Hubrid Nox appears in the Art Gallery!

Random Events are updated, including an updated Hubrid Nox event!

A Villains themed edition of the Neopian Times is released, featuring Nox in the background! Several entries featuring Hubrid also feature.

As part of Chia Day, Nox is mentioned in a poem and in the art gallery!

Nox is mentioned in a Caption Competition winning entry!

Nox appears in an Art Gallery winning entry!

Nox appears in an Advent Calendar animation!

Nox is mentioned in a winning Christmas poem!

Nox is mentioned in two winning Halloween poems!

The Followers of Nox are mentioned in one of the messages in the Neovian Catacombs, as part of the Spooky Food Eating Contest!

A poem featuring Nox is featured in the Poetry Gallery!

Several Nox-themed items are awarded as prizes from the Spooky Food Eating Contest!

Several Nox-themed entries appear in the Neopian Times!

A Storytelling contest that becomes Nox-themed begins!

A Hubrid Nox themed Storytelling contest begins!

Hubrids Noxious Blade is retired from the Hidden Tower along with several other non-Nox items.

Three Nox themed items are released as prizes from the Daily Dare when MAGAX: Destroyer II is the featured game!

A poem appears in the Poetry Gallery which features Nox!

Old Castle Nox NC items are re-released in preparation of the game's retirement.

Hubrid Nox features in the Storytelling contest!

Hubrid Nox is revealed to be an honourary member of the Awakened in a Neopedia!

Hubrid Nox features in an ability in the remodeled Battledome!

Hubrid Nox features in an Art Gallery entry!

Hubrid Nox features in a Neopian Times comic!

Hubrid Nox mentioned in a poem about MAGAX!

Hubrid Nox is featured in an advent animation!

Hubrid Nox is used as a costume in a Neopet that places 4th in the Beauty Contest!

Hubrid Nox is mentioned in the daily Masks of Dread quest! A Castle Nox trick or treat bag was also released!

Hubrid Nox is mentioned in the daily Masks of Dread quest! His ghost was stealing things on Terror Moutain! (later revealed to be Kanrik in disguise)

A Nox themed comic appears in the Neopian Times!

Castle Nox appears in a background (Haunted Faire Background) released in the NC Mall!

A (loosely) Nox themed comic appears in the Neopian Times!

A Nox themed comic appears in the Neopian Times!

A Nox themed entry comes 8th in the Caption Competition!

Nox is listed as the answer to the Daily Puzzle! Many Nox-themed entries also feature in the Neopian Times!

A Nox themed entry wins the Poetry competition, and several Nox entries appear in the Art Gallery!

A Nox themed entry wins the Storytelling Competition!

A Nox themed caption comes 4th in the Caption Competition!

A Nox themed poem is featured in the Poetry Contest!

A Nox themed entry wins the Neopets Twitter account's #NeoVillains contest!

The Nox Memorial Page is launched!

Vampire themed tablet released in the new features!

Hubrid Nox featured as an (incorrect) answer in the Daily Puzzle!

Work begins on the Nox Memorial Page!

On the 5th of October, 2010, something dreadful happened. Something, the horror of which has not been equalled in Neopia before or since. Hubrid Nox, a world class Necromancer of global repute, was struck down by the renowned criminal, Xandra.

And why was such a dashing and powerful Chia struck down in the prime of his unlife? Was Xandra seeking his power? Jealous of his successes? After his world-class ice cream collection? No! She attacked him to frame him for a crime he did not commit! The world was, quite rightly, shocked and appalled at Xandra's actions. This petpage is a memorial to Hubrid Nox, who may be dead, but will never be forgotten.

So just who is, or was, Hubrid Nox? Well, he is perhaps one of the most elusive characters in Neopian lore. His exact nature is unknown, but many believe him to be some form of vampire. He has lived in the Haunted Woods for a great many years, making his home in an old castle/mansion on the outskirts of the Deserted Fairground. From there, he has launched many attacks on the great and good of Neopia. Hubrid was known to be a powerful Necromancer, summoning ghosts and zombies to do his bidding as well as enslaving creatures like MAGAX. The exact extent of his magical abilities remain unknown - was he powerful enough to overcome death?

