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Twisted Dreams Reviews


I'm sorry, but Twisted Dreams is closed. I just don't have time on my hands and reviewing isn't fun anymore. I never thought that TD would be closing down, seriously. We used to be the longest running, regularly updated review site. Now, we're going to have to give that title to someone else. I'm not going to lie or be modest. Twisted Dreams was a good review site and I'm really sad to have to let it go. I'm leaving TD up, just in case you want to look at your review again. Feel free to send me a neomail or visit Wonderland.


Hello, I see you've stumbled onto Twisted Dreams(TD for short), a review site that caters to giving a fair and useful review about your site. TD was started on April 19th, 2009, by two young girls, Ayana and Ni. It is managed mostly by Ni, but you'll see Ayana around occasionally, sprinkling some of her own herbs and spices into this site. Twisted Dreams has done over 55 reviews in a course of about 4 months, so you know you're getting a fair and fast review. Make sure you browse around, apply for a review or an affiliate, and have fun!


Hi, I just wanted a visitor's opinion on whether I should close Twisted Dreams down. We are one of the oldest, regularly updated review site out there and yes, it would be a shame to close this site down that Ayana and I have been working on for about 5 months now. It's amazing how we've grown into a better review site and how fast everything is progressing. However, the latest coding glitch got me down and I'm getting tired of reviewing people. I'm getting really slow at reviewing and I should really start concentrating more on my school work and getting active. What do you think? Do you think I should close Twisted Dreams? Please take all my reasons into why I would want to do this in account of making this very important decision.


I'd love it if you could send me your opinion! I'm on almost everyday just to check up with the site, so your neomail will not get ignored. It'd be really nice if you provided reasons to go with your opinion but if that's too much, it's perfectly fine if you leave it out. I welcome any opinions and will every one of those into consideration!


Monday, September 7, 09
Yay, finally a blog! I am SOOOO sorry that I have been slacking on the whole site maintenance. I swear, Gr. 8 is killing me VERY, VERY, VERY slowly. I have so much freaking homework. Absolutely exhausting. I don't know I'm going to deal with Gr. 9 and high school. I think it's just the fact that I'm not so used to the whole school routine yet. I will soon, though, hopefully. xDD So, there was a three-day weekend because of Labour Day today. It was pretty awesome. I had Saturday, Sunday, and today off. However, it's already 8:42 pm here, so we have to go back to school soon. D: At least tomorrow we get our electives.

Tomorrow, if I can, I'll be doing one review and some much-needed site maintenance. I'll be waking up early at like 6 am to shower and give myself an egg mask. Haha, it sounds pretty gross, but my skin is absolutely horrible. Also, I'm too lazy to do it at night. xD I'm also going to go take a shower soon, because my hair feels really gross right now. I haven't showered in 2 days and to me, that's really bad. I'm the sort of girl that needs to shower everyday. Not because I'm really vain. It's just that having a shower wakes me up and it makes me do better throughout the day. I know it's very wasteful and I'm very sorry for the people in Africa, but it's just a habit that I can't quench.

Yeah, this blog is short today, because I need to go take a shower now. It's nearly 9. Crap. xD

Friday, September 4, 09
Wow, I haven't blogged in such a long time! However, today, I'm going to start off with the more important stuff today- I might go on hiatus. If you've been reading my updates, you'll know that I already mentioned it and pointed you in the direction of my blog. The reason that I might go on hiatus is that I have no time whatsoever. Before I started school, I was like, "Whatever. It's Gr. 8! How hectic can it be?" I was absolutely wrong. Not only is it a lot more hectic and chaotic, I have a lot more homework than I expected! What is wrong with the world? xD I already have a project that's due next Monday and I'm not even halfway done. Thank God I'm a fast worker.

I also haven't been spending much of my computer time on Neopets or Twisted Dreams. I'm not even managing Wonderland! Also, I still need to make a layout for Pip and make a banner for Noel. Not only do I need to finish those requests, I need to finish reviews, tutorials, and graphics. I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed, but hopefully, over the long weekend, I'll be able to do some of that stuff. I understand that part of life is managing and dealing with stress, so I'm not going to drop everything and run. I'll try to deal with it, but if I fail or nothing can be done, I'm going to have to drop some stuff. I'm half way through with Allie's Banners' review and I'll be finished by tomorrow. I'll make sure to post it up. Maintaining the site has become something like a chore and I really hate that. Writing reviews is still enjoyable, but I hate updating the links and whatnot.

Now, it's my turn to blog about school. We're all alphabetically seated now, so there are no worries about Wendy dragging me to the front of the class. xD My class is okay, but Wendy and I are just kind of isolated and we only talk to each other. It's not like we're loners or mean or think we're above the other people- it's kind of mutual. We don't bother talking to others, they don't bother talking to us. I would hate to live like this for the rest of Gr. 8 and I know I'm going to have to put some effort into making friends soon. That's not the way it was for me in Gr. 7. Making friends in the seventh grade was effortless, absolutely easy. I think it was because I had amazing people in my class and then I had them as friends. I love all my friends, I really do. Some of them are in my gym class so we just randomly walk up to each other in Gym, hug tightly, and just say "I love you," in that way junior high girls do.

I'm going to end this blog now, to TRY to get myself to do some site maintenance. Not going so well, though. D:

Friday, August 28, 09
I'm starting to hate school. Eighth grade is a complete and total FLOP. The only person that's my best friend there is Wendy and although we're really close and we want to stick together, we're going to have a few problems. For one thing, Wendy adores sitting in the absolute front. I have no problem with it, but it's the start of the year! You don't get anywhere if the memo that says Wendy's a nerd goes out in the beginning of the year. I am honestly not being mean, because I love the fact that Wendy is being a nerd. Wendy is really polite though and although I absolutely love her, I wish I got stuck with a more sarcastic friend, like Sarah.

-sigh- I really, really, really hate Gr. 8. We didn't do much today, it's just that we got to meet all our teachers. Our math teacher seems really strict and I'm a little bit scared of her. I noticed that she wore all purple today and even I had to smile and comment about it to Wendy. My science teacher seems really, really, really awesome. She's really nice and she gives us extra credit, which is amazing because I'll need it. xD She's really technology-based, so that's a good thing. We don't even have to write notes if we don't want to, because there's a site that offers study notes that she's already given us. My Social and English teacher is the same one from last year- he's awesome and I really like him. I was one of his favorite students last year (or at least I like to think so) and he's already teasing me. xD Not a really good thing, but yeah...

I have no idea why, but I feel really sleepy. I got an alright enough amount of sleep last night- about 8 hours, which should be enough for me. It might be because I'm used to getting the summer hours of sleep, but I hope that I adjust soon. I was yawning all day long at 12 pm in LA, which was the last class for the day. It's Friday, so we only got a half day of school. I'm not happy about Gr. 8, but I hope that will change soon. Like the beginning of Gr. 7, I wasn't very happy either, but that turned out to be the happiest school year that I've ever had. I'm trying not to judge it so quickly, but when a girl's already gotten her lock stolen, you know it's going to be pretty bad. Yes, people, someone stole my lock after ONE DAY. That's insane. xD

I'm not going to put up much stuff today. Might create more resources and then go take a nap. I don't really know. D:

Thursday, August 27, 09
MY FIRST DAY! Whooo. xD I don't care whether you don't care about my first day, but I sure as heck do. I'm going to relive it by typing it out here. Not that it was so amazing that I just have to relive it, because honestly, it wasn't all that great. I got picked up by my friend and then we arrived at school to see a crowd of students surrounding this board that listed all our classes and the students that were in it. Quickly pushing past, I scanned for my name, looking for my last name. I noticed a few of my friend's names, but I didn't see mine until I reached the class list for 8F. I looked at the class list more closely to see who my fellow classmates for the year were. There was a name that I wished I didn't see- Dillan. I screamed and started banging my head against my friend's shoulder. Dillan is a total jerk. I had him in Films class last year and I had to partner up with him. GEEZUS CHRIST! It was awful.

At least I'm with one of my best friends called Wendy. My class is alright, but it would be a whole lot better if Dillan wasn't there. It's definitely not my dream class, because there are very little girls in there. xD I'm friends with 4 of them and there are 3 that I don't know. I also have this big dork in my class, whom I don't really like because he thinks he's really cool. I feel sorry for him though, because no one forgot the time when he puked and then peed his pants. I don't really see me being friends with the 3 girls in my class whom I don't know, but obviously I'm going to try. I'm not going to stand the entire school year if I don't have enough friends. I'm too social for my own good. D:

I'm in one of the better classes than all my other friends, because I have a best friend with me! xDD At 10 am, when orientation ended, the hallways were really crowded. On me and Wendy's way to go find our other 2 best friends, we ran into a couple of people that we met last year. I practically glomped Sarah N. when I saw her. xDD She's in the same class as Bethany, one of my best friends. And then I saw Kathleen. Haha, I didn't even notice her, because she got a new haircut. Out of the blue, though, I just jumped up and hugged her. I think I scared her, lol. -sigh- I miss all my old classmates. D: I loved them a lot, especially all the girls. They were absolutely fantastic.

I'm really tired, so I'm not going to bother explaining the icon. I think I'm just going to go read some stuff on the Internet and then take a little nap. I have no idea why I'm so tired.

Wednesday, August 26, 09
Okay, you know what? I just HAD to blog today, because school is starting tomorrow. EEEEEEEEEEEEKKK! Isn't that horrible? I have to wake up at 7 am tomorrow to get ready, shower, change, eat breakfast, and do all that stuff I need to do. xD I would've woken up at 7:30, because I don't really need to wake up that early, but I decided against it. After all, I'm going to have to continue waking up at 7, so why not start now? I'm getting picked up by my friend at 8:05 am outside my house and we need to reach the school by 8:30. I'm really, really, really excited, because I want to see what class I'm in. I really hope that I'm in a class with all my best friends, but we know that's not going to happen. Hopefully, we'll still be able to keep in touch, because those people are the closest best friends I've ever had. Trust me, I have a lot of best friends. xD I don't think we're really best friends, though, if we don't hang out so much now...

My outfit for tomorrow will be so boring- so me. I'm going to wear my Jordanche jeans, a dark-coloured shirt, and then a navy Old Navy (haha! xD) sweater. I will be the epitome of 'doesn't care to make a good impression on the newbies'. xDD It'll be totally awesome, I tell ya. I've really missed my friends, even though I've hung out with a few of them during the summer. However, I still want to hang out more with them. Reviews are going to be short, because although school will be a piece of cake (it is the start of school, after all), I might be overwhelmed with seeing friends and whatnot. Also, I wanna get better grades. My dad will give me 20 bucks for every A I get. It's not a hard feat for me and I feel kind of bad about the whole arrangement. But it's money! I know he really wants me to get good grades though and I'm not going to bother failing him. xD

So, site stuff, lol. Well, today, I reviewed Valley Dreams (one of Hestansy's sites) and I removed Amea off the waiting list, due to the fact that Snapple didn't add us to her site. I usually don't even take them off, unless they're the first one to be reviewed on the waiting list. So, that gave Amea plenty of time. D: I'm not ranting or anything, because I'm not even mad. xD I just wanted to clarify that, before you think I'm a brat for yelling at someone who didn't put up the button. That's a little bit pathetic, I'm not going to lie. TT^TT I also made Extravagance a new layout. In my opinion, it looks pretty spiffy! Even Pip, the owner of the godly site called Peroxide, complimented me on it. He even requested a layout for Leaves of Carnivals. He has come up with a completely original idea for LoC, but it's not my place to tell. ;)

If you would like to see Extravagance's layout, go here. I don't think Chloe has put it up yet, because she had to go at the last minute. If you want to request a layout or any sort of graphic, neomail me! I'm not promising that I'll make it, but I probably will. And I'll probably say yes to the people who have been reviewed or are waiting to be reviewed. xDD I really liked how Extravagance's layout turned out. I know it's not exactly extravagant, but it has a really simple, calm feel to it. It makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. It's just, altogether, a really nice feeling. The coding is crap and it looks really, really, really similar to this layout, which Ayana coded. I swear, though, I coded it myself. You can tell, because I make a new paragraph every time I enter the width, height, and whatnot. Ayana doesn't, lol. Her coding is still really, really organized though. So jealous. =.=

I'm going to end this blog now, because it's 9:40 pm and I have to go to sleep in 20 minutes. I also have to go walk my dog. THIS LATE?! Yes, this late. xD It's kind of a rubbish plan (yes, I know I've been reading too many British books... xDD), because I'm a wanker (note to self: do not read Harry Potter too much. TT^TT) and I probably won't sleep until 12. xD Alright, I ought to go now, because my dog will start whining about not getting a walk. xD

Tuesday, August 25, 09
I decided to blog, even though I didn't do anything major today. This always happens- I get bored of reviewing, pick it up again, and then realize how much I love it. They're like mood swings- quite horrible, really, but you must understand. I did actually open up the under construction Valley Dreams' review, but I didn't type anything today. I was too busy writing tutorials- I managed to write 4 for Wonderland. I'll try to finish at least 2 reviews tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers here. Even I don't know what I'll feel about reviewing tomorrow. xDD

I really, really, really should close reviews, but I'm too lazy to. I know someone will mention it and I'll probably listen to them, because I want them to like my site, lol. How pathetic and desperate of me. xD I'm not bashing any other site who does that, of course. Just teasing myself, if there is such a thing. ;) Anyways, this blog is short, because I just realized I'm 5 minutes away from watching The Mentalist. I'm just going to talk about the featured icon and then jet off.

I really wanted to use a Hotch/Prentiss icon, but I thought you guys would be sick of it. xD So, instead, I used an icon featuring the ever so popular couple called House/Cuddy! WHOOO WHOOOO. If you're a fan of House, M.D., you'll definitely notice the tension. xDD I'm not really a big fan of season 5 though. There was a good bunch of Huddyness, but it was getting a bit too much. I always liked their relationship where they were comfortable with each other, but they still had some tension. Now, it's all MWAH MWAH MWAH, lol. xD And geez, the season finale. WHOA. I expected it, but eww... it embarrassed me, lol. Okay, 3 minutes until show, so I'm going now!

Monday, August 24, 09
I'd just like to tell you guys that because school is coming soon and we're moving to a new house, I might not be able to update as often as I would like. I'm going into the eighth grade this year and I'm striving to get better grades. It's not like I got really bad ones- in fact, I got all A's except for Science (87 D:) and Gym (which doesn't really count, lol). I know this friend who gets an iPod Touch if she gets 70 and higher in every term. LIKE WHAT? Puh-lease. I still love her though, even if her parents spoil her, lol. I don't know why, but I had this big feeling to blog. I didn't really add much to the site today- just an affie and a site added to the waiting list.

I spent most of my time surfing the Internet and making Extravagance's banner twice. Yep, I'm making Chloe of Extravagance (the review site I just reviewed) a layout. I had to make it twice, because my mom closed down the first one. I'm not mad, because I knew I could always remake it. It wasn't intricate like a layout, thank God. The remake turned out better, but I had to choose a font that would match the theme and the site name. I decided on Hannibal Lecter- it doesn't look that great in my opinion, but it does the job well enough. I just have to code it tomorrow and it should be finished. :D

So, to explain the icon. I just found it absolutely adorable. I am a HUGE, HUMONGOUS, LOVELY supporter of Hotch/Prentiss, from Criminal Minds. Go watch it. -pokeprodnudgewink- I just found this compiled list of Hotch/Prentiss fanfiction and I squealed. Yes, people, Ni of Twisted Dreams SQUEALED. LOL I'm such a total fangirl it's not even funny. I picked up the icon from a Hotch/Prentiss community at LJ, but I'm not sure whether the person made it herself... If you know who made it, please tell me. I'd love to have a conversation with you, because if you know who made it, the chances are that you're a shipper yourself is very high, lol. Anyways, I'm gonna go stuff myself happy with fic and then go to sleep. It's 12:27 am here and I have a feeling my dad will wake up and chase me off. TT^TT

Sunday, August 23, 09
OH NO! Only 3 more days until I have to go back to school. Part of me is excited and part of me is moaning, wondering how summer could pass so quickly. I want to see what class I'm in and I hope that I'm will a lot of my friends. That's going to be hard, though, since I was friends will all the girls in my class, even the perverted ones. xDDD Too many of those around these days. I really, really want to be in the same class as my best friends (whose names I will cleverly disguise)- Mira, Beth, Wendy, Sarah, and Jenny. All of them are awesome and if I have them in my class, I'm happy. Unless I get those popular, idiotic guys that I can't stand... Anyways, enough talking about school. It's making me depressed. xD

Today's my dad birthday, so my sister and I woke up at 5:30 to cook french toast, eggs, and bacon. Actually, I woke up at 5:30 and then I had to wake my sister up. She went to sleep at 5 am and she was already in a deep sleep. It was quite amazing, really. It's only 9:07 am right now and I am POSITIVELY starving. I can't wait until my parents get home from walking our dog so we can actually start eating. It's killing me, I swear. We're going to cook spaghetti later tonight too, so hopefully, it'll be good. I know pasta is like the easiest thing to cook ever, but I have no idea... xDD My parents are slowly teaching me how to cook, but the only dishes I know are Asian ones. I know how to cook sweet and sour pork! :D

I'll be reviewing Elizabeth's Screenies today and I might do some site maintenance. I'm not really sure. I MIGHT check up on all the people I've reviewed and hopefully, Otaku Works has finally put up our button. If not, well, I don't know. I would really hate to form a Wall of Shame for something so petty. I might let her slide, but not anybody else. YA HEAR ME? xD I'm sorry- hunger makes me do weird things, I tell you. Agh, I only had 4 hours of sleep last night and the weird thing is I feel completely awake. I'm not drowsy or anything. Well, it's still incredibly early, because I usually wake up at 12. So, I'm just going to do some stuff around the site- get up some graphics, make more button bases, add more buttons, and finish a review today.

Saturday, August 22, 09
AGHHHHH! Yesterday, I had a nice blog written out and then my mom needed to use the computer. Of course, I let her use it, seeing as she bought the computer and I told her not to shut down my -blocked- I went downstairs to watch some Criminal Minds until she called me back up, saying that she was done. AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW? The Firefox window was closed down. I groaned and plopped myself on the seat. I wasn't mad or anything, just slightly frustrated that my mom closed down my window and my exceptionally long blog got deleted. And then my dad started talking about how we might buy another house. LIKE WHAT? He's already convinced us into liking the other house that he already bought and now he's thinking of buying another house? Geez, make up your mind.

As much as I would love to continue ranting, I know all of you that actually read this blog will be really bored. I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging much. It's just that it takes way too long and I don't think people even bother to read this. I know I love reading other people's blogs, but hopefully, you're not like me. xD Anyways, we got this awesome fan mail from Hestansy at The Pixel Field. It was a huge surprise and it means a lot to me and TD. xD It's awesome and it's nice to know that I'm actually helping out sites out there.

I've already decided who the next SOTW is going to be and I'm just going to give you a small, little hint- it's a screenie site. I'm not going to give you any more than that, because it would completely give it away. That screenie site that I'm going to award definitely deserves it- EVERY ONE of her screenies are absolutely hilarious. When I read it, I found myself bursting into uncontrollable laughter. I showed it to Ayana on NSM and both of us started cackling and exchanging links to the screenies that we liked the best. xD If you're actually reading this blog, I encourage you to return to TD on this coming Monday and visit the SOTW. You'll love it, for sure. I'm not even kidding. xD

Okay, it's time to talk about the featured icon today! WHOO WHOO. The two characters on the icon are Aaron Hotchner (Hotch) and Emily Prentiss (Prentiss/Emily- no one really cares what they call her, because she has a normal name, unlike Hotch. xDD) and they're part of this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TV show called Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds is about this team of prestigious (aren't they always?) profilers that work for the FBI's BAU (Behavorial Analysis Unit) and it's really interesting to see how they delve into the criminal's mind to try to solve the crime. It's very psychological and I think it's very, very cool how they manage to build a profile of the criminal just by looking at his handwriting and the way he kills. I recommend it to anybody who likes crime dramas, psychology, or just TV in general.

You don't really notice the chemistry between Hotch and Emily until about the 4th season. That's when they start getting... pretty obvious. I was going to say an inappropriate term right there, but then I remembered I was blogging on Neo. xDD I actually didn't like Emily that much, until I watched an episode in which she was in. I adored Elle (the team member that Emily had replaced), but now I absolutely love Emily. I can't really watch Criminal Minds episodes without her anymore. The ones with Elle are just kind of boring. I noticed how Elle and the team meshed well together, but it wasn't as good as the way Emily and the team meshed. Hotch never smiles, because he's so stoic. But when he does, HOLY COW. He has an absolutely gorgeous smile and I AM SO JEALOUS! And no, I do not have a crush on him. -shifty eyes- xDD Yeah, I'm going to end this blog now, because it's getting pretty long, so yeah...

Monday, August 17, 09
LOL I've just noticed that I'm not very consistent with my blogs. That's probably because blogs actually take time to type, which is such a drag. xD So, what'd I do around the site today? Well, I realized that the fries pixels weren't showing up, so I'm switching to a newer, cuter pixel. I'm wondering whether I should switch back to a text link. I mean, when I switched to a pixel, some review sites noted that it didn't fit the whole colour scheme. However, pixels do add a little flair to my site. Hmm, what do I think? On one side, I love those pixels. On another side, I love getting good review scores, lol. If you have an opinion, please neomail me with it! I'd love to get your input. For now, however, I'm just going to switch back to the Back to Top text, instead of using adorable pixels.

Also, I'm starting a new Site of the Week section of the site. I'll be choosing sites that deserve an award for all the hard work, effort, and sweat they've put into this site. No, I'm not going to be putting The Goodie Box or one of Cass' sites in the spotlight, mainly because I think they've got enough popularity. xD I'm going to shine the spotlight down on sites that are under appreciated or that I think really deserve it. I'm not saying that The Goodie Box doesn't deserve it, but I think Steph has enough awards. xD Because I run a review site, the first site that I'm going to present the award to is a review site, because we're in the same reviewhood, lol. I currently sense a tie between 3 awesome review sites. Hmm, it might Sites of the Week, after all.

THIS IS A SHOCKER, BY THE WAY! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE AT RISK OF FAINTING EASILY. xD Nah, I'm just kidding. It's just a tad bit shocking. Just a little bit. It won't cause a seizure or anything. I was actually thinking about quitting this review site business. Horrible, right? xD But I really had no basis for it, because it was just that spur of a moment decision thing that is usually very irrational. Then, I started my review on Skylight and realized how much I enjoyed critiquing people's sites and offering good advice. I can tell you right now that I don't see Twisted Dreams closing down anytime soon, at least not until I reach my goal of 100 reviews. Yes, I'm focusing on that goal. xD

I just want to talk a little bit about the chosen icon before I end this blog. Contrary to popular belief, I actually don't really like eating burgers that much. I hate really beefy stuff, but sometimes I let myself indulge in a chicken burger from A&W. I just chose the icon, because I thought it was cute. Yeah, you know me, I just love the cute stuff. I have the most adorable tote bag that I got downtown and even though it's made of pretty cheap material, it's great and it's very useful. I got it for 10 bucks and it's humongous, so I consider that a pretty good deal. xD Anyways, PEACE OUT. No, that's not a term I usually use. It's just that Ayana's been rubbing off me. xDD

Saturday, August 15, 09
Seriously, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I'M MOVING! Now, this is a part where I would go, "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG", but it's really not big of a deal. We're moving to a bigger house, but the bedrooms are going to be half of what I currently have, which is pretty crappy. However, I think that we'll get used to it. There are 4 bedrooms- 3 small ones and 1 master bedroom. Almost ALL the rooms have wallpaper in them, which is absolutely horrible. The room that I dibs'ed has a dinosaur wallpaper on it. TT^TT Seriously, like, HOW OLD IS THE KID AGAIN? Oh, yeah, he's my age. What a weirdo. Who is 13 and has a dinosaur wallpaper in his room? Gawd.

There are 2 kitchens- one in the basement and one on the main floor. Let's just hope that my sisters won't burn down BOTH kitchens. My older sister is just horrible at cooking. We should never let her near a stove. SHE BURNED SOUP. How in the world do you do that? xD There's a really small yard, so my dog is going to be really sad. A playground takes up this small little corner. Too bad none of them are that young. I would've killed for a playground in my own house about 5 years ago. Not anymore, though. Sorry! xD The ground floor is absolutely beautiful. It's just too bad that the furniture doesn't come with it. We do, however, have a built-in beautiful shelf. :D

The reason why I'm not so upset about moving is that we're only moving a couple of blocks. We'll still be in the same community and it's a 5 minute walk to the theatre, library, recreational centre, a grocery store, Petland, Booster Juice, Michaels, and whatnot. I'm also pretty close to a best friend, which is awesome. I used to live 1 minute away from a best friend, but you take what you can get, right? xD We're going to have to start packing soon and start putting out advertisements to rent out the house, which is gonna svck. Meh, whatever.

So, I finished a review today and did some site maintenance. I did a site check up and made sure that everybody that I had reviewed still had my button up, whether it said Pending or not. I neomailed a few people about the button and I really hope that they put it up, because I don't want to create a Wall of Shame. It's just mean to put people on the WOS, when all they've done is just refuse to put my button up. We've gotten quite a lot of review requests, so I guess I have to get my butt up and moving to get all of them done. :D

Friday, August 14, 09
I didn't go with the Jane and Lisbon icon today, mainly because I saw Van Pelt in this beautifully made icon and got blown away by her beauty and the way she looked. Isn't that shallow? xD She looks so sweet and sincere in this picture. Now, I know why Mentalist creators chose her to play sweet Grace Van Pelt. Amanda Righetti (that's the name of the person featured in the icon) has a really pretty, elegant sort of name, but she's not my favorite actress or character ever.

Van Pelt is very sweet and as a rookie in the Mentalist, she's obviously trying to impress the boss (Lisbon, my fav character on the show) and the team (that consists of Jane, Cho, and Rigsby). She's a bit like Allison Cameron from the ever-so-popular House, M.D., but a lot prettier. Before, I couldn't stand Cameron, but now she's alright. The hatred began to fade away, once she dyed her hair blonde. I wonder why. xD Van Pelt is just a real nice character, all round. She's had SOME development in the show, but not much. I hope the Mentalist writers hope to expand her character a bit more. And not just because she's Rigsby's love interest, because that would be pathetic.

We've had quite a lot of review requests pouring in. It's great, really, because I love having a full waiting list. I'm not sure who convinced all those people to come and get reviewed, but I'm not conceited enough to think that it's just because TD is so awesome. xD I'm gonna do some site maintenance tomorrow- getting rid of closed sites, putting up awards that I've forgotten to put up, and making sure that all sites have our button up. I might or might not do a review tomorrow. It all depends on my mood, really, and whether my parents are forcing us to do housework tomorrow. xD

Today, someone finally won an award! It was Enna from Maboroshi Graphics. She got a 90.5/100, which isn't the highest grade received, and is the first person in 21 reviews to receive an award. She should feel very proud of herself. xDD I didn't spend a lot of time on that review, mainly because her site was pretty good already. I was about to start on Hopeless Thoughts' review, but I realized that I would have to spend a lot of time on it. xD I didn't spend much time on TD today- just completed a review. I've been making more graphics for Wonderland. If you're a fan of TD's layout, you should definitely check out Wonderland. It's got graphics created by Ayana, Magic (owner of Corteo Revolution and best CSS coder ever), and me.

I'm going to end this blog right now, because I want to do something else. xD

Thursday, August 13, 09
So, what's up with me not writing a review in ages? Frankly, I don't know. I think I have pretty good excuses, though. xD On Wednesday, my parents had this barbecue and we had to help prepare for it. As usual, my mom cooked too much of everything and my dad entertained the guests by doing nothing except chatting with them and not helping one bit. xDD We only had 3 guests over- my sister's boyfriend, my sister's boyfriend's mother, and a family friend. All 3 of them helped us grill the chicken wings, sausages, and whatnot. xD It was quite fun, although I think it's the first time the guests have actually had to participate in the barbecuing. I'm not really sure. xD

I'm actually really surprised at people's interpretation of Twisted Dreams. Apparently, we're very harsh and that sometimes we can be mean. I don't disagree with the first statement, because we are harsh. However, I don't think we're mean at all. We state the truth, sometimes our opinions, but never are we deliberately mean. You might find some of our observations to be mean, but really, they're just facts. I think only 1 person has called us mean, so that's alright. We're just harsh, that's all. xD We don't sugarcoat everything.

-sigh- I'm giving up on Sugar Patrol. It doesn't take very long to manage it, but it's really boring. I absolutely love the layout and the name, though. If anybody wants the layout, you're absolutely welcome to have it. I'm welcome to change the site name into whatever you want it to be. And no, I'm not charging you anything. All I ask is that you give proper credit where it is due. I also used A LOT of things that aren't mine on the layout and I don't want to disrespect anybody. Keep all the credits on, really. Don't change a bit. If you want the layout, just neomail me. It comes with the codes and it has nifty overflow coding. Just say the word and you'll get it. xD

I'm really, really, really surprised that it's been 20 sites ever since a site has gotten awards. Does that mean we're too harsh? xD I know that I've reviewed a bunch of sites that deserve an award, but didn't get it, because of minor problems with their site. Waterfall Screenies, Ms. Button, and Twisted Shrooms definitely deserved awards. Only 11 out of 60 people who have been reviewed got awards. TT^TT I'm hoping to give out an award to at least 1 of the 11 people who are on the waiting list. I'd really like to give no suggestions whatsoever. xD I'm lazy like that. Seriously, though. If you think you have a great site, definitely apply to be reviewed. I love giving out awards, but I don't love it enough to give it out like trivial things. xDD

Originally, the icon was supposed to be another Proposal one. I got distracted at LJ, though, and fished out this awesome Kimball Cho icon. Don't raise an eyebrow at the first name. There's no business like Cho business. xD He's an awesome character in The Mentalist that is in need of more scenes that he has right now. Seriously, his deadpan face is so utterly hilarious. If you haven't watched this series yet, I definitely recommend it to you. Even my sister (who doesn't really like crime dramas that much) adores it and watches it every week with me. It's like sisterly bonding. xDD I think tomorrow's icon will be another Mentalist one. Maybe this one will be of Jane and Lisbon. They would make the cutest couple ever. ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 09
I'd like to point out that I've watched The Proposal 6 times! Only a crazy obsessive person would do that. xD The Proposal's a great movie, really, it is. I love every second of it. You should totally watch it, if you haven't already. It's one of those awesome chick flicks that you can't help but watch over and over and over again. Personally, I find it better than Bridget Jones's Diary 1, because it's not as embarrassing.

When I watched BJ's Diary 1 on W Network, I found myself switching channels like every five minutes. It was so embarrassing and I wasn't really able to laugh that much. There are some giggle moments, but I think BJ's Diary 2 is much better. It's cute, it's fluffy, AND they make a totally cute couple. -sigh- I love chick flicks. xDD These days, though, W Network are showing really, really, really bad chick flicks. It's horrible.

At least Miss Congeniality is showing soon. I love that movie! I've only been able to watch it twice though. The part where Gracie is like walking out after she's had a makeover, everybody is staring at her in awe, and then she threatens her partner makes me smile. But the part where she trips RIGHT AFTER the threat is what makes me giggle like a maniac. xD

LOL I have no idea why I'm talking about chick flicks. Sorry, guys. xDD Reviews are coming so slowly! Gawd. xD I have like 7 reviews that I need to finish. I wish people would send more in. Maybe they're scared. xD I am RATHER harsh. Gahhh, someone send me a Neomail! I'm desperate. I need some human communication here, peoples. TT^TT

I love the icon! It's so cute! Ryan's face in that icon is so adorable. I honestly love him. He's an amazing actor and he's getting pretty big. I didn't even know he existed until Definitely Maybe, though. xD That movie was alright, nothing special. Abigail Breslin's a good actress, but I hated the love interest. Isla Fischer's face is so stupid, no offense or anything. xD I just don't like her very much, I suppose. Don't start yelling at me or anything.

LOL This blog is finally coming to an end. I would blog more about my adventure in the library today, but I think you would groan and run away from Twisted Dreams. xD

Sunday, August 09, 09
Hey, not much going on today. I guess everything is going really, really, really slowly. I wasn't going to blog today, but then I figured, why not? My parents went to Edmonton for an overnight trip, to visit their friends. No, we haven't had a party. xDD Instead, they gave us a list of chores that they expected done when they come back. Ridiculous, I say. This isn't even the stuff we do when they ARE HERE! How do they expect us to do it? Gosh. xD

I mopped and swept the floor. I still need to vacuum the ground floor and upstairs though. That is going to be a pain in the butt. My sisters didn't do anything at all. It's quite pathetic, really. I'm the only one who doesn't have to be nagged to do housework. Of course, I only do it, so I'm not subject to my parent's yelling when they get home and find the house in a mess.

I'm going out to the library tomorrow with my friends, so I probably won't be updating tomorrow. I need my friend's library card. She's the only one who will let me borrow out books on her card. I have currently accumulated over 100 bucks on my OWN library card. xDD The librarians just hate me. I swear. Well, I'm gonna go now. This was a short blog and a short one it will be. I gotta go get ready to run my dog anyways.

Saturday, August 08, 09
I'm decided to delete the custom petpage idea. I'm going along with the whole petpage coding tutorial thing, though. :D It is now called Sugar Patrol. Lemme explain it to you a little bit. xD Sugar Patrol is an organization that promotes healthy living and supports the ban of sugar. I honestly love the theme I've created for it. In my mind, it seems very creative and fun. I absolutely adore it. :D In addition to having the petpage coding tutorial, there will be articles and pamphlets on how sugar and how harmful it can be, healthy living, exercising, and more! I just hope this stuff is Neo-friendly. I really like the beginning of Sugar Patrol.

To view the site, just click here. Bear in mind that I just started the construction today. No, reviews will NOT be slow. They'll continue at the usual speed- one review a day. I usually don't do more than that, even if I have a lot of time. xD So, let's talk more about TD. Review requests are coming very slowly, but I got a request from Precious Reviews.

I also got our review score back from Precious Reviews. 47/50 is pretty good, but it would've been 45/50 if we hadn't made our own layout. She gave us some good advice, but there was one thing I was confused on. She also commented on our harshness and the way we reviewed. I'm not going to change the way I review, because although I'm mean and harsh, I speak the truth. Exactly like Joggly at Fight for Finesse. Just trying to improve the sites of Neopia, that's all. I do try to compliment things, but sometimes I forget. TT^TT

SO, PEOPLE, SEND IN THOSE REQUEST FORMS! I'm itching to get to our 100 reviews goal, although I'm not helping much by not doing more than one review a day. xDD Still, I love neomails and even review requests cheer me up. :D

Friday, August 07, 09
It's really horrible that I've come up with 2 absolutely awesome ideas and I've already quit Neopets. Okay, fine, they're nothing original, but I'd really like to do them. I absolutely love coding petpages and I love making them. I could write a specific, detailed tutorial on how to code a petpage! I know there are so many of them out there, but when I started learning, I felt that they didn't explain it very well. I'm not a master at coding, but I'm pretty good. It's going to be hard and it's going to take a lot of time. However, I'm willing to do it, to help people out. As a review site, I see a lot of people who have Exclusive layouts. Frankly, I'm getting bored of those.

I want people to be able to make their own petpages and be able to offer them on their graphics site, if they have one. Coding petpages is incredibly easy, but it looks so hard. That's exactly the way I thought about it. I've also noticed that a lot of people have started to use Square One layouts, mainly because they're intrigued by the overflow coding. That would be a good thing to offer on the petpage layout tutorial as well.

I have a site name- Sugar Patrol- that I'm going to use, but I'm not even sure whether I should open up this petpage. As you know, I love coding petpages. I thought I could offer my services to people who don't know how to code. People could send me their images and I could code it for them. I'm also thinking about making good-quality, CUSTOM petpages that will only be for the site that requested it. We don't want to see carbon copies everywhere.

If you're reading this, I'd love your opinion on the petpage layout service and the petpage layout tutorial. This is my first good idea in ages, ever since I decided to open up a new site. By the way, there are probably not going to be much updates today. I'm going to the mall.

Thursday, August 06, 09
Hey everybody! I hope you've noticed that TD is now the proud owner of a blog! What encouraged this? Well, Kat, the owner of successful Waterfall Screenies and Skylight, had a lot of suggestions in the review that she wrote for TD. A blog was one of them, simply because my updates are apparently too long and it's painful to read through. I actually agree, so from now on, updates will be short and the blog will have all my opinions and whatnot.

You might've noticed the weird misspelling- SBLOG. I can assure you that it is not a typo, seeing as I have FF and I make sure to look over all the underlined words. SBLOG stands for Site Blog and will now be referred to as such. I will only blog about site-related items, because I don't want to bore you guys about other stuff and my life. Actually, I probably won't keep that promise. I feel rather dull right now and the prospect of quitting Neopets seems very doable, actually.

I was almost going to do it when it hit me- Twisted Dreams. I almost gawked. How could I forget my awesome baby, the one that I had taken care and nurtured from the very beginning? xDD I really, really want to quit Neopets, because I'm starting to have no life. I just wake up, brush my teeth, gargle with Listerine, and then plop down at the computer. I don't want to live like this my entire life! If I don't quit Neopets, I'll probably never leave it. It sounds so melodramatic, but I think I really need to focus on my studies.

However, I know I can't stay away the computer. Neopets is horrible and addicting, but TD is not going to close down now. I've seen too many amazing review sites out there close and the quality of review sites is going down. TD is not going to be another one of those sites that close down. I'd really like to keep on giving advice, suggestions, tips, recommendations, and reviews to everyone. So, I think this makes for a great compromise- 1 hour reserved for TD and everything else I want to do. However, I don't touch anything except TD and maybe petpages, if I'm itching for some coding.

I've gotten so fond of coding petpages! It's ridiculous. If anybody wants, I'd be welcome to code them a petpage if they want! I might not make the image though. Of course, it's always okay if you want to ask. I'll probably only make you the petpage image and the code, if I'm in a really good mood of course. I'm already coding a layout for Pixeled Pink. :D

So, I did it! I quit Neo on my main account! I'm only going to go on Neo to code stuff, make graphics, and review. :D

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1. Sorry, no off-Neopets sites, about me pages, pet applications, or guild applications will be rated.

2. You are asking for our opinion so please don't send us an angry NM, telling us how unfair our review is and how completely stupid we are.

3. You need to take one of our 88x31 buttons and put it on your site before, during, and after your review.

4. Your site must have no stolen content.

5. Please be patient for your review. We don't really like NMs like 'OMG! WHERE'S OUR REVIEW!' spamming our inboxes.

6. Put 'Ayana and Ni SAYS FASHO!' in the Did You Read the Rules section.

7. Send us an item if our inbox is full and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

8. Make a 88x31 button because we're going to need it or at least have one in your site.

9. You may only apply for a re-review if you receive an 80- and you have listened to our suggestions/tips and have improved your site.

10. If you don't want your review to be in story format, include this in your application. If you want your review to be in story format, include this in your application. Otherwise, your review will have snippets of the story format. For an example, go to Firefly's review and look at the Organization/Neatness section.

Affiliates Rules
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2. You must have reviewed at least 3 sites

3. Have a 88x31 button or make one

4. Post I love Ni and Ayana if you have read the rules

5. Put our button in your site before you even neomail us

6. Currently accepting 1 more affiliate only! This site will have to have amazing high-quality content. Please do not be offended if we do not accept you! We're not being snobby or anything. In fact, it's absolutely horrible for us to reject someone. Please don't take it personally.

Hopefully, that wasn't too painful to read through. If your site can follow all these rules, apply for a review and see whether your site has room for improvement!

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First Impression 15/15: We will rate your site based on the first impression that we received when we entered your site. Things that we may notice are a side scrollbar, a cute/bad colour scheme, or a magnificent/horrible layout. This is an overview of what your site looks like to an outsider and whether they would contemplate continuing. First impressions are incredibly important but they are usually never correct. To make your site seem interesting and well-made to your visitor, we will give you tips and suggestions, as well as pointing out the things that may pose a problem to your site. Your name will also be part of this section.

