A Small List
Dragon's Lair
Silver Directory



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Kaleidoscopic, all content (other than mentioned below), and original ideas, such as "Vouching", monthly competition themes, each SOTM site providing a short blurb, and "Sudden Death" are © jaquie888 (me) as of March 2011. Permission must be given by me before you use any of my original ideas.
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Click on all custom graphics made for Kaleidoscopic for the credit.

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Gift-Basket Information

This twist is somewhat confusing, so this little page will clear things up.

Firstly, the winner will get to chose from several prizes offered by other sites. For example, a site can offer a custom button/banner/resources, review service, custom font, etc. The winner of the SOTM will get to chose only one prize from all of the ones listed. These will never include neopoints or items.

If you would like to offer a service, feel free to neomail me. Include what it is you can offer, and from what site (if applicable). Your prize may or may not be chosen, so don't worry about starting on it or anything! I will contact you if the SOTM chooses your prize. As this is a gift which you are offering to a winner, please make it your best possible (which I'm sure you do all the time, anyways!).

This is, of course, optional for site owners to participate in. However, it would really create more involvement and especially make it more fun to win the competition.

Additional FAQ

How is this different from a "Winner @ Kaleidoscopic" button?
If the winner chose a custom button, the button they would receive would have their site name on it, and technically be a 'gift button'.

Why have all the other prizes go to waste?
The other site owners would not actually begin on any of their gifts until I tell them that the winner has chosen their prize. That way no one has any gifts going to waste.

Would the winner go on my waiting list, or would I make the gift right away?
Really, this is up to you. But, it would be nice if they could get the gift reasonably soon after winning the competition!


All updates include counting votes January 28, 2012 // 12:43 p.m.
Since no more votes were coming it, it's been decided that both Sugarrush and Whirligig would win this months SOTM.
And, as I've said, I've decided it's time to close/go on an indefinite hiatus with Kaleidoscopic. More info is on the home page.

January 25, 2012 // 4:21 p.m.
Once one of the two sites gets 2 more votes, we'll have a winner! Or we may have a tie, again! If so, both sites will be declared winners.

January 24, 2012 // 9:36 a.m.
This is a close one!

January 22, 2012 // 7:37 p.m.
Sudden Death! Voting is now closed, I'll be neomailing all entrants to decide the winner between Whirligig and Sugarrush!

January 21, 2012 // 5:34 p.m.
Will it be a tie :O ?

January 19, 2012 // 5:00 p.m.
After this SOTM, I will be going on a hiatus. I just need a bit of a break from Kaleidoscopic. I don't want to leave anyone hanging though, so this competition will be finished with full force!

January 16, 2012 // 3:20 p.m.
Now affiliated with: A Small List!
Gift button from Elyon. Thanks Jessi! :*

SOTM Winner

This layout is meant to remind you of lovely nights and the memories you had then, under the stars and pretty lights.
- Lee
Lee's layouts truly are beautiful. And elegant. And unique. Getting a layout from Viridian is something to look forward to!
- Kelly


Kaleidoscopic is an interactive site, so all of your comments, votes, entries, questions, and suggestion are loved. Please neomail me anytime!