He is first thought to have appeared in early year 2 in a Collectable Card, making him quite old indeed. He has since risen to fame in the evil underbelly of Neopia with appearances in Caption Competitions and his own entry in the Gallery of Evil. It wasn't until Year 4 though that Nox's most memorable appearance came - featuring as the main villian in MAGAX: Destroyer.

Here, he was pitched up against his former ally, MAGAX, as he sought revenge against Hubrid. The Necromancer displayed an ability to shapeshift during this game, taking the form of a Cybunny called Cheelee. This game proved so popular, a sequel was released in Year 9. Hubrid also appeared in the Neoquest II game released in Year 6. There, he was an optional boss in the Haunted Woods stage, fought atop his fortress to free him from Edna's powerful spell.

Hubrid's appearances have since been varied, from Better Than You competitions, TCG cards, a second game in the form of Hubrid's Hero Heist, and even his own entry in the Neopets pronunciation page!

Sadly, his final appearance while alive, or whatever he was, was during the Faeries' Ruin plot, where he was mercilessly struck down by Xandra. Though for Hubrid, it seems that death was only the beginning...

Since Nox's death, there have been several key sightings - all in the Advent Calendar. The first came soon after his death at the hands of Xandra, on the 13th Day of Giving, Year 12. MAGAX was seen visiting Hubrid's grave, only for a ghostly hand to rise from the ground and claim the gift. This was followed up by a similar entry on the 9th Day of Giving, Year 13. There, a clear ghostly version of Nox was shown attempting to play a prank on MAGAX. The pattern was confirmed on the 10th Day of Giving, Year 14, with yet another ghostly Nox animation.

The Year 14 Masks of Dread event at first seemed to be featuring the ghost of Nox as a thief around Neopia, until the closing section of the event revealed Kanrik to be the real culprit. He had been impersonating Hubrid, casting doubt on the ghostly sightings. The Year 15 Advent Calendar featured Hubrid again, this time on the 26th Day of Giving. Here, Hubrid was seen planning a party with the ghost of two other famous Neopians, the Clockwork Negg Guardian, Rutu, and the Meepit Oaks nurse, Lucy.

Could it be that Hubrid has returned from the grave as a ghost? If so, why hasn't he returned to his castle? Or conquered the world now that he is invulnerable in his ghostly state? These questions and more we seek to answer with an annual Nox Memorial Day.

An old Necromancer dies? So what!?, I hear you cry. One less evil thing in Neopia! Well, wrong. The death of Hubrid Nox is likely to have had far reaching consequences for all of Neopia.

Perhaps the most notable consequence has been to Hubrid's long time nemesis and former ally, MAGAX. Without Hubrid to battle against, MAGAX has lost his purpose in life. Certainly, at the few public appearances he has made since Hubrid's death, he has looked quite depressed. Who knows what MAGAX could get up to without his battle against Nox to keep in occupied? He seems to have joined the mercenary band, the Brute Squad, but will this be enough purpose for him?

Visitors, or rather looters, who visit Nox's home in the Deserted Fairground, may notice it is quite deserted. This seems strange, as during his appearance in Neoquest II, Hubrid had an army of Chias protecting his fortress. Of course, Hubrid's undead minions will likely have crumbled or evaporated with his death, but where have these Chias gone? Unemployment must surely have spiked in the Haunted Woods area, and legions of evil angry Chia warriors roaming the countryside can hardly be a good thing for the public.

Why exactly have the Defenders of Neopia not stopped people raiding the late Nox's home? A steady stream of would-be criminals enter it, and mess about in his private laboratory in the hopes of stealing items of clothing. Something suspicious is going on when an international crime fighting agency does nothing to stop such a blatant disregard for the law.

The fate of Nox's assailant, Xandra, is also unknown. Last we knew she had been turned into a statue and taken into Queen Fyora's personal care, but how can we be sure this is a fitting punishment? Is she even aware of the passage of time while encased in stone? And if not, how could it even be considered a punishment? Again, the authorities are strangely silent on this matter.

Finally, the absence of Hubrid from the Haunted Woods area will inevitably created a power vacuum that others will be racing to fill. Edna, Balthazar, and Eliv Thade must now be increasing their output of evil and mischief in order to move in on Nox's territory - an upset to the balance of power in the Haunted Woods can be good for no one.

