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This page was compiled by waldhornist to assist all in getting game avatars.

Please neomail waldhornist with any submissions or omissions.

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July 4, 2009: Thanks to the urging of friends and a refound interest in Neopets, I have decided to update tropator again! Yay! All game guides have been checked, new NT guides added, new PP guides added, and the MGoDII av, too!

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Advert Attack

How to get: Score 700+
Game Guides: erickivan19 | zelda2222
NT Game Guides: spongebob234529
Old AA NT Game Guides: catwhisper1 | zelda2222

Secret Codes:

nopopups After typing the first part of the code, you can close all pop-ups at once by just clicking S at any time. It only works ONCE during the game! (coleskilla)


  • The game has been revamped. It is now much easier to complete the game and get the avatar. (cinders_lair)
  • If the ad doesnt get in your way, don't close it. It wastes time and gives the other guy time to get ahead. (coleskilla)
  • If the ad is in your way, never click on the ad area. Just the toolbar or the X, so it'll close. Clicking on the ad causes more to open. (coleskilla)
  • After about 300 points, the ads lose the top toolbar. They're harder to close, because you're used to the "X". Look for the text "Close this window" on those. That will close the window on those ads. There's no way to close every ad without clicking somewhere, though. Just be very careful where you click. (coleskilla)
  • After the first few rounds, the popups will get bigger and closing some will make one more popup appear in the same place. Double-click the red X on the large popups to close both popups at once. (coleskilla)
  • When you start the game make sure the screen is the smallest it can be so your mouse doesn't have to travel that far. (kusterslaststand)
  • Sometimes it's easier to just MOVE the ad to the bottom (or top) - just make sure you only touch the very top of ad and you have to click your mouse when it is where you want it to leave it there. (tortyfly)
  • Use lowest quality: makes mouse (and the GAME) go faster (soccerstar712)
  • Count the number of clicks required to get to the end - It's around 24. That way if you end up with an ad covering the top, you are able to work out how much further you have to get to the end without seeing it! (lilmissx)

Attack of the Slorgs

How to get: Score 1000+
Game Guides: 777spt777 | obiwanpi | virtualneo64
NT Game Guides: game_guides | jazz_invincible | jeaniesofatso | s57v58 | squire_genevieve | tyleraapje | twiddl3d33

Secret Codes:

chargex4 Recharge your laser. (Unlimited Use)
marrow Get an extra life. (j_tinebra)
s Toggle sound on/off


  • The Puddle of Water and Slorg Destruct: wait to use until good amount of slorgs are built up, then you hit more of them for more points. (breama)
  • Slorg Destruct kills all the slorgs BEHIND the one you hit with it. It's pink usually. Wait to shoot this one until the slorgs are almost at your crop, then shoot the front one which will destroy all the slorgs. These only appear following Level 5. (breama)
  • The Puddle of Water changes slorgs the same colour. It 's usually grey.(breama)
  • If you get one saying Multi Slorg or Revenge of Slorgs, throw it out so it doesn't hit any slorgs. You can also throw out colors you don't need. Do this by aiming off screen. (breama)
  • Combos are VERY important if you want to score big. For example, if you have all in a row, 2 pink, 3 green, 2 red, 4 green, 1 pink, aim to get rid of the red, and the rest will take care of themselves. (millertrvl)
  • Try to get as many points as you can in the beginning of each level because after a certain point, you lose your laser and it gets much harder to hit the slorgs (qwertyup11)
  • On the first two levels, get rid of about half your slorgs then shoot off the gun until you get a slorg block. Block all of them but one and then aim your gun where the frog comes up. Keep shooting at that spot until the one Slorg gets close to the end, then get rid of him. The line will start moving in a few moments. If you can, freeze them again and shoot for the frog. I can normally shoot him about three times (although some can hit him 4-5 times if you are fast enough!) before he goes back underground. Thats 25pts a shot. Your score adds up quick. (thetamerofdragons99)
  • After levels 5 and 6, Slorg Attack gets a lot easier. At that point, the slorgs take longer paths to your crop, allowing you more time.

Better Than You

How to get: Win a game of Better Than You.
  • Games begin weekly on Thursday. The sooner you play, the more chance you have at winning.

Bilge Dice

How to get:
  • Have a 10 game winning streak in Bilge dice.
  • Score a perfect 24 in Bilge Dice. It's a random event, so be patient!
NT Game Guides: jasonesquire | kitty_catz_rule | sh0rty4lyf | xxtoyxx

Buzzer Game

How to get: Score 300+.
Game Guides: star138
NT Game Guides: littlej001 | mr_edgeworth | solarjeraniums | star138 | windkitaki
Secret Codes:
salamander Use after pressing start to skip a level. Great tool to use while practising! (Unlimited Use)

Use to view your cursor for the remainder of the game. (cinders_lair)

  • Set to full screen so it is easier to stay on the wire.