Layout 20/20: This is a big part of your site, no matter how superficial it may seem. Although people might fervently deny it, a beautiful layout is usually what attracts people to sites. It's like picking up a book that has a beautiful cover and flipping to the back to see what it's about, because you're interested in its design. After all, we all have some urge to see some beauty in our life. The layout should be compatible in all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. The coding should be well-written and fits with your site. It doesn't need to be intricate or fancy, however. If you're using a premade layout or CSS, it's always a plus if you've taken a step further to edit it. And yes, visuals come into this. That means that everything is easily read.

Content 30/30: Wow, this is the biggest part of your site. If you have no content, your site goes PLOOH! -imitates plane falling into mud- xD Quality over quantity is a good thing you should listen to but honestly, don't let it get to your head. All sites should have a balance between quality and quantity- having lots of high-quality content. Make sure you have enough graphics/CSS/reviews/other that people with different tastes are able to use and make sure that they're high-quality enough so people don't take one look at it and run away.

Updates 5/5: People like to know that your site is alive. You don't need to update every single day because that would be incredibly tedious. It would be nice, however, to let everybody know that you are alive. Your updates should have a date as the title, to let everybody know when it was written. The gap between your updates should be 3 days at the most. No matter what people think, updates are incredibly important. You better have them. xD

Grammar/Spelling 5/5: No matter what people say, grammar and spelling is very important. Yes, this is the Internet and maybe you like kicking back and just spelling everything wrong and using chatspeak. If you do, great for you but horrible for your visitors. No one wants to visit a site that is managed by some person who can't spell and uses excessive chatspeak.

Organization/Neatness 5/5: Is your site organized and neat? Are the links easily accessible and are they easy on the eyes? Organization and neatness is a key to a successful site. The OCD in Ni would die if she ever saw an unorganized site. So, let's keep that annoying OCD alive, shall we?

Effort/Extras 5/5: Have you put in a lot of effort into making your site or is it just all pasted together? Effort is always visible in any place and it's always nice to know that you're trying to make this site better for the visitor and yourself. This is where the extras come in. The extras are creative things that make your site eye-popping and enjoyable.

Overall 15/15: Would we want to visit your site again or do we want to run away and never come back? There are some sites out there that would make us crawl into a fetal position and just absorb our thumb and cry. Is yours one of them?

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Report Cards

First impression: 9/15 From my first impression of Otaku Works I rate it a 9 out of 15. Well, first of all we will get started with your mistakes. The first thing I noticed when I entered the site was that it lacked color. Everything is too gray. In my opinion I think the text is hard to see. The background is the same color as your container color. At least use two different colors like maybe black and gray so everything is easier to look at. Of course, those colors are just a suggestion you can use whatever two colors you please. Now let's get to your good impressions. I love how your pictures have an animation. It's very interesting to see different pictures in an animation. You won't get bored or tired looking at just one picture. It looks organized to me when you just look at it but we'll get to organization later on.

Layout: 17/20 Okay, I thought the layout was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, the only thing I'm going to rag on you about is your colour scheme, and Ayana's already done it. xD So don't worry, I'll make this quick and painless. I really hated the whole grey thing. Even black font would've been better! Grey font just makes everything seem kind of plain and your site is definitely not plain! Maybe you should come up with another colour scheme or come up with a better one as soon as your layout changes. The coding was great so that's about it. The only thing you need to worry about is the colour scheme. ;D

Content: 30/30 Wow you have great content!!! Congratulations you got a full score on this. This is probably the best one that you want to get a perfect score on and well, guess what you got it. Great job! Your content looks great. You're telling everyone that you're still making some graphics and you're not stopping until your site is perfect. You have tons of graphics for everyone to use in their userlookups, petpages, etc... You're also explaining things like how the site was made and that was very detailed. Very detailed about everything so great job on this big score.

Updates: 5/5 If you ask me, I think you're keeping your site alive. You don't update everyday but you do update a lot a week. You're updating like 5 or more a week. That's really good if you ask me. People love it when they know that you're still making some great graphics for them. You have this nifty box telling them what graphics you're adding and if you did something new to your site. Yeah and all those useful things they need from you. So keep up with the updating ;)

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Amazing. I could also come up with synonyms of 'amazing' but that would be repetitive. Honestly, keep up whatever you're doing! It's working. xD

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 Your organization is insane! xD It's great. I honestly could not include anything more. I mean, you even have page anchors! xD Anyways, keep up the good work!

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I always start with the negative things so we'll start with the negative things. This time it's not negative things it is negative thing. The only thing that bothers me is your lack of color. Now onto the positive side. Love all the effort you put in to this site. I mean if you look at it everything looks so organized and well coded. I compliment your great skills of coding and how you're taking this seriously. Another thing is that you have that picture animation in the front page let me just say I LOOOVVVEEE IT!

Overall 15/15 Gah, I think I'm starting to sound like those people that just gush about everything. xD Seriously, you can slap me if you're annoyed. I'm not joking. Alright, anyways, I used to be an insane crazy Anime fangirl but if I still was, I'd use your graphics. Like, all of them. I'd try to fit them all in one puny little lookup. xD You have great content, great amount of content, and you've basically mastered everything that makes a successful site. GOOD JOB! :D


site is now closed
first impression: 12/15 Ehhh... I don't say it's great but I won't say it's terrible. First of all, I hate how big your banner is. It just doesn't look nice with all your other things. The banner mostly takes up the whole page which is not very good. I'll get more specific about it later on. If you look at it everything is just so out there. You're not very organized. Well I'll get more specific.

layout: 13/20 Let me just say I'm not a big fan of your layout. It looks like you kind of rushed through your layout. I love the image that you made, it looks great but the whole site layout not so much. Your banner should be smaller and shouldn't take up like 1/4 of the page. It should only take up a bit of the page so you'll be able to see at least the topic blends. Your layout looks like every other layouts. It has 3 columns a banner and I don't know what makes it different from all the other sites.

content: 25/30 I know you just started your site this month so I'm not going to rag so much about your content. I mean it's pretty good for starting this month. You have what every site should have the things that really matter. That is content. My only problem is the link content. Everything is so unorganized without the links. It just doesn't click. You don't have to put a page anchor for each topic you have but at least start getting a link box when you put more things in.

updates: 5/5 Keep up the good work with the updates. You're doing great with this. Really, you're telling everyone what you updated in your site that they should be aware about. You pretty much update like everyday. Nothing wrong here just keep updating.

grammar/spelling: 5/5 Nope nothing spelled wrong here. No matter how hard I try your grammar is perfectly perfect. Keep up the spelling and the grammar.

organization/neatness: 3.5/5 To me it's organized but then again not so organized. You need a navigation bar like I said earlier. I need you to start putting up those links so people don't start getting lost. Your site isn't all that neat either. Too many things happening in one time. Everything's here, everything's there, everything's everywhere.

efforts/extras: 3.5/5 I don't think you put much effort into making this site. I mean you have a lot of effort with your images but your coding well not so much. I think you should try to experiment more with it.

overall: 12/15 I would so re-visit your site but I wouldn't really go there much for graphics. I mean they're great so that's why I'm re-visiting but it's too complicated to work with your layout. Also, how your things are unorganized kind of annoys me but overall LOVE the content. Great work into this site! =)


site is now push the button

First impression: 11/15 My first impression was, 'Meh, it's okay.' It wasn't like I was particularly excited to enter the site because I thought the layout was rather boring. I'll get more detailed into that in the next section, however. I also didn't like the background. It was much too plain and I think the background could be an interesting pattern or colour, instead of just white.

Layout: 14/20 I thought your layout could've been done a lot better. I like the whole splat idea but maybe adding a PSD would've made the layout better? The layout was boring and unfortunately, it looked like a lot of the splats out there. You should've added some originality, a special little signature that is all yours. The background irked me as well. Again, maybe add an interesting pattern or colour? Other than that, I thought the layout was pretty good.

Content: 30/30 Holy crap, man. xD You might have me pegged as this crazy insane kid who can only find the negative in things but I think that might just change. xD Or not. You decide. I think your content is amazing! Your reviews are all decently detailed, if not better. It's absolutely great. :D

Updates: 5/5 Wow, you're good at this updating thing. xD I think you're doing great with the updating but maybe you could be more specific with the updating? Like, for April 20, you could put the mark that you received from Reviewness as well as the fact that you got reviewed.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Haha, you've obviously paid attention in English class. xD You're great at grammar/spelling and I couldn't find a single flaw.

Organization/Neatness: 6/5 LOL You got this whole OCD thing going on. xD I think your organization is amazing! I'm even gonna give you an extra mark because I think you absolutely deserve it. Your organization is impeccable, with the most important things at the top.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 It's obvious how much effort you have put into this site. It's amazing that you've managed to get 30 reviews done in only about a month and a half. I find that wonderful that you're putting so much time into this. I can't say much for extras because personally, I didn't see anything that was really different from other review sites. Maybe you could give your review site a special little spin of your own? ;D

Overall 13/15 I would totally revisit your site. I just took marks off for the layout. One thing that I found sort of irritating was the navigation. For some insanely odd reason, I hate it when the navigation isn't as long as the main blog. You don't really need to change that, however. Anyways, GOOD JOB!


site is now carnival revisione

first impression: 11/15 When I stumbled upon your site I was shocked. Your site is a bit plain for me. By just looking at it you can tell that you didn't put much effort into the colors of your layout. I'll get more specific later on. As for your other page, Shaded Love, I think the banner is way too big for the page.

Layout: 15/20 Like I said earlier this is not a layout I would like to see. It's way too plain for your site. That's pretty much about it. I like how it's coded though and that's why I only took off 5 points.

content: 30/30 Ooohhh... your site is very informational (I don't think that's a word. xD Oh well). Full of things that you need to know about the site and what's happening. Keep up the work with the content. Add more things if you have to.

updates: 5/5 You're totally updating your site. Even if you're not doing much you're still updating. Great job!

grammar/spelling: 5/5 I swear I will never be able to find a misspelled word in here. Your grammar is perfect. Tell me your secret even I have my grammar wrong sometimes.

organization/neatness: 4/5 I think your site is neat and organized, it just needs a navigation bar. I kind of got lost through your page trying to find this and that. When I use ctrl+f then that's not good because that means I can't find what I'm looking for. Everything else is good though.

efforts/extras 4/5 I think you put a lot of effort into this site except for the colors of your layout. You must have tried hard to get a lot of sites into your site. So that'll count as your extra. Great Job!!!

overall 14/15 I would so totally visit this site again. Yup like I said over and over again about the colors. I don't think you want me to rag on that again. So I'll make this simple and short. I would come back and visit your site again just a bit of complications but everything is all good. Awesome job with the site!!!!


site is now called sapphire sparkles

First impression: 9/15 When I first entered your site, I wasn't really all that impressed. I thought you could've done a lot better. I thought the layout was off and the background was just too weird. After I viewed your site in FF, however, I liked the background a lot better. I took off points for the layout, the background not being compatible in IE, and the fact that I didn't really want to continue into your site.

Layout: 13/20 Ugh, I didn't like your layout at all. I found it much too pixelated. It wasn't something that I found aesthetically pleasing. I just furrowed my eyebrows and winced at the layout. I think you can do a lot better. Other than the whole banner, I liked the rest of your layout. It was organized and easy to read. If you'd like, we can make a banner for you.

Content: 30/30 Your content is amazing. You even have button bases for people to use, something I haven't seen quite a lot in Neopet button making sites. One thing I suggest for your button bases, though, is to save them in a PNG extension. JPEG/GIF just makes it all pixelated.

Updates: 5/5 I thought your updates were decently detailed and it seemed like the times that you updated were perfect. Not updating everyday with useless info or anything so that's good. I'm pretty sure the visitor doesn't really like going through 150 words of our personal lives... xD You could always bold the dates though so they stand out more.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 I found no grammar or spelling mistakes whatsoever. You use FF, which is good, because it's like a Word, underlining the incorrectly spelled words in red. Whatever you're doing, keep it up! :D

Organization/Neatness: 6/5 Haha, you've kept my OCD alive! xD You're insanely organized and neat. This section is short because I don't really have a lot to say. Your organization and neatness is perfect.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 The effort that you've put into this site is very obvious. You've made a lot of buttons, you've made button bases, and you're very organized. I see that as amazing effort so good for you! Keep up the great work and I guarantee, your site will become one of the best.

Overall: 13/15 I only took points off for the layout because if I haven't taken the time to explore your website, I wouldn't come back. No one should ever judge a book by its cover, however, and as Amanda Holden said about Paul Potts in Britain's Got Talent Season 1, I think we've got a lump of coal with us that's going to turn into gold. xD Okay, yes, I know she didn't word it like that but still... xD


site is now called elegance
First impression: 13.5/15 Upon entering your site, I found the layout much too similar to your other site, Luxury. Again, it seems a tad too plain. I find the colours calming and soothing so that bumped up your mark. I love your name, Annuaire. It has an elegant, sophisticated feeling to it while it really only means 'directory' in French.

Layout: 16/20 I didn't exactly like your layout. Perhaps it was because I had already seen it on Luxury. You should've used different colours, instead of just sticking to a cool-but-getting-boring black. That would've made it brighter and I would be more excited to enter your site. Other than that, I found the layout great. I especially liked the sub headers.

Content: 27/30 I took points off because 74 isn't a lot of sites to have on a directory. Instead of waiting for people to ask you to let them be on their directory, you could NM site owners and see whether they would be willing to put up a button of yours and be on your directory. Other than that, it's great!

Updates: 4/5 Your updates are fine, but I don't think saying 'one site added' will suffice for a directory. You should include the name and the section that the site was added, so that visitors can always go check it out. I know if I was a visitor and there was a new site, I wouldn't bother looking at all the sections for a new site added to the directory.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 I'm pretty sure you're a grammar freak so that's an advantage for you, while owning a site. You have no grammar/spelling mistakes whatsoever which is pretty awesome. Keep up the amazing work!

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 LOL Everytime I come to this part, I always give you full marks, if not more. Your organization is wonderful. It's neat and I can find everything quite easily. One thing I would suggest is putting an asterisk (*) beside a site that has just been added, although it might be a bit fussy to take the asterisk down after a week.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think you've put in a lot of effort into the site but I can't really spot the extras, besides the 'What's In Our Name' and the interesting sub-headers that I find nice to read. In my mind, your directory is like any other out there. Good but too similar. Add something to your directory that is yours and give it a little spin of originality. You'll appreciate it and your visitors will appreciate it.

Overall: 13/15 I only took points off because I didn't like the layout and there could be more content. I would visit your site more if it had more content and had originality to it. Personally, a site really has to impress me for me to use it and visit it everyday. Your site has the potential to do that so keep working hard and keep up the great job!


site is now closed
first impression:12/15 I wasn't over excited when I first saw your site. It's not all that great. I hate it when a banner on a petpage over extends the page. It just doesn't look good. Also, I noticed that the columns on the side aren't even. When you see something like that you immediately fix it because it looks really awkward. Hehehe, I don't think awkward was the right word for it. Hopefully you get what I mean. Let's move on

layout: 15/20 I'm not really fan of your layout but I already ragged on you when I first saw your site. I'll summarize and make this short and simple. I hate how your columns on the side are not even. Also, your banner takes up most of the page so that'll be a problem as well. There, wasn't that easy.?

content: 20/30 Ooohh... that's not good at all. You barely have any content on your site. It really doesn't explain much on what you're suppose to do, what's going to happen, how this is going to work, etc.... I'm sorry but I think your grade will be damaged because of terrible content.

updates: 5/5 At least you keep your site updated. That's really good to keep you site up and alive.

grammar/spelling: 5/5 Nope nothing spelled wrong here. Wait, nope no need for grammar correction. Oh darn I was hoping to help out with the spelling. xD

organization/neatness 5/5 Aaaahhhh!!! Oh my gosh too organized!!! TOO NEAT TOO NEAT!!! I need to go get my eyes re-checked I think I went blind from all the cleanliness you gave me. xD (that was cheesy.) Great job with the organization and keeping your site neat!!

efforts/extras 3/5 I don't think you put much effort into creating your site. I mean there isn't much content, the banner over extends, and the columns aren't really even.

overall: 14/15 I would totally re-visit your site again. It had some mistakes but how it's so organized is what I love about a site. I'm sorry though but I think your grade went down because of the layout.

site is now closed

First impression: 14/15 My first impression of your site was, 'It looks okay.' I was met with a layout that I found was well designed but I thought the red contrasted too much with the blue. I'll get into that in more detail later in the other section. I also love your name- Trapped Fairtytales. It has a very whimsical yet slightly evil feel to the whole site and I really like it.

Layout: 17/20 Your layout is pretty good. I adored the font in which Trapped Fairytales was written in your layout and I'd love to know what it is. xD I took off 2 points for the colour scheme. Again, as I said above, the red contrasts too much with the blue. Not to mention, the red background makes Selena Gomez look too harsh and sharp. The other problem I had with your layout was the font you used to write Selena Gomez. Personally, I didn't like it. It was just much too boring for me. There are other cursive fonts that you could use.

Content: 29/30 Your content is really good for a new site that just opened about two days ago. It's amazing that you already have 4 reviews done. However, I took a point off because of the welcome section. Welcomes are supposed to be warm and to pretty much lure your visitors in. xD There were just four sentences and that wasn't very welcoming at all. Since your theme seems to be being trapped, you could do a Lemony Snicket-ish theme. Like, use reverse psychology and try to stop your visitors from entering. You could get a feel of the Lemony Snicket theme by reading Series of Unfortunate Events.

Updates: 5/5 They're very detailed and they're amazing! I love how you bold the ones that are more important than the others. Keep up the great work!

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Your grammar and spelling is impeccable! I spent 2 minutes of my life looking at your site for grammar or spelling mistakes. I'm sure that I could have done something better with those 2 minutes, if I knew I wasn't going to find any grammar or spelling mistakes. xD This section is wonderful! Keep the great work up!

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Page anchors are definitely useful and you should use them. As you expand your site more, visitors don't want to scroll down a lot to go to the section they want. Other than that, your organization is good. You should keep it up, while adding page anchors.

Efforts/Extras: 4.5/5 Hmm, the effort you put into the site was very obvious but I didn't see anything that really popped out. The only thing that I thought was quite original was your personalized awards. Other than that, you're like every other review site out there. Add a little originality to your site, something that will scream "APPLE!" and something that's totally you.

Overall: 13/15 Your site has extreme potential and you need to use all that potential to the maximum. I think you've been achieving that but that layout of yours and the contrasting colour scheme is taking you down. I'm not a harsh graphics rater but I do know when a layout needs to be changed. Your site isn't an extreme case but I recommend changing it in a week or so. Make sure you choose a good colour scheme.

Current highest score on TDReviews as of 25th April, 2009! CONGRATS!

Site is now closed.
First impression: 14/15 My first impression of your site was, "Hey, I saw that layout from Impulse!" xD Also, on Internet Explorer, the background of the banner (milky brown) didn't blend into the other lighter brown. That's a problem for me because my eye will always shift over to it and IE is my primary browser. There are some people who won't notice it but I'm completely put off. You should definitely change that. I have no problem with someone making your custom layout but I honestly think that Impulse is overused. I mean, her popularity is overwhelming but seriously, it gets boring. Your name, Top of the Island is interesting but I honestly think Survivor would be more fitting.

Layout: 16/20 Well, the layout isn't yours but I'll comment on it anyways. It's very plain and boring. There are just strips where an image is shown. The images could be more manipulated instead of just being left like that. I mean, I have nothing against it but I definitely think that it could be a lot more exciting. It's not aesthetically eye-pleasing and if I based your site on the layout, I wouldn't be jumping up and down to continue my journey into your site. Again, as I've mentioned above, the layout looks fine in IE and FF but there are some minor problems. You should probably fix those.

Content: 28/30 Since your site is an SOTM of sorts and they don't have much content, I gave your site a pretty good mark. You kept what you thought about the sites that applied for the confession booth sweet and short and I thought that was great. However, I took off two points because you hadn't filled out the confession box for Amber's Pixels. You should probably work on that because it's the first one that people usually see.

Updates: 5/5 Your updates are short and well-detailed. They're not insanely long stories and that's absolutely fine with me and your visitors, I'm sure. I looked through your updates and they are all pretty consistent. So kudos to you! Keep up the great work.

Grammar/Spelling: 3/5 There are no spelling mistakes, that's for sure, but I spotted one grammar mistake. You said: A huge plane, with sites in there, but suddenly, the plane crashes and dies down onto a deserted island. Correction: A huge plane, with sites in there, crashes suddenly and flies down onto a deserted island. There are places where your sentences don't flow together and they are very awkward. You use commas in places that are not necessary and that makes the whole sentence look and sound weird. Like this particular one: All you have to do, is it has to be on, must be one of the seven categories, must have a link back button, must link back below saying "comment", or "click to see comments". Correction: All your site has do/be to is it has to be on, must be one of the seven categories, must have a link back button, and must link back below saying "comment"or "click to see comments". That's about it for grammar and spelling.

Organization/Neatness: 3.5/5 Page anchors are your friends and you should definitely use them, especially when you have 7 categories. If your visitor is as lazy as I am, I'm sure they don't want to scroll through all of the categories when they only want to find one specific one. However, if you think page anchors are a pain in the butt *which they can be*, you could always separate each category into a different div box. That way, it would be a lot neater. I just really hate having it all in one box.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 It's quite obvious that you put a lot of effort into the site but I'm not so sure about the Extras. Your site seems really, really similar to Rock the Top. Eerily similar, actually. You guys are practically site doppelgangers and although it may be cool, it's definitely not a good thing. You should credit On the Board for the Confession Booth and add your signature to this site. Do something that is totally yours and then make sure you copyright it. xD

Overall: 13/15 I honestly like your site. I think it's amazing. It has a lot of potential and although most of that potential has been exposed already, some of the potential that could come from more originality is keeping kept in the closet. That's bad and I think that's a big issue. One day, I'm sure Neopia will a doppelganger for each site. Better make sure you're not one of them! And keep up the great work!


Site is now closed.
First impression: 11/15 I thought the Enter banner was totally pointless but it was original. When I entered your site, I noticed too much white. That got boring really fast. Not to mention, it hurt my eyes. And then I noticed the fact that you had changed your layout. I already started your review when your layout was the old one so I had to restart. xD I thought your site looked really unorganized with just one column but I'll get more into that later.

Layout: 12/20 I really, really did not like your layout. I didn't like it so much that I would've given it a 10 if I wasn't a nice little girl here to provide you with constructive criticism. Here's a tip: never ever use a one-column layout. Those are annoying, unorganized, and not fit for review sites. Promise me you'll never use them. You know what, scratch that. Pinky swear that you'll never ever use them again. xD Okay, let's move on to the banner. The banner's really cute. I have nothing against it but the background, sheesh... Much too boring, except for the cute little watermelon at the end. A white background is always a no-no. It gives off a boring and plain impression and we don't want to do that, do we?

Content: 15/30 I got really confused when I entered your site. I knew it was a review site but where were the reviews? Maybe you thought that this was an original idea but honestly... what is the point of a review site if there are no reviews to be read? It seems like you have a lot of reviews done but I see no reviews to be read. Maybe you should put up the reviews on the site. I know if I didn't already know beforehand that it was a review site, I'd be utterly confused. Honestly, the only reason I took off 15 points was because there was basically no content whatsoever. You really need to fix that and put your reviews up on your site.

Updates: 5/5 Your updates are great! They're humorous, decently detailed, and they're about the site. I'm not going to say much in this section because I believe it's perfect! Good job!

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Another perfect section! I browsed through your entire site and I found no spelling or grammar mistakes. Good for you! Keep up the great work in this section.

Organization/Neatness: 2.5/5 Thank God you know that page anchors exist. xD That is the only thing keeping your site organized, however. Again, one-column layouts don't fit review sites! Two-column is the minimum a review site should have. Your site is pretty unorganized but I don't think you can really fix that, because of the layout.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think anybody who creates a site obviously puts in effort into it and I know you have put a lot of effort into it. However, I'm not sure about the extras. You don't really have anything that stands out out from other review sites. Adding something that shows originality and creativity will be really useful. It's something that you should definitely do.

Overall: 9/15 Overall, I'm sorry but I wouldn't really visit your site. Mainly because I don't bookmark review sites and you don't have entertaining reviews for me to read. Use the suggestions/tips that I have provided for you and your site will probably become better! Results may vary. xD Anyways, good job and good luck!


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site is now closed

First impression: 13.5/15 I wasn't overly impressed when I entered your site but I had heard a lot about you and that you were a great review site. I wasn't bouncing on my feet because it'd be wrong to get so overexcited about a site. But I was interested to look more. xD I've heard a lot of good things about The Juxtaposer and I don't think the layout really fits this good of a site. I'm not trying to be gushy (is that a word...? xD) but I really think you could do better. And the white background just really makes the whole site less mysterious, which is the feeling I think you're going for.

Layout: 17.5/20 Your layout's plain yet elegant. The colour scheme fits well but again, I'm not a fan of having a lot of white space in a site. I didn't adore the pink headers, mainly because I'm not an insanely girly girl but I thought they fit well. I really, really hated how there would be a sideways scrollbar in my IE browser and if I scrolled sideways, there would be nothing there. I kind of got frustrated over that. Don't worry, I did not throw an orange at it. xD I swear. Other than that, I really liked it! It could've been more exciting but that wouldn't fit with the whole theme. I'm wondering whether you just leave your layout up there for a really long time, though. xD Keep up the good job!

Content: 31/30 Haha, I think sometimes you have too MUCH content! xD The reviews are all insanely detailed and I think anybody in their right mind would be stupid not to listen to your suggestions and tips. Sometimes, you can be a tad harsher than you need to be but it does get the message across. The story format is genius although I'm sure that you're not the first one to do it. Also, your page isn't very colourful. You have to admit that black, pale pink, and white isn't very exciting. I wish that you would add the site buttons so you could have a little colour to your site. I'm not really fond of plain stuff, although that may be the style or whatever that's going around these days. xD

Updates: 4/5 Your updates are great but they're too long. Updates should be short and to the point but you update with an entire paragraph. I want to give you a perfect score for this but I know that every guideline for rating the updates is not too long and only about the site. I'm not going to take off any other points but I think you should shorten your updates. Not that much, but enough so that a visitor doesn't have to read that much to know what's been going around the site.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 I found no grammar or spelling mistakes. I did find several things that I wasn't entirely sure about, however. If you have to take English class, which I'm sure you do, you'll realize that every teacher states that whenever a new person is speaking, a new paragraph needs to be formed. You didn't do that in Pronunciation and Definition & The Application. Also, this isn't a big deal but I found that putting an apostrophe helps to define the fact that I, the visitor, am 'actually' thinking. Also, using apostrophes instead of quotation marks would work out for when the person is not talking because it messes the visitor, or rather, me, up. Like: The Juxtaposer's Terms & Conditions I feel it would be better with apostrophes around The Juxtaposer's Terms & Conditions instead of a quotation mark. Other than those problems, it was great!

Organization/Neatness: 4.5/5 I only took half a point off because I didn't like the whole single column layout thing. It doesn't give your site a really organized feeling. While it keeps my OCD heart happy, it didn't really look organized. Also, I didn't like the fact that I always had to return to the top for the navigation. That was really frustrating but this section is nearly perfect. Except for the rantings of this little girl who's so bored she feels offering constructive criticism to other sites will squash her boredom. It helps, especially when she visits sites like these.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 There is an insane effort put into this site. It's very obvious and I would be an idiot not to see it. Please don't respond with that typical Well, you are an idiot! remark. I get enough of that from my sisters. xD I gave you a full mark because of all the effort you put into this site and because your site was different from all those review sites out there. Don't get me wrong, every review site has basics: rules, reviews, application etc. You had something more, however, and that was shown through the story format and everything else that was creative about your site. Great job!

Overall: 15/15 I would definitely visit your site over and over again. You have managed to impress me so much, with everything that you have done with this review site! I did find a broken link though... You know how at the end there's a link to stay_conscious? Yeah, that link doesn't work. xD I'm not sure whether that was what you were going for but you better fix that. I'm not going to say much in this section because I honestly don't want to sound like those people that just gush over things and never provide constructive criticism. Keep up the great job!

Highest score as of 27th April, 2009

First impression: 15/15 This is the first time full marks has been given to a site at Twisted Dreams. Feel proud. xD When I walked into your site, I was amazed and overwhelmed with adorable things all around me. I wanted to squeal, go get my stuffed donkey, and hug him to death while I stared at this beautiful site. Thankfully, I didn't. xD I wouldn't welcome the odd stares at all. The first impression that your site gave me was fantastic. Granted, I didn't go in-depth because I was supposed to rate this on a first impression. I adored the layout and I just knew that your site was going to be a good one.

Layout: 19/20 Again, adorable layout. I absolutely loved it. I know I would never be able to do that in Photoshop, when you did it in Paint! The only reason I took away a point was because the name was kind of hard to see. I honestly couldn't tell what the site name was until I looked at the buttons. You should really make the site name more readable. That will make it a lot easier on your future visitors that are visually impaired, like me. xD Your layout is really cute, with a rainbow colour scheme, giving it an exciting and colourful look. Great job on the layout!

Content: 30/30 You have a lot of content for a site that was just started 3 days ago. It's amazing how much you have done, up, and ready to go. I understand that you are still under construction but you have so much content that you should take the under construction announcement done. xD It wouldn't be very fair. You have a lot of styles for us to choose from, some that vary from normal to styles that I have never seen before. That's a pretty good compliment, because I've been to WAY too many sites in my short life. xD Amazing job in this section.

Updates: 5/5 Your updates are fantastic. As your site expands, however, you might not want to have that many updates. You should slow down a little and not have so many updates under one date. Other than that, this is a great section! Again, keep up the great work. I think you're tired of hearing that from me. xD

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 I found no grammar or spelling mistakes. I'm going to keep this section really short because I'm feeling tired and I'm not really up to littering this section with adoring compliments. xD I'm glad you've paid attention in English class. Good job on the literacy.

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 I only took a point off because your site could be a lot more organized. I'm glad you used those adorable buttons as dividers but I'm thinking that you should have text that reads 'Return to Top', just like The Juxtaposer. You should also begin a new paragraph when you're explaining your rules. That way it doesn't look messy. Also, textareas are also very useful for forms. Once you get more popular and you get more button requests, it's adamant that you use Div boxes. That will help your site become more organized. Also, the buttons can be easily found.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Obviously, there is a lot of effort put into this site. I personally think this site is amazing. I don't think 3 days isn't really enough to do some extras but I think the layout is a perfect example. Why, you may ask. Well, how many sites do you see out there with a sewing layout?! I'm pretty sure this is the first and only one out there. The layout is really unique and I think you should use all of the potential that you have. You're using a lot of it but you're not using all of it. Try to come up with something really original, something that just screams you.

Overall: 15/15 Haha, I would definitely visit this site over and over again. I would bookmark it but I have the Google tab thing where it keeps track of your history and I can easily access your site that way. Take all the suggestions and tips that I have laid out for you and I guarantee, your site will become one of the best! xD I look forward to your site expanding and your style varying. When you're confident you've become a better site, give me a shout and I'll come running over, ready to look at your site all over again. xD If anybody is reading this review, going to this site is worth it. I promise. After all, how many people can boast the fact that they have the current highest score of Twisted Dreams?

Highest score as of 28th April, 2009

Artistic Beat
Site is now closed.
First impression: 14/15 When I entered your site, I was met with a cute layout. It was cute and well-made- nothing else. The quality of the picture was a little bit low. You could see the words were a little bit too sharpened, if you know what I mean. I'm not going to write a lot in this section because I don't feel like there's much to put in this section.

Layout: 2/20 I gave you two points because I'm glad that you actually took time to edit it. A premade layout for a GRAPHICS site is always bad. Who wants to use a graphic site that can't even make their own layouts? I honestly recommend you to open up your graphic designing program, sit yourself down, and commit yourself to making Artistic Beat a good site layout. Kudos to you for having a good eye for picking out site layouts. It's cute and everything but I think you'll feel so much more accomplished when you've made your own site layout. Also, the top image and the bottom image have different background tones of green. You might want to fix that. It's not something that's easily noticeable but it gets a little bit annoying.

Content: 21/30 You don't have enough content up there. I think you should expand on your variety of graphics, not just close it down to banners, signs (which are basically the same thing as banners), icons, and buttons. You can always start making custom guild layouts (one thing that will definitely boost your visitor rate), userlookups, and even petpage layouts! Those are good for business and they're definitely fun to make. I've noticed that you have sections where there is nothing. I have one tip for you- if there's nothing in that section, don't bother putting it there. Add it when you've made something that can go in that section. Again, your content seems to be of low quality. I don't know why, because you seem to be saving it in a PNG.

Updates: 2/5 I know you're a new site and I wonder whether your enthusiasm for it have fallen down but you only have 2 updates! That's ridiculous for a site that's been around Neopets for 10 days. You could have 10 updates, or at least 5. Maybe you got bored with the site and decided to stop updating it. I don't really know what the reason is but I think you need to get going on your updates. You better get going. You have 9 days of updates to catch up on and I recommend you start now.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Haha, I'm glad someone actually paid attention in Languare Arts. Your grammar and spelling is amazing. I cannot spot one single mistake. Keep up the greak work in this section!

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 You're organized enough for me not to be jumbled, trying to figure out where to go and what goes where. There are a few things that I think you can work on, however. For one thing, you need page anchors. As you expand your site and add more variety and more graphics, people don't want to scroll through the entire page to get to the section they need. This is where page anchors come in. They're incredibly useful and really easy to learn. Use them and make your site more organized! xD

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 The extras are definitely full points. How many graphic designers out there that actually take their own photographs and make it into their own icon and whatnot? I think that's pretty awesome so I'm glad you're doing that. The site names also go into the effort section. Not many sites have that in their section. Now, the effort... that one I'm not really sure about. Again, it looks like you've given up on the site! So maybe put in a little bit more effort into Artistic Beat, kay?

Overall: 9/15 Truth be told, I wouldn't go back to your site. Why? Because there aren't a lot of graphics, the layout is premade, and there's really nothing that wants to bring me back to this site. Making a graphic site is hard but I think Artistic Beat is still under the under construction section. It just doesn't have enough to go forth and yell out, 'ARTISTIC BEAT IS HERE, PEOPLE! COME VISIT AND BOOKMARK!' It is definitely not ready. Put in a little more effort into it, take all the tips, and you'll be fine.


site is now called Hello Fascination

First impression: 11/15 Entering your site, I was met with 1 girl with pink hair and 4 doppelgangers. I thought the girls repeating was a little bit annoying. It wouldn've been a good effect if there were other stuffed added in with the layout and not so many girls but this is not the case. In IE (the browser I mainly use), there is this ugly scrollbar that shows that you can scroll sideways. I hate those scrollbars so maybe you could inch the Tokyo Lights blog over to the left and give some space to the other section.

Layout: 16/20 I'm not fond of the white background. I think it takes away from the layout. It should be a soothing neutral colour, like grey or something like that. Again, the girls are a little bit annoying. I know that you can do better with your layouts so I recommend you to make another layout soon. It's not a horrible layout but it's definitely not your best. For one thing, there are just girls. There aren't even splats or brushes in the background to make the whole layout seem more interesting. I think you should work on that, making a layout that people will stare at for a few seconds or minutes.

Content: 29/30 I think you have a lot of content, especially your reviews. Your reviews are really detailed and can be sometimes intimidating to read but that's okay! xD You also have a lot of buttons and unique stuff that you wouldn't normally find in a graphics site. Some of your icons are low-quality because of the amount of sharpening you do. Maybe you could soften up your sharpening or not do it at all. It spoils your pretty icons. xD A lot of your icons are of the same people so you should expand more, add a little spice to it. Don't just make icons of only two models/celebrities/etc.

Updates: 4/5 You haven't updated in 3 days! Now, I know it's not the end of the world and there are actually things to do, exams to study for, but I'm sure you can get on Neopets for about 5 minutes and update a little bit. If not, I completely understand. I still took a point off. I hope that you can update your site soon.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 This section is amazing, full points. I have looked hard and I have not found any grammar or spelling mistakes! I'm glad that you pay attention at school or just naturally know grammar or spelling. xD Great job on this section!

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 You were really organized but I couldn't help but take off a point because of the font. The font was hard to read because it was so small. Now I do wear glasses and I do have horrible vision and a lot of people do. I think you should make your text bigger or more noticeable, instead of a grey that can easily fade into the background. Great work on this section though!

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 How can I not give you anything but full points in this section? Your site is amazing- it has so much effort and extras put into it. Not many graphic sites are also review sites so that's definitely a plus. Your site is pretty original for a graphics site so kudos to you for that!

Overall: 12/15 I think your layout affected this overall mark a lot. I'm not fond of the layout. It's nice but I just don't really like it. I think you should fix that. Other than that, your site is amazing! Keep up the great work and never stop making Tokyo Lights such an amazing place!


The Doll Place
Site is now closed.
First impression: 9/15 Upon clicking on your site, I was greeted by a pink sparkly background and a really ugly banner. I apologize for my blunt and crude self but that is the only way I can put it and get the point through. I would exit from your site immediately. I wouldn't even spare it a second thought. It's a rather interesting concept, however, creating a Doll site and I've not seen many around Neopia. Bonus points for that refreshing originality! It's really nice. xD The Doll Place tells you what sort of site it is and although the name is rather interesting, I think that The Doll House suits it much better and gives off a rather mysterious feel.

Layout: 13/20 Let me just say this quickly and get this over with: I really, really do not like your layout. I don't hate it but I dislike it very much. The colour scheme is overwhelming because bright neon pink and bright purple do not match whatsoever. I would recommend choosing a much better colour scheme. If you Google 'Colour Scheme Generator', you will be directed to a nifty little site that provides you colour schemes that work and don't blind your visitors. I'm not fond of your banner. I have to admit that. It's just a background with white words on it. It's also slightly pixelated because it's saved in a JPG format. Save it in a PNG format and the quality of the picture will be much better. My recommendations for your banner? Get a new one.

Content: 24/30 You're a pretty new site so I don't expect you to have LOTS of content up. I must admit, you haven't done much for 5 days. I recommend you to make more dolls and complete more requests, which will be easy. You are also lacking a couple of important things, like rules, application, and navigation. I'm not saying that you absolutely need a navigation but having page anchors would definitely be useful as you expand your site and more people come. You have lots of potential and a lot of this potential comes from making content and practicing. Again, make sure all your dolls are saved in PNG format so the quality is always the best that it can be.

Updates: 5/5 You are perfect in updating your site! You almost always post everyday and I think that's really good. I'm glad that you have enough time to update and visitors will be glad to hear that you are alive if nothing has been added to the site. This is a very important section, even though it has a small mark, and you have aced it! Great job.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 I found no grammar or spelling mistakes but this part can be confusing: Give me your site url put affie as the subject.. You should clear up any confusion by putting this instead: Give me your site url and put affie as the subject.. That's everything I found that could need revising over but just to make sure, read over everything and make sure nothing is wrong. Amazing job on this section!

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Your organization and neatness is pretty good but it would be improved if you added page anchors. That will be really useful, I assure you. You might not get used to or know how to use them but you will regret it if you don't start learning now. The code for page anchors are:

You can just link it like a normal link.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 I cannot give you anything but full points in this section. Originality counts as an extra and that is definitely noticeable in this site. I don't think I've ever seen a doll request site and I think that if you become successful, you could become a great role model for other doll requests sites. There is something that I don't understand- why did you want to make a doll request site? The site that you are using to make your dolls is very successful and many people know about it. If they would like to make their own doll, they can do it easily without having to wait for their request to be done. This is not criticism, just a mere question that I am curious about.

Overall: 10/15 Your layout really affected this mark. No matter how shallow or superficial you think I am, you have to understand that the saying, 'Don't judge a book by its cover' does not really apply here in Neopets. To be successful, you need a great layout, great content, and great everything else. I think that if you do listen to our recommendations, you could improve yourself a lot more. Good luck and good job with your site!