So what's the solution? Well, how about an annual Nox Day? One day of the year when citizens across Neopia can come together to remember the planet's foremost necromancer on the anniversary of his death - October 5th. Perhaps, if enough great minds come together, there may even be a way to bring Hubrid back from beyond the grave.

In 2011, this day came to pass. There was a grand poetry gallery, entries in the art gallery, a themed gallery spotlight winner, and a themed caption competition. In addition, new, Hubrid themed content was released on the site. But the joy of Nox Day was equalled only by the lows of the 7th of October, just two days later. In the Neopian Times editorial, the Neopets Team claimed that Nox Day was a one time only deal, and not the annual event that so many wished for. In an attempt to bring about Nox Day, users in 2012 submitted a whole host of content to competitions, and succeeding in making quite a few Nox-themed. But TNT did not bring back the annual news day.

But this is not the end of the story. Nox Day can still happen if enough people take it upon themselves to celebrate his life on the 5th of October every year. You too can help to keep the memory of Hubrid Nox alive in our hearts, by spreading the word of Nox and Nox Day to those you meet in your travels across Neopia, and gathering together to remember him on October 5th.

Hubrid Nox has been featured in a lot of user submitted material over the years, and here's a complete (hopefully!) list of everything. I've tried my best to contact everyone in this section for their permission to list them, but some accounts were frozen or inactive. If you're on the list and want your entry removed for whatever reason, just drop me a neomail and I'll be happy to oblige. Equally, if I've forgotten you and you'd like to be added, contact me and I'll fix it sharpish :)

|Art Gallery|Poetry Gallery|Storytelling Contest|Caption Contest|Random Contest|Neopian Times|

Art Gallery

Nox Lives? by ub3r_g00b3r

Hubrid Nox and Friend by kristykimmy

The Unfortunate Demises Club
by keshia_songwings

Hubrid nox watches you ! by loliipop45

Hubrid Nox Returns!

Happy Halloween? by mad_gasher

Catch me if you can! by tenabee

Revenge Is Sweet by ghost_lupin

Beloved Enemy by biianka14

Tribute to Hubrid's Nox's Hair!

