Thyell, Knight of Roses

Ser Thyell

Welcome, traveler! Please, rest your feet, break your fast. You must be weary from your journey! Allow me to entertain you with a tale of my valor...


Name: Ser Thyell of Lighthallow
Alias: Knight of the Roses
Occupation: Annointed Knight of the Realm of the Sun
Age: 23
Birthdate: Second Day of the First Month of the Third year of King Severus, may the gods praise his memory
Familial Status: Second in line for the high seat of Lighthollow
Family: His older brother, Williard, Lord of Lighthollow; His young nephew, heir to Lighthollow

Thyell spends his days training at swords, lances, archery, riding, and other knightly endeavors. His evenings, however, he spends entertaining the high lords and ladies. Spending his time dancing, dining, and regaling them with tales of valor (often his own), he spends as much time at court as possible.

Thyell has cast his eye upon becoming King Consort, with his fair appearance, smooth tongue, and feats in the, tourney-field. His gleaming armor has never seen the gore of war. Yet, he has talent in spades, and ambition to match; and he's not afraid to get under your skin to make his way to the top. Don't underestimate his chivalric mannerisms...he's whiling his way to the top with compliments and kind manipulation. For some day, you will see him in the cloak of royalty, living in splendor and comfort beside his king.

A Golden Road

The brilliant evening sunset was settling into darkness as Thyell strolled through the castle gardens, mindlessly humming the songs the minstrels had played at that evening's feast. The full moon was rising above the towering rosebushes. A fountain played in the next courtyard over, a tinkling counterpoint to his song. His mind was far from that beautiful garden, however, reeling with images of battle and glory heralded in song. He was so distracted, in fact, that he quite literally ran into another occupant of the gardens.

Startled out of his thoughts, Thyell bounced back. "My sincerest apologies my good sir, I find I was lost in my own mi- Your Grace!" For it was the king with whom he'd collided. He bowed low, eyes on the ground, and burst into an apology. "I am so sorry, Your Grace, for I was not watching where I was going carefully enough. I was lost in a song, my king, your minstrel played so fairly this eve. With your leave I would return to my rooms, so as not to intrude on your solitude in these gardens," he rambled, staring at the king's well-shone garden slippers.

The king spoke gently. "Nay, gentle knight, rise, for I too was lost in thought and not watching the path my feet took." Thyell stood, looking his king in the eye for the first time. He was a handsome king; dark hair contrasting with bright eyes, and he held an air of confidence. There was gentleness there, too, and a strength befitting of a king.

Thyell rose slowly, taking in the splendor of the king's garb, careful to keep his eyes low and off the monarch's face. The last thing he wanted was to appear impertinent. His doublet was richly embroidered with the images of hunting wolves, green and gold vinework decorating the seams. A forest green cloak cascaded from his broad shoulders, held in place by a golden chain. The ends of dark, chocolate-brown hair tickled his jawline, but that was as high as Thyell dared allow his own deep blue eyes to wander.

Shaking himself out of his awe, Thyell replied, "And yet I still apologize. I should have been paying more mind to the garden's beauty and noticed you..." He snapped his jaw shut before he could say something stupid about the king being the most beautiful thing there.

The king smiled, "What's done is done, it is no bother. Young man, do I have the pleasure of meeting the Knight of Roses?"

At this, Thyell's head snapped up. "You know of me?" He queried, surprised. He'd won a few tourneys, but for him to have caught the eye of the king...

."Certainly, Ser Thyell...I watched you tilt against the young Ser Thorn at the Harvest Tourney last year. A brilliant ride, if I may."

Thyell was shocked. "Of course you may, Your Grace. I did not think you would be watching."

The king shifted. "Walk with me ser, I would show you the beauty of our gardens."

Finally, Thyell looked up to meet the king's deep brown eyes. "Absolutely Your Grace. It would be my pleasure."

The king smiled, taking Thyell's arm. "The pleasure, my dear knight, is mine. And please, call me Raymond."

To be continued...