First impression: 11/15 I was expecting a more pixel-like layout, I have to confess. Your name is The Pixel Field so I was expecting a pixel-filled field-like layout. The only thing that resembles your what I thought your site would be like is the slight pixel-looking field at the bottom. Also, I hate that you have to scroll sideways. Try making your layout smaller. I'm not fond of the colour scheme. Of course you need green but there are no variations. It's just green. That's it. It must be horrible to your visitors who despise green.

Layout: 14/20 Your layout's not the greatest but it's pretty good to be made in Paint. However, you need a better program. You can always try downloading a free trial version of Photoshop (which is the program I use) or just download the free and complete GIMP. GIMP is really popular so if you're having problems, there will lots of tutorials out there to help you. Again, I don't like your colour scheme. Don't just use light green and dark green. Google 'Colour Scheme Generator' and you will be led to a really cool site that will give you colour schemes that work and that match. I would recommend working on your layout and put your name on top, not on the bottom. Also, make sure that you save it in PNG format, not JPG format, because it will make your layout seem more grainy.

Content: 30/30 You have really cute pixels but I hate to say that your Korbat adoptables really scare me. xD They're kind of creepy. You should start out with Chias. They don't look THAT scary. xD For your shirts, sometimes the words are cut off or the words are really low quality. Since you make them in Paint, get GIMP. Usually, the images are higher quality in better image editing programs, even if you save them in PNG. I think the Toy Box is a nice addition, telling us what sort of pixels that you like the best. You should add more original pixels. They're really cute and I wouldn't mind using some of them. Since your theme is sort of spring-like, you could add pixels that welcome spring- bees, flowers, trees, and whatnot. Great job on the content!

Updates: 3/5 You're pretty good at updating but I took off two points because of the marquee. I hate it because it goes really slowly and fast readers have to wait there for 5 minutes, waiting for the next update. That's an exaggeration but still, it's really annoying. xD I recommend using a Div box for your updates so it fits everybody's reading speed. Marquees make look cool but they're especially annoying for updates. I was so irritated that I just viewed the source. xD

Grammar/Spelling: 3/5 Have a look at my pixels, and perhaps bring one or two with you should have a period at the end. you can contact me by clicking the little envelope below. should have the Y capitalized, indicating that it is a start of a new sentence. Step number 3 of How To... should have the C capitalized. Food and Umbrellas should be capitalized, but that's no big deal. It just looks weird if others are capitalized but some aren't. please no hard stuffs! should be 'please no hard stuff!' These are my awful korbat pixels should have a period at the end. at least it should be alright in IE, now, without the ugly transparency error. should be 'At least it should be alright in IE now, without the ugly transparency error. That's it for Grammar and Spelling. They're not serious mistakes but they should be fixed. Make sure you read over your site, just in case I missed anything.

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Your organization and neatness is really good but I took a point off because of the placement of some sections. The content should always be above requests if requests aren't the major thing of your sites. So, just switch Requests and Adoptables around and you'll be fine. Again, this isn't a big deal but it should be fixed.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Creating a pixel site is unoriginal but they are extremely hard to make. Just to know that you have made 43 pixels is amazing! I would have never been able to managed that. You should add a little more originality to your pixels and to your site, giving it a nice little spin to no other pixel sites have. You could have computer pixels, stuffed toy pixels, leaf pixels, and pixels that say whether you're open or closed to specific things.

Overall: 10/15 Your site needs a little bit more work but if you take all these recommendations and tips into consideration, your site WILL become better. I think your pixels are adorable but you could work on adding some more. Maybe one day you'll see your pixels all around Neopia, including on my lookup. xD Great work on your site! Keep it up.


First impression: 13/15 Haha, your site name was a little misleading but I'm an idiot so I naturally thought it would have something to do about captains. It's nice how you twisted the word 'captions' though. My first impression was, 'Hmm, this site will be useful for future graphic designing.' I was right. It's an utter gem for graphic designers that dabble in manipulating Neopets-related pictures. I don't really like your grey background because I find it too depressing and a contrast to your bright banner in the middle. Nevertheless, it is not a big deal. I'm not fond of the links below your banner. It's hard to see the blue words against the grey background so I took off points for that. It's not a big deal but it looks unprofessional and like you had nowhere to put it so you just dumped it there.

Layout: 17/20 Meh, your layout's okay but it's a little bit boring. People say simple is the new chic (or whatever the heck they say. xD) but I think you could make your site layout a little bit more exciting. Not that it should be extravagant but it should at least look like you spent some time on it. I'm not saying you didn't spend a lot of time on your layout but I think you can do so much better. The banner's vibrant feel is weird, especially if you compare it to your dull depressing grey background. I have to give you a bravo for your coding though. I'm not sure how much time you spent on it but I know that I wouldn't have been able to code all that. I'd be dead by the time I was finished. So kudos to you! :D

Content: 30/30 Pfft, if I gave you anything but a perfect score, I'd have to be really stupid. You have organized everything really well, even giving us the link so that we don't have to type the whole URL onto the address bar. I especially love the useful, large amount of page anchors. The only recommendation that I have is that pets that are in captions under the 'Random' section should also be put in another section. Okay, that was really confusing. xD Example- Caption 264 of the 'Random' section has a Gelert in it so instead of it just being in the 'Random' section, you can put it in the 'Gelert' and the 'Random' section. Hopefully that makes sense... You can always neomail me if it doesn't.

Updates: 5/5 It's amazing how consistent you are with your updating. You have not missed a day, except for today, which is Monday, May 18. I give you a kudos on your updates. Just keep up the great work! This section is so short... it's kind of weird. xD Sorry, I'm rambling right now.

Grammar/Spelling: 4.5/5 I took away half a point for a minor grammar mistake. Your welcome! on the May 16, 2009 of your Updates section should be You're welcome. It's a very common mistake, unfortunately. Those are all the spelling and grammar mistakes that I noticed but just in case I missed anything, you should go over everything and make sure that there are no grammar/spelling mistakes that reviewers can prey upon.

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 You know that 'Back to Top' button that you were talking about in your latest update? Yeah, it doesn't show up in IE so I took off a point for that. I didn't take points off for these things but May 14,2009 on your Updates section should be a new paragraph. It looks unorganized for it to be joined with May 15, 2009. Also, you might want to fix the sideways scrollbar that shows up on IE for the Extras section. You should still fix those, even if I didn't take points off.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Definitely full points for this category. I would be exhausted if I had to go through so many captions. You still have a lot to go through but seeing as you've already made it through about a hundred of them, I have to give you a nice encouraging yet painful slap on the back. I await the moment that you manage to fit about 850 captions onto your page and I hope your site survives long enough for it to do so. You don't have a lot of extras but your site is incredibly original. Maybe you should select captions that you think are the best or the captains that you are fond of and give those captains a special little box of their own. That way, some captions will get some luuurve.

Overall: 14/15 I would definitely come back! I took a point off because I wouldn't go back to your site every day, or even weekly. For me, it's just a resource. I think that you have an amazing site in your hands and I don't want to see it closing anytime soon. xD That's all I have to say on the matter. Keep up the great job!


First impression: 9/15 I really don't like your layout. I'll move onto that section later but for now, let us stick to First Impressions. xD I thought having a Wicked layout was pretty cool but it could have been done better. I like the green and black colour scheme- it suits the theme very well. I didn't notice this in the first impression but I thought I would mention it anyways. The ends of the banners don't line up with the boxes. Now, to me, that establishes sort of a messy feeling and I hate it when banners don't line up. I don't know whether that's a big deal to your visitors but I have to admit, it is to me.

Layout: 14/20 Blegh, I'm not fond of your layout. xD As I've mentioned before, I really do like your colour scheme. You didn't make the layout but I'm just going to critique it anyways. xD Never, ever save your layout in a JPG format. Always save it in a PNG format. If you save it in PNG, you won't have the grainy quality that JPG gives you. It's very prominent in your layout so that lowered your mark. Honestly, your layout is just a picture and your site name. I think you can do a lot better. Wicked is a nice musical that has good pictures to play with so if you have a good graphics editing program, I think you should make your own layouts. They'll be a lot better than the current one you have and you get to feel the accomplishment on making a layout.

Content: 28/30 I took two points away because of your lack of content. You'd never notice it but you've only finished 15 reviews in about 3 months. For me, I think that's really little. I think you can do so much better but I don't know you very well and how you work so I figured 2 points off was enough. You've got a lot of reviews lining up so I suggest you start finishing some of them. xD Also, I've noticed that many of your reviews start with I would love to come back!. It was okay the first time but it's repetitive and it gets slightly annoying. I think you should fix that. Other than that, amazing section!

Updates: 4/5 Your updates are all pretty consistent, except for times when you didn't update for eight days. That's a big problem for me but so far, you're doing good. You're updating everyday so yeah, no big deal. Keep up the good work!

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 I skimmed over your site and you have no grammar or spelling mistakes. I'm glad that this is not one of those sites where I have to make millions of corrections. xD Just in case I missed anything, though, look over your site and make sure that there are no mistakes. That might be tedious though. Even I don't do that. xD

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 Your site is insanely neat and it gave my OCD heart a little jolt. Haha, that means it's happy. xD I'm not exaggerating or anything- your site really is organized. It's really nice. It gives off a professional yet fun feeling so I think that's pretty good. Kudos to you for keeping such a neat site! :D

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Of course, nothing but full points for this section. It's obvious that there is a lot of effort put into this site but I'm not sure about the originality. You seem like every other review site out there. I'm not criticizing you, I hope you understand that. I think you need to add something to your site that screams originality and creativity. That's the only problem with your amazing site- it's just not original.

Overall: 14/15 I would come back. I really would. I took a point off for just the overall things that I didn't really like, such as the layout and whatnot. There are some things that you can work on but I think that you've got pretty much everything in your neat lovely review site. I hope that you listen to these recommendations. I'll come back to your site soon, I pinky promise. xD Keep up the amazing site!


First impression: 12/15 When I entered your site, I saw a really purple layout. It was slightly blinding but it was a nice colour scheme. I noticed the Neopets links and I found that really annoying. If you need to put those links, please please hide them so that your visitor can enjoy your stay here. I like the name Kreayon. It gives off a playful, bright feeling. My eyes went over to the ugly font immediately. Your header font- Mistral, I think- is really ugly and it takes away from the whole site. It just has a tacky vibe. Definitely change it into something better, like Georgia or Arial.

Layout: 17/20 Your layout's average- not too special, not too horrible. The colours are blinding and vivid so I think you should choose a softer colour scheme. I didn't like the font you used- not at all suited for the layout. It's not a big deal but when you get a new layout, you should definitely choose a font that is suited for your layout. Again, the links took away from the layout and definitely spoiled it for me. Definitely get rid of it or hide it. I recommend hiding it because I believe it's against Neopets rules. Good job on the layout!

Content: 23/30 I took 7 points off because the graphics in the two major sections of your site wasn't even made by you! I understand if a friend makes one graphic for your site but 15?!. That's a bit too much. I don't even see any shields or backgrounds that you have made. You should definitely work on that. Having 48 patterns- though they're technically backgrounds- that were not made by you on a graphics site isn't good at all. Start making your own. It seems stupid to have other people's graphics on your site. Moving onto more pleasant things, I adore your petpages and guild layouts! They're really well made, especially the petpage titled Serenity. It's a really nice petpage and it would be beneficial for you and your visitors to have it in several different colours.

Updates: 0/5 You have no updates at all. That's a very bad thing, Hige. People like to know that your site is alive and having updates is the perfect way to remind people that you are still alive. You don't need to update every single day- because that would prove tedious- but updating every two days would be good. Your updates should also have the date as the title, so your visitors can know when your last update was and whatnot. Also, make sure that your updates are not in a marquee. That makes it hard and annoying to read.

Grammar/Spelling: 4.5/5 I found no grammar or spelling mistakes other than this minor one- After you pasted the code, please change display to v isibility (no spaces in the word itself) there are 2 of them. should be After you pasted the code, Please change display to v isibility (no spaces in the word itself) there are 2 of them. If you can't see the difference, the 'p' after the comma is not capitalized in the edited version. Now, you see what I mean by extremely minor, don't you? xD

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Your site is really neat but I find the tables troubling. You'll notice that in the Guild Layouts section, there is a pattern- two guild layouts at the top, one guild layout, guild layouts following that little rebel over there. xD It looks really untidy and it doesn't give off a professional feeling. You should fix those tables because they prove to be problematic.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Running a graphics site requires a lot of effort and perseverance. You always need to advertise your graphics site, make more graphics, and even code them. It's a rather dreary life, if you don't like graphic designing. You clearly do and I applaud you on creating such a wonderful site with pretty good graphics. You should add more originality to your site, however. Try making some graphics that no other graphic sites have. Be a trend-setter, not a trend-follower. xD

Overall: 13/15 I would definitely come back to your site. I think that your site can really improve if you listen to these recommendations and tips. You have great potential- I'm not lying or exaggerating- but you just need to work on a couple of stuff. Try applying for more affiliates, more review sites, more directories to be listed at. Great job on your site and keep up the great work!


site is now called Sky Dance
First impression: 14/15 My first impression was, 'what an adorable background'. I really do like the background- it's so colourful and welcoming. I think you picked the perfect background. When I stepped into your site, however, I wasn't really sure what site it was. Your site looks really cute, with all the colours and the images. This section is really short because I can't think of what I should write here. xD Just keep up the good work!

Layout: 18.5/20 I don't know why but for some reason, I really do like this layout. I think the CSS is adorable and the little additions you make- like the pins- really make your site more enjoyable. I took off 2 points because the CSS wasn't yours- although you edited it, which gave you a kudo!- and added .5 of a point for those pins. I especially enjoyed reading the JKR and Smeyer pin. xD It's very true, I have to admit.

Content: 22/30 You don't have a lot of content up. You have site names and 4 fonts. You should definitely have more, considering you've been open for enough time to have more content. I suggest that you sit down in front of your computer and start making more fonts. Your fonts are really high-quality and one of the best I've seen in a long time and you have a lot of potential. All you need to do is start making more fonts.

Updates: 3.5/5 I think you need to work on your updates. Your last update was from 6 days.You definitely need to work on your updates. I like how your updates are long and fill out the space but please take up the time to update more often! Updating doesn't take a lot of effort and all you need to do is reserve a couple of minutes every other day.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Congratulations! You are the first winner of the 'Perfect Grammar/Spelling' award in like forever! xD I'm sorry but there really isn't award. We should create something like that but then too many people would win it. xD You have perfect grammar and spelling. I applaud you for being the few people who actually try to be literate when they're not at school/college/university etc. I glare at all those people who say we're nerds for being literate on the Internet. Yeah, just wait. NERDS RULE THE WORLD! xD

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 Ni's OCD heart fluttered when she entered Firefly. Everything was so neat and just so organized. It was perfect. The song 'You Belong with Me' by Taylor Swift started playing faintly in the background. Dramatically, Ni held her small soft hands to her heart, singing horrible to the song. It wasn't a good thing that almost everybody was around to hear the little girl sing, OCD love sparkling in her eyes. When the excruciating torture ended, there was mocking applause and Ni, grinning because she knew she had destroyed their eardrums, took a playful little bow. Before she left the stage- or site, rather-, she yelled out to the already tortured crowd, "Blame me bursting into song on this amazingly organized site! It's what made me start to sing, ladies and gentlemen!"

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Honestly, that's the first time I've actually done part of a review as a story-like thing. xD It was really fun. Maybe I'll do it more often. Okay, enough chattering. xD Anyways, I can see you've put a lot of effort into your site. After all, fonts aren't the easiest to make. That's why I roam the Neoboards with my horrible font because I don't know how to make my own. xD You should really become more original though- make your site more unique. Think of your site as music. It has to be original, unique, and you. Or else critics will start bashing on you OR figuratively throwing tomatoes at you. I definitely won't but it's just something that you should think about. xD

Overall 13/15 Revisiting your site is a yes. I need a new font, after all. xD I think your site is really good and it has a lot of potential. It's becoming better everyday and I know that if you put a lot of effort into your site, it might become the biggest font site in Neopets history ever! xD Make sure you work on your content and updates. Keep up the great job and make sure you get better! :D


First impression: 15/15 Ni, upon clicking on the site called Secret Observer, was met with a dark, eerie layout. She couldn't explain why suspenseful music was playing soothingly in the background- well, as soothing as suspenseful music as be. The first impression that Ni had of this site was pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary at all. The site looked cool and it pulled people in, like an invisible hand reaching out to pull you into its soul. What else did people want these days? xD

Layout: 16/20 Taking a closer look at the layout, Ni had observed that the layout was a premade from Otaku Works and edited slightly by Pip. Glancing down at her brown clipboard, she took off four marks. It wasn't a sin to have a premade layout when you ran a directory, but it would be nice if the layout was a custom. Ni couldn't help but give Pip a thumbs-up for naming the layout 'Don't Trust Me' and picking one of the best layouts in all of this little town that both Ni and Pip reside in.

Content: 30/30 Absolutely astounded, Ni looked around. This directory had so many sites listed! It was amazing- the exact opposite of Ni's current haircut, which unfortunately resembled stairs. She was also pretty ecstatic to find out that this site- Twisted Dreams- was a site that was recommended. Jumping up and down and squealing like a little pig sort of pretty ecstatic, y'know? Being a tad lazy, Ni didn't check all the links because that would be too tedious. She checked some and all of them seemed to be intact. Just as a precaution, however, Ni would recommend going over your site once more, just to make sure that there are no 'dead' links.

Updates: 4/5 Ni zoomed over to Pip's update section. It was all pretty consistent until the end. Pip had unfortunately missed 5 and then 4 days. Usually, those would have been worth two points but the updates were getting definitely coming along! Updating everyday was good and Ni hoped that Secret Observer would be able to keep it up.

Grammar/Spelling: 4.5/5 Raising an eyebrow at the almost flawlessness, Ni wrote something on her clipboard quickly, punctuating it with a piercing sound as her pen tip collided sharply with the paper. It read Congratulations! You speak English but astrick is spelled asterisk..

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 When Ni had reviewed this site, Secret Observer was extremely neat, with page anchors and everything that was needed to make a site neat. Finally, Ni concluded that Pip had something similar to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. :D

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 205 links... that was what Ni was jotting down on her little professional clipboard. It was amazing and the site had just been revamped! Smiling, Ni gave this section a full mark.

Overall 15/15 Ni looked at this section with a small little smile. The question that this section answers is, 'Would I want to come back?' Well, she already came back regularly, before she even wrote this review. She deemed it incredibly useful and a must-have for every Neopian! xD


First impression: 13/15 When I entered your site, there was a really nice premade layout by Futago. It's really pretty but I'm not fond of the font or colour that you used to type 'Welcome to Elegance'. The font is ugly and isn't suited for the whole 'elegant' theme of the site. The colour is ill suited for the layout because it blends into the background. I mean, you can see 'Welcome to Elegance' well but I think it will be best for your layout so that it stands out more.

Layout: 16/20 I took 4 points off because it was a premade layout. You have very good taste when it comes to choosing layouts, however. xD It also shows that you care enough to edit the layout and include your name. So bonus for that! xD I hope that in the future, instead of just using a premade from Futago, that you have a custom layout. Those are always nice. You can even use premade CSS or something like that. xD

Content: 25/30 Almost three months and only 109 links? That's quite little for a directory open for that long of a time. There are many directories that have more links than that and have been open for a similar or less amount of time. You don't always need to wait for people to send you requests to be listed. You can always neomail them, asking them whether you can add them to your directory and whether they can add your button to their site. It's not like you stalk them or you're desperate or anything. You're only adding to your site and people always say, the more the better! I'm not sure whether you do this but one great way to get more links added to your directory is advertising your site. You might have many sites to handle but make sure you advertise each and every one of them. Your site gets more traffic and more links! Everybody's happy. xD

Updates: 4.5/5 Absolutely perfect and consistent. Congratulations! You keep it short and sweet. The only thing I can recommend, however, is to list the categories in which a new site was added. That way your loyal visitors don't have to scroll through everything to find the one that they want.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 This part is wonderful! You speak English very well. :D

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 This section is amazing, actually. You are extremely organized and neat. You even have Back to Top buttons in the shape of an adorable faerie apple! xD Keep up the good work.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 A lot of effort needs to put into directories so the fact that you have an established directory shows how much effort you have put into it. You don't have a lot of extras though. You should have a pixel that indicates that these sites are the top few recommended sites of their section. This gives the site owner great joy- and a loud squeal- and visitors can just click on the recommended sites, instead of looking through thousands to find a right one for them.

Overall 13/15 I would definitely come back but I think you just need to fix all your flaws. You have a really great directory and you should be proud of that. You probably are, anyways. xD Keep up the great work!

85.5/100- an improvement!

Sam and Freddie! From iCarly
First impression: 11/15 Your first impression's not the greatest, I have to admit. You need to work on your colour scheme because I've checked my brain and I have concluded that rainbow and blue do not mix whatsoever. xD I wasn't sure what Seddie was until I read the 'About' section. You should introduce the show iCarly since people who have stumbled on your site might not know about it. The first impression I had was, 'What does Seddie mean?'. It's great that you have an Urban Dictionary definition of Seddie but I think you should include your own definition of it and why you support it. Then, the visitor gets to know you better and the person behind the site.

Layout: 15/20 It's not the worst layout I've seen- trust me, I've seen lots- but it's not the best layout I've seen either. The banner is rainbow coloured, for God's sake! I'm not going to say that having a rainbow colour scheme is bad and it never works, because then I would be lying. I have seen layouts with rainbow colour schemes and they look good. However, if you're not ready to work with those kinds of hard colour schemes, I recommend you to pick an easier one. It doesn't make you seem like you're incompetent, just smart enough to know that rainbow won't work with you. The coding isn't all that great, either. The banner is not aligned correctly in Firefox and the blue headers- which is the same colour as the background- doesn't really stand out and it looks weird. Also, in the side column, it appears like the background and the side column is the same colour. At least make the side column's background a nice clean white so it is easy to read.

Content: 22/30 You need more content. That's all I can say. Instead of just having the evidence, try putting up some graphics to support Seddie! Or maybe include a little paragraph why you created a fansite of Seddie and why you like the pairing so much. You can always have fun trivia on the site because the content isn't extremely interesting. I don't get the Rules section. Perhaps you should explain to your visitor that you need to put up a button if you support Seddie. Think of your site as the Altador Cup. Without all those other games, not many people would participate in the Altador Cup.

Updates: 0/5 No updates. That's bad. Like really bad. People like to know that you're alive. It doesn't matter whether you're a review site, a fanlisting, a directory, and whatnot. An update box is crucial. You need it so get one. You don't want to lose anymore points.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Congratulations! You have been presented with the 'I Pay Attention in English Class' award! Please put it up on your bedroom wall. xD

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 The only problem I have is that the banner is now aligned with the boxes and it looks really messy. You should really fix that.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think you put in a lot of effort but it's not enough. You need to add some stuff to your site, make it unique, and a site that you will be proud of. There is no doubt that you have potential but instead of just keeping it locked away in a closet, unleash the potential! Your site is boring. I apologize for putting it in such a crude and blunt way but I can't sugarcoat it. Improve your site. Get some extra stuff. Be the best site that you can be. And completely disregard the fact that I sound like a self-help book. xD

Overall 9/15 You really need to fix some flaws in your site. I don't think you should've asked for a review so early, especially when you have so many things that you need to work on. I'm not saying that your site will become an instant hit but seriously, take the tips and advice and your site will become better. I assure you. Keep up the great work at the site!


First impression: 13/15 Cute is the adjective I would use if my eyes had not traveled to the ugly scrollbar. Messy is the adjective I would definitely use when I entered your site. The scrollbar took away from the first impression, giving it a messy unprofessional sort of look that I really hate. I especially like your name and your welcome message. I did find a couple of grammar mistakes in the welcome but I'll delve into that later. I could tell what site you were the minute I entered your site so that's a good thing.

Layout: 15/20 The banner is simple and cute. It fits the whole site but let us go to the scrollbar. It's unprofessional, ugly, and shouldn't be there. Instead of letting the box scroll down, why not let it just flow neatly and get rid of that ugly scrollbar? Your site doesn't look that great in FF so maybe you should try compatible coding. I'm going to include the fonts in this section because technically, it is part of the layout section. What is that font all about? It doesn't suit a site. I'm not saying it's bad but I don't think you should use it. It takes up too much space and it appears much too small. Go with generic and popular fonts. My favorites are always Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Verdana. Also, I'd like to know when neon blue and green mixed together. If you're not that good with colour schemes, google Colour Scheme Generator and click on the first link to present you. The site provides a nifty little colour scheme generator that helps you create colour schemes for anything and everything!

Content: 8/30 I cannot stress how important content is. This is the backbone of your site. Even if everything else is really horrible and your content is great, it doesn't matter. Without content, your site would fall apart. You have 8 links. That's it. That's pathetic. I know sites that are older than the Booklet that have more than 8 links in their directory! Get more! Honestly. Go out to the boards and advertise your directory. Ask people whether they would want to be in your directory. Do whatever you can to get more people! You're losing serious points by not having much content. It's not particularly hard to put links on a page- just hard to get people so you can put links on your page.

Updates: 4.5/5 You are consistent in your updates but once, you didn't update for 3 days. It's not a sin so I just took off half a point for that. Good job! I hope you continue updating consistently like this.

Grammar/Spelling: 0/5 Quite a odd book I dear say. should be 'Quite an odd book, I dear say.' I am running out of snacks anyway should be I am running out of snacks anyways. Oh by the way. Please don't be afriad to ~call on me~ should be Oh by the way, please don't be afraid to call on me. For ethier Directory or afillie. Or BOTH! should be For either directory or affiliate. What catagory? should be What category. Plus I'm catorgizing the icons should be Plus I'm caterogizing the icons. Inless you bite mine. should be Unless you bite mine. My review With hearts review should be My review with Hearts Reviews. Get lsited in the Table of Contents section should be Get Listed. The Pixel Feild should be The Pixel Field. I which I learned this very neat coding. should be Where I learned this very neat coding. There are some places where you need commas but I didn't bother correcting those. This would be a much too big paragraph. To avoid so many mistakes, use Firefox. They will spot out your spelling mistakes.

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 I find your site extremely unorganized and messy because of the scrollbar. Seriously, just get rid of it. Also, that humongous counter isn't doing much good either. The dimensions are 408x600px! That's really, really big. You need to change the counter and make your site less messy and more organized. Trust me. Everybody will appreciate it.

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 You need to put more effort into your site. Having 8 links in your 7 day old directory does not count as having a lot of effort being put into your site. You need to work better and spend more time on your site. If you can't manage this directory, you might just have to close it down. I don't want you to close it down so you need to keep it well-groomed. xD Think of a site as a dog. It needs love and affection.

Overall 7/15 I wouldn't visit this site. I honestly wouldn't. I'm sorry if you think I'm mean but you need to work on a lot of things. You shouldn't have applied to be reviewed so early, especially when you have so little content. Reserve some time for your directory. It needs it. Good luck with your site!


site is now closed.
First impression: 14/15 Stepping into Lookout Links, Ni was greeted with a warm colour scheme that reminded her of the ultimate enemy- the horrible season that so many students looked forward to. Yes, her ultimate enemy was summer. The colour scheme worked well with the layout and everything looked great. Taking a point off because of the banner, Ni looked around at the site once again. It seemed like a good one. She could feel it in her gut. xD

Layout: 18/20 Ni was a graphics designer so she looked for specific things in a layout. The crucial points that she looked out for was a good colour scheme, a good banner, and good coding. Lookout Links had 2.5 of those things. xD Ni wasn't very fond of the banner. It suited the colour scheme and the theme but she felt that it could have been done a lot better. It wasn't a big deal but perhaps Ni Ni -haha, they share sort of the same name!- would want to request a nice banner at a site provided in the Extras section of TDReviews.

Content: 25/30 Frowning, Ni tapped the wooden pencil lightly against her dry lips. She stood there for minutes, eventually evolving from tapping to running her fingers across her lips, thinking that she needed to put lip balm on them. Sighing softly, Ni put down a 25 on her brown little professional-looking clipboard. She had given the same mark to another directory called Elegance. Concluding that Lookout Links needed more links in the directory, Ni wrote down some advice- 'Don't be afraid to ask people whether they would like to be in your directory! You'll have so much more links that way!'- and moved on to the next section.

Updates: 5/5 Zooming over to the update box, she scrolled through each and every update. Ni looked at the update box in disgust- everything was perfect! xD Nothing was out of place. Not even a single strand of hair. "This person better be a crime scene investigator," Ni grumbled good-heartedly, "or else I swear I'm going to go ballistics with the whole perfectness." Then she realized she made sort of a pun. xD After all, Ballistics refered to firearms and firearms referred to crime scenes. Wasn't that delightful? No, it probably wasn't but it was Ni's twisted humour. It was like a twisted dream. xD Then a penguin popped up. It had a blue striped bow glued onto its chest and he had a vividly coloured mohawk that was styled with affection and love. Obviously, Ni had been reading too much Alice in Wonderland.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Ni grinned. This was always her favorite section to mark because she got to make fun of people's grammar and spelling. xD Her smile faltered, however, when she went through the entire site and found no grammar or spelling mistakes. Running an extremely small hand through her jet-black medium-length hair, she sighed happily. This was always a nice section to relax too- especially when she knew she had to make no corrections. xD

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 Running across the large master bedroom and plopping down on the black leather chair, Ni wrenched the mouse away. Clicking rapidly, her eyes narrowed when she noticed that she had to wait. Who had the time to wait these days?! Honestly. Giving a small little rumble from the back of her throat, Ni quickly opened up a new document in Photoshop. She added textures, brushes, stock images, and in ten minutes, a new award had arrived at Twisted Dreams. Ni proudly presented it to Lookout Links- the first ever Organized Site award.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Ni scribbled something on her clipboard. Curious, the mohawk penguin that had presented itself in the Updates section popped up again. Tiptoeing expertly across the room, the penguin peered over Ni's shoulder. It expected something rude, something that reminded him of Ni. Instead, he got a 'GOOD JOB! SO MUCH EFFORT PUT IN.'. Grumbling, the penguin slinked away.

Overall 13/15 This is the only section that I will never do in story format unless I feel particularly inspired. Unfortunately, I am not. First, I must apologize for my horrible story format. I'm suffering from writer's block. xD I think your site is amazing! I took two points off because of all the things that you could fix. I honestly really like your site and I would definitely come back. You just need to fix somethings and get more links onto your directory. Other than that, your site is perfect. Good job and keep up the amazingPenguilini work! :D


site is now closed.

First impression: 13/15So girlish,' is the thought that I immediately had when I stepped into the site but what did I expect from a site called Hearts Reviews? Obviously hearts. xD I don't think the colour scheme fit very well. Seriously, purple, red, green, and blue? Definitely doesn't fit. I'm not a guru at colour schemes but I know when one doesn't work well together. Google Colour Scheme Generator and click on the first link. You'll get a nifty little colour scheme generator that will give you good colours for your site/graphics/whatnot. I found the black background refreshing and it created a balance between the bright colours and the black, which was actually really nice. Instead of having green on your layout, try using a family of red.

Layout: 15/20 It's not a bad layout, that's for sure, but there are some things that could use a tad bit of changing. Let's move onto the more obvious things first: the colour scheme. What were you thinking when you made the colour scheme? xD Now, I've already lectured you on this so I'm going to move on. The hearts that you cut out look horrible. It's not clean-cut, and you can still see the ugly white edges. Also, the positioning of those hearts is bad. Maybe try cutting the hearts out better and put the hearts not so close to the words? That would make the layout look a lot better. Now, let's move on to to the headers. In short, I'm not fond of them. They have a ridiculous thick border around it and they just look so rough, y'know? Try using a dashed 1px border instead of a solid 4px (I think...) border. I also took off a point because it's not that compatible in IE. I mean, it looks fine except for the obvious error in the continuation of the boxes and the background.

Content: 25/30 Twisted Dreams got 11 reviews done in the amount of time that you have been open. Yes, I got that from the Updates box. xD You have 7 but you only need 4 more to catch up. I don't like the fact that your waiting list is empty. Go out to the Guild boards and advertise Hearts Reviews! That's what I do all the time and we get a decent amount of sites on the waiting list. Also, the whole dancing and being happy about nobody being in the waiting list gives the impression that you don't want to rate any sites, which I'm sure is the opposite. You're a little soft on your reviews but I'm not going to take away a point for that. You should look through everything, make sure that they have enough reviews for the time the site has been made, and be thorough. Like Defying Gravity Reviews only has 19 reviews for the 3 months it has survived. You need to look into things like that.

Updates: 4.5/5 Your updates are very consistent, except for the three-day holiday that you took. xD Just keep up the great work!

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Congratulations, Hestansy! You speak English very well. :D

Organization/Neatness: 2/5 I took off a point because it wasn't compatible in IE. It might seem unfair that I took off points in both sections but it fits into both sections. I also took one point off because in Firefox, the awards go outside the main box. It looks unprofessional, ugly, and like you can't code, which I know you are the opposite of. I also took half a point off because of the side scrollbar. I really hate when there are side scrollbars present at the site, especially when you scroll, there's nothing. I also took a point off because the header called Listed At is a link to Cookie Monster Reviews.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think you put a lot of effort into your site but you don't really having anything original. I find it hypocritic that you always comment on counters, yet you don't have any! Add a counter disguised as a pixel and it will surely make your site look brighter and cuter! And you can just squee at the pixel, if you really like it. xD I know I squeal incredibly loudly at Pixel Nation's pixels.

Overall 11/15 Your site has a lot of potential. I'm not lying about that but I think there are some flaws in your site that you really need to fix. Listen to the recommendations and the tips that I have given you and you will definitely become better. Make sure that you get reviewed at more sites so you know what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. Good job on the site and keep on getting better!


First impression: 14/15 Oh my God, what a cute layout! It's so different from the one you when I reviewed you and it looks great. The first impression The Pixel Field had on me was that you certainly improved a lot. However, I took off a point because my eye immediately went to the purple border around the links. It definitely does not fit your colour scheme. It should be a green, matching your header. Besides that, you had a really good first impression on me. I'm really glad that you took suggestions and tips from all the sites that you were reviewed at and worked it into your site.

Layout: 17/20 It's a really cute layout. I'm quite fond of it, actually. xD I took off one point for those cherry blossom petals- I think they're cherry blossoms- because it's annoying and it makes your visitor feel incredibly frustrated. I also took off one point because of your really ugly blue background. It looked like it was glittery but it definitely did not match. I also took one point off because your layout wasn't big enough to fit the whole page. If you made it bigger so it could fill the whole page, you would've had space for an update box, instead of putting it WAY down there. You should put some flowers and butterflies in your layout and your blue could be a lot softer. Your layout is really cute, though, and definitely better than the one you had last time!

Content: 30/30 You've expanded your pixel collection a little bit but not by much. I do, however, understand that pixels are hard to make so I'm not going to take away any points. I adore your milk bottles- they're extremely cute. I also like your Simpsons pixel and I think that you should have a TV pixel section. It would be incredibly original and you would be the only one who had those kinds of pixels. I do, however, have a tip for you. I've noticed that many pixel sites- mainly the popular ones, like Amber's Pixels and Pixel Nation- don't outline their pixel in black, like you do. Instead of outlining your pixels in black and making them look rough, you could outline your pixels in a darker colour than your dominating colour. Confused? Let me explain. If your dominating colour of a pixel is yellow, use a darker shade of yellow. Dominating colour is light green, then use dark green. It's simple and it'll make your pixel look a lot better.

Updates: 4/5 I took a point off because of the inconvenient place your updates were in. If you made your layout bigger, you would be able to have a box of updates. I'm glad to see that it is no longer a marquee. :D You update consistently so that's good. Keep up the great work!

Grammar/Spelling: 3.5/5 I spotted three disappearances of a period. You wrote These are my awful korbat pixels :P Well, I still hope you like it :). It should be These are my awful korbat pixels. :P Well, I still hope you like it. :). When you use smileys, always have them after a period. Have a look at my pixels, and perhaps bring one or two with you :) should have a period before the cute little smiley. Make sure you go over everything on your site, just in case I missed anything.

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 Organized very well. I'm proud of you. xD

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 There is a lot of effort put into this site. After all, making pixels is very hard. I'm also really happy that you take advice from every review site that you've been reviewed at and use it in your site, as I've mentioned before in the first section. I think you're doing great, just come up with more original sections. I do admit that I've never seen milk bottles on a pixel before. Good job on this section and keep on adding more pixels!

Overall 13/15 I would definitely go back to your site but there are some things you need to fix. You've improved a lot from the last time I've reviewed you, from an 80 to a 91.5! That's a whomping good improvement right there. Listen to all the recommendations and tips- which you probably will- and keep on working on your site. Keep up the great work!


site is now called onyx
First impression: 11/15 Stepping into your site, I noticed that you had changed your layout from the first time that I had clicked on your site to see whether you added out link-back button. I hope you don't mind me saying that I like your old layout a lot better. It was cuter, had a nice colour scheme, and seemed to suit a button request site. I'm not saying I totally hate your layout- because I think it's nice- but I don't this sophisticated, elegant look really suits the site. Moving on from the layout, which will be explained deeper later, I thought the image quality was a little grainy. I have no idea why, considering it's saved in PNG format. I also hate the fact that your layout is big, so the side scrollbar that is usually MIA is there, staring me in the eyes, just mocking me. xD I really do like the navigation on the side, though. It makes it seem like a professional off-site button request site, so that's really nice.

Layout: 17/20 There aren't a lot of problems I have with your layout. The colour scheme works out pretty great, the font you used is cute, the navigation is useful and looks pretty cool, and the coding is well-done. However, I don't like the poor image quality. It's all grainy. I also don't like the side scrollbar. Again, I think your old blue layout was a lot better, because it was cute and fit a lot better for a young button requests site. Other than that, I honestly have no problems.

Content: 22/30 You've only done 30 pixels in approximately 70 days of opening your button requests site? If you ask me, that's bad. I do understand quality over quantity but you have to have a balance between both of them. Honestly, buttons aren't that hard to make. You can do at least one every day. Some people do 10 at a time! I know that Buttontastic has 43 buttons and it's only been opened for 13 days. I think that you need to start making more buttons and maybe providing button bases for your site. It's an easy way to make the content level go up and if the quality is really good, requests might start pouring in extremely fast.

Updates: 0/5 Suspenseful music plays in the background. Where are your updates? This is one of the easiest section to get a high mark in. I highly suggest you to get an update box, so that your visitors know that you're not dead and updated 7 years ago.

Grammar/Spelling: 3.5/5 You wrote Welcome to Buttons! (New Layout!), and it should be Welcome to Buttons (new layout)! You don't need that comma at the end. We opened on the 20th of February 2009 and have updated information up until the present (June 1, 2009)? should be We opened on the 20th of February 2009 and have updated information up until the present (June 1, 2009). You can barely notice it but you forgot the period at the end. You wrote Please Change the Linkage so you wont keep returning here! but you need to add an apostrophe between the n and t, so it's won't. Those are all the grammar and spelling mistakes I found.

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 Definitely very neat and organized. Full marks on this section! :D

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think there is a lot of effort put into this site but I'm not really sure about the Extras. You don't even have the easy ones- button bases. Go browse around and have a look at the successful button requests sites. You don't want to copy but it might give you some inspiration. Just don't be over-inspired. xD

Overall 9/15 I wouldn't go back to your site. I'm sorry. It's really nice and all, but I'm just not that fond of buttons. xD It has nothing to do with your site, just my personal preference. I took away 6 points because I felt that if I was a button lover, I wouldn't go back either. You have much too little content and there are some things that you really, really need to fix. You have an amazing site in your hands. All you need to do is start paying REAL attention to it. Good job on the site!


First impression: 11/15 It's not the worst layout I've seen in my life but it's what an amateur would make. It's a lot better than the old layout you had, that's for sure, but you should get a cute little premade and edit it or just get someone to make a nice banner for you. It also looks pretty messy in both IE and FF, although it's worse in IE. The columns aren't aligned with each other so that creates a bad impression on your visitors. I like the background because it's really cute and it suits the colour scheme very well. I'm also not particularly fond of the name. Like seriously, Sapphire Sparkles? The name sounds so girly and it just sounds slightly ridiculous. The Button Maker suits it so much better.