He was a Jolly Good Fella by 1lalabears1

Nox's Vacation by linnipooh

MAGAX!! by huxittuarudo

The Woods Mourns Nox by fallingmonkey

Reminiscing Memories by chantili_doce

no one but me zaps Hubrid! by pipalinda_24

Hero Wocky Magax by mantikor

In my crystalball I see it all by brother_red

Culprit? by rebekahjoy33

Lupes Beware! by hazellauretta

The woods are alive by caterait

Foiled Again by tamia_silverwing

We love Borovan too! by rave_frenzy

Hubrid Nox by lady_knight184

Good Will To All by ghostkomorichu

Haunting Glow by akuroy_of_the_moon

Our luck wasn't so great, either by keshia_songwings

Nox is Chia Friendly by loco_753

The Most Terrifying Ghosts in All of Neopia by keshia_songwings

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Poetry Gallery

The Tale Of MAGAX
by Curlycute_2
Fairground Fun
by Amber0712
Xandra's Lament
by Ferroro
Nox In A Box
by Dortho
The Nox Mansion
by Kuroge
The Fall Of Faerieland
by Ilhs11
Mystery Pic
by Clintrocks2010
Ssidney's Game Of Chance
by Dr_tomoe
Something Has Happened!
by Dogobsess
The Hymn Of Hubrid Nox
by Aquaticblumaroo
To All The Winners So Far...
by Dr_tomoe
The Doctor Is In
by Jjquil
Happy Wocky Day, MAGAX!
by Agedbeauty
MAGAX's Graveside Vigil
by Agedbeauty
A Brucicle For Bruce Day
by Dr_tomoe
In Memory Of Xandra
by Brittanyftw
Neopets Birthday
by Stryclone
Halloween In Neopia
by Agedbeauty
by Secant
The Witching Hour Jamboree
by Instant_willow
Castle Nox: A Halloween Fright
by Jazzehness
The Month Of Collecting
by Dr_tomoe
Nox's Letter to Xandra
by Angel_star7
The Tragic Villain
by Kuroge
The House on the Hill
by Kaddiez
The Poem Inscribed On Nox's Grave
by Yoyti
One Year Ago
by Aldurswolf
The Best Poem About the Greatest Ixi Ever
By Saro_the_legendaerie
For Nox the Chia
By Tealnova_dragon
The Actual Foe
By Green_wizardco
Borovan Day Miracle
By Xx_neomania
Reactions to Spilt Borovan
By Chocolate_lover67
Hubrid Nox
By Herdygerdy
The Wocky Gypsy
By Chocolate_lover67
A Plea from Brynn
By Sheynacruz
Forgotten Faeries?
By Penskii
Hubrid, Hubrid
By Green_wizardco
The Finneus J. Scrollbottom Auxiliary Surplus Archives
By Psychoskittles
The Witching Hour
By Beagums
By Aeronamous
Ode to Hanso and Brynn
By Sumomu
Hanso the Thief's Story
By Anjie
The Petri-Pied
By Mamasimios
The Faeries in Ruin
By Ang3lgurl72
Hubrid's Failed Hero Heist
By Carrotbreath
In a Cybunny Disguise
By Mamasimios
MAGAX: The Dark Hero
By Dragonstorm_75
The Wocky Warrior
By Scarletspindle
Aloft and Still Alive
By Umbreon_clone
This Night, This Halloween
By Mamasimios
Villains on Halloween Night
By Sapphirekira
The Gallery of Heroes and the Gallery of Evil
By Rosabellk
The Haunted Woods
By Chaenda
Hail Hubrid Nox
By Precious_katuch14
By Mia_vendetta
The Epic Poem of Young Hubrid Nox
By Hoellenthon
The Mystery of MAGAX
By Anjie
Sir Hubrid Nox
By Spike_the_gurl
Neopias Villains Greet The New Year
By Anjie
By xThewrongx
Glimpses of Evil
By Lintlizard
The Uni Horn Wand
By Perturabo
By Sonsofwar
MAGAX: The Untold Tale
By Winterwhisper197
The Gallery of Evil
By Bookworm_the_great
Famous Chia Limericks
By Too_kule
MAGAX: Destroyer
By elkybelky
The More Frightening Side Of Halloween
By wrestlinglegendrebel
The Saga of Magax: Destroyer
By zammm2000
The Twins of the Awakened
By dortho
Woes Of The Halloween Grarrl
By Comawhite333
That Cold October Day
By Kristykimmy
Villain's Delight
By Venused
Where Are You?
By Comawhite333
Presents For The Day Of Giving
By Dr_tomoe
The Ironic Tale Of Hubrid Nox
By Chavo_guerrero

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Storytelling Competition

Storytelling #591
This was the tale of an Ixi who got tangled up with the dark Faerie, Jhudora, and her hunt for the mysterious Bridge of Tears. It didn't directly feature Hubrid - but the main character, Norbert, was reading the Nox Memoirs at several points - and that's good enough for me!
Storytelling #576
In this tale, Chef Bonju, his apprentice Juli, and her father Charles became embroiled in the efforts of the League of Nox - a secret society dedicated to resurrecting their master.
Storytelling #562
A pair of Neopets came across the spirit of Hubrid, trapped inside a dusty book. They follow directions to free the Chia, but end up tangling with Jhudora as well!
Storytelling #531
It's Halloween, and a pair of Neopets have dressed up (one as Hubrid!). But when people start becoming the creatures and characters their costumes are based on, chaos breaks out on the streets of Neopia.
Storytelling #505
Nox's faithful servant Algare and MAGAX team up to bring Hubrid back from beyond the grave, but is all as it seems?
Storytelling #497
Boochi has another victim, freshly turned into a baby - one problem, Boochi has picked on Hubrid Nox!
Storytelling #450
Several villains from across Neopia exchange correspondence, each wanting to double-cross the others. Hubrid Nox is among them, but how will things end?
Storytelling #394
Okay, so this tale of a band's encounter with the Spider Grundo didn't really have anything to do with Hubrid. But he was mentioned ever so briefly in one part. That counts, right? :P
Storytelling #366
A story about superheroes and supervillains, and what happens when they attend seminars. Hubrid was one of the evil-doers attending the How to Rule Neopia course, when a most unexpected mastermind springs a trap.
Storytelling #303
Okay, so maybe this one didn't precisely feature Nox in more than an offhand comment either, but it still counts. This was a tale about the Advent Calendar, but when the presents start coming to life, it is clear that something has gone quite wrong.
Storytelling #296
A great Halloween party happens, where the costumes turn people into the things they are based on - in the end, it turns out Hubrid was behind it all.
Storytelling #184
Hubrid Nox launches his latest half-baked scheme - putting Chia Flour in the Breadmaster's creations to turn all of Neopia into Chias! Can he be stopped?
Storytelling #168
Hubrid's got a problem - a baby Chomby has turned up on his doorstep, thinking the Chia is his father. Still maybe Hubrid can use this to his own gain.
Storytelling #111
Hubrid has somehow managed to cast a spell that stops everyone in the Haunted Woods giving out quests, and capture both MAGAX and Florg. Can a pair of Neopets stop his evil scheme before it gets any worse?
Storytelling #40
This earliest tale of Hubrid charts his efforts to gain notoriety and be featured in the Gallery of Evil. What lows will he stoop to to achieve his goal?
Storytelling #600
In a Meepit-controlled future, Hubrid Nox's ghost joins a group determined to save the world!
Storytelling #622
A strange moss is recovered from Hubrid Nox's old home - this can't end well!
Storytelling #626
A poor young girl ventures into the Deserted Fairground looking for her friend, but when it leads her into Castle Nox she gets more than she bargains for!

