Hello! Welcome to Zel's Anchoring Guide! While scrolling around on the HC, you might see boards asking for help with anchoring for petpages. It seems oh so complicated, but when broken down, can be very simple! If you need any help please neomail me at zel_corliss. You can also click here to check out my site,Add a Name Petpages. I hope you find this guide useful. I try to update it whenever I feel it is necessary, but please keep in mind that this site is here simply for help; I don't come on here every day. Like I said, if you need help, neomail me.


30 July 2012
Hello, everyone! It's been a year since I've updated this guide, but there hasn't really been a reason for me to do so. I don't think I'll be changing the layout anytime soon, but you never know. Once in a while, I still get neomails from people telling me how the guide helped them :) I'm glad to hear it! Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to neomail me at zel_corliss.

16 April 2011
New layout! I love it! It's much better than the last one. you can really see how much I've improved. I fixed a few things around the site, as you can see. I'll be adding more extras soon, I think. Remember that you can always neomail me if you're stuck or need help. Like the other day I got a neomail seeking help, and I helped the person to fix her site. You can neomail me at zel_corliss. Please do not neomail this account (zc_side) because it's my side account.

19 February 2011
Whoa, so after the new filters came in, the guide was unusable because there were no textareas. I just got around to fixing it today (hey, I've been busy!) so it's now usable.

1 February 2011
Unfortunately there's a major petpage glitch going on right now, and one of the effects is that textareas no longer work, so this guide isn't really usable at the moment, but I'll let you know when it is!

29 January 2011
So I haven't updated in a few weeks, but there hasn't really been a need to. Anyways, I'm in the process of adding another subpage about layout tips. Go to 'extras' to see it! Check out my other site too.

7 January 2011
I've been listed at Soroptimist Directory, Little Black Book, and Elle's Help Guide. I've also added a "Site Tips" section to the Extras page.

4 January 2011
Welcome! I had the idea for this site earlier today, and bam: here it is! Please read the introduction below. The navigation is above. If you need help with anything, you can neomail me at zel_corliss. Also, please check out my premades + request site, Raining Kadoaties. The link is in the intro below. Enjoy!

the guide

Are you ready to learn how to anchor your pages? Good! Now let's begin.

Part One

First, you should already have your layout designed and such. For the purpose of this guide, we're going to say that the div that your content will be in is called #content. In your #content code, make sure you have this: overflow:hidden;. Say it looks something like this:

Next, you're going to need a div class. Again, for the sake of this guide, let's call it .page. Now, this is where the guide really begins. Say your #content div's height is 400px. You're going to need the height of your .page coding to be the same as your #contents height. So basically: the height of #content and .page MUST be the same. So now for this guide, both heights must be set at 400px. Now, for your .page code, the overflow should be set to auto. You don't need to have anything else in the .page code except for this: (make sure you have the dot in front of "page.")

Yay! You've now successfully completed Part 1 of this guide.

Part Two

This part is simply just about setting the links and adding the actual content itself. Once you finish this step, go out there and anchor your pages away!

Okay, so first, you'll need to decide what you want your site's pages to be. For our sake, let's go with Home, About, and Contact. (Make sure you have a home page).

Here's an example preview of the navigation:

The parts that are in all caps don't actually have to be in all caps; I just think it looks neater. The regular text that isn't in all caps that says Home, About, Contact can be called whatever. Those are what the page will be called when people see it. If you're lost, please ask for help.

Final part! Woooo! Okay, so see the code below? See that stuff above that has a # in front of it? Well, where it says "HERE" put what you have above there. Like above, where one of my links is #HOME, I would put HOME where it says here. You don't need the # in front of it. Next, when it says the div class="page", remember the div class we made called page? Well that's it! That just signals the HTML to know to anchor your pages. Also in the box below, where it says "Blah" put all of your actual content there.

So once you've set all of that up, YOU'RE DONE! If something's not right, please feel free to neomail me and ask for help. I hope I did an okay job of explaining it. The most important thing for you to remember is:IT TAKES PRACTICE!. Trial and error will become your friend in HTML (: If you happen to look at the code for THIS very page, you'll see a class="navy in my page links. That's only there for customization; so I can get my navigation links to look different than my regular links. Make sense? Good.

the end!



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layout tips

Use an image in your layout. It looks much more inviting and high quality.
Come up with a nice theme. You don't want a theme that looks unorganized. Make sure your colours (bold text, italic, etc) fits with the colours from the image in your layout.
Don't use an overused image/theme for your layout. Like this one, this one, and this one.
Make sure your layout is high quality. If you can't design one yourself, request one or get one from my site, Add a Name Petpages.
If your site is going to be making layouts, you should make your own layout. It seems a little odd to visitors if you make layouts, yet you couldn't even make your own.
Can't find a superduperwonderfullyawesome image to use? When in doubt, try Hawiku!

site tips

This is a list of tips that are helpful in running a site. Keep a nice, clean, well-designed site will draw even more visitors.

A nice, well-designed layout. Unless you have amazing skill in Microsoft Paint, I would say not to use it. Programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro are good to use. A nice layout will show that whatever you're making or doing is of great quality.
Affiliates and listers. It's a great way to get your site out there. It also increases your site's popularity.
Only attempt to do what you can do. I see this all the time. People who have button sites, premades sites, and more who hardly know how to code. Make sure you know what you're doing. Guides may be helpful.
Ask for help. There are plenty of friendly people on Neopets. Need a layout? Ask someone who does requests (like me!) Or if you're having coding issues, try the HC (Help Chat).
Always test your layout. Sometimes the Neopets signature can overlap with things and mess up your nice layout.
Before you officially announce your Grand Opening, make sure you actually have content on your site. People want examples to know if you're any good.
Be professional in the way you type/talk. Don't use Instant Messenger/LOL language in neomails to clients. It's often hard to understand and it just looks unprofessional.
Enter yourself in contests. It's another great way for people to find your site, and if you win, it's great publicity!
If you do requests, make sure you get them done on time. There's nothing more annoying that waiting weeks for a request. If a site does requests, they should know what comes along with it. A week is a good maximum wait time.
Pretty link back buttons are necessary. If you can't make them yourself, you have two options. 1) Look up tutorials and attempt to make one yourself. 2) Request one from a button site! A few I'd suggest are HERE,HERE and HERE.
Update your layout monthly. A fresh, new design is always nice. It shows that you update your site. The same layout for a long period of time can get dull and boring.
Be nice! Being rude, annoying, or unhelpful to clients will most likely cause them to cancel their request or say bad things about your site :(


Zel's Anchoring Guide was created on 4 January 2011. People often need help with anchoring, so I figured, why not make a guide? Please understand that this is not a full-on-updated-daily site. I update when I feel that it is necessary or if I add something. Hence, I do not want to receive any affiliate requests.

Listers, however, are welcome! Please neomail me at my main account, zel_corliss.


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