Layout: 15/20 Again, not the worst layout. Honestly, all you need to do is ask someone on the Guild boards to help you make a petpage layout or get a good friend to make it. There's no shame in that. I enjoy the colour scheme, partly because my favorite colour is blue. xD It has nice coding but then, of course it does, considering it belongs to Apartment Nine.

Content: 24/30 You don't have a lot of options for your visitors. You only have 5 borders. Now, I would understand if you had that little and you were a new site, but you've been open for quite some time now. Amy's Button Basket has 17 available borders for her visitors. You have really cute buttons but the style is almost always the same. Your content and styles should vary, so it's always original and unique, instead of just plain and bland. Your button bases are extremely useful but I'd like to see some Neo-Related button bases soon.

Updates: 3/5 You haven't updated in 11 days. That's really bad. I can understand if you're studying for final exams and are on a hiatus but it's always nice to tell your reviewer. You need to start updating more. You don't need to update everyday but once every two days will do it, if you don't have a lot of time.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Thank God you speak English! xD Good job.

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 I took off one point because of broken links. SiteStandards is officially closed and it seems to be a new site. Also, Courtesy of Cass is now Unhappening Reviews. You need to link to Apartment Nine. I also took a point off because the columns weren't aligned with the banner and that creates an unprofessional messy impression on your visitor.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 You've got a lot of buttons done and I'm glad. xD However, I took off a point because TDReviews and Rawrfactor are not on your Reviewed By list. I think it's pretty rude to apply to be reviewed at review sites and not put up their button up.

Overall 11/15 You have nice buttons, honestly, but you don't seem to have a lot of stuff that would tempt a visitor. You make amazing buttons but you need to add some other stuff that would make your site more unique. You could start out with adding more fonts, borders, and effects. Your buttons can be slightly boring if the style does not vary. Your site has a lot of potential but I feel that is ruined by your lack of content and your layout. I know that I reviewed you last time and gave you a higher score but I think I've reviewed too many sites. I'm becoming much too harsh. xD Good job on the site!


site is now closed.
First impression: 10/15 The layout's a little bit girly so if I was a guy visitor, I would be a little thrown off by the layout. Even if I hate pink, I do have to admit that the colour scheme fits. I took one point off for this line- I am very good at making them too!. It sounds egotistic and advanced graphic designers would just snort at your site. Then, I took off one more point because of the music. Having music on your site is infuriating and it usually clashes with your visitor's taste. For one thing, I was listening to My Girl by the Temptations and yes, 12-year-old girls can listen to old music, and the Lip Gloss song just totally clashed with it. I also took off a point because of that ugly linking border around the neomail envelope. The other two points were deducted because I felt that your site didn't create a strong first impression that made me excited to venture into your site.

Layout: 16/20 The layout's okay, I guess. The colour scheme fits well but I'm not exactly fond of it. I took off a point because your banner didn't fill the entire table so it looks really messy. The pink sharpies that you put on the banner is cut out badly and it looks pixelated because it's been minimized. The glittery lips are a nice effect that you used so kudos to you for that. The coding's not the greatest but it's simple and it works good enough for your site. Your background has poor quality because it is saved in JPG. Save it in a PNG format and it'll be so much better.

Content: 25/30 A lot of your graphics aren't the greatest. It looks like you just took an 800x600 picture from Neopets, pasted it on a new document, and added some textboxes to it. The quality is bad so that takes away from your graphics a lot. Save it as a PNG format instead of JPG, so it's better quality and it looks better. I also have a problem with the font. You use Papyrus a lot and I think that never goes well with graphics. If you're looking for better fonts, Google Dafont. It's a really good site to get free fonts. The majority of the fonts I have are acquired from that site. I also don't like the fact that all of your userlookups were not coded for you. If you're a graphics designer, you should be able to code your stuff but it's no big deal. I didn't take off a point for that. Now that you have GIMP, I encourage you to look up tutorials. GIMP is a lot harder to use than Paint but it can do so much more. I'm surprised that you didn't bother to get GIMP in the first place because it's free. Make sure that when you make more graphics with GIMP that you add brushes and textures to make it look better.

Updates: 5/5 You've updated very consistently but there are many grammar and spelling mistakes in your updates. You should go fix them. I am however slightly miffed at your June 4th update. Ayana and I run a review site because we're interested in helping sites improve. We do not give snotty comments at all. We are just harsh and want people to improve their sites. Other than that, good job. First aced category!

Grammar/Spelling: 3.5/5 Good Luck, and send me a neomail if you want! should be Good luck, and send me a neomail if you want!. Their just jellin' of my awesome site cause their's WAS HORRIBLES! should be They're just jellin' of my awesome site because theirs was HORRIBLE!. I love chosing old songs that everyone used to love. should be I love choosing old songs that everybody used to love. That's about it but in case you have any more, you should go over your site.

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 I took off one point because you don't have page anchors. Now, I've noticed that you mentioned them in your updates but I'm wondering how they could mess up your layout. When you have so much content, having page anchors is the key to go. I also took off a point because of the giant headers. They should be smaller, or at least the same size as the side columns.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I can see you've put a lot of effort into your site because making graphics is hard. However, you should apply to be listed at more directories and apply for more affiliates. You're not even listed at The Faerie Compass or The Soroptimist Directory, two of the most popular directory sites. If you have more affiliates, more people will come to your site and you have found a valuable friend. That is the same with directories. There is a section of Useful Links in the Extras category. There is a group of directories that you can apply to.

Overall 12/15 You have a very nice site, I have to agree, but there are a couple of things that you definitely need to fix, like the quality of your graphics. All in all, you run a very respectful site that you should be proud of, which you are. Keep up the great job! Just use all the tips and recommendations that I gave you. Great site!


First impression: 10/15 The first impression I got was that a premade CSS layout from Kitty wasn't the best option for a site. Not to mention, the banner was ugly. It could've been done so much better with the right program, like GIMP, which is free. I found it odd that you put '~Spooky' before you finished your introduction. You didn't really introduce the fact that your site was a pet name site. People have to infer that it is. They don't know it's a pet name site for sure. You should state that so people don't get confused. It might happen, you never know. I didn't really want to continue into your site when I first entered it. It didn't create the greatest impression on me.

Layout: 14/20 I love the petpage CSS that Kitty made but I don't think it really fits a site. It just strikes me as odd, a layout that you would expect from a graphics examples page or an about me page. Definitely not the sort of layout that you want for your untaken names site. You can always get choose a site from our Useful Links section in the Extras category. Those are the best sites that I would recommend if you're looking for a site layout or a template. All of the sites featured have at least two columns. The next thing I'll move into will be the banner. I don't like it- plain and simple. The quality makes it look worse than it actually is. Instead of saving it in a JPEG format, save it in a PNG format. That means that the quality won't be that bad and you can actually enjoy the banner. It's an interesting image but you didn't do it well. The font that you chose was nice, but the JPG format ruined it. You only added the font. Not much to it, except for the horrible grainy words that read 'Fluttering Dreams'. Download GIMP, which is a free graphic designing program that works as well as Photoshop. Many people use that program so there are many tutorials out there. You can create much banners that way.

Content: 26/30 I'm not really fond of your names, actually. They appear to me like gibberish, instead of actual untaken pet names. I wouldn't use these, because it looks like you took a word and added an alphabet to it. Take the time and actually come up with high-quality names. I would never use them, but that's just because I like coming up with pet names myself. I do have to admit that you have many. You should include a calculation of all the names that you have. You might need to come up with more names for B. I find it the most lacking in untaken pet names. I'm not going to go through it and find which ones are taken because I find it too intimidating. Good job!

Updates: 4/5 You disappeared for 14 days. I would take off 2 points but that would be mean. Make sure that you don't do that again. If you are, inform people that you're on a hiatus and make sure no one is reviewing you then. I find a spelling mistake in your updates section but I'll elaborate on it later in the other section. Just keep on being consistent and your updates will be just fine.

Grammar/Spelling: 4.5/5 ve been busy with school and softball, and, ontop of that, there was a coding issue that I'd prefer not to go into detail about. should be ve been busy with school and softball, and on top of that, there was a coding issue that I'd prefer not to go into detail about.. That's all the spelling and grammar mistakes I found but just to be careful, make sure you look all over your site so that you can be definite about your site not having any other grammar or spelling mistakes.

Organization/Neatness: 2.5/5 You don't really have a navigation, besides a navigation for the names. Get a navigation that has your awards, random praise, and names in it. That way, people don't have to scroll through millions of things to get to the section they want. Also, I took off a point because of the order. Don't bother putting the credits in the introduction. You have credits at the bottom of the site as well. And the counter should not be in your introduction. Put it in your side column. That's where you need to put it so it doesn't make the site look untidy. Also, there are these weird bars after the header called 'Other Sites'. That creates a messy and untidy impression. There are also really ugly borders around your affiliates. Better get rid of them.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I noticed that none of your buttons were made by me. Here's a really good tutorial for you to learn how to make your buttons in Paint: ABT. The name is extremely long and I don't feel like typing it up at the moment. Again, it would be useful to have a total count of all your names. That would be included in the Extras section. You need something that will make your site stand out. Something that makes it totally yours.

Overall 9/15 No, I would not come back. There are some things that you need to fix. You have an amazing site that you can be proud of and I hope you are. You just need to fix up some things, listen to the recommendations and suggestions of the review sites that you applied to, and work those tips into your site! You've done a great job. Just need to fix some stuff. Keep up the great work!


First impression: 13/15 Your site created a strong impression on me but I got a tad bit annoyed at the fact that I couldn't highlight the words because they were part of the layout image. I liked the fact that it was animated but instead of just having that anime girl at the side constantly, maybe you could change it, like the 'welcome' animation. I also found the font small. Visually challenged people a.k.a. me might not be able to read it that well and might get frustrated that we can't highlight it either. Other than those tiny little things that hardly matter, your site looks fantastic! It looks tempting, enticing, like strawberries singing, "EAT ME!" However, you only have userlookups so the fact that your name is Final Destination Designs can be misleading. Final Destination Userlookups might give the visitor an inkling of what your site is all about. Of course, I totally understand if you don't want to change your name, so it's not a big deal. It's not heinous or anything. Good job on making your site look amazing for a first-time visitor!

Layout: 19/20 I adore your layout. I think it's simply amazing. However, I took off a point because of the font in your layout. It might be tedious to code but it's also annoying and could cause you visitors. I adore the colours and how the fit together. Also, the font that you used to write 'Userlookups', 'Rules and Disclaimers', and whatnot is beautiful. Can you tell me what it is? xDD I like the simplicity of it all and the effect of the brushes. Now, before I gush anymore, I will stop and continue to the other categories.

Content: 30/30 Although you only have userlookups, you have many. I adore the fact that you have two House, M.D. userlookups. There are a couple of userlookups that I don't think are the greatest, though. They don't seem all that special, compared to all your other userlookups. I'm not fond of the Air Gear Fang King one, and the Back to Back FMA one. Although Guitar Cane looks amazing, it looks very typical. Especially the fact that it has two columns. I think that takes away from its enjoyment and it's aesthetics. You should create more TV show userlookups. There are many that are popular and I'm sure people would use. I would definitely use Criminal Minds, CSI NY, CSI Las Vegas, The Mentalist, and NCIS userlookups. I know NCIS has been getting popular so maybe it would be beneficial to have NCIS userlookups. I'm surprised you don't have Twilight userlookups. I detest Twilight but all the popular userlookups always cater to the trends and the tastes today. You should put a couple of Twilight userlookups, unless you're really against it, like me. xD

Updates: 5/5 Yep, perfectly fine! Consistent for now. Just keep up the good work!

Grammar/Spelling: 4.5/5 I've recieved a lot of positive feedback should be I've received a lot of positive feedback. House, M.d. should be House, M.D.. Not a major one, so I didn't take off any points for it. It's just a technicality, pretty much.

Organization/Neatness: 3.5/5 When you enter and you see all these boxes laying around, it doesn't appear to be the most organized and neatest site ever. There is, however, nothing you can do about that, unless you make a new layout. I also think visuals and the words fit into this category. I took off half a point because I've already taken it off two categories and that's pretty mean to take off 3 points in 3 categories.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Definitely, definitely a lot of effort put into this site! These days, who really has the time to code and make every lookup on your site? Great work on your site!

Overall 15/15 Yes, I would definitely come back. I used to adore anime but now, I'm so-so. The only things that really appeals to me are your House, M.D. lookups. I would definitely use some of them, if I got lazy and didn't bother to make my own userlookup. Amazing job on the site and keep up the great work!


site is now Vintage Reviews
first impression 7/15 When I came upon your site, I didn't really want to look at it anymore further. Although, I like the fact that you have a different page for your link me buttons. That's creative. I give you props for that. I also like your banner image and your colors, I guess. What I didn't like was your coding. I'll get into more details later on. Be prepared!! xD

layout 10/20 Ouchie, you got half of what full points you should get!! Time to get to the details. Let's get to the good things. I love your banner and I give your props for that. Well, it probably isn't the best banner in the world but I think it's still great. What I really hate is your coding. I don't like the fact that your text containers (if that's what it's called) aren't all equal lengths. It would've been nice if at least the 2 side containers are equal. It would be even better if all of the containers are equal. About your organization, I'll get to details later.

content 20/30 The content of your site is great but the content for the reviews you give, well, that's a different story. If I got reviewed by you, I would want a little bit more details. It would really help me to hear other people's opinion with great details. You have everything explained in your site so that's fine.

updates 5/5 Nothing wrong here . You update everyday and that's great. Well, not literally everyday but you know what I mean. xD

grammar/spelling 4.5/5 You have a few mistakes here and there with your spelling. It would be great if you re-checked your site again.

organization/neatness 3/5 I think everything is like just crammed. One container has like 3 things the other has like the rest all crammed in there. I think you were trying to make a pattern with your containers.

effort/extras 4/5 Ehh ... Nothing really extra here. You have what every site should have but you don't really have anything extra in there. I say you put effort into this site.

overall 10/15 Again all these are only my opinions. You don't have to take all this seriously but I would like if you take some of my suggestions. Overall I wouldn't really want you to review my site. I wouldn't really want to re-visit your site again. Sorry but this is just my opinion.


site is now closed
First impression: 10/15 Your layout wasn't exactly enticing, not exactly screaming, "OH MY GOSH! SUCH AN AMAZING SITE. MUST LOOK AROUND. NOW." I abhor Twilight so I'll just state right now that none of my personal bias will make its way into this review. I took off a point because of the music. As nice as the song might be, it interferes. Also, some of your visitors might not be partial to that kind of music or the band. If your visitor always plays music when they surf on the Internet, that would be a problem. I know I hate it when music is blasting on the site when I'm listening to music on another site. Spotlight interfered with 老鼠爱大米 so that got annoying. Your introduction was well-worded but it was a little long and it contained things that should've gone in another section. Instead of putting iiroxurworld's request page, I recommend you to put the name of your site. That way, people can distinguish the fact that it's called Twisted.

Layout: 10/20 Your image quality isn't the best. Instead of saving the image in JPEG format, save it in PNG format. It will make it less grainy and the quality will be a lot better than what you have now. The layout isn't very interesting. The only image that's on there are arms, holding an apple. You could've done so much better with the layout. Instead of just putting sparkles, you could try for something more artistic. You could always use images from the Twilight movie to make your layout. That would be nice. Now, let's move onto the coding. I took off a couple of points because it wasn't made by you. I'm going to critique it anyways, however. I don't like the fact that it's all tables. It looks unprofessional. You should start coding your layouts yourself. You'll feel prouder and it'll probably look better than the coding you have right now. Coding tutorials that can help you are available in the Useful Links section in the Extras category. I also took off major points because the layout for the 'My Graphics&Layouts 4 U' because the layout wasn't made by you. You should have layouts that you made yourself, if you're a graphic site, unless a good friend has made it for you. I'd also like to comment that you need to fix your headers. They're extremely boring and not at all aesthetically pleasing.

Content: 22/30 For your requests, you currently only have music codes- four to be specific. You also only have 8 graphics on the other page that is provided for your visitors. That's kind of pathetic for a site has been open for about 20 days, as far as I can tell. You should have a lot more graphics done. Banners aren't the hardest thing to do. I can make 10 a day, if I'm really bored and I have nothing to do. xD Sit down in front of your computer and start making some more graphics! It sends off a bad message if you don't have enough graphics for your visitor to use.

Updates: 3.5/5 I took off one point and a half because you haven't updated for 11 days. That would be pretty bad for a new site, considering you're happy that you've just created a new site for everybody to see.

Grammar/Spelling: 1.5/5 I take all request, one at a time. should be I take all requests, one at a time. Its been busy lately. should be It's been busy lately. I think their better than I thought they would be. should be I think they're better than I thought they would be. I'll be trying to make a New Moon Trailor for you guys, so be patient. should be I'll be trying to make a New Moon trailer for you guys, so be patient. First I need your sites name, sites link, and an affie button. should be First, I need your site's name, site's link, and an affie button. And i'll be changing the song every few weeks should be And I'll be changing the song every few weeks. My Graphics&Layouts 4 U is unprofessional and should be My Graphics & Layouts For You.

Organization/Neatness: 2.5/5 I took off one point for the affiliate marquee because that's annoying. I'm sure your affies don't put you in a marquee. Not only is it frustrating, it's messy and it doesn't give your visitor an equal opportunity to click on one of the affie buttons as it would for a visitor at a site that didn't put their affiliates in a marquee. I also took off a point because you don't have page anchors. Those would be very beneficial for your site. If you're unsure about coding them, here's a guide: Kitty's Coding Guide. Half a point was taken away because on your graphics page, the Teen Twilight banner is coming out of the column. To fix that, you can adjust the image's width and height by using this code:

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 The site doesn't look like it has a lot of effort put into it. For one thing, there aren't many graphics for your visitors to use. All you need to do is add more stuff to your site that people will like to use. I also took a point off because of the extras. You don't have much on your site that would be counted as an Extra. Add something to your site that will make it original, something that you'll be able to call yours. No one wants to see a carbon copy.

Overall 9/15 I apologize but I would not come back. The fact that I dislike Twilight does not come into this at all. You don't have a lot of variety. Instead of just making userlookups and banners, try making Twilight site layouts or shop layouts! Think of graphics that people will like the best and the stuff that you think you will have the most fun making. It's not all about the visitors, you know. Your site has a lot of potential and although your graphics are well-made, you need to have more of them. Advertise your site on the Guild boards and I guarantee you, requests will be flowing in. You had many flaws in your site that are extremely important, especially your grammar and spelling. I suggest you get Firefox, where there's an automatic spell check. It's like Word and it's extremely useful. Keep up the great work and good luck!


site is closed
First impression: 14/15 When I stepped into your site, I was greeted with a warm, beautiful colour scheme that immediately reminded me of summer and its closeness. Then it reminded me of my final exams. xD Never fear, I did not take away a point for that! Immediately, it looked like an Apartment Nine or Exclusive layout that everybody seems to be using these days. I liked the fact that you added a banner to have more originality but it wasn't made by you. That was easily recognizable either. I took off one point because of the banner. The soft effects doesn't work really well if you can still see the edges at the bottom of the banner. Other than that, your site was extremely welcoming because of your summer colours.

Layout: 15/20 I took off four points because the layout was not made by you. I do, however, have to applaud you on your good taste. I gave you one more point for actually taking the time and editing it, as well as taking bits and pieces of CSS from other premade sites. I took off one point for the way the words was splashed across the banner. It covered Sloth's beautiful face and it was a very bad place to put your site name there. xD Your banner is really boring and it wasn't very appealing. I like the soft effect that was used in the banner but it should've been used so that the bottom was fading too. Brushes wouldn't have worked in a banner like this so the creator should've used soft textures that would have enhanced the effect. Colour bubbles would also be useful and maintain the same mood and theme as the soft effect did. I saw this weird thing in the picture. I have no idea what it is but it looked weird and it definitely took away from the layout.

Content: 28/30 Your reviews are very well-written and although they're a little short, they contain a lot of constructive criticism and useful information that the person being reviewed can gain from. However, I found your review of Twisted extremely harsh. Not even the worst of reviewers would give a site such a horrible mark. It didn't deserve that. I honestly don't like critiquing people on the way they review because I feel that everybody has their own style and their own harshness level but OW! I felt that you only pointed out the bad things that were wrong with their site and didn't bother to give suggestions or tips. For example, if you thought their CSS was horrible, you could recommend a site that they could get nicer CSS from, like Apartment Nine, Exclusive, and Kill the Lights. Also, you took off 3 points in the Link Back section stating that they weren't well-made and none of them were made by the owner. You gave Secret Observer a 5/5 and at that time, none of the buttons were made by Pip. Admittedly, they're a lot better than Twisted's. Other than Twisted's review, I find all of your reviews extremely well-written. Just try to give suggestions and tips and point out the good things, not just the horrible stuff. Keep the great reviewing!

Updates: 4/5 You're not extremely consistent. I've noticed that sometimes, you don't update for 3 days, 5 days, 4 days, and then other times, you update every or every other day! I think the key to having good updates is to be consistent. All you need to do is do some stuff around the site everday, even if it's not big deal. I do, however, have to applaud you on your updates! They're of average-length and they are able to provide incredible details. Great job!

Grammar/Spelling: 3/5 I also sent out alot of requests that are now in the pending section in the Updates section of May 5 should be I also sent out a lot of requests that are now in the pending section. 001. You must have a site, which means no abou t me pages, no screenie pages. should be 001. You must have a site, which means no about me pages, no screenie pages. Do you have a nice, easy to read, layout? should be Do you have a nice, easy to read layout? No need for that second comma there. Even the stuff you do have is good should be Even though the stuff you have is good. The context you had it didn't make sense. That mistake was spotted in Twisted's review, in the Content section. I also noticed a run-off sentence in Calling to Mind's review in the Organization section but I didn't take away any points for that. You should still fix it, though. Other than those mistakes, I didn't find anything else. You should, however, make sure you go over everything so that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes that I missed.

Organization/Neatness: 5/5 Definitely no complaints here! Perfect organization. :D

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Definitely a lot of effort put into this site. A review site that has this many well-written reviews has to have a lot of effort put into the site. The only problem I have are your extras. Where are they? You don't really have them. Is there anything that really stands out? That makes people want to go to your site or something that distinguishes you from the rest of the review sites out there? You have to come up with that on your own.

Overall 13/15 I would come back! I might even apply for a review for Twisted Dreams. Your site is extremely well-made but there are some flaws that you need to fix. You have a lot of potential and you're unleashing it, that's for sure. Honestly, the only thing that I think you really need to improve on is your originality. We don't want review sites being doppelgangers of each other, do we? Anyways, keep up the great work! You have an amazing site that you should be proud of.


First impression: 14/15 Gorgeous would be an adjective to describe the graphics site that Ni was visiting. Bedroom Mirrors had a beautiful layout but as her Asian eyes narrowed, she noticed a heinous side scroll-bar. She gasped dramatically, covering her large dry mouth with a small hand. Sighing loudly, Ni ticked off a mark on her little brown clipboard. Scrolling down a little bit, she noticed the words- flirty, spiffy, charming, fairy tale, chic perfect, sassy, bold, magical, fabulous, friendly, fun, cool, unbelievable. Wow, all of them seemed to describe this site... xD All in all, the first impression was great. It was a first for Ni to not have much to say. After all, she was incredibly loquacious, mouth always moving, no matter the environment. She could vaguely remember the time she couldn't shut up and she accidentally tripped on water on her friend's trampoline. Funny, but not fun. xD 'Keep up the great job!' was written besides the mark.

Layout: 20/20 This is the type of layout that Ni would plop down on her black leather chair that many butts had sat on and just gawk. Of course, this is exactly what she did, not minding the fact that if her family walked in, they'd probably wonder what she was doing. Second Chance by Shinedown was blasting quietly in the corner and although it was one of her favorite songs, Ni paid no attention to it. She stared at the layout, looking at each and every detail. The font was gorgeous- by the way, where did you get that?. The background was a tad too sharp and rough around the edges but it didn't take away much from the layout. It would, of course, be better if it wasn't so sharp, but it didn't exactly matter. Checking the properties of the layout, she noticed that it was saved as a JPEG format. She frowned slightly and quickly something wrote down on the piece of paper- Saving it in PNG format would not take the quality away from the layout. Not that it's quality is bad, but just for future reference.... It was an amazing layout. All Ni could write was to tell Gem to keep up the good work.

Content: 27/30 While the content was amazing, there were a couple of graphics that Ni didn't like. The Two Princesses of Bamarre userlookup wasn't as well-made as the others. For one thing, the circle splats were a tad distracting and took away from the layout. The words splattered on the two sisters was incredibly distracting. The effect would've been better if the opacity of the words were lowered. Sometimes, your blending of images was badly done, like Fantasy Dreams in the lookup section. You could still see the edges and everything just didn't flow together. There are a couple of font choices that you could change, one example being the Twilight: Prom Night blend. Dafont was always a good place if someone needed more fonts. New fonts are being added everyday. Other than those problems with the graphics, Ni loved everything else. After all, what could she not like? She wasn't some old grandma who found fault at everything.

Updates: 4/5 The blogs were interesting but they weren't always consistent, Ni concluded. The most recent blog update was five days ago and four days after the second update. There was also a one-week disappearance but it was explained, so no points were taken off. Ni spent a good bit of her time of reviewing the site reading the blogs. She was delighted when she found a couple of book recommendations and immediately checked them out in her trusty source but essay enemy, Wikipedia. Paper Towns was definitely going on her list of reads. The icons that greeted everybody were also pretty, and suited the theme or the content of the blog. Although Ni didn't realize that there were blogs and updates, Ni decided to rate them both. It was almost perfect, except for the five-day holiday. Kudos for that!

Grammar/Spelling: 3.5/5 Told you they wern't gonna last long! in the How Delightful blog should be 'Told you they weren't gonna last long!'. and almost burst a blood vessle over all the rediculous vampire stuff they had in there. in the Psyched blog should be 'and almost burst a blood vessel over all the ridiculous vampire stuff they had in there.' Other than those mistakes, everything was perfect!

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 The Home and Content links were definitely hard to find so unfortunately, a point was taken off. It was however a good idea to put a link up at the top where everybody could see it.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Oh my Gosh, I'm stopping the story format RIGHT NOW. It's horrible, isn't it? xD It's so much easier writing in first person. I'm having a writers' block and it's really annoying the heck out of me. Anyways, full point for this section! Anyone who runs a graphic site puts a lot of effort into their site, especially you. Good job!

Overall 15/15 I would definitely, definitely come back! I mean, your site is amazing. There are a couple of small little flaws around your site but other than that, it's close to perfect. You have a site that you should be proud of and you are, as far as I can tell. xD Just keep up the amazing work!


site is now closed
First impression: 9/15 Walking into your site, I mentally groaned. It was another Exclusive layout with a Purplefly banner- a combination that is much too common these days. I respect and like those sites, but honestly! It's so unoriginal and uncreative, like a doppelganger of those sites. From my first impression, I think you need to add some originality to your site. Instead of getting a CSS layout from Exclusive, get one from another premade site- like Kill the Lights or Magic. If you'd like more, it's under the Useful Links in the Extras category. The banner is fine, I guess, but I'm really sick of seeing it everywhere. If you don't have a good graphics program to make your own graphics, I highly recommend GIMP. It's free and a lot of people use it, so there are many tutorials around Neopia. Your welcome message was nice, but people might be confused. State the fact that you are a guide to ettiquette on Neopets. It might not be necessary but it's sure as heck useful. I like the fact that you have the links to Neopets and all of them spell out Neopets. I find that creative, but that's the only thing.

Layout: 15/20 Like all the other reviews that I've done for sites that have premade layouts or CSS, I took off four points. It's nice that you tried to customize it though with a custom banner. I took off one point because of the colour scheme. Yeah, sure, it works, but you tried to fit the colour scheme into the banner. The reddish brown fits well, but the blue doesn't. You could replace the blue with purple or orange. I think it's time for you to change your layout and make it more original. This type of layout is really boring and it doesn't stand out, mainly because people have seen it millions of times. If you want to stick to Exclusive layouts, I suggest the Knowing and Together styles, one of which I think you use. The picture fits really well with the whole theme of your site, but I find the banner a little bit boring. Instead of just having a blur at the side and the words across, you should try for some brushes and textures to make it more interesting.

Content: 29/30 Really interesting, is all I can say. There could be a little more content, like you could elaborate on the Public Friend No. 1 a little bit more. You could always show some examples of the sort of people or things that you should avoid, like capture a board that states, 'I WANT A PAINTBRUSH'. I think you've done great in this section! Keep up the amazing work is all I can say!

Updates: 4.5/5 I want to give you full marks but I have to take off half a point because you didn't update for 6 days. I do understand that it was due to school and that's why I didn't take off more points. Good job on updating!

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Congratulations! You speak English! xD You have successfully passed the Language Arts (English class in Calgary) Final Exam that I am taking tomorrow. Now, tell me, what is a declarative sentence? xDD

Organization/Neatness: 2.5/5 Definitely organized but I took off a point for that affiliate marquee. It's really ugly and it doesn't give your visitors equal opportunity to click on one of those buttons, because they're going fast as if they have a mission to burn down Neopets or something. xD I also took off one point because of link borders surrounding these sites- Essence, Cybunny Castle, Rose's Dailies and Help, Vanjhe's custom shields, Monkey Blast Graphics, Shelby's Glitters, Lupe Listed, and Crazed Graphics. The Button Bin, Lookout Links, and Elements are all closed. Also, there is this small little button in front of AIOG that leads to an adoptables page. You should fix that. I took half a point because of those things.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 A lot of effort has been put into this site, but what about the Extras? You have a counter but I think you should get a new one. It looks really boring, because it's a default. If you want, you can always save a picture of a cute little pixel and use that as your base for the counter. That would lighten up your site a little bit. You have lots of buttons- some of which aren't that great. What's up with almost all of it being shoyrus? xD Are they like the most polite Neopet in the whole world? I have no problem against Shoyrus but I recommend varying your buttons, so people who hate Shoyrus can have another button to have, just in case they don't like the first one. Make sure your buttons are standard size- 88x31px or 88x33px. 95x37px is not a good size for a button. Some of your buttons that are made by you aren't that great, honestly. If you want a guide to making better buttons, here you go. It's really useful. Great effort!

Overall 15/15 I would definitely come back! Your guide is extremely helpful and interesting. All you need to do is fix some flaws that are mentioned in the categories above. You have a great site. Just remember that you need to be original and creative. Make sure your site doesn't become like one of those wanna-be's. Your site is awesome, just needs a little work here and there! Keep up the great work!


First impression: 11/15 Based on a true story is what will flash across the screen as you read this review. This movie is called Neopia's Ratatouille, based on the award-winning movie called Ratatouille. Of course, there are the differences. For one thing, the setting is a site, not a restaurant that has lost two of its worthy stars. While Anton Ego had the prestigious title of the toughest food critic in Paris, Antoinette Ego had the title of the toughest site critic in all of Neopia. When Antoinette stepped into Eternal Mayhem, she noticed that it was too dark. The name was Eternal Mayhem but the streaks of red and the blood was overwhelming, not to mention unwelcoming. That was a point off on Antoinette's little sheet that she carried around with her. Pushing her square, severe-looking glasses up her nose, the critic scowled at the quality of the banner. It was saved in a JPG format, which ruined the quality. It should've been saved in a PNG format, so the quality wasn't grainy. She noticed a blood red rose on the left and sighed. Blood, then roses? That was two things that did not fit together whatsoever. Even a red colorized picture of Jhudora would do better than a sweet-smelling rose. The welcoming message was perfect- just long enough to show the visitor that the owner wasn't lazy enough to write a good welcome message, and short enough not to intimidate future reviewees. While the suspenseful music fit with the theme of the entire site, it was annoying and much too loud. Definitely a contrast to what Antoinette had been listening to before she visited Eternal Mayhem. David Oistrakh's violin version of the Clair De Lune never sounded sweeter.

Layout: 16/20 Of course it was one of those Exclusive/Apartment Nine coding. Antoinette had seen much too many of those layouts and as a result, like all the other reviews that had premade coding or layout, four points were deducted. It was, however, nice to see that the top banner was not requested from Purplefly and was made by the owner of Eternal Mayhem. The banner was something that Antoinette did not like very much. It was much too dark, something that a visitor would not want to see when they stepped into Eternal Mayhem. An alternative could be a building or a city in ruins with dark or saturated colouring and grunge textures. Then, the words Eternal Mayhem splashed dramatically across the banner of the city or building in ruins. That fit with the whole theme of the site, while not being too morbid. While Antoinette was tough, she was also fair and experienced in reviewing. Her trained eyes zoomed in on the details... and everything seemed fine. How odd. Usually, she found something to yap about. xD

Content: 29/30 Antoinette found the whole report card thing that didn't link to all the reviews useless. Why have two boxes when one could do both of their jobs? The Review Navigation did no good, especially when you could link the reviews in the Report Card section. As Antoinette read through some of the Eternal Mayhem reviews, she found them a little bit soft. However, no points were taken off. Everybody had their own style of reviewing, and no one deserved to be docked points, unless they overlooked something incredibly important. The reviews were short, only elaborating on the mistakes and things that the owner of the site being reviewed could fix. That could be a good and bad thing, depending on which angle you looked at. Overall, the content was well-written. 'It was a job well done,' thought Antoinette.

Updates: 3.5/5 The critic expected an amazing job on the updates, because updates were easy to write and easy to manage. However, her eyes widened when she noticed the one month disappearance and no excuse was given, unless the excuse was that the owner of Eternal Mayhem had just graduated and was looking for a job. Since Eternal Mayhem had been opened for several months now, it would be beneficial to delete the May, April, and March updates. Half a point was also taken off because of the recent 6 day holiday, where no updates were made. Other than those flaws in the updates, everything was consistent and detailed.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Her trained eyes were looking everywhere for a grammar or spelling mistake. She found none. Disgusted that she had wasted about five minutes looking for something that wasn't there, Antoinette gave this section a full mark. She wished she hadn't bothered with the spelling and grammar checking. It was obvious that the site owner was responsible and competent- definitely not one to have spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere.

Organization/Neatness: 3.5/5 Antoinette immediately switched to Firefox, after the music blasting from Eternal Mayhem nearly killed her sensitive ears. However, the Review Navigation's page anchors did not work, except for the link to Buttercup Banners' review. She also took off half a point, because Buttercup Banners' button was not there. It either disappeared, or it was some weird coding thing. Despite those small little problems, the site was extremely organized.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 22 link back buttons and a custom award if you got 90+ was amazing but Antoinette felt that the site wasn't extremely original. It wasn't a doppelganger of any sites that she knew but it could be mistaken for one. She felt that Eternal Mayhem needed something that just yelled their name out, something totally original. What could that be? Only Eternal Mayhem would know. xD

Overall 13/15 I would definitely want to come back. I would say that your site was amazing and I would totally let you review my site, but I've already done that so... xD Eternal Mayhem is an amazing site. It's just that there are some little things that need to be fixed. The site has lots of potential- and some of that potential is being taken away because of the lack of originality. Good job on the site and keep up the great work!


site is now closed.
First impression: 10/15 Not the most appealing first impression ever. The banner with the templates on it was original but definitely not aesthetically pleasing. Your name is odd, but it doesn't draw people in. I like the colours that you used, although I think the bright blue contrasted wildly with the whole colour scheme. Maybe you could change the thick blue border to a nice dark shade of turqouise. You're using an Exclusive layout, obviously, but I have to applaud you on on your good taste. Your welcome message was a little bit short and I think your site could really benefit if you used the restaurant theme. Instead of having the usual headers saying 'Request', you could say 'Menu'. 'Pickups' could be 'Buffet'. It's just really easy to be creative with the restaurant theme and it tells the visitor that this isn't a typical button site. If the owner is willing to put some extra effort into creating a theme, that usually means that the buttons are going to be better quality. Definitely get rid of that lets move on!. For some odd reason, it seems extremely unprofessional, like you've run out of stuff to say and just want to get your visitors to the button-making section.

Layout: 14/20 Like I do to all the sites that have premade CSS or premade layouts, I take off 4 points. I liked the fact that you tried to customize your layout by adding a banner that was made by you. At least that's what I'm assuming, since there's no other credit, except for the one for Exclusive. It's nice that your banner is animated but it's just TOO boring. I mean, it's like a bunch of rectangles, 5 of them which are animated. And it just goes on and on, flashing. I'm guessing that your site name is something like the word template, but you don't need to put a bunch of weird rectangles that are supposedly 'templates' on your banner! Make your site look aesthetically pleasing! Like I've suggested before, a restaurant theme would be really good for the site, as well as changing the name. Honestly, Tempalate'd Buttons sounds really plain. I would not go into a site that had a name like that. If you go for a restaurant theme, you can come up with better banners. I'm sure there are images of restaurants everywhere! I like the sushi pictures that you used. Usually, people get rid of them when they use an Exclusive layout. This is where the restaurant theme can tie in. Instead of just using sushi, you should vary it. It doesn't matter whether you want to go with the restaurant theme or not. Sushi pictures get boring easily. I suggest typing in food or sushi into the Neopets search bar and you'll come up with lots of yummy looking pictures! Not only does it add originality to your site, it also adds colours and adorable pictures.

Content: 22/30 I like how your visitors are able to request a custom font/border/animation if they don't like what you currently have. However, your borders lack creativity. They're the sort of borders that I've seen so many times. A good example of creative borders is a site called Happy Land. If you scroll down to the buttons section, you'll notice 21 borders, most of which are original and creative. To tell you the truth, if these buttons were requested by me, I would only use the Painted Pets one. The quality is really bad but that can't be helped, because you need to save it as a GIF to keep it animated. I'm not sure whether you use Paint to make your own buttons but it sure looks like it. If you want a free program where it's really easy to make graphics, GIMP is the way to go. Google GIMP and you'll get a link to download it. It's used by lots of people, so there are many tutorials out there. It's like a free Photoshop, the program that I use. I find that the white strokes around your text is really badly done. Of course, it's hard to do strokes in Paint, but people have managed to do it. Here is a really good tutorial that I'm thinking you've used before. However, I led you to a section called the Pretty Picnik style. You can always use picnik*dot*com to make your buttons look better than the ones you currently have. That's a good alternative if you don't want to use GIMP. However, I highly recommend GIMP. My site banner is something that you can do with GIMP, although it's not a very good example. I like the fact that you provide the code for your visitors, so they don't have to code it themselves or go to a tutorial and see how to code it.

Updates: 2/5 You haven't updated in 4 days, so I took off half a point for that. 1 and a half points were taken off because of the 15 day holiday that you took, which was not explained. Another point was taken off because you hadn't updated for 6 days, near the start of your site. Your site hasn't been opened very long and you can barely be bothered to update. If you have nothing to say, just do stuff around the site so you can actually update. You don't need to update everyday and updating is not something that's incredibly hard to do.

Grammar/Spelling: 0/5 Its run all by Lexy should be 'It's run by Lexy'. an awesome shenkuu girl (: should be 'an awesome Shenkuu girl. (:' Okay lets move on! should be 'Okay, let's move on!'. Dont EVER claim the button as your own creation. should be 'Don't EVER claim the button as your own creation.' Dont EVER not use credit should be 'Don't EVER take off the credit'. even if you dont claim it as your own. should be 'even if you don't claim it as your own.' Dont send me ANY hate mail, im just an amateur. should be 'Don't send me ANY hate mail. I'm just an amateur.' That amateur thing makes it sound like you're making up excuses for bad buttons. I suggest that you take it off. i love vanilla cookies way better should be 'I love Vanilla cookies way better'. Okay heres how the request go. should be 'Okay, here's how the requesting process goes.' You check out the styles i have to offer here! should be 'You check out the styles I have to offer here!'. Its that easy! should be 'It's that easy!'. Okay lets go on! should be 'Okay, let's go on!'. I dont have examples should be 'I don't have examples'. now, keep it this way! should be 'Now, keep it this way!'. feel free to give me one (X should be 'Feel free to give me one! (X'. none right now. should be 'None right now.' its okay if you have no, i can make one! should be 'It's okay if say no. I can make you one!'. its always open to everybody. should be 'It's always open to everybody.' Okay i finished all requests, and i am going to apply for some more stuff today. should be 'Okay, I finished all the requests, and I am going to apply for some more stuff today.' its shooting off! should be 'It's shooting off!'. sorry about the first few buttons being bad should be 'Sorry about the first few buttons being bad'. i have much better! should be 'I have gotten much better!'. like for example, look at my userlookup (coloured_grays). should be 'Like for example, look at my userlookup (coloured_gray).' i just need to make myself some link back buttons. should be 'I just need to make myself some link back buttons.' it was replaced by tempalate reviews should be 'It replaced Tempalate Reviews'. because its more fun to make buttons! should be 'because it's more fun to make buttons!'. plus, i was just too overloaded should be 'Plus, I was just too overloaded'. i'm sorry! should be 'I'm sorry!'. whatd i do should be 'What did I do'. I counted a total of 34 grammar and spelling mistakes.

