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About me

My name is Lottie, I'm a 22 years old student and I've been playing neopets for more than 7 years! This is my main account. On this account I collect my dreampets. I am really happy because I already have three of my dreampets! I'm not sure what my fourth dreampet is yet, I fancy a woodland cybunny or a pirate gelert at the moment or an UC grey or faerie pet. I also like to save up some neopoints. I collect stamps on this account and Qeazi wants to win the book award so I need a lot of neopoints to buy books. I also need neopoints to buy nice things for my neofriends. I love helping other people, that is why I joined the Pure Charity guild.

In my free time I love to take long walks with my dog, hugging my cat, gardening, reading Harry Potter and other stories, arts and crafts and cooking. My favourite beverage is tea.
I really love drinking tea, because tea always makes the day a little better!

My two cats Finn (La Perm x Devon Rex) and Suzy (Devon Rex).

About my pets

This is Qaezi the skunk xweetok. He was the first pet I made when I started playing again and I saved up to buy a skunk paint brush for him very quick. Qaezi loves reading and would like to win the book award, he already has read many books but still isn't close to winning one. He has a petpet as well an altachuck named Sherlock.

This is Evinova the spotted lupe. I made her myself as well. I fell in love with her name and got really excited when I discovered this name was still available. First I saved up to buy the paint brush then I made her. She like adventures and likes to have her own adventerous custom story one day. She has a petpet: Foxy the juma.

This is Girmyl the Faerie Eyrie. I adopted him a couple of years ago, but I cannot quite remember how I obtained hi exactly. I know I made a lot of applications for different Faerie Eyries because it was my ultimate dreampet. But I don't remeber if I got Girmyl from doing an application or through trade. Oh well, it doesn't matter because I really love him :) Here you can see him with his Faellie: Nutella.

This is Tizzette the Camouflage Cybunny. She is my newest pet and I am very happy with her. I got her from a very generous stranger on the boards. I was looking to trade some dreampets for guild members and the mysterious girl tells me she wants to trade Paige's dreampet, so I was really happy and then she offered me Tizzette to adopt, this was by far the best day on neo I've ever expirenced :D

My dreampets

Altough I have my dreamies at the moment, I would always fancy the following pets. So if you ever see one UFA let me know :) I like to make an app and I'm afraid I don't have any pets what I could trade for an UC pet.

UC faerie dreamies

UC grey dreamies

UC plushie dreamies


Hello my name is Tizzette and I'm Lottie's latested edition to the family. Here you can see a picure of me and my best friend Winnie the ukali.

Because I am the newest familymember I get the honor to host Lottie's personal page. Here she will tell about her history on neopets, her dreams and goals and she will introduce me and my brothers and sister!

My neostory

Long time ago (about 8 years ago) I started playing neopets. First I created an account called Lotjelotteke. I managed to obtain all my dreampets on this account: Ikozam the ghost xweetok, Vezpor the mutant gelert, Haboker the halloween gelert adn Viitala the darigan ixi. On this account I played for years, but when I got a warning I decided to move my pets to my side account Lotteke1111. Offcourse karma struc and Lotteke1111 got frozen. About this time I decided to quit neopets, because I didn't feel like starting all over again.

It took some years before I started playing neopets again. I started playing on a former side account x_duck. Here I created Qaezi and Evinova and adopted Girmyl. I was on and of neo for some time, occacionally logging in to put my pets in the noelodge and doing some dailies. Early in the year 2014 I decided to start playing serious again, I joined a great guild Pure Charity and made a lot f new friends! Unfortunatly I was silenced (still don't know why) and was a little demotivated to keep playing. But I decided to move all my pets to another side account: Yulunga_. Here I am very happy now and a kind stranger gave Tizzette to me she was one of my dreampets!

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