Welcome to The Golden Inn's website. TGI is a cozy neorelated hotel, established since 2011. Our goal is to provide a cozy home for you and your neofriends with a perfect environment for relaxed chatter and creation of lasting new friendships. We also have a lot of activities to offer that'll help you achieve your neogoals and improve skills in different areas of neopets. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions so dont hesitate to neomail me. Offering fantastic views, rapid service and limitless fun, this five star hotel would love to have you check into one of our suites and enjoy a very long stay. Our guild is private so we can have a more tight knit community and keep track of members. We're also semi-literate which is the preferred literacy for most neopians looking for a guild and have no joining requirements so everyone is welcome to join (and you have no excuse not to)!

our history

  Inspired by traveling across the globe and staying at the most elegant hotels in the world, Madame decided to create a guild that will express her passion. The Golden Inn was created on August Xth, 2011 with the help of a few friends. We incorporated the hotel theme and gave the guild a pool, each member a room, a buffet, and lots of other small roleplaying features to add to add a twist to being 'neorelated' which made the guild unique and attracted the attention of many gcers. After hours of advertising, TGI has gained quite a few members and all the activities and chatter began.

  Soon, a co-owner joined the guild by the name of Renzo and with her help and the activeness of members the guild blossomed. Brand new activities and ranks were introduced. As years went by, TGI continued expanding and expanding and before we knew it, we reached the two hundred member mark. Then school season began and Madame left on hiatus but when she returned a month later she found the guild quiet and Renzo absent. It took a while to recover, but after Renzo was officially removed from council, the guild turned a new leaf and nearly doubled the members and not stopping at four hundred by the time we celebrated our second birthday.

  After our recent revamp, we completely re-created the guild and set a new member cap at 100 members and brand new policies that ensure that all members are (semi) active and involved. Over the years, the guild has improved tremendously though years of learning and evolving. Today we are still standing strong and getting ready to celebrate our third birthday soon. We have new priorities and have developed relationships with other guilds and a reputation as one of the most established guilds on the gc.

the staff

*sips tea* I'm Madame, owner of The Golden Inn. Outside of neo I enjoy running (finishing a triathlon is something I want to do before I die) and I'm passionate about nutrition (and am a very happy vegan). My first language is russian but I speak English and Spanish fluently. I'm an upperclassman in high school taking many AP and honors classes so I might be a little busy during the school year. I love traveling and drinking red, white and herbal teas. I adore animals. On neo I love chatting, restocking, designing graphics and running this lovely guild.
Whats always in your pocket?: Lip gloss, a hair brush and an ipod.

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mar (myharto) TGI is one of the most welcoming guilds Iv'e been apart of. I've met some of my closest friends there. The guild thrives on the activity and friendship that intertwines throughout the guild. It is really beautiful to see and experience. Madame does a great job of caring for the guild with an upbeat heart, she puts a lot of work into The Golden Inn for all of her members to enjoy. Kudos and amazing guild~alia (boomoop) The Golden Inn is not your ordinary guild, it much better than that. It doesn't want to be another fish in the sea, it wants to be the whale of the sea, (OK, bad comparison.) What I'm saying is, is that The Golden Inn, (or TGI,) is like a second home. Everyone welcomes you from the moment you send in your application. Madame is super kind to all 200 members of TGI. max (lethalmax) Finding a continuously evolving guild involving every single guild buddy seems like it just impossible. Before I joined The Golden Inn that is! TGI is so involving and so friendly that every single time I log onto my laptop ~ I have a sense of home. These people are not viewed as random online chatters- but more of a sense of family. Look into The Golden inn- It may change your entire perspective on how truly amazing a guild can be on neo. muskaan (muchoo89) TGI is more than a guild to me, it's like a second home! :3 Owned by the most amazing leader Madame, this guild can't get any better! Without TGI I'd probably have already quit neo by now, but with welcoming and friendly members there was no possible way I could bear to leave!! One thing's for sure, TGI is "THE BEST GUILD EVER"! harrow (harrowfield) I 110% believe that TGI is the sweetest, friendliest, most helpful family of Neopians, and I am so, so very grateful to be a part of it! alec (temporarysuspended) The setup of this guild is incredible. the graphics are far beyond any of the other guilds I have seen. I'm a new member and am extremely impressed with both the activeness and friendliness of all members. There is also many guild activities too! mariah (mariah_socool) Before, I thought finding a guild was hopeless and that I would never find one to stay in forever. But The Golden Inn came alone and I love this guild so dearly. I would never want the leave the amazing people here. TGI forever ♥ BEST GUILD EVER. miyu (miyumiyu) The Golden Inn isn't just a guild - it is a tight, lovely family! TGI is like my second home, and I love being online to talk to my friends every day. I joined TGI after a hiatus, and I was warmly welcomed, making loads of friends to talk to! I love TGI! renzo (cleo_u_rock) Best guild ever. Best people ever. Best experience ever. Thank you The Golden Inn for creating the best, memorable moments for me and my friends!