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Two words: page anchors. Those are really useful in making your site more organized, especially when you are a custom button request site. If you're confused about how to code them, here is a great tutorial: Kitty's Coding Guide. That's about all you really need. It's a big deal, though, so make sure that you have them on your site.

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 It definitely does not look like you put a lot of effort into this site at all. The buttons are low quality and there are just WAY too many grammar and spelling mistakes. Instead of just making requested buttons, try making button bases that people can use. If you make button bases, make sure you save them as a PNG format, so the quality is good. Button bases are very useful and I think every button request site should have at least a few button bases. Your site isn't very original. You really need to come up with something that would make it scream LEXY! A restaurant theme or something like that would help.

Overall 8/15 I definitely would not come back. Your buttons are low quality and for someone who adores books, the grammar and spelling mistakes just hurt my eyes. I suggest you get Firefox, where they underline each word that's spelled wrong. It's like Word and it would be incredibly beneficial for your site. I think you need to improve your buttons by using the Picnik style or downloading GIMP to make better and higher quality buttons. There are many things that you need to fix in your site- a lot of them are listed in this review. I think you need to work hard on your buttons and your site, so that you can ACTUALLY call it the 'best request for buttons around!'. Because right now, that isn't true. Good luck with your site!


First impression: 14/15 My first impression of Find a Laugh was that it wasn't particularly interesting. It seemed boring, with your banner. The banner was the biggest impact that it had on my first impression, mainly because it was the first thing that my eyes travelled to. I liked the colours, although some people might find it dark and not at all related to screenies. I suggest red for the colour scheme, so that it seems brighter and screenie-related, I suppose. I like your welcome message- short, sweet, and it gets the message across. The entire site looks extremely organized and original. I've never seen a site that is a directory of screenie pages, among other things. I hope your site lives up to my expectations. xD

Layout: 16/20 I'm definitely not fond of your layout. As I've said before, it strikes me as boring and simple. While simple might be new trend, I find your site layout much too simple. The fact that you coded and designed it yourself is impressive, because site owners these days usually just snag a layout from Apartment Nine or Exclusive. However, you could spice up your banner a little bit. Well, by a little bit, I mean a lot. xD Your banner has the site name in a pretty colour, a cool font, and probably an outer glow or a drop shadow, but it needs a background or something that would resemble that. Instead of having a white background, you could have a pretty texture on the back. It would be pretty lame to have a bunch of blended pictures of people laughing, I admit, but you could always play with your options. Try to make the site livelier.

Content: 30/30 Your content is positively amazing! You are actually the first person since the review of Final Destination Designs to get full marks on this section. Congratulations! xD I love that you have 403 screenie pages listed, which is an insane amount. The screenie-making guides that you have listed are incredibly useful and although I don't have any talent in making screenies, I like the fact that you offer them to your visitors. Your Plots of Neopia links are extremely useful, mainly because they are able to supply many graphic images that I'll probably use in later layouts and whatnot. All in all, I adore the amount and quality of the content that you have on your site. It's something that I would DEFINITELY come back for, even if the banner was insanely hideous (which it's not). xD Keep up the great work!

Updates: 4.5/5 There was a five day gap between your most recent update and your June 16th update so half a point was taken off. You're consistent in your updates and they're extremely long, making it look like you have more updates than you actually do. Keep up the great job and the consistency in your updates!

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 What else would I expect from a person that's had their stories and articles published in the Neopian Times? Perfect, impeccable grammar. xD Good job.

Organization/Neatness: 4.5/5 I honestly think that you've aced this review but I did notice that there were two boxes missing from the directory of screenshots section. That means it's going to be much shorter. xD Great job on the organization! Keep it up.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 PERFECT. PERFECT. PERFECT. God, this is the type of site that I would love to hate but can't help loving because it's just amazing. xD It's obvious that you've put a lot of effort into this and your site is honestly incredibly original. I love the amount of work that you've put into this site, even though it's spanned over about three years, including the hiatus. xD Just keep up the amazing effort!

Overall 14/15 I adore your site. It's wonderful, actually, and you totally deserve an award. Your site is incredibly useful, creative, original, and one of the best I've seen all around! And that's saying a lot. xD There are, however, a couple of things that you could change. I feel your colour scheme should be brighter and your banner NEEDS to have more stuff going around. You have an amazing site, but visitors don't get to see that when they first step into your site or look at your layout. Just keep up the great work!


First impression: 10/15 Unfortunately, I did not have a good impression of your site. When I entered Waterfall Screenies, I was met with a large grey ugly font that did not fit the beauty of a waterfall. The layout took some time to load, because the entire page was loaded with images. The colour scheme does not fit whatsoever- blue, grey, and purple. There was also a heinous looking side scrollbar that I took one point off for. Everything looked really messy in Firefox and one point was taken off because of the lack of compatibility in Google Chrome and Firefox. The entire site seemed really messy, but that's probably because I was reviewing it in Firefox. The welcome message was perfect though. I like how you welcome the newcomers and the people who have revisited your site. I find that very nice and your welcome message is something that all sites should have. xD

Layout: 15/20 As I always do, 4 points were taken off because the layout was from Exclusive. I liked the fact that you edited it a lot though. You could hardly tell that it was from Exclusive. xD Your colour scheme does not fit together. It's like a jigsaw puzzle and one piece is missing. If you Google Colour Scheme Generator, you'll be linked to a nifty little page that shows you tons of colour schemes that work out and look good. Your dividers should be in the middle, so it doesn't look weird with lots of space left on the right. I don't like your banner at all, actually. The large grey blocky letters just disturb the tranquility and the beauty of the waterfall. I'm not sure what graphic designing program you use to make your graphics, but I strongly recommend Photoshop or GIMP. There is a free thirty-day trial of Photoshop but that program is very expensive. If you're tight on money or don't want to spend 1000 bucks on a program, use GIMP. GIMP is a high quality graphic designing program that can do almost anything Photoshop can. Obviously, Photoshop's cooler. xD I don't think it's really necessary to have a dashed border around your banner, which already has a grey solid border around it. However, no points were taken off, because it doesn't look that bad. It would look better without the pinkish-purpleish border around it though. Great job editing!

Content: 29/30 You have amazing content. It's true. xD They're incredibly funny and I actually laughed out loud at the Happy Negg that was surrounded by a bunch of red neggs that are determined to make you skinny. However, I took off a point for the editing that you do. By editing, I mean the people, the long cat, the weird red fish, and whatnot. The image manipulation is horribly done. If you use Paint, that's understandable. You should definitely get a better program though, like GIMP. No, I am not a sales person who is being paid to promote GIMP. xD I honestly believe that it's much better than all the other programs out there. Your screenies are enhanced with your drawings and images that make us laugh out loud and that's great. It's just that your image manipulations look really weird and could be done better. Great job on the content! It's amazing.

Updates: 5/5 You've updated everyday, which is amazing, but sometimes, you update over things that don't really matter. Like June 12, 2009, you wrote- Wow! High speed is fast!. It's nice to know that, I suppose, but you honestly don't really need to have an update about it. Your visitors don't really care about how your high speed is incredibly fast. Good job on updating everyday though!

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Perfect! You speak English very well. xD

Organization/Neatness: 3.5/5 One point was taken off because of the lack of compatibility in Firefox and Chrome. I hate coding, so I understand how frustrating it can be to make your coding compatible in all browsers. You should make your site at least compatible in Firefox. More people use that browser, more than IE and Chrome. Charmer and Rainkissed Reviews are closed so you shouldn't link to them anymore.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Absolutely perfect. I adore your site and your extremely hilarious screenies. If I was starving and there was the agonizingly sweet smell of pizza reaching my nostrils and I had to choose between your screenies and the pizza, I would choose your screenies. Well, actually, I would choose the pizza, but you get what I'm saying. xD You should get more affiliates, though. 4 isn't really enough. Affies are your friends and they help direct more people to your site and vice versa. Great effort!

Overall 14/15 I really like your site and I'm amazed that you didn't get above 90. Your site deserves a much higher score than what you got, but there are some little mistakes around your site. You have some flaws, definitely present in your layout, that you need to fix. You've got an amazing site, one that could be better if you listened to some of these recommendations and tips. I love your site, I really do, and just keep up the great work!


site is now closed
First impression: 10/15 I noticed a Papyrus font the first moment I stepped into your site. It was horrible, really. Not only is that font really, really ugly, it takes away from your site. Papyrus is in no way associated with Disney. If you insist on using Papyrus, at least use it in some sort of Egyptian graphics website or something like that. I think you should make a banner that coincides with the current site theme, which would be Snow White. If the theme is Snow White, why is there a Mickey Mouse on the left? That doesn't make sense. I didn't have a strong impression of your site, mainly because there was no banner and the site didn't look all that nice. I hated the fact that it was ANOTHER Exclusive layout. I love the fact that people are opening sites with her help, but honestly, you've been open for about 5 months now and I think you've had the same layout for all this time. It's time to get a new original CSS layout that not many people use and is equally as good. Amber's CSS and Kill the Lights both have amazing petpages for your use, although I think the latter would suit you better.

Layout: 14/20 As always, four points were taken off because you used premade CSS. Your site doesn't have much of a layout. I understand if you want to use CSS, but if you're a graphics site, you should always showcase your skills in a pretty little banner that greets everybody as they step into your site. The background is nice, but it doesn't really scream "SNOW WHITE!" to anybody. You could always put a background of Snow White and the dwarfs. I don't like the fact that when your links hover, the spacing becomes about 2px. 1px will do just fine, because it makes the link look larger and it's really annoying. I'm not fond of your link colours, because they're just blue. It seems really boring and simple and your name is Colours of the Wind! Incorporate some colour that you think would be present in the wind into your site. A banner would be very beneficial to your site, I might add. One that illustrated the current site theme would be nice, because it would inform people of what the site theme is.

Content: 22/30 I don't want to be mean, but your content doesn't impress me. You have lots of them, but you've obviously heard of quality over quantity, right? Your graphics look like they've been made in Paint. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. If it's the former, I totally recommend GIMP. GIMP is a free program that I recommend to everyone, because it is free and is extremely similar to Photoshop. Photoshop's way better, of course, but if you're not ready to fork out 1000 bucks for a graphic designing program, GIMP is the way to go. What is up with the Bambi userlookup Style 2? Why are there repeats of the same image in the top right corner? It looks unprofessional and weird. The image quality of your graphics are really bad so instead of saving it in a JPEG/JPG format, save it as a PNG format so it looks better. I'd like to voice my opinions on some of your graphics. To put it simply, the Belle blog is awful. It should be taken off the site, especially since it's put at the top of the blogs section. Belle is pixelated and you can barely see her facial features. The Baby Pegasus banner isn't all that bad, until you see the font. Red does not go well with blue, nor is the font you used very attractive. You definitely need new fonts. If you go to Dafont*com, you have an enormous variety of fonts that you can download and use with glee. xD The Aladdin blog wouldn't be so bad if the cut out of Aladdin hadn't been so badly done. There's still white ALL over him and he's very pixelated. The Tinkerbell blog kind of scares me. I apologize for being so blunt but Tinkerbell's face is really creepy. I have no idea why. xD Most of your blogs have the same problem. The cut-outs or pasted pictures are really pixelated and badly done. I know there aren't many PNGs or PSDs of Disney people, but they're just awful. If you get GIMP, you'll be able to make better cut-outs for your graphics. Your banners are okay, but your font and the choice of colours just ruin the whole thing. Make sure that you choose good fonts and your colours match up with the banners. I'd just like to inform you that Memory Lane is a name that was already taken. That is the name of my graphics tutorial site so can you just cross it out, please? xD I like the fact that you go old style Disney, no Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez graphics. That's really nice, because you're bringing back the old Disney that all of us used to love.

Updates: 4/5 You're pretty consistent, but half a point was taken off for the eight day holiday that you took that was not explained between June 2 and June 11. It would be okay if you provided an explanation, maybe, like school was extremely busy and whatnot. You also took off 3 days between June 26 and June 30. It was nice that you explained your lack of updates and additions to the site, though. Keep up the consistency of your updates!

Grammar/Spelling: 3/5 Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, I was busy should be 'Sorry, I haven't updated in a few days. I was busy'. Good, lets keep it that way. should be 'Good, let's keep it that way.' You lack commas in a lot of places. I would correct them, but I don't want to make this review much too long. Just look through your entire site and add a comma where you think is necessary.

Organization/Neatness: 1.5/5 Remove Ace for your affiliates list, because it doesn't link you anymore. At least I don't think so. I checked through that list about 3 times to make sure. xD Go get a new button from Shattered Crystals, so there isn't this ugly Photobucket image. You also might want to remove Fresh Cloud Directory from your list of affiliates as well, since they don't have your button up anymore. Psychic Reviews has no link to it. It's just a button. Get a new button from Midnight Secrets, because the image says it's been deleted. Sundrop Reviews has an ugly link border around it. The Faboo Links, Broken Dreams, Immortal Tree Reviews, Tomato Reviews, and the Blueberry Reviews award have link border around them. I recommend that you resize the blogs and the awards, so there's no ugly horizontal scrollbar.

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 I'm sure that you've put a lot of effort into this site, but I'm not really seeing any extras. None of the buttons on your site were completely made by you and I would only use 2 out of the 5 that you offer your visitors. You also need to credit Uber on every lookup that you make, because that's just common courtesy and I'm pretty sure that's stated in her lookup coding guides. You have an odd way of coding your blogs. I'm pretty sure there is no need for the whole table thing. A div style will just work fine. Other than that, great!

Overall 9/15 I'm sorry, but I would definitely not come back to your site. You have a really nice site, but there are so many things to fix. You need to get a new layout and I think it would be best if you started out off fresh. Get rid of the lookups, blogs, and the banners. Start making new ones, with a better program like GIMP. Your organization isn't horrible, but it is something that you should improve on. You need a new graphics program, because the graphic program you're using isn't doing its job well. Good luck with your site and keep up with the good job!


Shattered Crystals
First impression: 11/15 When I step into your site, I see a moogle. I'm staring at it, wondering how it all fits into your name- Shattered Crystals. Your site didn't create the strongest of first impressions with me, mainly because your layout was too plain. I get the fact that you have a lot of content to put on your site, but it's not hard to make a nice layout. I'm sure that an experienced graphics designer can make a layout in about 7 minutes and then use the base of this layout to code it. I hated the fact that there was a marquee in the welcome box, because it created a messy look. I don't mind marquees but I detest the ones that you have. I suggest you get the marquee that bumps from the sides, or just get rid of it completely. Your welcome message was incredibly well-written. It was nice and sweet, exactly what a welcome message should be going for. There was also this ugly horizontal scrollbar that was insanely useless, because there was nothing that you needed to see when you scrolled. I suggest cutting a little piece of layout off. 24px would be good enough, I think.

Layout: 16/20 It's nice that you made your layout yourself, because I don't see that around a lot. Even graphic sites use Exclusive's coding to make their layout. I think the Welcome box is unnecessary and you could just put it in the main box underneath, but that's just my opinion. I suggest you put your affiliates in the Stuff box, because most of your affiliates put you up on a page where you can see them all day long. You have a bigger advantage, because your button is always on their site. However, visitors will only get to your affiliates by clicking on your Links or Affiliates navigation. The whole colour scheme fits well, but it's very generic and safe. No risks taken in the colour scheme, but no one wants to stare at a blinding neon pink and yellow colour scheme. xD Your layout works well, but it definitely does not showcase your graphic designing skills. It's just this moogle pasted on a layout, some boxes, and a big font. The only thing that really impresses me is your coding. That's it. You need to come up with a layout that uses your skills well.

Content: 22/30 I love the fact that you provide a little summary of the video game/book/anime/manga that you have graphics of. However, to put it plainly, I don't like your graphics. The text on your graphics are hard to read. If you insist on using colours and fonts that some of us can't read, put a stroke around your words. I'm sure they provide that in GIMP, because it's basically the same as Photoshop. It doesn't look like you do much to your graphics, except just cropping them and adding some text. Start colourizing your graphics to make it more interesting. For example, you can always choose a dark navy, fill your graphic in, and set the mode to Exclusion. That will create a vintage look and you can always turn the opacity down. Icon textures and large textures should also be a prominent part in your graphics. They practically make up your graphic. Without them, your graphics are plain and boring. The Dead Girl Walking Final Fantasy graphic could be nice, had it not been for the words. Just leave explaining the graphics to your visitor's imagination. Your FF banners are, and I'm not trying to offend you, horrible. They're pixelly, so it makes it look unattractive, although you already explained that. They're also boring and I would not use them at all. I'm sure you can make better FF banners. They have very pretty characters. xD Again, there's the problem with the font you choose. They don't suit the graphic and most of them are very simple, so they don't suit the dramatic feel that your graphic has or should have. I like your Zelda icons, but they're nothing special. They're simple so I think you could add a little something special by adding textures, brushes, and layers of colouring. Your banners irk me, simply because they're just so glittery. xD They're very boring with a person pasted on it. However, the cut-out of the person is very clean so if you did it, I must applaud you. Your FMA icons are probably the best graphics on your site. I like your Roy Miniskirt icon. It made me laugh out loud. xD The first FMA icon (the one of Ed) would be really nice, had it not been for the hard-to-read font. This is where strokes come in handy. The FMA banners are boring. Jazz them up with textures and brushes. You can do so much more with the images that you used, instead of just adding text and maybe a border. Your Twilight graphics are just horrible. I don't know whether that was intentional or not... xD I love your summary of Twilight, but I felt that it didn't really get the message across that Twilight sucks. xD On a totally unrelated note, you might want to start making new link-back buttons. The ones that you have right now aren't very desirable.

Updates: 5/5 You're very consistent! I didn't bother checking that many of your updates, because that would be a bother and totally useless. Keep up the great work!

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Nope, you speak English very well! Congrats! :D

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Well, first things first. Get rid of the horizontal scrollbar immediately, so your site doesn't look messy. xD For some reason, in FF, Neoguides' button doesn't show up in your listings. You should take Oohlala off your list. Sweet Conspiracy (Me and Ayana's previous graphic site) was supposed to be reviewed, but it's just sitting there. xD Other than those problems, pretty good!

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 It's obvious that you've put a lot of effort into this site, but you need to show it better with your graphics. They're just really boring and isn't the sort of quality graphics that you would expect from a site like yours. I say pick up the pace and start making better graphics. You have a relatively good program, so I know you can achieve this. Just keep on working!

Overall 9/15 I'm sorry, but I definitely would not come back. You are a graphics site but so far, I'm not seeing any graphics that have impressed me enough that I would go back daily. You still have a lot to work on, but it doesn't look like your graphics are improving with time. Read up on some tutorials, because you're never good enough to not learn anything from tutorials. Try joining graphic forums. A good one is Pandora's Closet. I go there mainly for the tutorials. Start using more textures and brushes. A good resource is a razykira-resources@DA. She has amazing large textures, patterns, icon textures, and brushes that you can use. If you google fairytaled and you click on the first link, you'll be led to an amazing resource site. You can find many brushes there, including the trendy paisley brush that everybody seems to be using now. Just browse the website for some resources, tutorials, and amazing graphics to inspire you. You have a great site so it can't get any worse! Good luck and great job!


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First impression: 9/15 When I enter your site, my eyes widen. The layout is, to put it bluntly, is horrible. Your banner doesn't even display your site name properly! I can only see Stolen, and even then the n is a little bit cut off. In your welcome message, the fact that you spelled your OWN site name wrong almost made me slap myself in the face. Your welcome message wasn't very welcoming. I'm wondering why Avril Lavigne is up there, because none of your graphics venture away from Twilight. The colour scheme wasn't the best in the world. It reminded me too much of Purplefly's colour scheme and even then, it's not the greatest. It's a very generic colour scheme and it just didn't fit. I have no idea why you chose purple as the colour scheme, considering none of the images had that much purple in it. I liked the fact that there was no music playing, unlike the other time. However, you will probably change it and add some music. I've noticed that Here in Your Arms by Hellogoodbye is your favorite song. If it is, try playing it on your site. I have never heard it on your site before.

Layout: 12/20 Four points were taken off, because you didn't code the layout yourself. First of all, you need to stop changing your layouts so often. It's very infuriating for the person reviewing you, especially if the review is under construction and you just suddenly change the layout. Okay, something that you definitely need to change is the layout. Not only is it ugly, it's not exactly inviting. The cut-out of Avril Lavigne is extremely horribly done. If you absolutely need to have her on your layout (which I hope you don't), there are 28 wonderful cut-outs of Avril Lavigne for you to use at majestic-skies*net. It's a wonderful PNG site that I recommend for anybody who doesn't like cutting out their own models/celebrities, like me. xD I hate the fact that you saved your layout in a JPG format. That's really bad and you can tell the quality is horrible, just by one short little glance. Save it in a PNG format and do that for every graphic that you make. You'll see the difference immediately. So, what's up with the sudden cuts? Like, Bella's elbow looks like it got chopped in half. I don't mind the whole 'Twilight graphics and more...' thing, but next time you want to write something like that, choose a better font! A simple, cute little font will do its job well. It won't go over the top. Times New Roman is one of my favorites to use as subtitles, and so is AvantGarde. I recommend the latter, if TMR is not for you. Picnik is not the best graphics program out there, nor is it incredibly useful. It's a good website to have if you don't want to download programs, but it doesn't go very far. You should download GIMP. It's a free graphic designing program that lives up to Photoshop's expectations. It might not be the easiest program to use, but here is a tutorial on how to make banners in GIMP, Photoshop, and Picnik: Memory Lane.

Content: 3/30 Your content quality varies. It's incredibly odd, actually. Your 'together' Edward and Bella icon is the only good one out of the lot and the rest are just plain bad. The image quality is incredibly grainy, so you really need to start saving your graphics in PNG format. I don't like the fact that you feature people's work on your site and you expect to get credit for it. You didn't even make it! Why should you ask for credit for something that you didn't even make? Also, you can at least make your graphics transparent. It looks tacky against your purple background. I'm wondering whether you even made your banners, because you didn't write 100% Me. I think you've only made 1 banner out of the 5 banners you have up there. The first one was a preview for a banner that you just took and put up. The second one was just a banner that you took and put up on your site and the third one was a preview of 3 banners. I'm not even sure if the second last one was made by you! The last one was uploaded by you, but was not made by you, unless your name is now Methos. Don't say that you created the graphics. I might not know who you are, but I'm not dumb. I know what looks like my graphics or layouts.? Hypocritical much? If you didn't make the graphics, don't put them up and NOT CREDIT. I can tolerate people putting up other people's graphics on their site (although I still hate it), but it's absolutely idiotic and ridiculous if you take someone's work and don't credit. That's called stealing. As a graphics designer, I take it personally when people take other designers' graphics and not credit. Unless you credit EACH individual, you need to take the graphics off.

Updates: 2.5/5 You haven't updated in 17 days! And before that, between 6-04-90 and 6-18-90, you didn't update for 13 days. Not good.

Grammar/Spelling: 3.5/5 Stole Kisses should be 'Stolen Kisses'. And i'll be changing the song every few weeks should be 'And I'll be changing the song every few weeks'. so i'll update it later on. should be 'so I'll update it later on.' Good job! Only 3 grammar and spelling mistakes. :D

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 The boxes aren't aligned with the whole layout, so you should fix that little coding problem. Your organization of the whole site is severely messed up. Put 'The Owner' section near the bottom of your side column. Updates should be at the top, and replace Rules with the Sister Site application. Affiliates and the Sister Site Application should be in the side column, not in the main box. In your affie list, Twilight Layouts has no button and Simplicity Site Reviews' button is too big. iNewMoon, Bite Me Reviews, HTML Help, and Vampire Magic's buttons are too big too. Also, I have no idea what Twisted Dreams Reviews is doing on your affiliate list... xD

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 I don't know about the effort, actually... You take graphics that aren't yours and put them up on your site, expecting people to credit you for them. The only graphics that I'm sure are yours are your icons and even then, they're not so great. I don't know what program you use, but it's time for a new one. You need to put more effort in your site, even if you do. It doesn't look like it. Sit down and start learning how to make better graphics.

Overall 9/15 Sorry, but I wouldn't come back. Not only do you not credit people for their banners, the graphics that you ACTUALLY make aren't that awesome. Your layout is horrible, so you absolutely need to get a new one. Don't put me on your WOS, because everything I've said in this review is true. Put yourself to work and strive to make Stolen Kisses a better graphics site.


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First impression: 11/15 I start hearing Fearless by Taylor Swift when I step (metaphorically, of course. ;P) into your site. Although many people like Taylor Swift, I'm one of the few that find her voice annoying. However, I'm not anti-Taylor Swift so I'm not complaining about the song. It's nice, but You Belong with Me and I'd Lie (which strangely has no music video...) are still my favorite Taylor Swift songs. But that's not really saying much. xD A point was deducted for the song. My sisters detest Taylor Swift, so if they clicked on your site and heard the song, they would click away ferociously to get away from this site. Not everybody in the entire world likes Taylor Swift, although I'm sure millions were at her concert at the Calgary Stampede. I was greeted with a very, very, very messy blend. I would explain it in detail right now, but let us save that for the other section. Let me, however, just say that it was incredibly busy and didn't look all that great. I noticed that nothing was capitalized in your welcome message. It was kind of weird and it was absolutely frustrating.

Layout: 14.5/20 4 points were taken off because you didn't make the blend by yourself. I would take off heavy marks, because if you're a graphics site, you should be making your own layouts. However, since it was a gift from Bedroom Mirrors, it was okay. Who are we not to accept gifts that were made with love and sweat? xD I'll explain what's wonderful and what's bad with your blend, even if you didn't make it. xD First of all, it is just WAY TOO busy. There are too many of the pretty Taylor Swift squished into this minuscule blend. The pictures had a lot of potential, but there wasn't any special colouring. It was just saved and blended in. I like that there were textures and brushes used in this blend, but they always cover up Taylor's face. What's up with that? The brushes and textures covering up the face thing made it look very bad. Like someone didn't take the effort to erase it. There was this random M at the top left. Brushes usually are random, but that was just, 'Um, what the heck is that doing THERE?' The font choice was nice, but what's up with the whole transparency thing? It definitely does not look good. The userlookup layout is very plain and simple, not the best layout.The font's not the greatest, although it reminds me of one of my favorite movie (Mulan (there was only 1, by the way. I refuse to accept Mulan 2 as a Mulan movie. It was pathetic. xD)). Check Yes Juliet was a really nice song that I immediately fell in love with, but again, people might not like it. I didn't like the fact that background was white. That just seemed extremely boring. You could put a cute little polka dot background or a patterned background. Whatever floats your boat. xD

Content: 24/30 Your icons are really nice, but you didn't make them. I like that you offer simple text CSS for your visitors, but you don't need to show examples for all of them. xD You don't have many petpages, so you betta (I'm trying to sound all gangster. Don't beat me up! xD) get crackalackin'. I know, I'm shameful, but whatever! xD Your lookups are okay, but they're very plain. There's no much to it, actually. Try adding a blend, make those awesome clicky lookups, and try to incorporate lyrics to your lookups, like you already do. Keep up the great work!

Updates: 4.5/5 You only have one update... xD Half a point off because you haven't updated in 4 days. WHERE ARE YOU? I'm freaking out here. I'm panting and I'm fanning myself with my manicured hand. xD Nah, I don't get manicures. No worries. :D

Grammar/Spelling: 3/5 BLEGH! WHY ARE THERE NO CAPITALIZATIONS? All those caps I used there would probably be enough for your entire site. xD Fix all your grammar errors. Yeah, I'm talking about the LACK of caps. xD

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 You've got a neat site, but your blend is so big that you need a horizontal scrollbar. Next time, make a small blend or site layout. Your glittery text boxes really annoy me and they just seem to give off a messy impression. However, it's not a big deal, so only half a point taken off. In your affies list, Paranoid is now closed. The Good Guide is now Forever Mine. Other than that, really organized! :D

Efforts/Extras: 4.5/5 You put a lot of effort into your site. I can see that, but where are the extras? What are the stuff that make your site different from the others? Your lookups seem very simple and plain. You should jazz (forgive my use of that work. xD) it up with images and whatnot. I'd like to see more petpages. Your iPod petpage is incredibly creating and I'd love to see more of those! It would be cool if you did it in different colours. That would be really easy and it would provide a variety of iPod petpages to your visitors.

Overall 13/15 I would definitely come back to your site. I like the song, even though you probably shouldn't have that. xD I like your graphics, especially your icons, even if you didn't make them. There are, however, some flaws in your site. Like your blend and your grammar. Your spelling is superb. It's just the lack of capitalization that you really need to fix. I really like your site, so you just need to fix some things that I've mentioned in this review. You've got an amazing site and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Good luck and keep up the good work!


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First impression: 12/15 I had a pretty good first impression. I noticed that your layout had changed from the last time I had visited your site. It looked a lot better than the last layout that you had. I didn't really like the colour scheme. You know the term 'cute as a button'? Well, I expected to see a bright, exciting, cute layout. I got this dark layout that's nice in its own way, but it doesn't seem to fit your name. Your welcome message was really nice, but I found it unnecessary to describe what a button or an avatar was. I think anybody visiting your site has an inkling of what a button or a fake avatar is. xD Nevertheless, no points were taken off for that. I feel that the welcome should be in the main box on top of the button borders, instead of the sidebar. I don't have much to say for your first impression. xD

Layout: 15/20 I took off 4 points because the layout wasn't made by you and it wasn't coded by you either. I liked the fact that you made the banner yourself. That showed me that not only are you capable of making beautiful buttons and fake avatars, you also have the ability and the skill to make your own custom banner. The font you used on your banner was alright. It didn't complement it or anything, but it didn't destroy the entire banner either. As I've said before, 'cute as a button' doesn't fit this website whatsoever. Cute as a Button, which is an actual site, has an amazing layout and it fits her name. Ms. Button sounds really cute, warm, and bright. However, we get this purple colour scheme that doesn't really seem to work out. I love the colourful headers, because it looks great and it fits buttons so well. Try making a cute layout and see whether that will fit your site better. I'm positive that it will, but you might not be. xD

Content: 29/30 Honestly, I don't have much to say in this section. From the last time I saw your site, your buttons weren't that great. I think it was the font that you chose to do. Now, however, you seem to have gotten a great pixel font that is well-fit for buttons and avatars. Your buttons are great! I really, really like them, and I think you rival some of the best button makers out there. Make sure that you use the pixel font for almost every button and avatar that you make. Normal fonts in small sizes won't work out, because they are hard to make out. I like that you have so many borders that your visitor can choose from, but you should get rid of button border 11 and avatar border 13. I've looked at all your buttons that use button border 11 and they don't turn out so great, actually. People don't seem to request avatar border 13 and if it were to be used, it seems like it would take away from the image. The UFT button that you made is nice, but the big pixel font does not suit it. Pixel fonts should not be enlarged, because they look bad. They should stay at a size 10px. No larger, no smaller. If you want a font at a large size, use a normal one like Beyond Wonderland or Jane Austen (I'm just throwing out font names). Do not use pixel fonts for that. I'm glad that you re-made your buttons. They look perfect now. ^_^

Updates: 5/5 Haha, you update almost everyday! Good job! I should learn something from you. xD

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 None whatsoever. Great job! :D

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 Hmm, we've got some serious column organization that we need to fix here. IT IS TIME FOR AN INTERVENTION! xDD Alright, welcome should go on top of your button borders. The counter should be at the bottom of the side column, because it's not that important. Link-back buttons should be on the side column. You might want to move the button and avatar galleries to the main column, but it's fine if you want to live it in the side column. It just looks a little bit weird... xD

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 I definitely see effort put into this site. It's nice that you have avatars and buttons on this site, but is there anything else that you can do to make Ms. Button original? You have a great site, but it might need a little sprinkle of originality. You're already on a head-start in that originality race. xD

Overall 13/15 This is me, checking yes on the 'coming back' box, checking no on the 'absolutely flawless' box. That is the cold, hard, ugly truth, only it's not as dramatic as The Ugly Truth that is coming out in theatres. xD You've got an amazing, amazing site! It's one of the best button sites I've seen, but there are some things that you need to fix like your organization. Take my suggestions and recommendations and you're well on your way onto a better site. I'm not putting up my review on a pedestal and saying that when you've finished working your suggestions into your site, your site will be perfect. No, I am absolutely not doing that. Work on some stuff around your site and it'll definitely be better. Good luck and great work! :D


First impression: 10/15 I'm not really impressed by your site as I walk in. The layout is much too dark and the pictures that you used are too small. I think that there's no welcome message, until I avert my eyes to the right. Music starts blaring on my speakers, interrupting Enya's calming voice as she sings Wild Child. I'm starting to hate the song already. The welcome message is in a small div box and what would look like a small welcome message if it wasn't in a small div box looks intimidating and scary. The rules seem to have crawled its way into the welcome message and that's just something that you don't want. Everything is just so dark. It fits the site name, but would I want to continue into this site? No.

Layout: 13/20 Congratulations on making your own layout! Serious points would have been deducted from this section otherwise. However, as I've said before, the layout is much, much, much too dark. You don't always need a dark layout with a name like Forever Stranded. I save your banner, mainly because there's something tugging at my brain. As I open up my Photoshop and duplicate layers of your banner, it becomes blatantly obvious. The darkness of your layout managed to hide it fairly well, but it turned out that your layout was made by two images being pasted on each side of your banner and text reading Forever Stranded. It doesn't even look like you put effort into this layout. I'm pretty sure that you keep the same coding and just change the banner. Now, I'm even less impressed than your site. The colour scheme is nothing special, but it works, so who am I to complain? However, red is grouped with black just too much and it gets to be very boring. There aren't many colours that go with black well, so don't just stick with that utterly boring colour! Go with a dark blue, like #081F5F, or a dark red, like #5f0808, as your primary colours. If you input the dark blue into colorschemedesigner*com and click on the Analogic option, you'll be met with a wonderful dark colour scheme that I think will be wonderful for your site. Your dividers are insanely dark and I know that you want to maintain the mysterious dark feeling that your site gives to your visitor, but you can hardly read what it says! I have to highlight it to determine what section it is. So, here's a suggestion- lose the dividers and get cool nifty headers instead. Your dividers aren't ugly, but they don't really bring much to your site. It makes it look like you're trying too hard to maintain your site's facade.

Content: 15/30 I hope I don't sound too mean saying this, but your content isn't all that hot. Make sure that you save all your graphics in a PNG format. If you look at your icons, you'll notice that so many of them have horrible quality. You can solve that problem simply- by saving it in a PNG format. Your icons are insanely, insanely, insanely boring. They're just a cropped picture and MAYBE some text on it. I don't know what program you use, but I'm presuming you have a program that allows you to blend and all that basic stuff. Colour bubbles can be life-savers for almost any graphic, especially if your graphic seems particularly empty. Textures and brushes are a definite key to making beautiful icons. Go around sites like innocense*org and outspoken-kate*com and stock up on beautiful icon/large textures that those amazing sites have to offer. Of course, textures and brushes aren't limited to those 2 sites. I think you know all this stuff already though. xD Fairytaled.serenita-designs*org is another great site to get brushes and textures, especially the paisley brush that is popping up everywhere these days. Browse around the Internet. You're bound to find some textures and brushes that will be useful. Aliss' icons, and I'm not trying to offend anybody, are quite horrible. They're really, really, really, really boring and they're not well-done. It looks like you use Paint to make your graphics. It really does, because it has really low quality and it doesn't look like much effort is being put into it. If you ARE using Paint, get GIMP. It's an amazing free program. Also, GIMP has many tutorials for graphic designing, so there's someone out there who will be able to help you. Maxx, your blends aren't doing so great either. I suggest you get rid some of your older blends. They're quite bad compared to what you can make now. Sometimes, you blend weirdly, like someone's head suddenly got chopped off. Make sure that you watch where you blend and you choose good pictures that you can actually blend well. Also, too many pictures can make a blend just WAY too messy and busy, so watch out for that too. I also have a problem with the font that you choose, especially in the third last blend of The Vampire Diaries. That one made a little bit of my heart die. If you're lacking fonts, go to dafont*com. They offer a healthy selection of beautiful fonts. Aliss, your blends are just bad. They're really boring and they feature themes that no one would really use, y'know? Your lookups are alright, but they always have some sort of faded border around them. LIKE WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? They make everything look so tacky! It's just so much better for you to create a filled banner for your lookup, instead of fading the border.

Updates: 4.5/5 You haven't updated in 4 days... Other than that, awesome!

Grammar/Spelling: 3/5 Um, what happened to all the capitalization in your updates? Are they meant to be like that? No matter what, it still looks bad.

Organization/Neatness: 1/5 Alright, it's time for an intervention. xD The welcome message should go on top of the icons in the main box. USE PAGE ANCHORS! Those are very useful, because you have so much content. You don't need the Neopets navigation there. You can just hide it so it doesn't show up. Updates should go under the Navigation and the Link-Back should be above the staff descriptions. Sister Sites should go on top of your affiliates. If there's no one in your Wall of Shame, just get rid of it. Pick-ups should go in the main content and you're missing a Credits section. Sweet Memories and Paranoid are now closed.

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 I definitely do not see effort in this site. The layout is quickly made and I think it's time for a revamp. Most of your graphics are bad or old, so try to spiff it up with the suggestions I've provided you. Really, try managing your site better and adding graphics that people will actually use.

Overall 9/15 Sorry, I'm checking no on the coming back box. Not only can I make better graphics, there's really nothing that would entice me to come back. Your graphics are low-quality and need serious work and there's just really nothing that I would use here. You need to take my suggestions and actually work them into your site. If you think I'm mean or think I'm something similar to a female dog, sorry for making you think of me that way. However, I'm not going to sugarcoat the massive problems Forever Stranded has. I'm harsh and the things I've said in this review are true. Please, please work these suggestions and tips into your site. It'll make Forever Stranded a better site that everybody can enjoy.


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First impression: 10/15 I see the layout has changed the moment I figuratively step into Dancing on Mars. It's a beautiful name, really, although it reminds me of something like Lady Gaga. Perhaps, your next layout should feature Lady Gaga and her song Pokerface. The welcome message was a little hard to find, but I expected it. It seems like everybody's putting their welcome messages in the navigation. I noticed that you stated that Dancing on Mars was revamped. From all the times I visited it, which wasn't much but enough to deduct from it, I never saw much of a revamp. All I saw was a layout change, which was something that you needed but everybody expected. I mentally winced at the welcome message, full of grammar and spelling errors. It's frustrating when you enter a site and the first thing that's being force-fed to your eyes are errors- millions of them! I hate it when people don't spell correctly or have correct grammar. Believe me, I am no teacher, but at least put in some effort to use some spell check. I didn't like the fact that there was music, especially since I didn't like it very much. The layout was alright, not very impressive, but definitely a lot better than your last one.

Layout: 13/20 4 points were taken off, because you didn't make your own layout. However, it seems like Renee specially made it for you, so your accumulated points in this section weren't severely impaired by that deduction. You should credit the people that made the resources in this layout. Even though you didn't make it, it's simply common courtesy. The paisley brush in the background was from and you should credit the creator of the golden frame. The base of the layout was really similar to Renee's site, but although it's not exactly original or refreshing, no one wasn't expecting it. After all, she made the site layout. The cut-outs of Taylor Swift are horribly done. I understand the fact that she has a perm and strands are always flying out, but at least feather it or something. The cut-out of the frame is too sharp. Again, a feathering would be useful. The PSD fades aren't done very well. I can still see where her leg cuts off. The site name is too small. It should be bigger, since it's your site name and will be what people first judge on, if they see your site in a directory. The CSS is very simple, but it's okay. Your content boxes don't look good scrolling, so make sure you change the height of the boxes.

