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Welcome to my screenies, guest. Yes, i know your name!! Neomail me for anything, i will soon make better screenies as i improve. I will make selections when i have lots of screenies, and also, view beckyismybff screenies and thorpe_park_boi1 screenies.

I started in early January, 2009.


Q. What do you do your screenies with?
A. MS Paint, but hopefully I will use something better soon.

Q. c4nz 11 take over uR 4cC0uN7?
A. *gives muffin* Congrats on being a failure. Oh wait, it was a dung muffin, sorry.

Q. Can I have your award.
A. Isn't it obvious what i'm going to say? Well, ask first..

Q. Can I use your characters?
A. Unless your my neofriend and we had a silly conversation, ask first please.

A. ... Why.. can't you just NM me and guess what I am going to say?

Q. Okay. *puts on serious hat* I love your screenies.
A. Thanks, but are we over this yet? It's filling up my FAQ.

Q. Hey, how come my fanmail isn't in a screenie?!
A. I don't screenie it unless it's funny, sorry.

Q. I likes pie
A. That's not going to get into a screenie unless your a neofriend..

Q. Can I send you an award/fanart?
A. Sure, and I LOVE fanart btw :)

Q. They aren't funny. Noob.
A. *sprays idiot-be-gone*

Q. Can you draw something for me?
A. Friends only.

I CURRENTLY post screenies almost every week or something. I am lazy.

Please dont fill up my inbox with loads of mail other than fan mail.

I look like a n00b XD Sorry about the terrible drawing of me. Vgvtf is supossed to be a bad name
Vgvtf: Loser.
Tigy: Well we all know who is the best here :3 :K

Anyway, finally, these are my screenies!

I used it wisely alright! XD

Mail... Np.... RE's.... scares me. (Note: why does tigy look like a teddy bear in the 2nd picture? Its because i forgot the tail :P)

Lame ghost, thats all tigy can say.

Yeah! You can get them for 550K - 600K! Isnt that great?

No comment O_o

This list is long, and me and tigy was bored (not by this board, just got bored eventually)

Tummy hurts!

I got seriously bored.

Munch.......................Yuck! *spit*

This isnt plastic, right?

*VERY deep shock*

Happy Birthday Tigy :K

Party! And soon, tigy says, were going to open the christmas presents from santa!

This plushie shop is f...f..freeezing!!!

Blumaroo: RAWRR! I hope the weathers nice near Virtupets, since youre going there!

Kass: :(

*munch* Mmmmm, crayon pie! (more randomness)


I like the esphogor (sp?) now :D

Tarla: Ummm, hold on, you prize will come soon! (hopefully)

This person started 12 pages of spam. 26 months wasted :o

I like the super hat man :D

Im not scared of you anymore :K

GAAAH! Where did you come from!?!??!

Wait, im not addicted to NM! *cough*

Tigy: Hey! You hit my nose!That brownish green stuff is everywhere now!

Aint my lookie just lucky?

Moo (thats his name): But im ill, somehow! Im serious!

There going to "poof" on us!!!

Junk. Pffftt, how expensive. Wait, im himuliating myself?

Its like trading, but the more lucky way B)

And i only paid a Fresh Green Salad and a healing potion for it!!!

This scared me so much. I had night-mares for ages.

I did it randomly!
(I only just got this avvie O_o)

That chokato and his brother bagguss need to be much nicer.

Hes laughing at me :( And disappointed (sp?) :(:o

Imagine that faerie playing with that disc anyway...

She could be zapped. Stupid lady :o Shes not armed with any weapons.


Mini Egg: La la la la la Tigy: *comes with hammer* EPIC SMASH!

67 months and no avvie! Sorry this isnt coloured in.

Darkest faerie... looking at fish? Thankfully vgvtf is invisible.

Wonder where she has been O.O

*Cammila ripped up into tiny pieces*

King Skarl: I knew i should have given the coffee instead.

Vgvtf: Bwahaha! Who can be the best now?

To explain whats happening: The symol throws him up out of the hole and then the soot falls back on the symol *deep breath*

Guys, i'll make screenies for now on, often, unless I take a break. Promise? :3

No comment.

Nah, I didn't.

When I tried that with a real rock...

Link back!

My award!

NM me and only take it if i say you can have it.

Awards and fan art:

Yay my first award! Thanks thorpe_park_boi1!!!!

Sasha's award for great Screenies! (0_snow_0_flake_0)
Sasha's Award for great Screenies! CONGRATZ KIMY!To make ur own pet award go here .


Yaay! W000t! Thanks!

Thanks! I love the picture of tigy!

Thank you o0angel0o274 and Chuck!

Thank you ashleytfan888 :D:D

wow! your screenies must really rock!

Thank you rocketblaster202 :)

Thanks so much!

Yay! Thankies!

Yay woot! Thanks!

:D Yay :D

Thankies so much!

Thanks Kimberley!


Woot thanks!!!!

Thank you much!!!


Thanks you! :D

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