Castle of Eliv Thade

How to get: Score 1200 points or more.
Game Guides: goldfun4 | kitttiamara
NT Game Guides: griflinna | nickywoowoo | trailblazer20 | unstoppablepain | xephyrx | xprincessxsimix

Secret Codes:

rehaxtint One extra letter hint. You can do this either in the answer box and then erase it, OR type it before you move.
  • Ensure you have a score of at least 850 before you enter the Crypt. Don't worry, when you send score, it will also add points -- enough to get the avatar! (millertrvl)
  • Use an anagram solver. Re, the more letters there are in a word, the better the anagram solver will work! (Aim for 7 letters!) Andy's Anagram Solver seems to be one of the better ones: milov.nl/2666.
  • There are times that the anagram solver doesn't come up with any solutions. When this happens, think of Neopet-related words. Need a list? Check the site listed under Game Guides above!
  • cinders_lair recommends the following for Andy's Anagram Solver: "Best settings are Massive Dictionary, limit solutions to one word, and use the hints for the first letter if you get more than 1 word.
  • melancholyangel also recommends the following sites: crossword-dictionary.com/anagram.asp and anagramsite.com/
  • There are two secret paths in Eliv Thade (See path blocked in red on accompanying screen shot!). Search for them by watching your mouse pointer change. (cinders_lair)
  • The game ends when you reach the crypt. To get a high score, just go back and forth between the last few places until you reach a score of 850, then enter the crypt.


How to get: A non-random event while playing Cellblock (still unknown)

Game Guides: credendo_vides | goodjolly | musicoftheflute | sarahtheo | skoozi7 | waldhornist | wingsofire

NT Game Guides: beck85722 | pianoru | sillyliss | sicillan_killer | stampsyne
  • As our favourite Cellblock Strategy was taken down, I decided to re-create it. If this is your strategy, please contact me so I can give you the credit you deserve for making our lives so much easier! waldhornist created the screenshot for us.
  • Also, keep an eye on where your opponent moves. You never know just when he will block your path. This strategy is nice as it is easily adaptable for any occasion, as there are so many possibilities for winning once you understand it fully.
  • After Tournament 11, begin by creating a diamond pattern where you will have the most room to complete the strategy above. (In other words, follow the strategy as above, but instead of starting with (1), begin by placing the two pieces located in the red box, and continue strategy from there. You MAY have to move your starting square depending on where the rocks are placed) This won't always work, but often does. (waldhornist)
  • In the Editorial in Issue 210, Donna revealed that the cellblock avatar is NOT random -- it's merely the fact that NO ONE has figured out how to get it yet. I'd like to devote part of this guide to breaking the true mystery!


How to get: Catch Capara the Kyrii cheating at least once during the first round, and win the round.

Game Guides: catmenfrommoon | pointona

NT Game Guides: angel_of_heaven84 | bikequeen11 | faith_starr | lordamger | psychotic_illusion | scriptfox | star_dust_484
  • Pay attention to what cards you have played. It also helps if you make sure Capara has the most cards at the end of the round.


How to get: Awarded randomly when you take 60 seconds or less to complete.
Game Guides: garmfay | gotstabehawt | kittyblack99 | youarespecial
  • Beware! You can ONLY play 3 times a day. This is also a game of LUCK!
  • Is there a correlation on the price of the cheese and your success rate? From our observations thus far, it seems the more expensive the cheese, the better chance you have at winning! But, it doesn't mean you have a better chance winning the avatar.
  • The avatar has been won by using Brick Cheese (erinjade86)
  • I don't know if it actually matters but I buy Warty Blue Cheese and do hold it steady the whole time. I have won more doing that than anything else. (wistful_saga)

Chia Bomber 2

How to get: Score over 1300 points.
Game Guides: unbeatable0
NT Game Guides: lili483 | undeadfortune

Secret Codes:

geoffrey Extra life (once per game) (dottie27a)
  • I found that if I surround myself with all the bombs it was easy to defeat those guys (allplayedout)
  • It helps to play on a slower computer (or have resource-consuming programs running in the background). (cassieleigh4242)
  • Always kill the last critter while moving on the top row... left side... and ... you will begin the next level firing at all of them in a row... killing most of the critters as the game starts on every level (abercromb92)

Coconut Shy

How to get: Knock down a coconut.
  • Right-click to aim with your mouse pointer for a better chance of hitting the coconut. However, although this will greatly increase your chances, as it is random, this won't guarantee a hit!

Destruct-O-Match III

How to get: Score 2500+
NT Game Guides: dipper70 | ginny_invisible | guitrplyr | yautja_warrior