Content: 20/30 Your icons are alright, but they're really, really, really boring. The Twilight Paramore one is one of the bad ones. The skin tones don't match, so you might want to fix that. You had a really bad pattern on the Katy Perry with a watermelon one. It looked horrible and it was just horrible quality. I would recommend getting rid of it. Get rid of the older ones, like the Demi&Selena, the weird sunshine, the Miley, the Taylor, the peace Miley, the Ashley Tisdale, the Demi Lovator, and the Kris and rob ones. The problem with a lot of your icons are that you use normal, unappealing font and make them really small so that they fit your icon but no one can really read them. Get a pixel font (like 5x5) from Dafont and start using them. Those pixel fonts are really effective in writing small and they look great! The only downside to them is that the size shouldn't be more than 10px. It makes them look all pixelated and it just doesn't look good. You've got a lot of potential, but try looking up more GIMP tutorials. Your blends are really boring. I see that you use textures and brushes, but make sure you erase them from their faces and their bodies, so it doesn't look messy. A lot of the pictures you use are just really bad quality, so the blends aren't very desirable. When you go to a celebrity's gallery, make sure you choose images that are HIGH QUALITY. I had the exact same problem when I was looking for pictures to make a Taylor Swift blend- pictures looked great, but they were too pixelated. Be smart enough to know what pictures you should and should not use. You use a lot of similar pictures, and although that's a good thing, sometimes it can get a little bit boring. Vary your pictures in a blend. All it really matters that they look good and they fit the theme well-enough. Add more textures and brushes.,,, and have good resources. Make sure that you browse their affiliates too. Most of them have affies that have good resources and graphics for you to use. You should get rid of the Taylor Swift You Belong with Me blend. It's really horrible and the blending is just bad. The cut-out of Taylor looking out the window is just heinous- they are still so much that you still need to cut out! The blending is done badly. Although it's a really cute music video with a lot of potential pictures that would make an amazing blend, this one just wasn't it. The David+Miranda one is alright, but it looks like the two pictures on the right aren't blended. Those two pictures would be really hard to work with, because it doesn't give you much space on top to blend them together. Your layouts aren't the best. Make sure that you fade the edges so it blends in with the layout, or else it just looks bad. The iCarly layout just has horrible blending. It might be because you used too many pictures. The best thing to do is save a lot of pictures and figure out which ones would work best with your particular layout. No one would use your buttons, because they're not regular size. Many sites call for 88x31 buttons, which is why I wouldn't use any of your buttons since they are not regulation size. When you write your credit on your graphics, make sure they're in a pixel font. You can hardly tell what it's trying to say, so that's bad because you want publicity.

Updates: 4/5 It looks like you have a blog and updates are put on top. That isn't very good, because it doesn't show the rest of your updates. Get an update and a blog, in separate div boxes. As far as you can see, which isn't very far, you're doing a good job with the updating.

Grammar/Spelling: 0/5 NO NO NO NO NO NO! -shakes head ferociously- Oh my God. Your grammar and your spelling are atrocious! It gives off a really bad impression. It might seem cool to use incorrect grammar and spelling, but it's not creating a good impression for your visitors.

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 Welcome message should go on top of the blog, and the updates should go to the side navigation. You need to start getting page anchors, since you have quite a lot of content. The Owners section should go below requests. Visitors don't come to a site to learn about owners. They come for content. Other than that, it's good.

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 The effort's alright, but there's really nothing special about it. I see minimal effort being put into this site and no originality whatsoever. It seems like you want to be like the other popular graphics site in Neopia out there. You need to add stuff that have YOUR own style, not someone else's. It also seems like you don't put effort in making sure that your site is void of any grammar and spelling mistakes. I mean, it's not like it takes a long time to do a spell-check on everything.

Overall 9/15 It's a no for the coming back, sorry. Your graphics are boring and need a special touch to them. You need to get rid of all the grammar and spelling mistakes. I would also like to see a nice layout that was made by you, which had effort put into it. I remember the last layout you had was a Demi Lovato one in which you spent 7 minutes on. If you make a layout, don't mention how long it took to make, unless it took a really long time. xD Just take your time to work some suggestions and recommendations into your site. Your site will definitely become better and visitors will start coming back. Good luck with Dancing on Mars!


site is now called silver chains
First impression: 8/15 I think it was the colour scheme that made me say this overused phrase in horror- "OH. MY. GOD." Red, orange, and blue? Sorry, but that just didn't work. Red and orange were such warm colours and then BAM! Blue walked right in, his cool blond hair slicked back and his body vibrating coldness. You definitely need a new colour scheme. Because of your banner, I would recommend going to, inputting #ffffff as your RGB colour, and then click on the triad option. Then, look down and click on the option that reads 'Color List'. Any colour from that Color List will do and it will make an excellent colour scheme. I suggest #999999 to replace the orange, #000000 to replace the blue font, a nice dusty rose #A65353 to replace the blinding red, #819B4D for your font styles (like italics, bolds, underlines, although you might want to go with a stronger green for your bold), and #326363 for some nice headers that will bring in more colour to your site. There was no welcome message whatsoever, unless I created this page to give graphics to the people who need them. Please enjoy your stay and get the graphics that you need was the welcome message. Unfortunately, it was too short and it wasn't much of a welcome message. You didn't bother introducing yourself, telling us when the site opened, and giving us some background information about your site. Those are all things that would make a good welcome message, all things that you did not have. I noticed the background out of the corner of my eye and I scrolled down. It fit with the blindingly bright colour scheme but it didn't flow together, so it didn't look all that hot.

Layout: 13/20 Alright, first things first, you need to change your colour scheme! I've already given you suggestions for that, so I'm not going to bother elaborating on it more. Step two would be getting rid of your background. Get one that flows together, one that melts together, and complements your colour scheme. have great colour schemes and patterns created by users. It's a great site, honestly, and I recommend you to visit it and pick out a pattern or a colour scheme (if you don't like mine) from there. However, I actually don't recommend you getting a background picture, mainly because your background is already a red. So, not only do your have a background colour, you also have a background picture. Those are going to clash, so either you get a background colour, or you get a background picture. You can't get both. Your table width is too long. I mean, 5000 px? Definitely not. You can take away approximately 2000 px, so it isn't a huge space left behind with nothing in it. Your coding is really messy, so I recommend using div classes and div ids. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is an amazing tutorial to help you out. I have nothing against one column layouts, but I strongly, strongly recommend you to get a two-column or three-column layout. Why? Because it looks more organized and it's easier to navigate. Your banner is incredibly boring and it doesn't say much about your graphic designing skills. Try having a real banner, that doesn't just consist of a PNG and then your name. Don't make it so big, because it takes up a lot of space. An ideal banner would be 600x300px. Use more images, textures, and brushes.

Content: 15/30 Okay, there are some things that I don't really get- what do you mean you don't support shop layouts? It sounds like you don't support civil rights or something like that. I'm guessing that you can't make shop layouts and that's the only reason you don't support it. If that's true, why not just say you can't make shop layouts?! It's a lot easier and less weirder than saying you don't support something. Alright, let's move on. So, the first petpage layout that you made was for a blue_musicxd. I'm guessing that you didn't make the petpage layout, unless your name is Mattie. You coded it well, but you coded it very differently. It looks very confusing and you seem to use tables a lot. You can use div classes and ids to make it less confusing and easier. They also make you feel lots better when you're coding them, because quite a lot of people don't get them. The layouts for both petpages weren't great, but you didn't make them, so it wasn't a big deal. When I looked at the first guild layout that you made, I went, "Oh my Gosh." It was really, really, really, really bad and the coding was horrible. It was just really bad. Alright, the picture had a lot of potential, but you did nothing to it! It looked like you used Paint. If so, get GIMP- it's a free graphic designing program that mimics the world-famous amazing Photoshop. The guild logo was still present and there was a weird Lupe background. I wish I could help you more, but that would take up WAY too much space. Here is an amazing tutorial for you to use to learn how to code full-page guild layouts. The second layout was still bad, but it didn't gather a horrified face from me. There was no problem with it not being full-paged, although, of course it's preferred now. However, it was just badly made. Everything was very pixelated. The JPG format could've helped in making it bad quality too. Next time, make sure you save it as a PNG format.

Updates: 3/5 You were doing an alright job of updating, until the last update, which was 7/06/09. You haven't updated in 16 days!

Grammar/Spelling: 2.5/5 Please enjoy your stay and get the graphics that you need should have a period at the end. Stll trying to figure out what's wrong with premades. should be 'Still trying to figure out what's wrong with premades.' I was gone and before I could upload when, we entered a Dead Zone. should be 'I was gone and we entered a Dead Zone before I could upload.' You can find my affiliates under the Affiliates link on my Navigation Bar ;). should be 'You can find my affiliates under the Affiliates link on my Navigation Bar. ;)' I have great News, should be 'Hey, I have great news-' You had a total of 5 spelling and grammar mistakes. Not bad, but you should start fixing them up.

Organization/Neatness: 0/5 Alright, I've said this before- get a two-column or a three-column layout. Your site looks way too unorganized for it to be a one-column. Actually get headers, this time. Not just words in big letters. Put News and Updates in a div box and put the request form in a textarea. The Neopian Directory has a link border around it and DEFINITELY make new link-back buttons. The ones you have now are ugly. xD Welcome message should go on top of the navigation and the other stuff (Getting Listed, Reviews, and Affiliates) should be near the bottom.

Efforts/Extras: 2/5 I honestly don't see any effort being put into this site. You haven't updated in 16 days and you haven't been on Neopets since 15 days ago. Are you planning on keeping this site or not? Put more effort into your graphics, your coding, and your layout. The minute a person steps in, they'll be clicking the back button. And, what about the extras? Your site is nowhere near original. However, originality isn't the only thing that plays a part in the Extras. You don't have nice cute buttons and you don't even have a counter to inform you of how many hits you're getting!

Overall 7/15 I would not come back. This review has been harsh, but so much of it has been true. Your site needs serious work and you need to sit down in front of your computer and learn how to make better graphics. Put Moonlight Graphics on hiatus. This is the first time I've had to tell somebody that and I hope it's the last. I hate to say this, but your graphic designing skills need a lot of improvement. You've got potential and you're quite a good coder. There's always room for improvement, however, so start practicing your graphics and your coding. You've got a long way to go, but with perseverance, determination, and all that good stuff you got in ya, you'll do fine. Good luck!


Twisted Shrooms
First impression: 13/15 You should try centering your layout and maybe move up the tables an inch, because I can see borders poking out. It doesn't look bad on the left, but it looks neater if it's centered. I noticed a small little grammar mistake in the welcome message, which I will inform and correct you later. There was also a coding error, in which you did this: [u]blahblah[/u]. To fix that little problem, all you need to do is take away those brackets (or whatever they're called. xD) and replace them with these- . I would take away this sentence right here- Remember, TNT does have the power to freeze anyone who steals graphics and or coding! For all of TNT's rules please click here! It seems kind of mellow and the rest of your message has been positive and then you get this 'YOU WILL GET FREEZHED IF YOU SHTEALLLL!' thing. xD It's not bad, it's just something that you might want to change. Your welcome message is perfect and I would love to reward you with an award for it. xD I don't see anything bad in my first impression and hopefully, I don't see any. Your site is the first to impress me in a very, very, very, very long time in my whole reviewing life (which hasn't been very long, but you get the gist. xD).

Layout: 17/20 YAY FOR CUSTOM LAYOUTS! I love the fact that you made the layout by yourself. Usually, people just snag a layout from Exclusive and request a custom banner from Reskaya (I hope I spelled that right. I'm used to saying Purplefly. xD). However, there are a few things that you need to consider. For one thing, as I checked your page source, I noticed that you use tables. Your coding was very confusing, especially to me, since my coding skills are practically nonexistent. xD Tables aren't used very often nowadays, because a new invention has come along- DIV CLASSES AND IDS! Whoo. xD Try using div classes and ids. They're insanely useful, easy to use, organized, and can be used for almost anything. You can make a scrolling box, a layout, etc. out of divs! Here is an extremely helpful tutorial that I provided to the previous reviewee: Kitty's Coding Guide. You can scroll down into the Scrollboxes section that is right under Classes and Ids and learn more about them. Your banner is nice, but it's honestly nothing special. It doesn't resemble ANYTHING an A-Lister on the Guild Chat (or the GC, as those cool cats refer to it. xD) could make, but it has effort put into it and that's what we like to see. The font you used is alright, but it doesn't quite seem to complement the banner and the theme. I don't really have a suggestion, but you could always try Birth of a Hero, Carnivalee Freakshow, Capture It, or Blackjack. All those fonts are nice and I use them very often in my graphics, especially Carnivalee Freakshow. I think you need something to jazz up your layout. Your [Back to Top] links are rather boring and because you have to stick to this grey colour scheme, go for something bright like a cute pixel! It's a perfect excuse to have something cute on your site. Amber's Pixels and Pixel Nation are two amazing pixel sites that you can use. Pixel Nation is less known than Amber's Pixels, but I believe that their pixels are on par or better than Amber's Pixels.

Content: 29.5/30 Wow, your content is honestly amazing! It's just great. This must have taken so long for you to research all this stuff. It's an accomplishment, really. It should go on your college resume, but I don't know whether they would be impressed with the Neopets part. xD Because you have such a dark table background, the white backgrounds of the Neopets images stick out. For the ones that you can't hide, I would advise you to go to your Paint Shop Pro and take out the white backgrounds. It'll look better, I assure you. Other than that, it's amazing! You have so much content to offer people. Definitely start advertising this site on the Help boards and I guarantee you'll get more visitors.

Updates: 3/5 You're not very consistent in your updates. I've noticed a lot of gaps that weren't explained.

Grammar/Spelling: 2.5/5 My name is Oxide, welcome to my shroom, fungus and toadstool guide! should be 'My name is Oxide and welcome to my shroom, fungus, and toadstool guide!' I have worked very hard on this petpage, it is a constant work in progress, so please do [u]NOT[/u] steal my hard work! should be 'I have worked very hard on this petpage and it is a constant work in progress. Please do NOT steal my hard work!' For all of TNT's rules please click here! should be 'For all of TNT's rules, please click here!' I have entered a Sit Of The Month competition! should be 'I have entered a Site of the Month competition!' for your most favorite mushroom guide should be 'for your most favorite mushroom guide.'

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 Alright, as I've said before, the layout needs to be centered and moved up in 1px and the white background in the Neopets images should be removed. Genericizing's button displays an image that states that the image has been moved or deleted. Siren's Song Reviews don't seem to appear in the Review section. You also might want to have page anchors in the Shroom section, leading to the other shrooms. It's quite a long thing to scroll through.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 SO MUCH EFFORT PUT INTO THIS SITE! It's almost suffocating. If I die of asphyxiation, I know WHO I'm blaming. xD The effort is great and the extras are amazing. Just add a cute little pixel to brighten up your site and add colour to it and you'll be great!

Overall 14/15 Of course I would come back! I would've loved to give you a 90+, but unfortunately, I don't rate much on opinions, except for the first impression and some of the content. It's mostly facts. I love your site, but there are little things that you need to fix up. I've noticed that you have a lot of commas missing and I didn't go through your entire guide, hunting down the nonexistent commas. It's up to you to do that. xD Your banner could be prettier but right now, it's good and it showcases exactly what this site is about. Your site is great, but there's always room for improvement. Good luck and great work!

congrats on being our 50th person reviewed!

First impression: 11/15 I quite like your layout. It looks a lot better than the last last one you had, seeing as I was working on this review while suddenly, I refreshed and the layout changed. Everything LOOKED very calm and soothing, the same feeling that you get when you hear When the Day Met the Night. Now, you get this dark layout that can sometimes get too dark. I noticed that the image background didn't really blend in with the rest and I didn't like your plain black background. You could go with a chipper, brighter background to showcase the day. When it's all black, it's no longer When the Day Met the Night. It is now When the Night Met the Night. I hate it when site names hold you back from creating the kind of layout that you want (quite like Twisted Dreams), but that responsibility came when you picked the name. I like the layout, don't get me wrong, but I think you really need to incorporate day into it and that can come in many different ways. Having a cute little pixel from Amber's Pixels or Pixel Nation could help quite a lot, as well as having a brighter, more exciting background. Your welcome message's a little short and I think you should take away this sentence- I'm still basically a beginner in the whole CSS thing, but I have learned quickly. It almost sounds like you're making up an excuse, just in case your CSS is bad, or setting up your visitors for some really bad quality CSS. Try writing why you wanted to create the site, what was your inspiration (if you had any), etc.

Layout: 17/20 Well, you obviously coded it, thank God. I don't think I can stand another site using another site's coding. xD I don't like the fact that your site doesn't scroll. I have to press F11 on my keyboard, because my resolution is small and it isn't 1024x768px. Instead of putting a grey cloud on there, why not try putting a sun? Sun and moon equals day and night, aren't I smart? xD The eyes and the smiles are a little bit creepy and the lines are very shaky. I know that you're not a pro pixeller or anything, but the way that the outline of the eye is very shaky kind of creeps me out. xD When I make pixels (which isn't very often), I always use the text tool for the faces. You can use a pixel font to put on the faces and they'll be cute and miniature. I'm sure a lot of pixel sites do the same thing, unless they think that's cheating and absolutely refuse to do it. xD The nursery notes seem to be in very bad quality and it's not because of the format that you saved it in. Try redoing them, so they're in a better quality. If you got them from a search engine, that might be it, especially if it's saved in JPG format (which most of them are). I don't really like your headers. I don't know why, but they don't look very attractive. The ones with an actual background colour are always the prettiest. :D You should use div ids and classes for your blog. I know it's longer to write, but it makes your coding look a lot more organized.

Content: 24/30 Your site's lived for a month and 4 days, but you don't have much content up. I like your lookups and your way of moving the modules, but you should start making more styles. Editing the colours isn't hard (not even aching over the colours, since you use a favorite site of mine for colour schemes) and I think you should get up at least 10 different lookups that have Style 1 and then 10 for Style 2. Then, move on to making other styles for your lookups. You could always add a cool picture on the lookups. I see that done a lot in the lookups. Your petpages are kind of boring and they only really have one style. You should definitely try making more.

Updates: 5/5 Very consistent. It's great.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Don't see any! YAAYYYY! xD

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Use a table so that the counter can be put next to the link backs. And then use another table so that the rules can be next to the updates, so it doesn't take up quite so much space. That's all for this section.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I see effort in this site that you've put together, but I'd definitely like to see more styles. Do some minor stuff around the site to brighten it up. Even though you're not a pixel site, you could always adopt a toybox and put all the lovely pixels that you absolutely adore. Or you could adopt a site pet or if you want, have a theme throughout your site. All those things can make your site unique and make people come back.

Overall 11/15 I would like to come back, but right now, it's a no. I love your CSS, but there are other sites that I could visit. Try getting more styles up, as I've mentioned many times before. That's the only thing that you really, really, really need to fix about your site. Your updates and your grammar and spelling are great, but you need to start focusing on the other stuff. You've got a great site, but there's lots of room for improvement. Start reading up on CSS tutorials so you can learn more complicated and nicer coding. We just love all those hoverblogs. xD Good luck and good job!


site is now called looking glass graphics
First impression: 8/15 This first impression is going to be short, because there wasn't much to say. Everything looked very messy and it didn't look all that great. The picture was very pixelated and over-sharpened. I could hardly see Glamorous Lights in that bright colour. I like the colour scheme, but the layout is something that you definitely need to fix. I like the basis of having 2 blogs and Polaroids, but get better non-blurry non-pixelated images.You also need to start making it compatible with all the browsers. Right now, the only browser it's compatible with is IE.

Layout: 12/20 I like the fact that you're not using an Exclusive layout, but that would be a lot better than the current layout you have. The fireworks texture that you used is from, so make sure that you credit them. The whole layout seems pixelated and oversharpened. You definitely need to fix all that. Your coding is good, but instead of using a div style for the boxes, use div classes and ids. I know you know how to use them. xD The text is really hard to read, because it's so bright. Your site looks a lot better in IE, but unfortunately more people use FF than IE. Instead of using rollies and link images, all you need to do is do imagemapping. I don't have many comments about your site layout, but you definitely need to buck up your graphics.

Content: 13/30 Let's start on the easy stuff first- the tutorials. Your tutorials aren't tutorials at all. Tutorials are supposed to be in-depth guidelines that teaches a person on how to use a graphics designing program or something else. Your GIMP Glow Blend tutorial is not a tutorial, mainly because it only offers tips and is not particularly helpful. Your Splat Base Guide with GIMP is even worse. A splat base is very hard to make, when you want it to make it look good. Your splat base isn't the best and it doesn't even look like you put effort into making it. I recently made a splat base tutorial and it involved 38 steps! Your MS Paint Sparkle Guide is a tad better, because it actually has more than 2 steps. However, it's not very useful. When you asked that question which Miley Cyrus picture looked better, I would answer neither. The sparkles aren't all that great and they can be achieved by using simple brushes on Paint. Your fonts are alright, but they're really nothing special. Try making fonts with witty sayings. I love fonts with witty sayings (my siggy is 'Edward Cullen can't read Bella's mind because you need a brain to think') and I'm sure a lot of other people do too. If you google Witty Sayings, you'll get a whole load of them. Try to delete the dashes, because they look very unattractive. Your site names are nice, but you should definitely try adding more. You can get inspiration from songs, things around you, and the Internet. Your PSDs aren't PSDs, because they're not saved in PSD format. I noticed that you saved it as a JPG, which is no use. To make a transparent image, you need to save it in a PNG format. Don't give your PNGs a stroke, because that points out every mistake you made. Your designs and textures are useless, because they're bad and no one would really want to use them. I'm not trying to be mean here, but you should definitely delete those. Instead of calling your buttons Square and Thumbnail, categorize them by size. You should make 88x31 buttons the most, because that is the size that everyone uses. Your square buttons are horrible- they're very blurry and they look like they've been oversharpened. Try putting more effort into your splat bases. They're very boring and they don't look good at all. I wrote a tutorial on how to make a splat base that is on neocliche*co*nr. Logique Resources has some good links to tutorials on how to make a splat base. The text you offer is quite useless. It's an original idea, but no one would use it. I'm not saying it's ugly or anything, but it doesn't serve a purpose. Your Katy Perry Lemon Guild Layout has a really good basis, but it's not executed well. The PNG of Katy Perry is too blurry and so is everything else, not to mention incredibly sharpened. Lay off the Sharpen Tool for a while. The last guild layout (the Cullen Family one) would be nice, if the image actually blended into the background. A lot of your graphics are very pixelated and sharpened, like your Selena Gomez guild layout. Graphics that are made by supergirliegirl tend to be better, but not by much. The last 2 full page Neopets guild layouts are the ones that I have problems with. HOW IS IT A GUILD LAYOUT? You guys really need to start reading up on tutorials. Either get better at graphics, or close down Glamorous Lights.

Updates: 4/5 Sometimes you don't update for about 4 days or more than that. I also don't see why you're updating about reviews, when your site is a graphics site. Leave the review updates to your other site. Other than that, you're very consistent. :D

Grammar/Spelling: 0/5 Definitely not. I don't know how old you are or whether English is your first language, but your grammar and spelling is horrible. Download Firefox, because it underlines all the words that you spell wrong and if you right click, it gives you a suggestion of the words that you were trying to spell. I would correct your mistakes, but it would take too long.

Organization/Neatness: 0/5 You can't read the font on the layout, so that's definitely not neat. You can barely read the links that read Home, Content, and Review Site. If you scroll down, you'll notice that the end of the first blog is not as wide as the start of it. The blog content for both blogs is too wide, so it goes out of the lines and it looks really messy. Why are the awards, counter, and the rules all in this tiny little div box? It's very hard to read and you should definitely fix it. Startimegraphics Reviews' button is too wide, so change the width to 88 and the height to 31. The button will look pixelated, but at least it'll fit. Mallory Reviews is now closed and Delirium Reviews hasn't been updated in 7 months, so I would suggest you delete them. Don't put your fanmail in a div style. Fanmail is a prestigious thing that you receive, so don't put it in some tiny div style that no one will look at. Rachel's Reviews is no more. Marquees are really annoying and I find it unfair that your top affies are in a marquee, so definitely remove that. Truthful Lies' button is too big, so you need to resize that. Stardust is no more, so you might want to remove their link. You really need to start resizing the previews of your graphics. They're just too big.

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 I see a tiny bit of effort put into this site, but you should put more effort into learning how to make graphics better and stop oversharpening and pixelating your graphics. You have GIMP, so there shouldn't be a shortage of tutorials for that free program. Add some more extras to your site, like a back to top pixel or a theme. You need to start making your site more exciting and a lot better. Your site is what Apartment Nine would call a wanna-be and what you need to do is get better at graphics.

Overall 7/15 No, I would definitely not come back. Why? Because the graphics are low quality, there is no attention paid to grammar and spelling, and my OCD self is going crazy over the disorganization. So, start improving on your graphics or you might want to close down Glamorous Lights, because no one would use your graphics the way it is right now. Take the tips and suggestions that I've provided you and I wish you luck with Glamorous Lights.


site is now Hello Fascination
First impression: 12/15 Fenella Aldergrove was not kind, beautiful, or dumb. The adjectives that seemed to pop up in TV describing young women did not fit her whatsoever. Fenella was the type of young woman that you would absolutely adore in a book, mainly because she was different, hot-tempered, looked very mousy and plain, mean, and smart. Doesn't that sound like a good character base? It did, indeed. However, the moment you met her in real life, you knew that you would be gossiping about her behind her back and saying nasty things. It wasn't because her name was Fenella, no, not at all! The way she never washed her hair would appall you, the way her dull blue eyes would survey you and then snap back into the air as if she was trying to forget she ever saw you would infuriate you, and the way the teachers loved her and the fact that she was such a know-it-all would frustrate you. She wasn't very social, because she thought herself too superior to 'hang out', as everybody would say. That's why cheerleader Ashley Green was so suprised when Fenella's new Mercedes pulled up on a corner located in Tokyo Lights. Ignoring the look from Ashley, Fenella squinted. The Tokyo Lights text seemed so small! It was almost as if the inventor of the whole thing was trying to make her feel bad about her terrible eyesight. Almost instantaneously, there was a booming voice that could be heard over the entire city. It announced a welcome message, something that Fenella found too long. She thought these lines- If you don't want to follow the rules, that's fine withe me. But be warned there are consequences that you must follow in order to be allowed back into the city. The rules are simple. So there should be no reason why you shouldn't follow them.- should've been taken out of the welcome message. It killed the mood. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a marquee and she groaned. Those moving things would one day cause her little OCD crazy heart to have a heart attack.

Layout: 16/20 Fenella fancied herself something quite like Dr. Gregory House from the famous television show or Sherlock Holmes. It didn't really matter, since House was based on Holmes. Her 'trained' eyes looked up and down, assessing Tokyo Lights and the aesthetics angle of it all. The first thing she noticed that the billboard (or layout. :P) that graced Tokyo Lights was very pink. It seemed rather girly and Fenella scrunched up her nose. She felt sorry for the guys that walked the streets of Tokyo Lights and had to try to ignore that frivolous pink billboard. A red colour scheme would seem perhaps more manlier (and a little pink could be sneaked in there as well) and perhaps more of those male visitors would return. Those neon pink zebra prints would normally look tacky, but this time, they looked alright. However, they blended in too much with the surroundings (funny, isn't that what zebras are supposed to do? xDD). It would look better if it stood out more. Fenella quickly squeezed her eyes shut at the cut-outs of the guys. It was horribly done. Even a four year-old could do better, she was sure. The white stroke made the badly done PNG more noticeable. When she entered the store called 'Graphics', she noticed the horrible font that was used as the header. It just seemed so messy and large. Also, the links weren't particularly impressive. They were too messy and large. She hated how everytime you walked down an aisle, everything completely changed. The placement and the forces of gravity would change and even the banner would disappear! Instead of moving it 8000px from the left and from the top, you could use overflow:hidden; coding. Fenella would suggest you take the coding and not bother crediting, but these days, that petty little thing was called 'stealing'. How ridiculous. However, Square One sold some good overflow coding that you could use, although you had to credit. The nav links were incredibly hard to see on the billboard. They cut off half the words, so it was hard to make out what they were trying to say.

Content: 25/30 Stepping into the Graphics store for the second time that that, she walked down the aisle that read 'Buttons'. There was a very wide variety for her to choose from and she quite liked them, almost enough for her to dump it in her shopping basket (too bad she didn't). She noticed that some of the button bases were too bright, like the Audrey Kitching one that sat beside the Adam Lambert button base. Some images that were cropped were bad-quality, so that image shouldn't even have been chosen in the first place. A perfect example of that was the Bella and Edward one ("Ew," Fenella muttered as she put the button base down on the shelf) that had horrible image quality. The avatars had the same exact problem, with many of the avatars having bad image quality. The petpages provided were very boring. Fenella couldn't help but sigh as she ran her hand across them, feeling the grooves of the petpages. They seemed to have no effects on them, just cropped out pictures. The storekeeper should definitely revamp that aisle.

Updates: 5/5 Quite consistent, Fenella noted, as she saw little scribbles etched onto the calendar. There weren't many days when words didn't make an appearance in that tiny little box that the calendar provided.

Grammar/Spelling: 3/5 I'll show the way of the city. With its bright lights and super sonic graphics. should be 'I'll show the way of the city, with its bright lights and supersonic graphics.' Fenella hated it when there were grammar and spelling mistakes everywhere. Quite often, she would correct the mistakes, so she could feel a little bit better. want to follow the rules, that's fine withe me. should be 'want to follow the rules, that's fine with me.' The city welcomes all new comers. should be 'The city welcomes all newcomers.' Who knows that the city has to offer the next time. should have a question mark at the end, not a period.

Organization/Neatness: 2.5/5 Fenella hated the too-small font and too-large headers. She chuckled to herself. What a contrast. She also hated how you had to walk out of the Graphics store back to the streets of Tokyo Lights to go down another aisle (in other words, you should have a link that returns to Graphics and a link that returns to Home). That was rather infuriating and Fenella abhorred exercise. The updates were particularly hard to read, because they were all bunched up in that small font. Paragraphs should've been used. Also, there was no back to home link on the Updates aisle of the store. .Dot Helpfuls and Statement had the ugly blue link border around it, so they didn't look all that great, when she browsed the stores that Graphics was affiliated with.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 Hating to say it, but Fenella thought that there was actually effort put into this site. And she usually didn't admit something like that. There were many extras, including a blog and whatnot. It was, actually, quite perfect. And Fenella had to blanch at the fact that she used that word.

Overall 11/15 So, I've slipped out of the Fenella character. xD I tried to make the story format work out well and I think portraying someone other than myself really works. xD I hope some of the problems that I pointed out were clear. If not, I can always help you out with them. xD I quite like your site, but the one thing that really turns me off is your font. It seems like such a small little thing, but you definitely need to make it bigger. There are many things that you need to fix around your site, like the image quality and your petpages. I recommend listening to the suggestions/tips that I have provided you. All in all, you've got a good site, but there is always plenty of room for improvements. I noticed that you had a lower score than your first review. It's not that you've done worse. It's just that I've become harsher. Good luck and good job!


First impression: 12/15 The moment I step into Cotton Island metaphorically, I like it. The colour scheme's really nice and it reminds me of cotton candy. Your welcome message is quite nice, but it's rather short. Spice it up a little bit. Your colour scheme seems to be based on cotton candy (correct me if I'm wrong), so try having a carnival theme. Or a food theme, whichever one. It would make your site certainly more original. The font choice wasn't the greatest though and neither was the stroke. Those problems won't throw people off your site, but graphic designers might be slightly alarmed at it. This isn't a big issue, but I noticed it almost instantaneously. Your banner isn't aligned with your columns. People don't mind that, but I do. It gives off a messy impression, like someone doesn't put enough effort into making the banner the right size or making the columns smaller so it's perfectly aligned with the banner. Honestly, at the first glance, I don't have much problems with the site. Let's just wait and see. xD

Layout: 14.5/20 As always, four points has been deducted because the layout was not made by you. Because you did not credit anybody, I am led to believe that you made the banner yourself. I like your banner and its simplicity, but it's a little too plain. Instead of just adding a gradient and maybe a circle and a swirl brush, try using more textures and brushes.,,,, and /~xthedoll have some amazing textures and brushes that you should use. When I looked closely, it appeared that you used a scratch/grunge texture, which is always good. However, those don't show up much and don't make much of an impression, especially the texture that you used. I'm not sure what layer mode you set it to, but I find setting it to Screen (or anything similar to that, since I have no idea what program you use and I use Photoshop CS4) is the best for making it stand out a little bit more. also have some great paisley brushes that everybody has been using these days. I understand if you don't want to follow a trend, but there's a reason that they're so popular- they're amazing. also has top textures that I absolutely adore. They're just simply amazing, but they are hard to use. As I've mentioned before, I love the colour scheme, but I think you should soften up the purple links. It's a little bit dark, so it almost overpowers the black font, making it a little bit hard to read. Again, the stroke that you used is too much. I never go beyond a 1px stroke and you shouldn't either. A 1px stroke and a white outer glow with a size of about 10 should do the trick. It looks good, it stands out, and you can read it perfectly fine. You don't have to resort to such desperate measures, such as a stroke that is thicker than 1px.

Content: 25/30 Looking around, I do have some problems with the content of your site. I've noticed that your borders aren't very original. You've got the general ones that every button site has, like 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8. Even the other button borders are ones I've already seen around other button sites. I believe Button Style 13 is also from The Resource Page. They look mighty similar. Try coming up with more original borders, not copies of the same borders I've seen millions of times before. Granted, your button borders are the button borders that the public likes and uses quite frequently. However, it is up to you to create more original button borders that the public will want. Just think, button sites looking at your borders, just yearning to borrow them. Let's move on to your text styles. Most of them are alright, but I'm not fond of text style 3 and text style 5. Text style 3 can be incredibly hard to read. I noticed it on The Resource Page and I could barely make out the font name. Text style 5 is rather large and bulky, so it takes up most of your button space. The animation styles are the ones that I have a problem with. I suggest that you make up new animation styles, since the ones that you have currently aren't all that great. Animation 1 is too blinky, so it hurts your eyes and you can barely make out what it's saying. Animation 2 is a classic, of course, and it's nice. Animation 3 can make me get all confused and it's quite flashy. It doesn't look very good and not many people request it. Animation 4 has the same problem as the first animation style had. It's too blinky and it can probably cause a seizure. xD Your buttons are nice, but I think you need to work on your strokes. I've noticed that you almost always do a white stroke and that can be a problem. The lily button that you made is quite nice, but the font didn't stand out enough. It blended in, because of the white stroke and the blinking. Use a darker colour, like dark orange, brown, or black. The Vote for Me at Maraquan Festival is also one that had text that blended in because of the white stroke. I think you definitely need to fix that. Make sure that your strokes are always of a dark colour, when the background is light, and always a light colour, when the background is dark. That's all really basic stuff that you should know. I know, I know, I'm not a button maker, but I am a graphics designer, so I do know some stuff here and there.

Updates: 4/5 You're an alright updater, not very consistent. Sometimes you update every 3 days, every 2 days, every 4 days, and sometimes every 5 days. Try updating every other day.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 I'm not sure whether The Gaurdian is the way it's supposed to be spelled, so I didn't take off any marks for that.

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 The Link Back buttons should be further up the column. I also noticed a little bit of the Neopets bar poking out. Either hide it completely, or move your background underneath it so it's completely visible.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think there is definitely effort put into this site. You aren't missing any extras that I know of, but I think you need to start making your site more original. A banner that's made by you is getting pretty close, but it's not enough. Your borders aren't original at all and as you know, originality is key to a successful site. Just work on bringing more originality to your site. This can present itself in many different ways. Keep your eyes out for any ideas. :D

Overall 12/15 Despite the fact that I've taken quite a lot of marks of, I like your site. However, there are millions of things that you need to work on. As I always say, there's always room for improvement. Haha, this is like a pep talk that I've repeated 54 times in every review. I think the big thing that your site needs to improve on is originality. Separate yourself from other button sites. There are so many out there, so you really need to stand out from the crowd to be successful and popular. Joggly comes up with really creative ideas and all her sites are popular! So, just try to fix up your site and you'll be as perfect as ever. Well, maybe not perfect, but... xDD


First impression: 12/15 Pixelled Pink is a very cute name and it also tells people that your site is a pixel site. However, the moment I step onto your site, it looks like you've gone totally overboard and extreme on the colour scheme. There is a lot of purple and pink on your site. Although your name is Pixelled Pink, I'm sure your visitor didn't expect a whack load of that exact colour. Branch out into the other colours. After all, red and orange will work well with purple and pink too. If you're not sure, go to All you need to do is enter a hex code and you've got a nice and ready colour scheme ready for you to use. Another option is for you to go to, where they give you amazing colour schemes. I use it quite often myself. xD Your welcome message is nice, but I have to highlight the words to read it. That's another problem- the font is purple. Against the sparkly purple background of the textbox, the purple font has no chance of standing out. Your whole site looks rather girlish, so try making the colour scheme seem more manly. xD Even adding red in Pixelled Pink will change everything and make it look better. Your name's a little hard to read, so I recommend you put a 1px stroke and a white outer glow around it. I don't mind the fact that the font colour you chose for the site name is purple, but you need to make sure it stands out.

Layout: 16/20 I love the fact that you made the layout entirely by yourself. It shows that you have put effort and time into this site, especially since a layout that is made by you is not necessary for a pixel site. Your layout image is a little large, so that's why there's an ugly horizontal scrollbar at the end. The ideal width should be 1003px, because that will fit the entire thing. You've gotten a lot better than graphics since the last time I reviewed your old graphics site, but there's still some things that I think you need to fix up. For one thing, you have a couple of brushes that go on the poogles' faces. It looks messy, so make sure that you erase them. I noticed the exact same thing on the purple poogle at the bottom right. Another big thing that I have a problem with- your font colour. I think you should definitely get rid of the sparkly background. Unfortunately, no font colour will stand out against it. It's weird having purple as your major font colour, so stick to something more generic, like black. This is more of a tip than something that you should change. Try customizing your textareas and making it smaller. The way you code that is the exact same way you code underlines, italics, and bold. You can change the height, the width, and whatnot. I looked at your coding and it's very clean. It's not all over the place and you actually use div ids. I think you should work on your headers though. Try changing the font family. Jokerman is not the best font to use for your headers. Also, try having a background colour for your headers. If you scroll down, you'll see a list of Neopets copyrights and stuff like that. I personally find that unattractive, so get rid of it by putting this code in your style tags- sf. {display:none;}. If you want, you can get rid of that green Neopets bar on top. Just add a comma after the .sf and add td, so it looks like this- .sf, td {display:none;}. I honestly don't get why you have a top layout image and a bottom one. All you need to do is stick it together and make it 1 image... Another big, big thing that you need to get rid of- the white lines on your Pixelz textbox. It looks horrible and it's very distracting. I recommend that you definitely get rid of it.

Content: 27/30 I have an easier way for you to explain to your visitors on how to get the image URL- Right click on the desired pixel and click on properties. Copy the URL and replace 'IMAGEHERE' with the URL. I think you should remove this sentence- Also, some of the pixels are neopets items I pixelized. I hope you enjoy them as well! It's very unnecessary. As a pixel site, everybody expects you to pixel Neopets items, so it's nothing special. Your pixels are honestly great, but your letters and your cupcakes look a little bit sloppy. I think you should redo your letters again and maybe make them bigger, so you can add more detail. Your pixel cupcakes look unappetizing. Maybe because they lack detail... I'm not sure. You could try redoing them. I love your Shoyru Plushies and your Pixel Cakes. The Shoyru Plushies have a lot of detail to them and a lot of attention has been paid to the shading and the lines, which is great. The Pixel Cakes look very yummy, in contrast to their cupcakes. I think you should definitely make more pixel cakes. Your eyeshadows are great. They're definitely an ignored Neopets item that people don't usually pixel. I think you should concentrate on pixelling food. Food is something that's really yummy and people just absolutely adore. Adding eyes on some of your food items also make them look very cute. ^_^

Updates: 5/5 Pretty consistent. It's not too shabby and so far, you're updating almost everyday.

