How in Neopia did you stumble upon such fetid surroundings? Moments ago you were fervently arguing with the Brain Tree, and now you're knee-deep in the mucky, brackish waters of some forsaken swamp. You glance around nervously and see that you're surrounded by ghostly trees, growing eerily out of the water. Fog swirls lazily over the murky surface, mimicking your current thought processes, no prospect of escape looking too positive.

Suddenly, a splash erupts behind you, a telltale sign of some treacherous creature lurking in the dark water. You swivel around clumsily and see that nothing's there...not even a ripple. Your heart begins pounding viciously against your ribcage as you look up from the the water and see a soft light emanating from an overhang of roots ahead of you, at the foot of a behemoth tree.Well, light equals goodness, doesn't it?

You waste no time getting to the overhang, pushing aside the dry reeds hanging between the gigantic roots like curtains, and stumble upon a peculiar creature. It looks like a monster and you consider facing the swamp instead, but then you notice the spectacles on its muzzle, and the novel between its claws. The creature smiles bemusedly and looks as you kindly.

My, what a lost little drifter you seem to be. I would come in here as far away from the swamp as you can. There aren't pleasant personalities out there, and certainly not any you outside folk could handle...


Settle down wherever you'd like. I can escort you out of the swamplands tomorrow morning, as you wouldn't be safe out there at night, even with my protection. Night is falling quickly now, so why don't we pass some time and get to know each other a bit?

I see that you're giving me a strange look, still. Yes, I am a Neopet. An Eyrie, even! My family mutated beyond the standard mutant biochemical structure of my species, which explains the nonexistent resemblance, of course.

Still surprised? Oh, you must be shocked that I can converse in a civil manner, the monster that I am. I agree that most mutants don't communicate with commoners particularly well, and you're aware of the social animosity between the two. As for me, I was an avid reader from the start and went into studying biology, so my speech is rather technical and I spent my time poring over books more than I did socializing with my kin.

My good friend Brain did this sketch of me, along with handy footnotes. She takes an interest in the more bizarre inhabitants of Neopia and spends a lot of time studying them.
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Well, I do have quite a bit of spare time around here, so I whittle tiny statues in the likeness of my Eyrie species. Feel free to take one, I have many, just leave the ones labeled 'custom'. Those are special orders!


a.) no stealing please (don't remove my sig, don't enter in BC, etc)
b.) no copying/tracing
c.) no taking a custom unless I made it for you!

requests - OPEN
trades - OPEN

neomail comarbles :)

(anyone can adopt!)


My Customs!


I've noticed your keen interest in the fungi that adorns my home. It's fitting, considering my occupation. I am a Mycologist, which means I study Neopian fungi, categorizing their genetic properties and uses. Some fungi causes sickness, while others heal. Some are edible, some will poison you. And so forth.

You don't really think much of them, I'm sure, but they're actually rather intriguing. Fungi is more evolutionarily related to you than the prettier plants, like flowers, are.

Here, just take a look inside my field journal.

Boletales Cruorem, the Blood Mushroom
The connotation sounds menacing, and this mushroom is rumored to obtain its color from preying on small creatures. This is false, of course, as this mushroom is entirely lacking in a digestive system. The rich maroon color actually comes from an overabundance of phosphorus buildup, as these are found near areas in Tyrannia where sulfur and phosphorus are abundant. It is edible, though it might give you a bit of stomach trouble so consumption isn't entirely encouraged.

Boletales Nitidus, the Bloater Shroom
The name is pretty spot-on with this fungi, which is entirely edible and pleasant tasting, having a flavor akin to hazelnut. However, caution must be used when consuming it, as it expands in the stomach and causes temporary, but uncomfortable, bloating when eaten with too much gusto.

Salus Agaric, the Blue Health Shroom


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