  • Get rid of the timed block IMMEDIATELY! If you don't, it will become a crossbones block that you can ONLY get rid of by using the dynamite block.
  • Aim to clear the board -- you'll get bonus points! (bakura_lover22)
  • Choose which colour you think has the most, and destroy all the unmatching blocks. Later, you will have one large block of the same colour, meaning you will score more points.
  • Don't use the overkill block, or the block with all the arrows that gets rid of all the blocks of that colour, until you have gotten rid of as many of those colours as possible first, otherwise you won't score as many points.
  • It helps to work from top to bottom.
  • If you see lots of similar-coloured blocks close together, try to get rid of the small groups of blocks first of unmatching colours. Then, you will be able to get rid of a large block of the same colour, scoring more points.
  • In first 2 levels of normal mode - after getting rid of timed block, I get rid of as much of the overkill block's color before using the overkill block. I save the question mark for last with the goal of just it or one other color so that the screen can be cleared and extra points for a large section of one color can be made. This usually makes you 800-850 points by level three. All other levels - obviously timed block goes first but if it seems impossible then I quickly kill the overkill blocks colors then use the overkill and that will usually open up the timed one to get rid of. It's important to make note of the 3x block and not use overkill if this will put it in a bad position. I group as many 3x as I can before I use the question mark to hopefully add more to the 3x. I work for the bottom up especially in later levels when it is harder to group blocks of colors together. Fire boulder is always used when nothing else can be done although if you need to use it earlier to group more 3x together it's worthwhile to use earlier. Thinking ahead is the key. (tortyfly)


How to get: Win the Jackpot
Game Guides: bgyr_yoshi |
NT Game Guides: hey_fritters | mrquints | silverspirit64 | star15389 | TinkyTinkerbell


  • TNT made it freezable to hold down a key for your own benefit. If one wants to use the tip, he/she should keep on pressing the enter key and not hold it or put some heavy object onto it. (maddymar)

Dice Escape

How to get: Score 1000+

Game Guides: lil_miss_baby_bear | mikedodge | neoknight_xvi | Sue_wan | xxattitudexx

Secret Codes:

moretimeruki Reset the game timer. Once per game. (twilightcompanion)
helpmeplease Reset game timer again! Once per game. (twilightcompanion)
flybywire Make all the floor tiles appear in wire frame mode (just for fun!) (twilightcompanion)
topdown Switch to a top-down view. Type topdown again to return to normal mode (also for fun, may be easier) (twilightcompanion)

Double or Nothing

How to get: Collect your winnings of 320 neopoints or more.


  • Hints? On a game of luck? :)
  • All the buttons except for the first coin you are to press are in the exact same spot. Just set up your mouse, and get clicking for the first few rounds or until you lose. This helps make the rounds go a bit faster.

Dubloon Disaster 2

How to get: Score 2500+.

Game Guides: astealore | dragonoftheseas2 | o03lilchicka0o

NT Game Guides: imperial_magna | writer190
Old DD NT Game Guides: anyalaeneri16 | cubeof11 | lcarlylse | plutoplus1 | ptide85 | solidus_snake

Secret Codes:

blackpawkeet Increases your chances of getting a 100 dubloon coin. (xenite2002)
scallywags Create a whirlpool to get rid of all those nasty mines. (Once per game)
  • Avoid the whirlpools. They can pull you in from a fair distance, so beware!
  • Near the beginning gather all nine mines in the center. Make sure they are close enough to avoid causing you trouble, but not so close that they will blow up. This way you can go around them to easily get the dubloons without fear of one appearing and destroying you. If one appears in the center of your mine gathering, stay far away from the group in the direction you want the mines to go. Slowly coax them away from the dubloon, being careful not to blow anything up. When the mines are far enough away from the dubloon so you can safely get it, fetch the dubloon. Although you still have to be careful of whirlpools. If this happens, start the process over again. The downsides of this strategy is that it can be difficult to gather the mines, and unless a whirlpool destroyed all the mines, you can't take a break. But on the bright side, the dubloons are easy to get if the mines are gathered out of your way and you don't have to worry about a mine appearing on you and destroying you without any chance of getting away. (catlovin7)
  • Another strategy is to get two mines and then coax them together so they blow up. Then get two more dubloons and blow up the resulting two mines in the same way as before. You keep doing this until you reach your goal, or death comes upon you. The downside is that since mines are continually appearing, one can appear on top of you, leaving you without any way to escape being blown up. The advantages are frequent breaks and there are never more than two mines on the board to get in your way, so getting dubloons is easy. (catlovin7)
  • Try to get a coin while a whirlpool is running because it will create another mine which may get swept into the whirlpool. (michellejkittie)
  • Don't worry too much. Only one whirlpool will open in any one game! Sometimes after you create a whirlpool another one will appear, but it only lasts for a second and goes away again. They aren't strong enough to do anything though. (kransp)

Escape from Meridell Castle

How to get: Get a hi-score in the top 50 or trophy. Awarded nightly at 4am NST.
Game Guides: codemaster38789 | ddaniiel
NT Game Guides: fastomache1982 | neostephania | solidus_snake

Secret Codes:

valrigard Reset the clock.
  • My strategy was to keep restarting the game until the first "?" square gave me 100 points and then continue from there. (webcricket)
  • I couldn't help but notice that getting 1s,2s,3s,4s or 100s is NOT random. But its almost impossible to control that anyway;
    • 1 point = 1-50 milliseconds of the second;
    • 2 points =50-70 milliseconds of the second;
    • 3 points = 70-85 milliseconds of the second;
    • 4 points = 85-95 milliseconds of the second;
    • 100 points = 95-100 miliseconds of the second.
  • THIS isn't really confirmed. It's a theory, but whenever I get 100 points, it's always right under the next second and I did test it in the first level, but its not easy since you have to be extremely accurate. (soccerstar712)

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