Grammar/Spelling: 2.5/5 stealing someone elses work is pretty pathetic. should be 'stealing someone else's work is pretty pathetic.' recieve and weither should be 'receive' and 'whether'. Both of those mistakes were made in your Rules section. the cupcake versions of the cakes i made earlier! should be 'The cupcake versions of the cakes I made earlier!'

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 All of the pixels in your toybox aren't transparent, so it looks really messy. I recommend only putting TRANSPARENT pixels in your toybox. Instead of just calling the box Affies, you can name it 'Other Sites' or 'Affies/Listed/Reviewed'. Other than that, you're great.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 I know how hard making pixels are. Believe me, I've tried. xD So, I think you deserve a 5/5 for your Extras and your Effort, not to mention you made your own layout. Great job! :D

Overall 13/15 For a new pixel site, you're doing great. You're adding a lot of well-made pixels, but you might need to work on some of them. Your pixels are great, but they're not the best that I've seen. All you need is practice and I think you're doing great. Obviously, I don't expect you to have amazing pixels like Hushstar, but I think with lots of practice and more detail, you'll get to it. You've done an amazing job with the site, but there's a couple of things that you need to fix up. Good luck and awesome job! :D


Eternal Dawn
First impression: 12/15 The first time I started to review you, I reviewed you on FF. I tried clicking on your links, but it didn't work. I had to switch to IE, which is a problem. Making your site compatible in all the browsers is horrible, but it's a responsibility that you take when you open up a site. I also tested it in Chrome and it worked, which is weird. Usually, it won't work in Opera, Safari, and Chrome, if it doesn't work in FF. I noticed that your layout had less than desired quality and when I dragged it to the address bar, it turned out to be saved in a JPG format. Make sure that you save it as a PNG. Your welcome message is really nice, but instead of putting 'guest', use guest, so that it displays the username of the person visiting your site. The marquee is very distracting and it seems mean for your affiliates. I'm sure most of them put you in a box or in a list, so it's very accessible. However, in a marquee, it's zooming by, so your visitors don't have a greater chance of clicking on a button. If you had a marquee and an affiliates page, that would be alright, but you don't. I didn't even know that you were a Twilight graphics site, because I'm not a fan of the movie and the book. I didn't realize that the person in your layout was the woman playing Victoria. xDD I have no problem with her and I'm not going to suggest for you to make a layout with somebody else, because I think it's great that you are the only person I've seen who has a layout that isn't Jacob, Bella, or Edward.

Layout: 16/20 Alright, first things first- I absolutely adore that paper note that you used for your updates box. It's so cute and it looks great! Unfortunately, I had to take off 2 points, because of the lack of compatibility. Remember, as a graphic site, you have to make sure it works. It might be the way you coded it, because I can perfectly access Square One's layouts and whatnot. I noticed that the background of your image did not match the background colour. The background colour should be #ff536b. I also noticed this little part that you hadn't erased. It's the end of the image and you should fix that, because it takes a little bit away from the layout. I noticed that the box you had made wasn't big enough to hold all the links and that can look unattractive. You can get rid of the box and try to make a larger one, but I have an easier way- coding it. DUN DUN DUN DUN! xD Whenever you make a layout like that, you don't need to add that white box. All you need to do is add it as a div id, customize it, make the background white, add a black border, and TA-DA! It looks exactly like you made it in a graphic designing program, only easier to customize and fix up. It's great, really. :D I don't have much to say about your layout, but the quality is pretty bad. Make sure you save it as a PNG next time, so it turns out better! :D

Content: 25/30 Let's start on the easy stuff- the banners. Your banners are pretty good, but I noticed one was much too bright. You should tone it down. I noticed that you use a lot of patterns on your banners. Just a tip- you might want to erase the patterns from the faces, so it doesn't look so messy. I won't bother commenting on your icons, because you said you didn't make most of them. You should put an asterisk besides the icons that you DID make. Your animations ARE a little choppy, but I'm not blaming you. I know how hard they are to make. However, you need to pause, screenie it, play, then immediately pause. You have to screenie EVERY SECOND, so it isn't so choppy. It's hard work. xD Your blogs are alright, but the quality of the images you chose were really bad. Let's move onto the userlookups. I find the problem with your graphics that seems to present itself over and over again is the quality of the images that you choose. It's hard choosing good pictures, but it's worth it. Pictures MAKE the banner. Without good-quality images, you're basically screwed. You use a lot of brushes and patterns, so try your hand at using textures. I don't have much suggestions for you, but your graphics aren't high-quality, mainly because of the images that you choose. You have a lot of graphics, though, so kudos!

Updates: 3.5/5 You haven't updated in 3 days, but you do have an excuse for that. You also didn't update for 12 days, which is a pretty big gap. I took off 1 point for that. You're not very consist, sometimes missing 4-5 days. Try updating every other day.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 None at all. Utterly perfect!

Organization/Neatness: .5/5 Well, you should get rid of the marquee. Visitors will probably find it annoying, even if I don't find it irritating at all. I noticed 6 affie buttons had those ugly link borders around them. I wasn't able to list them all, because of the marquee. That's another downside to them. Unhappening Reviews is now closed and Twilight Layouts doesn't have a button. I think there are a lot of closed sites, but I wasn't able to check them all. Make sure that you do that yourself. You don't want to advertise or be affiliated with closed sites.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 A graphics site is hard to manage, but you seem to be doing fine. This section is going to be short, because I think you put in a lot of effort into your site. And it definitely shows. :D You have a lot of link-back buttons. However, not all of them are great. You might want to redo some of them, or request more buttons from button sites. Some good ones are Ms. Button (She is an extremely fast button maker and they all turn out gorgeous too!), Cotton Island (cute buttons, but I find the buttons with the non-animation option the best), Eighty-Eight (very successful, so their borders will be seen almost everywhere), and Buttontastic (who is currently accepting requests).

Overall 11/15 I like your site, but I would not come back. I think you have a lot to fix up on your site. Don't get me wrong, I think your site is great, but you need to pay more attention to the minor details. You lost major marks in the organization/neatness section, mainly because of your affiliates. If I bothered to check all of them, I think I would discover more closed sites. I also think you need to start working on updating more consistently. You've been doing fine lately, but try updating EVERY OTHER DAY. Another big thing that influenced me on not coming back to your site was the low quality of the images that you chose to put in your banner. Choose EXTREMELY LARGE images. Then, when you image size it so it's smaller, the quality might be better. You've done a great job, but there's still room for improvements. Good luck and amazing job!


First impression: 11/15 First thing I noticed that was the layout was from Square One. Your colour scheme was very one-side, too much yellow. TD suffers from that problem too and I know how hard it is to fix it. You've gotten used to all the one-sided colour and you think it looks all weird like that. has a good colour scheme for you to use- input #FFEE22 as the HEX Colour Code and click on either Accented Analogic or Analogic. Both those colour schemes should be able to work out for your site. The text was also small, so it was quite hard to read your welcome message. Your welcome message is a little bit short. The first 2 paragraphs can be in 1 paragraph and I thought this line was rather unnecessary- I can be very different from other review sites. I looked at your rules and they aren't different from other review sites at all. Nonetheless, that shouldn't be a reason why somebody should read the rules. The fact that the text inside the link boxes was white was very blinding. White against bright yellow is always a no-no. I also noticed a marquee. It doesn't bother me, but I think you should let it bump from side to side. That way, it's easier to read. You can do that by using this code- (marquee behavior="alternate")words here(/marquee). Just replace the brackets with the style tags. You know the drill. xD My first impression was neither good nor bad. Your site didn't really create an excited feeling in me.

Layout: 14/20 As always, four points has been deducted because you did not make the layout yourself. However, you did edit it, so kudos to you! My first suggestion to you is to get a banner. I'll gladly make you one, but some good banner request sites are The Goodie Box and Xide Designs. Your box is a little small, so half of the link boxes are out of the box. Make the box's width bigger by about 50px and that will do the trick. Your background's alright, but it seems almost overwhelming. I don't really know how to describe it. If you got a banner with a taxi and your name on it, you would have no need for a taxi background. You could settle for something cute like yellow polka dots or stripes. I also noticed neopets copyright was sticking out at the bottom left. To fix that, include this code- .sf {display:none;}. Make sure that you include that in the style tags. Again, you need to fix your colour scheme and the link boxes. Other than that, you're good. :D

Content: 25/30 I noticed that you put a lot of information in your first impressions. In Snapple Reviews' review, you spotted a lot of things that you normally wouldn't in a first impression. You should split the first impression into sections, because honestly, no one notices the awards when they first step into a site. You have an amazing amount of grammar and spelling mistakes and that's something you definitely need to fix. You're an alright reviewer, but I noticed that a lot of First Impression stuff that you noticed should go in the other sections. The Link Me's should not be at the bottom. should be in the Organization section. Instead, you said Snapple Reviews was very organized. The same thing happened in Jacob Black Reviews' review. However, you need to bold/italicize/underline your sections, so it doesn't blend it, like Twisted Dreams does. It stands out and people know that that is the category's name. You have a good review site, but personally, I think that you could provide more suggestions and recommendations. I know that you do offer them, but you need to provide more. Otherwise, you're not being very helpful. You're just pointing out what's wrong. Make sure that you have a box of all the listed sites that you've reviewed. That way, you can link to their review. Otherwise, they're going to have to scroll to find their site.

Updates: 4.5/5 Make sure you bold your dates, so that they stand out. Other than that, you're very consistent. :D

Grammar/Spelling: 0/5 Egads, this is the part you're definitely going to have to spend a lot of time on. To make this easier for you to correct, I'll divide it into sections. The corrections here are for your welcome page. sucessful is spelled 'successful'. Dont forget should be 'don't forget'. I can be very different from other review sites :) should have a period at the end, before the smiley. This is on your updates page. now I cant wait to get more requests in! :) should be 'now I can't wait to get more requests in! :)' I think its splendid should be 'I think it's splendid'. The following corrections are in your rules/forms page. I will review your site :) should have a period at the end, before the smiley. Dont take my criticism should be 'Don't take my criticism'. Don't message me 100 times a day, when your site is finished I will neomail you. should be 'Don't message me 100 times a day. When your site is finished, I will neomail you.' These following corrections are for your Rubric page. I honestly don't get this line- Do you have good quality content, or skimpy words? Skimpy words? What's that? And updates aren't usually considered content... Is there any WOW I have Never Seen That Before? should be 'Is there any "WOW, I have never seen that before"?' I didn't have enough time to correct all your mistakes. That would've taken me all night. All I can say is that you definitely need to go over your reviews. They have TONS of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 Again, make the boxes bigger and make sure that the Neopets copyright is hidden. Also, you still need to change the link boxes, so the text is black instead of white. Suggercubbee's is no more, so is Ultraviolet. Onyx doesn't have your button up as an affiliate, so maybe you should remove them or contact them. Affiliates should be moved to Credits/Extra.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 You've done a lot of reviews, yes, but I think you're missing the extras. You have a counter, but your site lacks a lot of colour. Try using pixels to brighten up your site. After all, Taxi Reviews shouldn't be just yellow. Use a variety of colours, like white and black. Your site doesn't seem to have Tally. The only thing that's totally Tally are the reviews, because they're written by YOU. Your layout is premade, your background is from Google (but slightly edited by you), and there just doesn't seem to be anything that screams you. Your site has no originality. It's like all the other review sites out there. Now, I'm not saying TD is original, because it's not quite, but at least we have extras for visitors to read and use. We have button bases, site names, tips on improving your site, and steps to making a review site. Put some Tally into it. The sky is the limit. :D

Overall 11/15 Sorry, but I would not come back. You've got a lot of stuff that you need to fix. I've been pretty harsh in this review, but I gave you some recommendations and suggestions that I think you should definitely use. There's always room for improvement and your site will never, ever, ever, ever be perfect- but you can get pretty darn close. :P You really, really, really need to start working on your grammar and spelling. Those two things are key to a review site. After all, how can a site owner trust you to review their site when you have grammar and spelling mistakes littered ALL over your site? You're going to have to spend a lot of time fixing up your site but I guarantee you, that time won't be wasted. Good luck!


site is now closed
First impression: 11.5/15 The first thing I notice is your background. It's absolutely adorable, but then my eyes flicker to your banner. The quality is very bad and the purple cupcake's mouth looks like it was wiped off. Since you already have such a cute cupcake background, I suggest you go with a real cupcake banner. Like, you know those icons with real cupcakes on them? I think that would work out for your site, because those cupcakes you have right now aren't looking so appetizing. They hardly resemble cupcakes. I think that you need to redo your welcome message. The first part is alright, but then you have a run-on sentence that doesn't make any sense. The third sentence is good, but there are a couple of words that you should add. Your first headers are nice and easy to read, but your second headers are not. You can read the dark pink that's against the pink background, but you have to strain your eyes. Go for a lighter pink for the background colour or go for a darker pink for the font colour.

Layout: 15/20 As always, four points has been deducted because you did not make the layout yourself. If you google cupcake icons and click on the second/third link that links to Fleshdance:45 Cupcake Icons, you'll find 45 delicious real cupcake icons. All you need to do is open up Paint or something, paste the icons besides each other, make sure that there's no white space around, and then save it as a PNG. All of the cupcake icons look delicious. If you can't find them, neomail me and I'll give you the link. That will make a really nice, delicious cupcake banner that will go well with your adorable cupcake background. The sidebox that has the headers, pickups, and stuff needs to have a 1px border, like the mainbox. Otherwise, it doesn't stand out enough. Again, you need to change your h2s, because they're quite hard to read. I don't have a lot of comments on your layout, besides the fact that you need to get a better banner.

Content: 26/30 Separate your rules with numbers, like Twisted Dreams. That way, your visitor will be able to read it better and doesn't overlook the important stuff. Next thing, put your request form in a textarea. That way, they can copy it easily. I also noticed that you don't have a link to neomail you. That's not good, especially if they don't know your username. Use a neomail pixel or something like that, to link to a neomail directed at you. You've got a lot of good fonts, but your captions need a little bit more jazz to it. Most of them are quite boring. Try basing your fonts on songs. Those are always the nicest. You could always try having a witty comment. Oscar Wilde has plenty of those. xDD Make your fonts more complex and include witty comments, funny sayings, and song lyrics that want to make people use the font. Those are the ones that grasp people's attention. My siggy of my old main account was 'Edward can't read Bella's mind because you need a brain to think' and I got lots of compliments. Everybody loved it, because it was funny. xD

Updates: 4/5 You update alright. However, you shouldn't update when you haven't added anything to the site. You can't just write 'nothing interesting' and expect that to be an update. Yes, an update is to tell people that you're alive and you still care about the site, but you need to add something to your site in order to update. You miss a couple of days, but that's alright.

Grammar/Spelling: 1/5 process of screenying should be 'process of screening' I was in the process of screenying my fonts to put up and someone said I should make a font site, so I picked up a layout template and edited to my liking and Cupcake Fonties was born! is a run-off sentence. Make sure you break it off into 2 sentences. I hope you find the font for you! should be 'I hope you find the perfect font for you!' they'll be okay when you use them :) needs to have a period at the end, before the smiley. becuase I'm in Greece! should be 'because I'm in Greece!' sorry for no updates D: should have a period at the end, before the smiley. Some new fonts added (: should have a period at the end, before the smiley. listed at the petpage puddle should be 'Listed at the Petpage Puddle.' That's it.

Organization/Neatness: 1/5 You have a lot of link-back buttons, so make sure you put them in a div box. Maggie's Fonts and Jen's Fonts have link borders around them, and so does your 3rd link-back button. Credits should be at the end of the page. Pickups should be underneath updates. You should also have a navigation, despite the fact that you only have the welcome, rules, and the fonts. That's all. You're doing good, just need to fix up some stuff.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 First off, you should get a back to top pixel, after all your fonts. You have a lot of them and some people are too lazy to scroll up, i.e. me. xDD I think you show a lot of effort in your site, but you need a couple of more extras. What makes your site better than those other font sites? I looked at your affiliates and your sister site and I'd rather use Tiffany's Premade Fonts or Signature Fonts. What can you do to spice up your site to make it as good as theirs? Think up some originality, or else you're just going to be like all those other font sites out there. You don't want to be a carbon copy. You want to be a site that someone will forever remember, for the good stuff. :D

Overall 12/15 Sorry that this review was so short. I didn't have a lot to comment on. Your site is nice, but you still have a lot of stuff to work on. You've gotten quite far, but I think you need to start making better fonts. The fonts that you have now are nice, but I don't think they're the best that you can do. Remember what I said before- add song lyrics, witty comments, and funny sayings. Those will grip your visitors the most, not like fonts that say 'Plushie and Purple'. Get your site more organized and get rid of all the grammar and spelling mistakes. I notice that most of them are from you not putting a period at the end, before a smiley. Make sure that you always do that, otherwise it looks very messy. I've given you some good recommendations and suggestions for you to work into your site. Make sure you have some originality in your site, something that's completely you. People will glance at your fonts and will be like, 'Oh yeah, that's from Cupcake Fonties. No doubt.' Also, you need to get a better banner. You've got a good site, but there are flaws that you need to fix. Good luck!


First impression: 13/15 When I step into your site, I immediately notice the horizontal scrollbar. You've got a really nice layout, but I hate how it scrolls sideways. I love the little icon besides the welcome message. This line, however, seems a little bit like you're bragging- Even gaze at my awards on the reviews page-- I've got plenty! I personally don't mind it THAT MUCH, but some people might take one look at it, and hit the Back button. There's a nice colour scheme, but I don't think that your header colour should be grey. It just seems so bland, in contrast to the bright colours that your layout seems to possess. I like the fact that you use overflow coding, but the way your links are displayed are very unattractive. Other than those little problems that I noticed and I will elaborate on later, I had a pretty good first impression!

Layout: 17/20 I'm glad that you made the layout yourself, but it says that you got the image from Google. Does that still count as making it yourself? I'm not sure. xD I love the fact that you coded it by yourself, but there's a slight compatibility problem. Nowadays, most people use Firefox. The good thing about FF is that if it works there, it's usually compatible with Safari, Opera, and Chrome. A lot of people shun IE, so they start using the other browsers. Your layout looks great in IE, but it has a few problems that you need to fix in FF. The way you code is really weird, because you put the style AFTER the content and whatnot. I looked at your coding and all of it should be compatible with all the browsers. Maybe you could try putting the style coding IN FRONT of all the content. That might work. I'm not really sure, seeing as I'm not a coding guru. xD I recommend that you get rid of the Neopets copyright. All you need to do is type in .sf {display:none;{ in your style tags. Alright, so this is a pretty big compatibility problem that you should solve. In FF, when you scroll, the blog cuts off about an inch. On your Link Me/Affies page, if I scroll down in FF, I can only see HALF of Beautifly's button. That's something that you definitely want to fix, because it cut off the preview on your welcome page and the last part of your answer to FAQ 4.

Content: 27/30 You have a total of 23 fonts over the course of 1 month and a half. If you think about it, it's not a lot. Fonts aren't the hardest things to make and I think you should have at least 30 fonts to provide to your visitors. Your sister site has 33 fonts and it's exactly one month younger than Signature Fonts. However, I have to say that I really like your fonts. They're quite original and they look pretty. xD Try using witty comments and funny sayings in your fonts. I've always loved those and I'm sure other people do as well. Concentrate on making more fonts for the sections that don't even have one. You've got great fonts. You just need to find the balance between quality and quantity and start making more fonts. After you have AT LEAST one font for every section, try making fonts for the more common avatars. That way, more people are able to use it. Try surveying the people on the Neoboards to see what avatars they like the best and what type of fonts they would like to see around.

Updates: 3.5/5 You're not as consistent as you should be. You usually miss about 4 days, which isn't good. You should upate every other day. Also, you have a 12 day absence that you didn't explain, so that's something that might raise eyebrows. The key thing in updating is consistency. If you have nothing to update about, do some stuff around the site, just so you can update. That's what I do. xD

Grammar/Spelling: 4/5 ope you like the additions to the site. should be 'Hope you like the additions to the site.' A couple more what? Fonts? Buttons? It's not a grammar or spelling mistake, but I think you forgot to type in a word. Other than that, you're doing great!

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Everything seems great and organized. The only thing I took a point off for is the compatibility problem that you need to fix.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 I definitely see a lot of effort put into this site. I noticed that you used to be on Amber's Wall of Shame, but I see that you've been taken down. You've got great extras, including the fact that you made the layout yourself. All in all, great job at aceing this section!

Overall 13/15 Sorry, the end of this review is going to be a little bit rushed. I like your site, but you have a few problems around your site that you definitely need to fix up. You've got great fonts, but you need to make more of those amazing fonts to offer to your visitors. Again, there's the whole compatibility problem that you should definitely fix. You've done a good job so far, but there's still a lot for you to do. Good luck and good job!


First impression: 13/15 At first glance, your layout seems very professional. It seems a little bit too simple, but it has a nice feel to it. It doesn't seem to display your graphic designing skills, but it looks quite nice. I like your welcome message. It's very short and sweet, just the sort of welcome message people should have. I don't have a lot to say for the first impression. It looks great, but I took off a couple points because it didn't seem very exciting to me.

Layout: 17/20 It says that it was a layout template, but I looked at your blog. You spent hours recoding and coding it, apparently. I'm not really sure, so I only took off 1 point. If you made the layout entirely by myself, please tell me, so I can put back the point. xD I have a feeling this review is going to be short, seeing as I don't have much to say. I quite like your layout, but as I've said before, it's a little bit too simple. Try adding textures, brushes, or patterns to your banner. The coding is perfect. The only thing I have a problem with your layout is your too simple banner and the lack of a colour scheme. Almost everything is grey and red. Your banner has other colours too, so try to work that into your site. You could also try red, green, grey, and a blue. Other than that, great!

Content: 28/30 You've got great content, but I had to take away 2 points because of your Lost icons. They're very simple and they're not very attractive. They don't have much to it. I suggest you add more patterns and maybe brushes. Work with your Lost icons the way you do with your Anime icons, because your Anime icons definitely excel. You should add credit on your banners and your layouts itself, instead of just relying on a link-back button and a text link. Those are easily taken off, even if you trust your visitors to leave it on. Just as a precaution, you should put credit on the layout. No problems other than that.

Updates: 5/5 Very consistent. You haven't updated in about 10 days, but you're on hiatus, so that's understandable.

Grammar/Spelling: 4.5/5 PSS should PPS. xD Other than that, none.

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Very, very, very organized. I'm feeling rather useless now. All I seem to be giving you are compliments, instead of suggestions. xD

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 No duh. xD There is a lot of effort and extras put into this site. If there wasn't any, you wouldn't have received an award. xDD You're doing great with the site with all the efforts and extras. Keep it up!

Overall 14/15 I would definitely love to come back. You are the 12th person to get an award! WHOOT WHOOT! You have an amazing site. I took off a point because I didn't like your banner much. That's all, though. You don't have much to fix around your site. You've got a good one. Great job!

you are the 12th person to receive an award and the first person to get an award in 21 reviews

First impression: 10/15 I started to review your site in IE, but your music started blasting very loudly through my small speakers. Wincing, I quickly closed the window and switched to Firefox. That was when I noticed that in FF, your sidebox (that includes your affies, updates, etc.) was a marquee, moving to the left. I almost groaned- that would be very hard to look at. I also noticed the links that lead to Neopets that overlapped the welcome header. That is very unnecessarily. All you need to do is make it hidden. Your welcome message has a good start, but it's really, really, really short. Try explaining why you wanted to create a graphics site, explain the name, introduce yourself, and talk about the site that they're currently visiting in general. The layout you have now is alright, but it's nothing extraordinary, really. Your name is splattered across the layout quite often and I think 1 Hopeless Thoughts will do. You don't need 4. As I scrolled down, I noticed the credit. I raised an eyebrow and asked, "Isn't this a graphics site?"

Layout: 0/20 I'm sorry, but I had to take off serious points because of the layout. You're a graphics site, so you should be making your own layout. Even if you can't code it, there are always tutorials out there that are able to help you, like the closed Sugar Patrol that's still up there for your convenience. I actually don't have that many problems with your layout. It's just the fact that you didn't make it yourself that's the trouble. Try making your own layouts. After all, you run a graphics site. You have no idea how accomplished and proud you will feel, once you've made your own layout and coded it all by yourself. To hide the Neopets links, copy and paste the code that's at the end of this section at the END of your coding. Take our your marquee for your affiliates, because it's the reason that your ENTIRE sidebox is moving sideways. If you want, you can always put it in a div box- lots better than it scrolling away. I think the blended base is a little bit too plain. The image was just saturated, flipped, and then blended. Try adding textures, brushes, and some patterns. spillingtuesday*info, outspoken-kate*com, swimchick*net, fairytaled*serenita-designs*org, feel*zero-exposure*net, hybrid genesis, aestheticintoxication*com, and saruna*net have some amazing resources that you can use on your layouts, as long as you credit. As I've said before, you don't really need to write your name 4 times, because 1 will do. Your banner could be a little bit smaller, but I don't really mind it. Your layout's good, but it's premade, so that definitely took off some points.

Content: 18/30 I like some of your content, but some of them aren't very high-quality. First things first, instead of putting Graphics as the header name, put Rules. You don't need to use a div box, because you're just wasting space with it like that. I've noticed that you don't use a lot of good fonts on your graphics. You use very normal fonts that don't add any flair to your site at all. dafont*com has a variety of amazing fonts. Some that I use are teaspoon (great for cute graphics), cookie (also good for cute graphics), beyond wonderland (quite hard to use. Can look tacky), carnivalee freakshow (my absolute favorite font), BM Receipt (can be hard to see sometimes), and Carpenter (very flourishy. Adds flair, but you can't read the text. xD). All of those fonts might help you. A font that I also like to use is Arial. When it's very large and you write on a layout, it looks great, but it requires a lot of skill to pull it off. I recommend that you play around with it, but bear in mind that it might not work out all that well. A couple of your blends classify as banners, like the Ashley Tisdale one and the Katy Perry one. Your Selena Gomez blend (the one with a white/grey background) would be nice, but the pictures you chose are much too grainy. Make sure you choose better images next time. I recommend that you remake your other Selena Gomez blend. It's hardly a blend and it doesn't blend together very well at all. Some of your icons are not 100x100px, as they should be. Make sure that all your graphics are saved in PNG format, so that the high quality remains. Your first Lady Gaga banner is quite scary and I suggest you take it off. xD You've got good graphics, but try adding more textures, patterns, and brushes. I've already given you a list of websites, so try looking up on more tutorials and sharpening your skills.

Updates: 3.5/5 You were pretty consistent, until your last update. You haven't updated in 13 days. Make sure that you update every other day.

Grammar/Spelling: 1/5 Hi Welcome should be 'Hi, welcome'. Please dont take any credit for stuff you didnt do. should be 'Please don't take any credit for stuff you didn't do.' I added new Icons enjoy!! should be 'I added new icons, enjoy!!' Im looking for affies should be 'I'm looking for affies'. more graphics:) should have a period between the smiley face and the word graphics. Im excited :) should be 'I'm excited. :)'

Organization/Neatness: 0/5 You definitely need to fix the marquee in FF. Take away the div box for the rules, so you're able to save more space. Your updates should be separated from each other, so that they're not clumped up in one big paragraph. Your buttons should be transparent, but that's not your fault. The awards you've gotten that you put on your sidebox are big, so that they make your sidebox scroll. Make sure that you resize it, so it will fit better. Banners should be above Pickups. The code for icons should be below it, instead of besides it. It's the same thing with the pickups. Updates should be above Affies, Requests underneath Updates, and Affies should be under Link Back. Again, get rid of the Neopets links, by using the code I provided you. You also have a lot of ugly blue link borders around your affiliates. Just minor things that cost you quite a lot of points.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I actually think that there's quite a lot of effort put into this site, but I took off a point, because you don't have enough extras. You should get more buttons and AT LEAST make one for yourself. They're not very hard to make. Try requesting more buttons from good button sites, like Eighty Eight, Ms. Button, Buttontastic, Cotton Island, and Sparks of Magic. You also need a counter, to see how many people have visited to your site. It's a useful little thing, to see how your site is going so far. It also might be nice for you to have a site award to give to all the sites that you think are amazing or good. You can also have a free award, an award that anybody can take.

Overall 10/15 I'm sorry, but I wouldn't come back. I like the effort that you put into this site, but you have a lot of stuff that you need to fix up. You lost lots of points because of your layout and the low-quality of your graphics. I've give you some good suggestions and recommendations and you need to work that into your site. You've got an alright site in your hands. Now, all you need to do is transform it into something completely different- something amazing. I've done the part of reviewing you and giving you suggestions. Now, it's time for you to start working on it. I wish you the best of luck!


site is now factuality reviews
First impression: 13/15 Your layout doesn't work all that great in Firefox and I noticed that the banner was lower than it should be. However, it looks great in IE. Unfortunately, FF is the most popular browser that people use, so you need to fix that compatibility problem. I thought your welcome message was really nice, one of the best I've seen, actually. There's actually a little bit too much purple for my liking. You have a very one-sided colour scheme, something that I have a problem with, as well. Go for a soft, light green as the background, instead of the purple. I don't have much to say, because your site looked pretty good at first glance. Kudos!

Layout: 2/20 I'm sorry, but you lost a lot of points in this section, simply because your layout was premade. Because you're a graphics site, I had to take off a lot more points than usual. Instead of using Ripp's layouts, I suggest you make your own layout. Since you offer petpage layouts, I gather that you have some experience in that area. However, you got 2 points, because you actually put the effort in to add your name to it. Ripp's layout isn't very hard to make, really, but if you're having problems, here's a tutorial: Sugar Patrol. I'm not really sure on how to fix the compatibility problem since I'm not a coding guru, but I recommend you ask around the Guild board. Many advanced graphic designers lurk around the GC and they'll probably be able to answer your questions. Again, as I've mentioned before, you should change your background colour to a soft, light green. If you feel that doesn't fit with your name, you could always go for a light blue. Use whatever colour you feel works best, but make sure you don't use too much of it.

Content: 27/30 You've got good content, but I noticed some problems. The Lindsey banner is too vibrant, so make sure you tone down the brightness. Also, I noticed that the House banner seemed to disappear. Too bad, because House is one of my favorite TV shows. xD I checked in IE and FF, just in case. The House banner has been kidnapped, I am sorry to report. :P Your Johnny Depp banner is quite nice, but you have a few text brushes over his face that you need to erase. We actually want to SEE his nice, handsome face. xD I adore your icons, especially the Hercules one. However, I feel that you don't use the pixel font appropriately. You should never use pixel font in your icons, because they take away from your icon. Instead, use some other font. An icon is still big enough to use Arial, Times New Roman, Carnivalee Freakshow, Teaspoon, Cookies, etc. Let's move on to your resources. Really, the only resources that need some fixing up are your PNGs. For one thing, you can use them in GIMP, as well as PSP and PS. I noticed that you insert SL or Skylight in a lot of your PNGs. When people use PNGs, chances are they're not gonna use PNGs that have the PSD cutter's credit on it. Your layouts are good, but your guild layouts are a little too simple. They consist of Innocense PNGs (you should use your own PNGs on some of your layouts), an ugly font that you used to write some text, a blog, and a background. Spice it up a little bit, by using textures, brushes, and patterns. You could also try making splat layouts and these links might help- melxcute's layout tutorial and Wonderland's Splat Layout Tutorial. For Wonderland's tutorial, you have to follow to the off-site to view the tutorial. I also have a problem with the font (Castella, I believe) you use- it's very plain, simple, and more importantly, ugly. Try going to dafont to download more fonts- some of my favorites are Carnivalee Freakshow, Cookies, Teaspoon, Carpenter, Arial, Times New Roman, Capture It, and Birth of a Hero. You've got a lot of music codes, so that's good.

Updates: 4/5 I counted 2 times where you didn't update for 4 days. However, you're doing pretty well so far, so good job!

Grammar/Spelling: 4/5 Thats How You Know should be 'That's How You Know'. I actually thought Demi Lovato did a pretty bad cover of that song. xD Just a thought, you should put La La Land on there. Always liked it. LOL This is SO in the wrong section. Dont Charge Me For The Crime should be 'Don't Charge Me for the Crime'. Other than those 2 mistakes, you're good!

Organization/Neatness: 3.5/5 I took 1 point off, because of the compatibility problem. Make sure that you resize your PNGs, so all of them are the same size and they're besides each other, so they look very organized. Right now, it just looks really cluttered. You need to form a new paragraph between the July 25 and July 27 updates. Other than little stuff, you're good to go!

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think there's quite a lot of effort put into this site, but get yourself a nice cute counter from boingdragon or some other counter site. It shows how many visitors come to your site and it can be very, very, very useful. You've got a lot of content for a site that's only been open for about half a month. You also could get nicer-looking buttons. The ones you have right now are alright, but they're really nothing special. The only one that I really like is the first one and you got the button base from Ego-Box, so it doesn't really count. I've reviewed some pretty good button sites and I've requested some buttons from good request sites too, so here are some that you can request from- Cotton Island, Ms. Button, Eighty Eight, and Onyx. All those button sites are very highly recommended by me, but that's not saying much. xD

Overall 12/15 I think that you've got a really good site and although you didn't get such a hot mark, I think you deserved an 80 and above. You've still got a lot of stuff to work on, obviously, but you're also a site that has a lot of potential and is definitely able to reach it. If you keep on working on it, your site could become one of the hottest Neopets graphic sites in the Neopets site world. And maybe if you got tired of making graphics on a Neopets petpage where the coding is so limited, you could move offsite and maybe get a domain, just like Ayana, Magic, and I did, when we got hosted by Innocense and built Wonderland. You've got the makings of a great graphics site, but you need to fix up some things. Look up more tutorials, download more resources, and never stop making graphics. I am, in fact, right now making a Taylor Swift splat layout. xDD Good luck and great job so far! You've still got lots of room for improvement though. :D


First impression: 12.5/15 Your layout is really brown, but it looks quite nice. I like the way the layout is really bright, compared to the dark background. One thing that stood out, however, was the green Neopets bar. If you're making a layout, you should either completely cover it or move the layout image 15px under it. Your welcome message is quite hard to read, mainly because you used a pixel font. Next time, don't write your message in there. Instead, code it in. That way, people can highlight it, instead of having to lean forward and squint their eyes. Your welcome message is quite nice, despite the fact that it's quite hard to read. You don't have much of a colour scheme- just brown and white. If you go to colorschemedesigner*com and enter #89755F as the Hex code, there are 6 fantastic colour schemes for you to choose from that look great and don't just rely on brown and white as the primary colours. Other than that, I had a pretty good first impression!

Layout: 16/20 I looked closer at your layout and found that some bits weren't blended very well. On Kristen's chin, you can see this black line from the image right below her, the one of Taylor and Kristen play fighting. xD Also, on the right, the picture of Taylor and Kristen close to each other's left side isn't blended well, so there's still a black line. I noticed that you had something OF a faded border, but it wasn't enough. Next time, make sure that it ACTUALLY blends in to the background completely. Again, there's your colour scheme that you definitely need to fix, so it isn't completely one-sided. I've noticed that your font disappears when you hover over it. For example, the FAQ section completely disappears when my mouse goes over it, making it very hard to read. That happens throughout your site, so that's something that you should definitely fix. Your layout, I believe, is also quite inspired by iNewMoon, something that you should state in your credits, just because it's polite to do so. You've got quite a nice site layout, but there is a lot that you need to fix, like the text.

Content: 23/30 To put it plainly, your content disappointed me. Your first few userlookups are alright, but you have this humongous issue going on that you definitely need to fix- your font. You use horrible fonts and you should definitely fix it up. Some good fonts are Carnivalee Freakshow, Cookie, Teaspoon, Birth of a Hero, Capture It, Jane Austen, DJ Fancy, Carpenter, Lane, BM Receipt, and there are a lot more if you just go to dafont*com. Let's inspect your New Moon Lookup. For one thing, the font you used is horrible and the colour blends into the brown too much, so it's hardly noticeable. The pictures aren't big enough, so they seem rather pixelated. Also, half of Jacob's face is practically blended off, which is always a no-no. Make sure that you pick images that are big and that have a lot of space, so it can be easily blended. The Emmett Cullen one has pretty much the same deal- not enough space so the face is blended off. The 'I'm on Team Wolfpack' lookup is alright, but the font is bad and the size is just too large. It seems as if you're trying to cover up the blank spaces by putting big, ugly text. Don't ever do that, because it looks like you're hiding something and people look in deeper. The first Ashley Greene banner that you have isn't blended well enough. It still looks like there are 2 images. I don't have much issues with your banners- it's just that you need to get better fonts. Your blogs are alright, but they're plain. Try doing a little something something to make them dazzle, I guess. xDD However, the blog on Rosalie's Blog is weirdly placed, so it looks like you're cutting off her body. If you can't place it well, choose a different image. All of your icons are just plain bad. It looks like you made them in Paint, which I hope is not the program you used. The Ashley Greene icon is alright, but it looks like you just cropped it out and slapped on some words. You can't even see the words! Try adding textures to your icons and look up some tutorials. Those are always very, very, very helpful. Personally, I think the problems with a lot of your graphics have to do with the font and your blending. Look up some tutorials on graphic designing sites and start learning new techniques.

Updates: 4/5 Your headers are really far from the dates, so try adding padding or something like that. xDD Instead of having just a blog, you should have UPDATES and a BLOG. I was too lazy to read through your updates, because they were so long. xDD If you don't want another update section, you can always add a blockquote that reads out all the stuff that you added to the site. You seem pretty consistent, but you cleared your updates out before, so... xD

Grammar/Spelling: 0/5 i got really- the i should be capitalized. recomend going- recomend is spelled recommend. i was the- i should be capitalized. think of- needs to have a period at the end. i start school- i should be capitalized. hte rest of my- hte should be spelled the. ask me.Well that's should be 'ask me. Well, that's'. its is HOT should be 'It is HOT'. Im done- Im should be I'm. im just coding- im should be I'm. its called- its should be it's. Im getting- Im should be I'm. lostening should be listening. i gotta do- i should be capitalized. homework !Bye-bye should be 'homework! Bye-bye!'. i hate my- i should be capitalized. thats like- thats should be that's. i made my- i should be capitalized. Luluz made- should be a period at the end, between made and the smiley. i decided to do the same :] should be 'I decided to the same. :]'. There were a lot more, but this review would be too long if I had listed them all out and I wouldn't be able to put it up. Stupid Neo. xD

Organization/Neatness: 0/5 Half a point off, because of the green bar sticking out. 1 point was taken off, because of all the disappearing text. Totally not neat. You had a lot of link borders around your affies' button, so I suggest you start fixing them. I counted 8 link borders, so that's quite a lot. There are also 2 'this image had been deleted'/'bandwidth has exceeded' images in your awards, so you should take them off.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 I think there's a lot of effort into your site and you've got all the extras that you need, like a counter and lots of buttons. However, your buttons aren't the greatest quality. Try requesting some from Cotton Island, Eighty Eight, or Buttontastic.

Overall 11/15 Sorry, but it's a no on the coming back check box. You've got a really nice layout and you have a lot of content, but your content isn't high quality. You choose bad, bulky fonts that take away a lot from your graphics. You're also better off without any icons, because those don't seem to turn out very good. You've got quite a lot of potential, but you're not playing it out well enough. Try taking some of the recommendations and suggestions that I've offered to you and you're well on your way on becoming a better site. You've got a good site, but there is PLENTY of room for improvement. Good luck!