rules & ranks

1. no stealing We strive to be a unique guild which is why we create unique activities and its not unusual that members who decide to create their own guild take our ideas too. Please dont, we spent hours brainstorming.
2. semi-literacy is a must Perfection is hard to achieve and everyone makes mistakes which is totally fine, but please try to capitalize those first letters of a sentence and spell the words correctly. After all, adding a dot (period) at the end of a sentence isn't that hard.
3. dont join if you aren't participating We do 'surprise' members sweeps every several weeks so please dont join us if you aren't going to chat or participate in the guild. If you are absent for a period of time or on vacation, please let me know (dont worry, we understand real life comes before neo).
guest everyone once they first check into the hotel is a guest, a brand new member who is just familiarizing themselves with the hotel.
lodger after spending some time at the guild and reaching 100 posts, a member gets an 'upgrade' and is now eligible to own their own suite at the hotel.
premium premium members, who reach 250 posts are very familiar with the guild and they can finally join the judge panel at the fashion shows.
resident residents have established their place at the hotel after 500 posts and are eligible to participate in private 1np auctions that are held monthly for only the most loyal members of the guild.
elite almost like royalty, elite members with 1000 posts have the right to small admin powers that are especially assigned by Madame for being a role model.


frequently asked questions
This is your go-to page for any of the many questions you might have before joining us or even while you are a guild member. More are being added constantly as well.

previous layouts
We have screenied every layout that the guild ever had dat!ng back to 2011 when we were first created. This page will show just how much we have grown and improved over the years.


These layouts go back to our very first layout back in 2011! You can see how much we've grown and improved over the years of our existence. The layouts are listed in order from oldest to most recent! You can hover over the images to see when it was used and who made it.

The layouts above were used before our revamp (so dont be surprised about the 100's of members on the stats) and the layouts below are the most recent layouts that we used after the revamp.

Frequently Asked Q's

do you accept side accounts?
Yes, we accept side accounts as long as they are active but we always prefer that you join on your main account and you cant be in more than one other guild because it might effect your activeness at TGI.
are you looking for council?
Yes, we're always accepting new staff members who can help out in the guild. Staff members must have a specific set of skills alond with knowledge and experience. If you are interested, dont be afraid to drop me a neomail.

why was my app rejected?
There are a variety of reasons but most common ones being either your lack of literacy (typing 'u' instead of you and such) or joining for the sole reason of participating in our 1np trades and auctions. We rarely reject applications.
what are coins and how do I use them?
Coins are a system of currency at the guild and you can earn them by participating in activities (like at the arcade or the fashion shows) and redeem them at the spa room by requesting graphics, artwork or any other services listed.

what do I do if I'll be gone on a vacation?
You can let me know that you'll be gone so you aren't removed from the guild during our next member sweep. If your vacation lasts several months then we'd appreciate if you re-joined the guild when you got back.
what do I do if a member is harassing me?
We dont want any drama in the guild. Please report this to me immediately and if its serious then you can also submit a ticket to tnt with all the information.


link back


- envelope from bedazzled


Since TGI is a private guild, we require an application. You can submit it via neomail but its best if you put it on a petpage and send us a link. Be as specific or vague as you'd like. Typically an application is about a paragraph or two per section.

About You: Start with your name and timezone and then feel free to tell us your hobbies and anything you'd like.
Guild & graphics: Tell us what guilds you have been a part of (or owned) in the past and if you know how to design graphics or layouts (+ examples).
Why TGI?: Explain what made our guild stand out and if you can contribute in any way with ideas, graphics or chatter.