First impression: 12.5/15 The moment I walked in, I raised my eyebrow at the Katy Perry layout. Isn't this a pixel site? I have nothing against Katy Perry (even though she sounds like she's on helium when she sings live. xDD), but a layout is usually the thing that tells the visitor right away what sort of site it is. A Katy Perry site layout does not do that, unfortunately. I quite like it, but it doesn't fit the theme. I also noticed that the edges were rounded, but they were white, so it didn't blend in with the background. Next time, you should make it transparent, so it blends in to the background. Your welcome message is a little short, so you should expand on it more. Try explaining why you named your site Cafeberry or explain more about your site. Your name is really cute, so it's a bit of a surprise to see Katy Perry on the layout. xD I like the colour scheme and the layout, but why is there a horizontal scrollbar that scrolls to nothing? That's a little weird, especially considering it's a background colour instead of a background image.

Layout: 17/20 Looking closer, Katy Perry's hands were all stretched out and it kind of creeped me out. xDD But I didn't take any points off for that. Again, you need to fix those white edges, because they look unprofessional and messy. Your updates box is too close to the scrollbar and looking at your code, I noticed that you didn't bother putting a width. That would probably make it better, so it isn't so close to the scrollbar. I like the entire colour scheme of your site, but the image is a little bit too brown. To compliment the brown tone of the banner, you should go with a different coloured background. Beige doesn't really suit it very well. You could go with a soft pink, like the one that you have for your headers. You've got enough brown on your site, so try to incorporate some other colours into it. You can always have yellow as the background colour, if you want. Variety is the key, so make sure you don't just stick to brown colours. I love the fact that you made the layout by yourself, because usually people have an Exclusive layout or coding help from Square One. Everything looks great. Good job!

Content: 27/30 I like your content, but it's not transparent, which is quite bad. Transparency is key with pixels, because it looks really ugly if it shows up with a white background against a coloured background. I like your baby seals, but there's no shading, so it doesn't look all that real. It just looks incredibly flat and there's no shape to it at all. Your ice cream pixels are great, because they're colourful and they've got excellent shading. You should make more of those and different flavors, like mint, tigersquash, and chocolate. xD Your donuts are nice, but they should have a darker outline. You can hardly see it, because it's so light. You've been open for about half a month to a month, I presume, so you've got some pixels up. You should put more up, though. xD I kind of disagree with this rule- Do not redistribute(take and claim as your own), or use them for your site. Honestly, in Neopets, the place that people use pixels the most is on a site. It's easy publicity and you're just restricting yourself from getting more visitors and more fans. You've got some great pixels, but you need to add shading and darken the outlines.

Updates: 4/5 Again, your updates are really close to the scrollbar, so add the width to control it, I guess... xD You're not very consistent- you should try to update every other day. Sometimes you miss 5 days, sometimes 4 days, and once you missed about 14 days, which is pretty bad. Try being more consistent and update at least other day. Your visitors will appreciate it. :D

Grammar/Spelling: 4/5 Hopefully I will recieve a good score!- recieve should be receive. I added 3 new pixels (:- there should be a period between pixels and the smiley face. You have no other grammar mistakes, so congratulations!

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 I only took off a point, because of the updates and the non-transparent edges. Those are the things that you should fix, since I keep on mentioning them. xDD

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think you put a lot of effort into your site, but the problem are your extras. I don't really see anything of it- where is your counter? Counters are very useful in keeping track of how many people visit your site. You also need more buttons. Some good sites are Cotton Island, Eighty Eight, Greyscaled Buttons, and Sparks of Magic. You could also get more buttons from The Goodie Box. One thing that I think makes a big impact is your lack of originality. You don't have any pixels that just scream Cafeberry, but you're still new, so you have plenty of time. All you need to do is make more buttons, request some more if you want, make some original pixels, and get a counter. Sounds easy. xD Well, not the original pixels part, but you get what I mean... xD

Overall 12.5/15 This review is gonna be cut short, because I have a TV show that I want to watch in about 5 minutes! xDD So, lemme give you a pep talk. You've got a great site that you should be proud of, but there are a couple of things that you need to fix up around the site. Hopefully, you take my suggestions and tips and work them into your site. I'm not big headed or anything, but I think those will actually help your site. You've got great content, but you lack originality. We've all seen those berries, stars, and ice cream cones. Try for something snazzy- something that other pixel sites will want to steal. xDD You've got a good site on your hands, but you can always make it better. Good luck and good job so far!


First impression: 11/15 I groaned when I metaphorically stepped into Extravagance. Shaking my head, I thought, 'How typical.' An Exclusive layout and a Xide Designs (a site that has become increasingly more popular) greeted me and that combination is now one of the most popular that I, as an owner of a review site, have seen. The banner was nice, but the site name was quite hard to read, because there was no stroke that would make the words stand out against the patterned banner background. I didn't like how all the text boxes were aligned to the right, so there was this large empty space on the left. Because all your text boxes were aligned to the right, a horizontal scrollbar appeared. When you scrolled sideways, the green Neopets bar would suddenly end, creating this messy look. You should definitely get rid of it, because I think your layout will look better without it. You've got a really nice colour scheme that fits but then all of a sudden, you see the orange Extravagance on the banner. Try to incorporate some orange into your site, or change the text colour to purple or green. I quite like the fact that instead of having just a plain solid green background, the background that you currently have is patterned and adds a little bit more jazz to your site. Your welcome message is too short, so you need to add more to it. Why did you create it? Present a short history to your visitor and write, in detail, what Extravagance is there to do. Don't just write Extravagance is here to review your site. I looked at your site in IE and I don't know why you need that 'Best Viewed in IE' sign there. It looks the same to me. :/

Layout: 14/20 As always, 4 points have been taken off, because you did not make the layout yourself. I like the colour scheme, but try incorporating more orange into your site. I know that you've already got some orange, but I think you need more. Try making your links orange, instead of the dominant purple that is all around your site. To get rid of all that blank space on the left, move all your boxes (the ones that are titled left, middle, and right) a little bit to the left. Your layout is very boring- it doesn't scream ORIGINAL and EXTRAVAGANCE to me. I've seen this type of layouts millions of times and it won't make a deep imprint in my mind. You need to be able to distinguish yourself from all the other review sites out there and having a different layout is the perfect way to do that. Instead of having an Exclusive layout, why not code your own? There are many good tutorials out there, including Sugar Patrol and Alli's Layout Tutorial. When I hear the word extravagance, I DEFINITELY do not picture this kind of plain, unoriginal layout. Something flourishy, expensive, and extravagant forms in my mind. The banner that you got from Xide Designs is nice, but I don't think it's extravagant enough. Instead of having an NR (Neo-Related) banner, try for something that's sweet and reminds people of extravagance. Flower banners always scream extravagance, elegance, and sophistication. If made right, flower banners will make other sites wither in comparison to yours.

Content: 25/30 I've noticed a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes in your reviews. Having good punctuation, spelling, and grammar is absolute key for a review site. How are people going to trust your suggestions, opinions, and tips if you have mistakes littered all over your site? An occasional typo or mistake is perfectly alright, but when you've got about 10 mistakes all over your site, it becomes quite a problem. Your reviews are really, really, really, really short and you don't seem to give much detail and insight. On average, you have about 3 sentences for each section of the review and sometimes less, which is pretty bad. My reviews have about 12-20 lines for the first impression, layout, and the content. There are less lines for the other sections, because sometimes, they're quite perfect. You should be more thorough, looking through everything. Think of yourself as an FBI Agent. xDD That's what I do, when I start getting lazy. In your The Flying Shoyru review, I noticed that you recommended the owner of The Flying Shoyru to switch to month/day/year, instead of day/month/year. I'd just like to point out that both formats are correct and that both are incredibly easy to read. The day/month/year format is the British format that I abide by and the month/day/year is the American format that is probably more popular. It's like British and American spelling- colour and color, grey and gray. It doesn't make a difference, nor should someone change it, just because the American format is a lot more popular. Sometimes, you are a little bit too easy on your reviewers and you need to be harsher. People don't request to be reviewed, because they want to be coddled and want to be told how their site is perfect and amazing. Well, some do, but the point of a review site is to provide criticism, provide suggestions that the site owner can take, and provide tips. You should also have a review navigation, so it's easy to get to the desired review instead of scrolling.

Updates: 5/5 You had a small gap, but you explained that. I didn't take off any points, because you are very consistent. Good job!

Grammar/Spelling: 0/5 If your looking for a review- your should be you're. don't have short-simple-and-to-the-point- no need for all those dashes. It should be short, simple, and to the point. im working on Extravagance- im should be I'm. im so busy with the giant revamp- im should be I'm. im working on the new name- im should be I'm. Im changing the name- Im should be I'm. somthing original- somthing should be something. just to plain- to should be too. but, it will just be- the comma should always be before but, not after. im Chloe- im should be I'm. im 5 feet 1 1/2- im should be I'm. what-so-ever should be whatsoever. is purple but, I think- the comma should be before the word but, not after. I cant really read- cant should be can't. cant describe what I- cant should be can't. I like your sight- sight should be site. Its suits the site - Its should It. organized but, you should- again, the comma should always be before the word but. but, the title boxes- the same deal as before. The comma should be before the word but. here but, when you - don't make me say it again. xDD its a good idea- its should be it's. your being a little- your should be you're. Its ok to be little tough should be 'It's okay to be a little tough'. complement all the things- complement should be compliment. They are two entirely different definitions. your good to go- your should be you're. its not neat- its should be it's. Everything great here- everything should be everything's. kind of scars me- scars should be scares. But, I like your- I'm too lazy to repeat it. xDD over dark colors matched with - over should be for. But I can of feel like you need should be 'I think you need'. I wasn't able to fix all the grammar and spelling mistakes that you have, just in case this review gets too long and I'm unable to put it up.

Organization/Neatness: 2/5 I think you should put your About Me above your awards, because it's really weird having it at the bottom. xD You should put your reviews in one big box, like Twisted Dreams and the Shapeshifter. It looks better. :D I noticed that none of the buttons that link to the people who have reviewed you work, except for the Get School'd one. It'd be polite to link back. Again, it's the same with your awards. You should link back to the people who gave them to you- you don't need to do so by linking the image. You can do it the way The Goodie Box does it- by putting x's on top that link to the sites that gave the award to them. My Awards and Reviews and About Me should go below Links on the navigation. In the Panda review, the Originality section is not a new paragraph. In the Dream Reviews review, the Return section is not a new paragraph.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I think that you put a lot of effort into your site, but the problem are your extras. You have a good amount of link-back buttons and you have a whos amung us counter, but those are not the extras that I'm asking for. Extras pretty much stands for originality and what makes your site different from the rest. Try adding tips, button bases, useful links, useful codes, or something like that. Add something that will bring snazz and jazz to your site. We want something that's original and something that will stick in our mind, not something that we will instantaneously forget after having visit it.

Overall 11/15 From a review site to a review site, I think that you have a good site. However, you have a lot of improvements to make. There are a lot of things that I like about your site, but there are also many things that I don't like. I hope that you take the suggestions, recommendations, and tips that I have provided you with. I don't mean to be conceited (nor am I actually), but I think it will make your site better. Originality is something that Extravagance is lacking, so try adding something to your site that will make it different. Right now, Extravagance is like any other review out out there. You need to make it more exciting and turn it into something that people will remember forever. Good luck!


First impression: 12/15 You actually chose one of the lesser used Exclusive layouts so I didn't notice it right away. There was a bland colour scheme- way too grey. There was some teal in there, but not much. I can't really see teal boxes, so try colourizing your background so it becomes green or teal-like. I was very disappointed at your welcome message. Try talking more about your site and its history, including why you wanted to make a screenie page. Everything but the first line should go under the welcome message and shouldn't be counted as one. I really have no issue with the first impression, other than the plain colour scheme, your welcome message, and the creepy cookie pixel. xD

Layout: 15/20 As usual, four points have been take off in this section, due to the fact that you didn't code the layout yourself. I like the fact that you try to make the banner yourself, so that's 1 point added. Your banner's text is a little bit hard to read though, because the blue isn't quite able to stand out against the silhouettes. I actually quite like the banner you have right now, because it looks very sophisticated and elegant. The black really makes it stand out and it just looks so smooth. Honestly, the only thing I don't like about it is the blue text. It just doesn't seem to fit in- it's like a banana dancing with a group of apples, y'know? xDD I would offer to make you a banner, but you already requested one at The Goodie Box. You've got a good layout, but I think the banner might need a little bit more work. -prod-

Content: 30/30 ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Your screenies are absolutely hilarious and when I first got your review request, I checked out your site (as I always do) and started reading your screenies. I was laughing hard and your screenies caught my attention- so much so that I was almost late to meeting my friend. xDD I would suggest a mascot, but I think your screenies are perfectly fine without them. Mascots don't necessarily make your screenies better, but feel free to add one. I honestly don't really have anything to say in this section. You've done a superb job.

Updates: 4/5 You're not consistent at all, actually. In the month of July, you skipped a lot of days and just went without updating. You've been updating more consistently now and keep it up. Try to update every other day.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 None that I see. I made sure to view source, copy your code, and paste it on a petpage, so that the nifty little FF Spell checker could come in handy. Good job!

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 You're quite organized and I really like that. I took away a point, though, because you need page anchors. Because you have so many screenies, none of your visitors want to scroll up so slowly, so a Back to Top page anchor is the perfect way to solve their problems. xD

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 I absolutely love your site, but I think that you should get more buttons. 3 isn't really enough- you can always try making your own, use button bases, or request some more from other button sites. You could request buttons from Eighty Eight, Sparks of Magic, Greyscaled Buttons, Onyx, Paprika, The Goodie Box, and Vintage Buttons. Try doing something that is completely original- something that's Elizabeth Screenies and nobody else's. Right now, you only have screenies. What can you do to make this site more interesting? There are many other screenie sites out there and although yours is one of the best, you need something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Overall 15/15 I would definitely, definitely return. You have an amazing site in your hands and although you need to pay attention to the smaller details (like updating. Ahem. xD), you definitely deserve an award. I'm proud to present it to you. You've got a minimal amount of flaws in your site that you still need to fix up, but I hope that this review helped you. It probably didn't, because I was gushing during most of it, but a girl can hope. xDD Contrary to popular belief, a mascot is not needed to make amazing screenies and your site is the epitome of that. Great job and keep up the good work!

you are the 13th person to receive an award

First impression: 11/15 The name Valley Dreams actually reminds me of Barbie- it just seems so like it, y'know? I couldn't help but giggle when I saw your banner- it just screamed BARBIE to me. Yes, I'm a little bit immature, but totally ignore that. I hope I'm not the only one that notices the Barbie feel around this site. I don't know why, but the banner just seems so fake that you can never mistake it for real. It seems very, very happy and not at all realistic. That might be the feel that you're going for, but I'm not really font of it. I noticed the Exclusive layout right away and I think you should've gone for a different CSS site. Kill the Lights has the same high quality, maybe better, CSS petpages that you can always use. I didn't like the fact that I had to use a horizontal scrollbar to scroll sideways, to see most of the content. You should try putting all the box in the middle next time. It was a nifty little thing to have the box that announced the SOTM winner, but it should be smaller, because there's no winner currently. The colours are really nice, but I think you should've gone for a green background, to emphasize the Valley in the name. You should also get rid of the marquee that says All Spots Open. Either that, or edit it, because I'm pretty sure it's incorrect. I had a pretty good first impression, but there are a few things that I'll outline in the other sections that you need to fix.

Layout: 14.5/20 As always, four points have been deducted, because you did not make the layout yourself. It's a little bit odd, actually, since you made The Pixel Field's layout. Why don't you give Valley Dreams a custom layout? As I've mentioned before, make sure you center the boxes, so you don't have to scroll sideways to read all of the content. Also, go for a green striped background, as I've also mentioned before. The banner is alright, but it looks a bit plain. Try adding some textures from aestheticintoxication*com, outspoken-kate*com, spillingtuesday*info, hybrid-genesis, feel resources, and much more. I don't like the font in which you wrote Valley Dreams in. I think a cursive font like Jane Austen, Hannibal Lecter, or Carpenter would do better, to compliment the banner. If you're going to write Site of the Month underneath, don't use a pixel font. Pixel fonts look really ugly when they're used in a big size. Use a normal font, like Arial or I Hate Comic Sans. I honestly have no problems with your layout. You just need to spice up your banner a little bit and change the background colour. I just noticed that your italics are really, really, really bright. They hurt my eyes, so I think you should definitely change it.

Content: 30/30 I think your content is good, but you can't really say a lot about an SOTM. xD Advertise your site more, so you'll get more contestants. :D You should change the font contest to something more exciting- like a banner or a button contest. A lot more people would enter it and if a lot more people enter, you've got publicity and possibly more entrants.

Updates: 5/5 You're very, very consistent. I didn't take off the point for that little gap in your updates, because you said that Neopets didn't save it. That's a good reason, so yeah... xD

Grammar/Spelling: 3.5/5 changing the codes- changing should be change. to sleepy to do- to should be too. where all the pretty pictures lays- lays should be lay. Other than those mistakes, I didn't find any. Good job!

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 I think that all the SOTM entries should go in the main middle column. I had no idea that there were even contestants on the other side. xD All the Links should be moved to the sidebox. You should also create a navigation and make sure you use page anchors, obviously. xD It might be original to have your SOTM entries on the side columns, but it's not very convenient. Counter should go in the side columns.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 I gave you full marks on this because I believe that you've got a lot of effort put into this site and you've got great extras. You have originality present in your site in the disguise of a font contest and that's really good. I like the fact that you use your own pixels, instead of Amber's or some other person's. xD I don't really have much to say, because you've got fantastic extras. Keep up the good work!

Overall 13/15 It's a yes on the coming back box. However, there are some things that you definitely need to fix. I really hope that you take my suggestions and tips and work them into your site. You've got a good site in your hands, but there's always room for improvement. No site is perfect, but you can be near it. ;) Good luck and good job!


site is now closed
First impression: 12/15 I like the name Earth SOTM and it suits your theme perfectly, but the moment I step into your site, I notice that there's WAY too much green. The colour scheme is green and yellow and that's it. Colorschemedesigner*com has a good colour scheme for you, if you enter in the hex code #99cc00 (your current background colour). I think you should go for a patterned background to make it look busier and nicer. I know I don't have a patterned background, but the busy nature of the banner makes up for it. xD Your welcome message is perfectly written, but I noticed that your headers were incredibly small- so small that I couldn't read a word. That was definitely a turn off. Your banner looked really boring and it looked like there wasn't much done to it- just some cropping and Earth SOTM slapped on it. Your site doesn't look very interesting to me, but I'll outline some suggestions in the next sections.

Layout: 16/20 I'm guessing that you made it yourself, because you didn't credit anybody for it. As I've already mentioned, you should go with a patterned green background to make the site look busier and like there's more things happening. We don't want it to look like a Snooze City. xD Again, you need a new colour scheme. Try sticking to a lighter green- light usually signifies good and dark usually indicates bad. It's the sort of stereotyping that we've been doing to everything. EVEN FRUITS! xD Coding-wise, your layout is pretty good, although you should move the RIGHT column above, so both of them are on the same level. Also, you definitely need to fix your headers. They're tiny and even if you squint, you can't read them. Let's move on to the banner. The banner is really boring, as I've mentioned before, and it needs a little bit more PIZZAZZ to it. If you'd like, I could make you a banner or you could request one from The Goodie Box. Try adding textures to it. Some good sites are aestheticintoxication*com, outspoken-kate*com, spillingtuesday*info, hybrid-genesis, feel resources, swimchick*net, and much more. You could also add a pattern to make it spiffier. Spice it up a little bit.

Content: 27/30 First thing that I would like to mention, why are there no credits? Credits are very important in a site, so you definitely need to include that section. In your entries, instead of just putting the buttons directly underneath each other, try including the number of votes they have. Even if voting hasn't begun, it's a good way to split up the buttons and make it more organized. You have a total amount of 8 contestants and that's not a lot. Make sure that you advertise your site and get people to join in.

Updates: 4/5 You're not consistent at all. On the later dates, you start missing about 9 days and so on. You need to update more. If you're not able to, don't bother updating every day. Try updating every other day instead.

Grammar/Spelling: 3/5 get listed in - get should be gets. go should be capitalized. rennovations should be renovations. i should also be capitalized. section.Drag and drop- there should be a space between the period and drag. Other than those mistakes, I didn't spot any other. Good job!

Organization/Neatness: 2.5/5 Rules should go where Updates are and Updates should go where the Rules are, currently. Make your Affie, Listed, and Reviewed By boxes bigger, so the scrollbars are bigger. Reviewers Inc. is now Get School'd and all your awards and Smiley Central's button have really ugly link borders around them.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 You're not listed at a lot of the big directories, like Soroptimist Directory, the Faerie Compass, and Secret Observer. All those directories are frequently used, so it would be best if you got listed there. Also, you should get listed at more sites. It's not like they're going to reject you. You also need to get more link buttons. The two you have right now are not very attractive. Some good sites are Cotton Island, Sparks of Magic, Greyscaled Buttons, Vintage Buttons, and Eighty Eight. Other than that, it's perfect.

Overall 11/15 I'm sorry, but I would not come back to your site. There are other, better SOTM sites out there. What is it that makes your site special? Something that makes it stand out from the gaggle of SOTM sites that have been born recently? You need something to make your site more original. TD has resources and graphics, The Shapeshifter awards extra shapes, and other sites have different ways of showing their originality. There is plenty of room for improvement for Earth SOTM. You've got a good site, but you definitely need to improve a couple of things. I hope that you take my suggestions and tips to heart and start working them into your site, because it will honestly help your site. I wish you the best of luck!


First impression: 12.5/15 The first impression is pretty good, but I think it would improve if you got yourself a banner. The words 'Fearless Layouts' is a little bit hard to read, because the black doesn't stand out much against the grey. I really like the colour scheme, but I think you should include some blue in there. After all, there are some pretty blue asterisks littering the background too. :D Your welcome message is too short- try introducing Fearless Layouts better by stating what kind of site it is. I know, I know, layouts kind of gives it away, but explain to any of your visitors who might not be accommodated to the website language that we all use. xD I had quite a good impression, but there are a couple of stuff that you need to fix that I'll mention in the next few sections.

Layout: 16/20 I quite like your layout, but upon further inspection, it looks like your background doesn't have awesome quality. If you look closer, it's a little bit fuzzy and that doesn't look very good. You don't notice it at first, but as you spend more time at your site, it starts to get on your nerves. I don't know whether it's yours, but if it is, make sure that you save it as a PNG. If it isn't, next time, search for high quality backgrounds. As I've already mentioned, you should include some blue in your site. Your links need some spiffing up. I find the fact that when I hover over your affies and there's a white background very, very annoying. Make sure that you get rid of the background and reserve the backgrounds for navigation links. I find it really weird that your side column is longer than your main column. You can either take away the height from the main column or make the scrolling box bigger, so it doesn't look that weird. Also, as I've probably mentioned before, you need to get yourself a banner. I will gladly make you one, but you can always request one from The Goodie Box or Peroxide.

Content: 21/30 I noticed that you use uberpwn's coding for all your userlookups. I took away some points for that, because you should know how to code your own stuff if you're offering to people. Sometimes, your colour schemes can be too harsh, like most of your petpages. Try sticking to lighter shades of the colours that you want to use so that you don't blind anybody. It's also a good idea to offer colour userlookups/petpages. Colourlovers*com has some great colour schemes that you can use. I also took a few points off, because you don't seem to have a lot of content. Because you're basically using the same style over and over again to make your userlookups and petpages, it's pretty easy to edit the colours and the background. Make sure that you dedicate more time to making more userlookups and petpages for the general public.

Updates: 3.5/5 You were consistent up until the last time you updated. You haven't updated for 10 days. D:

Grammar/Spelling: 3.5/5 and, to my disliking- you don't need the comma. all I needed- all should be capitalized. messed-upness- should be messiness. Other than that, you're good! :D

Organization/Neatness: 3/5 Again, your links need fixing. Your adoptable and Paper Thin Directory's button both have link borders around them that you need to get rid of. Why are all the text in your Hits section italicized? You should definitely fix that.

Efforts/Extras: 3/5 Um, not to be mean or anything, but the two buttons that you made need some work. Also, the trifle button doesn't have the code to it. I recommend that you get rid of both those buttons and request some from Peroxide, The Goodie Box, Sparks of Magic, Buttonness, Cotton Island, or Eighty Eight. You definitely need to get listed at more directories, like The Faerie Compass, Secret Observer, Soroptimist Directory, Four Clovers, Rave, Flipped, The Angel Palace, and a lot more. Being listed at more sites is a very good way to gather more publicity. You've got good effort, but it's extras that you're lacking.

Overall 10/15 I'm really sorry, but I would not come back. You lack some originality and I've noticed that a lot of your stuff look like Simone's CSS. I don't know whether you just copied her style, but you definitely need to work on getting some of your own. Add your own spices and herbs. Make it completely yours so when people see your layout, they nod and they go, "Oh, yeah. That's from Fearless Layouts, dawg." xD You've honestly got a good site, but you have a lot of improvements that you need to make. You've got a long way to go until your site is near perfect, but believe me, it's worth everything. Good luck!


Amazing Banners by Allie!
site is now closed
First impression: 11/15 Allie's Banners just sounds really, really boring. I wouldn't want to click on a site like that, if it was listed in a directory. Try getting a new name- Twisted Dreams has some in the Extras section. Some good site names are Seventeen, Plaid, and Going Nuclear. When I step in, I'm greeted by an alright banner and a nice, warm colour scheme. The banner is quite busy on the right, but there's nothing going on on the left. You have to create a balance- put some brushes here, pile some over there, dab it there... I also don't like the font that you wrote Allie's Banners in, but we'll get all into that stuff in the next section. Your welcome message is very disappointing and very short. It's not one to beat around the bush and jumps straight to requesting a banner. Beating around the bush might be envied in real life, but not in a site. Talk more about your site. It's not bragging or being egotistical- it's called having a good welcome message. Talk about why you created this site, what this site offers, and make sure you include lots of adjectives and a sense of humour. Us visitors love to get a laugh. :D

Layout: 15/20 Unfortunately, I had to take away 4 points, because you didn't code the layout yourself. I really like your colour scheme but because your background is already demonstrating so much of orange, you need to have a different dominant colour in your banner. Don't get me wrong, you can still have orange and red in there, but you're going to have to let another colour take over. Pick something that contrasts but still looks well together. You could peace a soft blue with a soft orange and light pink. Your banner isn't very aesthetically pleasing and I think one of the ways to fix it is to change the font. The font you're using right now looks really technical, computer-like. Robotic is not the feel that you want to go for. Go for an elegant or a classic font like Carnivalee Freakshow, Jane Austen, Carpenter, Arial, Zebra, Claudia, and Birth of a Hero. Try going to Dafont to download free, amazing fonts that you can use on your banners.

Content: 22/30 Not to be mean or anything, your banners aren't the greatest. You don't use a lot of effects and you use really bad fonts. I'm not sure what program you use, but GIMP is always a good graphic designing program that I ABSOLUTELY recommend. I personally don't use it, because I have Photoshop, but if PS is too expensive for you, GIMP is definitely the way to go. There are many GIMP tutorials out there, because it's a fairly popular program. Personally, I think the only problem with your banners is your font and the lack of brushes and textures. Fonts can make or break a graphic. Don't use cheap effects, like black/white gradients that do not fit the colour scheme whatsoever. Textures and brushes always give the banner a great effect. Some good sites are Outspoken-Kate, Spilling Tuesday, Saruna, Skyline Illusions, Hybrid Genesis, Fairytaled, Feel Resources, Egobox, Aesthetic Intoxication, DA (if you don't know what that is, google it, because I'm not allowed to say the word), and LJ (if you don't know what that is, google it, because I'm not allowed to say the word). You can learn some great stuff from browsing DA and LJ, since both sites post tutorials there.

Updates: 3.5/5 You haven't updated in 4 days. D: You're not very consistent. You should try updating every other day.

Grammar/Spelling: 5/5 Looks great. :D

Organization/Neatness: 2/5 Since saying Neopets Related takes up a lot of space, just write Neopets or NR. Make sure you resize your banners and put the code below the banner, so that the div boxes don't scroll. You don't need to put buttons in your Credits section. A link will do just fine and it won't clutter it up. Pet Pages' buttons are dominated by this ugly Photobucket picture, so you should definitely delete it.

Efforts/Extras: 4/5 I actually do think that you put a lot of effort into your site. However, your graphics lack EXTRA. They're not the best and I think that you should look at more tutorials to help you improve your graphic designing skills. Other than that, I honestly think that you've put a lot of effort into your site.

Overall 10/15 I'm really sorry, but it's a no for coming back. You have a lot of banners, but you lack quality. As I've said before, I don't know what program you use, but I totally recommend GIMP. USE IT! xD Even Cass of Painted Images uses it and she produces such amazing graphics. Make sure you look up a lot of tutorials. That's probably the best thing that can help you right now. Start experimenting with brushes and textures. Creating a graphic is like putting on makeup (I couldn't think of a better comparison. I'm kind of brain dead right now. xD). They're both pieces of art and you both have canvases that you need to make beautiful or outline the beauty in it. I honestly think that you need to put a little piece of your soul in every piece of art that you make and don't mind the fact that I'm starting to sound ridiculously poetic. xD Everybody has talent and you just need to work a little harder in graphic design. Good luck!


First impression: 13/15 Chiekii's Screenies is a really boring name and I think you could come up with something a little bit more original. Right now, I can't really throw out any good suggestions for a screenie site, but make sure you think of something. The name isn't something that you definitely need to change. It might, however, tempt your visitor to visit your site more, if you have a nice pleasing site name. Your banner's really cute and although I can tell it's a classic Exclusive layout, I adore the cute background and the colour scheme. Your welcome message's font size is a little bit too big and I recommend you change the colour and the size. Your characters are quite well-drawn and they're definitely one of the best that I've seen. Your boxes are a little bit big, so there's a horizontal scrollbar present. I have a pretty good first impression of your site. Your banner and your adorable background definitely pulled me in. Good job!

Layout: 15/20 As always, 4 points have been deducted for your score, because you did not code the layout yourself. Kudos to you for making such an original banner, though! Because your boxes are so big, you need to make the nav box smaller by about 10 pixels. That way, your visitors don't have to scroll, which is really annoying. I've noticed that your link back button box scrolls sideways as well, because of the text box. You can customize it and change the width/height. I'll give you the code at the end of this section. Your site would definitely look better without the green bar on top, because that doesn't fit in with your colour scheme. To get rid of it, just put this in your style tags- td {display:none;} I really have no issues with your layout, but you could always make your nav a block. Everybody has them lately and definitely for good reason.

Content: 25/30 I think that you should create a description of all your characters. Even though they're drawn 2D, you can give them a 3D feel by giving them a personality. I know that their personalities are present in the screenies, but sometimes it's hard to tell. A section about all your characters would be great and visitors might even come back because of them. Your recent screenies are good, but your old ones were really boring. It basically consisted of a random event and a comment underneath it. Make sure you frequent the Newbie and the Help boards to get some interesting, hilarious screenies. It's amazing what people do these days. xD

Updates: 3/5 You haven't updated in AGES! Definitely a no-no.

Grammar/Spelling: 0/5 Enjoy! (^_^)b- why is the b there? xDD You should probably take that away. cause school is starting and stuff- should have a period at the end, before the smiley. but I'll add new- but should be capitalized. Toke should be took. I noticed that a couple of times around your site. i post on the- i should be capitalized. phewwwww- should be capitalized. whole morning :P- add a period before the smiley. anyways I think this will- Anyways should be capitalized. finaly making some- finaly should be finally.

Organization/Neatness: 4/5 Pretty neat, except for the whole horizontal scrollbar thing.

Efforts/Extras: 5/5 I think you're doing great in the Effort and Extras section. Keep it going! If you want, you should add a Screenie of the Month contest or something like that. It'd be totally original. People could send you in their funniest screenies and the general public would vote on which is the funniest. It would be an excellent way to get publicity and have some fun while you're at it.

Overall 12/15 I really like your site, but I think you should get better screenies. You have a great amount, but some of them just aren't funny. Make sure that you have a balance between quality and quantity. It's really nice that you create characters and try labeling them or draw them in brighter varied colours (I know you already do that, but some look very similar. Most of them belong to the same family), so we know who we're dealing with. xD Try getting listed at more places and apply for more affiliates. That's also a good way to gain a friend and some publicity. You've got a good site in your hands, but there are just some stuff that you need to fix up. Good luck!


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These are just little extras that make our site a little bit more original, a little bit more unique. Credit is necessary, unless posted otherwise. If you are unsure about crediting, please give us a neomail and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Finding A Name

If you use one of these names, credit is appreciated but not necessary. Please neomail this account if you are using a name from this site so that we can cross it out.

Flying Books [fits best for directories]
Flying Links [should only be used for directories]
Broken Pieces
Crumbling Pieces
Sweet Conspiracy
Candy Hearts
Always Dreaming
Blessing in Disguise
Pot & Kettle
Once Upon a Time [fits well for Disney themes]
Happily Ever After [fits well for Disney & romance themes]
Press Pause
Daily Epiphany
No Such Thing
In So Little Words
Not Your Usual Nightmare
Hypnotic Mirror
Mirror on the Wall
Party Away
The Retro Times
Kiss Kiss
Your Little Love Story
Book of Memories
Book of Critique
Third Street
Rainy Day
Inspector Gadget
Spoon Full of Sugar
Feed My Addiction
Photo Album
Going Nuclear
Good as Gold
Mystery Machine
Plastic Strawberry Ice Cream
As You Wish
Cherry Blossoms
Merry Go-Round
Bumper Cars
Prince Charming
Extra Butter
Scene From a Movie
Rocking the Boat
Summer Heat
Sugar Cop
Calling All Villagers
Blew a Fuse
Birthday Party
Tale as Old as Time
Storm Dancing
Weather Forecast
Honor Among Thieves
Dance Studio
Eyes on Fire
All that Tension
Jinx my Spaghetti
My Prince Charming
Prince Charming
Not my Prince Charming
Sugar Patrol
All Those Tousled Waves
Simple Things
Love is Trippy
Time Machine
Rocket Surgery
Chocolate Box
Little Victories
Traffic in the Air
Take Flight
Prisoner of Your Desires


These are suggestions that can help you with your site before you apply to be reviewed. If you're a little bit anxious about getting your site reviewed and you want to get a good mark, remember that being reviewed is not about getting a good mark. It's about getting criticism on your site and how you can change it to make it better. However, if you're still feeling nervous, you can read through these suggestions to see whether you should apply yet.

-Your layout should be easy on the eyes, well-made, and well-coded. If you are a graphics site, you should not be using anybody's layout, unless the layout was made by a good friend.

-You need to have content. If you are a new site, make sure that you have enough content to get a good mark in that section.

-Make sure your colour scheme fits. This is hard to do. If you're having problems, Google 'Colour Scheme Generator' and you will be led to a site that will give you colour schemes that work well together.

-Your updates CANNOT be in a marquee. It's not a law but something that you should definitely listen to. Make sure that your updates are not 10 days apart. The most should be 3 days.

-Don't use too much chatspeak at your site. A bunch of LOL's around the site should do it and the maximum should be about 6.

-Your site should be organized. It doesn't need to look like it's being managed by a person with OCD but make it easy to navigate around.

-Page anchors are really useful. If you don't know how to use them, here's a link: HTML Help.

-Make sure you have originality present at your site. No one wants to visit a carbon copy of a popular site.

-Content that suits your theme is always a plus.

-Be nice, be humourous, be yourself.

Steps to making a Review Site

Step 1. Make sure that you WANT a review site! Too many people are picking up on this little reviewing trend and then abandoning their review sites a week later. Make sure that you have the time to manage a review site. By no means is a review site takes less time to manage than any regular site. Quite the contrary. You have to have time to write the reviews.

Step 2. Now, it's time to pick out a name! If you're stuck, you can always refer to the box that is above the one that is above you. xD Make sure that you have a theme that fits your name.

Step 3. -drumroll- Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get a layout! Wow, isn't that awesome? Yes, it actually is. The layout is the thing that draws your visitors in so that means it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. This is a nifty place for some coding for your layout: Apartment Nine. The coding, I admit, is overused (because it's just so awesome) but it's up to you to make it original and practically unrecognizable. xD

Step 4. The content is the most important part of a review site. It's time to get everything up and ready. Yes, it is officially construction time, peoples! Your site needs an introduction, rules, navigation, grading scale, applications, awards, and most importantly, reviews. I understand that you're a new site so you're not going to have much content up but try, 'kay?! Go out and advertise your butt off.

Step 5. This is the additional stuff. The stuff that's really useful and every site has. If you're one of those rebels and tend to shy away from trends, yeah, this isn't a trend. This is really important. It's not as important as the things listed above but yes, it is important. Additional stuff should include affies, waiting list, directories you're listed at, updates, and link-back buttons.

Step 6. It's time to get your reviewing brains switched on and advertise your butt off so you can get some reviews! Seriously, reviewing is really fun. You'll love it, I assure you.

If you've read through these steps, can you handle a review site? Able to handle the pressure? Hmm? Hmm? Well, if you can't, feel free to neomail us and ask us all your questions. We'll try to answer them to the best of our abilities.

Useful Links

I am well aware that almost all these links can be found in a directory, such as The Faerie Compass. However, these are the sites that I like best and sites that I think you will benefit from. The links in this 'useful links' section were picked out because they will help out with your site. I hope you benefit from this section!

Amber's CSS
Comity CSS
Britney's CSS
Apartment Nine
Kill the Lights CSS
Square One
-invalid_words- Code Bases

Square One
Otaku Works
Premades by Bess
Silent Temptation
First Impressions

This site, obviously. xD
Shibuya Station
Eternal Mayhem
The Shapeshifter

Coding Tutorials:
Coding Help by Kitty
How to Speak CSS
Making a Petpage
Petpage Tutorial by Davin 213
Perfectly Punctual
Phusether's Graphics
CSS Overview
How to Make a Petpage
Neopets Code Reference
Alli's Petpage Layout Tutorial
Sugar Patrol

Graphic Program Tutorials:
House of Design
Amy's GIMP Tutorial
Photoshop for Dummies
Ashyaruu's Button Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorials

The Faerie Compass
Soroptimist Directory
The Logique Resources

Button Bases
These button bases are for anybody to use but credit is necessary. I honestly don't care what you do to them, as long as you put on credit. If credit is not there, you will receive a warning and after a week, if our credit is still not up there, you will be on our Wall of Shame.

Splat Bases
Splat bases can be used for anything, from layouts to blogs. These splat bases were created by me, so credit is necessary. If I see anybody using these without properly crediting me, I will put you up on the Wall of Shame (that has yet to be built). If you see these splat bases around DA and are used by the username serrated-rose, don't be alarmed. It's me. :D

These banners are made by Ni for your own personal use. All banners have 6 versions- closed, hiatus, under construction, moved, enter, and blank. If you use the blank banner, you can add whatever text you want. All of these banners were made by me, so credit is necessary. These are not coded, because it's very easy to code it yourself. We don't want to clog up TD and we also don't want to see anybody stealing them. D:

Faerie Bubbles

Taylor Swift- Change

Taylor Swift- Splat

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Site of the Week

No, this is not an SOTM. Rather, it is a SOTW, meaning Site of the Week. The idea of this is that I will choose a site that I think deserves an award for having such an awesome site that they've worked hard on every Sunday. If you didn't put any effort into your site whatsoever or you don't have high-quality content, you don't have a chance at winning this award. You can always nominate yourself for the SOTW, mainly because I probably haven't seen your site and I want to make sure that I pick the best out of the best. Who is featured as the Site of the Week? Well, look below to find out!


The Pixel Field has really outdone itself. It is one of the best pixel sites out there. I'm one of the lucky people who have gotten a chance to see The Pixel Field bloom into a beautiful flower (yeah, cliche, but I wanted it to fit with the field kind of theme. xDD) If you want amazing, adorable pixels, The Pixel Field is the way to go. I'm quite a fan and I visit it quite often, just to see whether there are any new pixels. I'm quite tempted to use an egg, but I haven't gotten round to it yet. One egg hatched into this absolutely adorable flame. It was just too cute. xD

You're doing a great job! Keep up the great work.

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Don't steal without permission


Remember, if you would like a custom award and you got a score of 90+, make sure to NM twisteddreams_!

Stuff We've Won


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