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Caption Competition

By ohyesidid

By comawhite333

By ramotswe

By chinesemistress

(By Lots of Contributors)

By dr_tomoe

By stewardgriffin

By mooglerz

By rickyullman1988

By wickedgypsy

By soccagal45
& revaskuld

By samjam848

(By Many Contributors)

By bobajfett
& theblackknight13

By spunwayout

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Random Contest

Neopets Art-Themed Playing Cards

Vacation Nox!
by aftertaste

Your Nightmare
by akabami

Lighting by sides
by shadow_lady_gel

Home is Where the Braaaains Are
by a_gogo

Hubrid nox action figure
by pipalinda_24

Hubrid Nox
by glitterrpop

Hubrid Nox
by alphapunkrocker

Hubrid Nox
by lizlovegood12

Hubrid Nox
by magnetismo

by dramahtic

The Game of Deception
by francis_john

The Faeries' Ruin
by klebreis

Fyora can't save you now...
by lachtaube

The Faeries Ruin
by lovagees

by phalzer

by phuongthi

The Faeries' Ruin
by ryan_is_me_10

The Para-Nox
by uniquepplz

The Faeries' Ruin Movie Poster
by _animefan17_

The Faeries' Ruin
by amarillida

The Faerie's Ruin: the movie
by azarel

The Thief'-poster
by cooltari

Noxious Noxygen
by dante_kz

The Faeries RUIN!
by destinys420

Faeries' Ruin: The Movie
by emo_pankakes

Movie Poster - Tasteless
by frogfrog109

Faeries' Ruin the MOVIE!
by i_rox_my_sox315

The Faeries' Ruin - Movie Poster
by mottipet

Faeries' Ruin Poster
by pingusaur

hanso's mirror
by rauuuly

by solovelly

TFR: The Faeries' Ruin
by thelupineone

An Epic for the Stone Age
by typetown

Evil Mobile
by hopsy69

Hubrid Nox for Ruler of Neopia
by peppermintpaste

Support Magax!
by spekje1390

Balloonbrid Nox
by summer_snow_020

Hubrid Nox
by xxbananasaladxx

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Neopian Times

Mustache Wax
by breakingchains

The Gift of Giving
by ruby_petal
& _failz_

Help is on the Way!
by sk390
& ruben160

A Spooky Halloween (4 Parts)
by ghostkomorichu

by seiya_from_ashes

Nox Day Pranks
by orlando_bloom_bigfan

A Hard Nox Life
by herdygerdy

by d_morton

Tea with Nox
by kristykimmy

How It All Began
by dr_tomoe

The Personal Memoirs of MAGAX
by rielcz

Missing Hubrid Nox? Create your very own replica!
by dragonsflame_uk

by (filtered username)

Tips of a Gamer - MAGAX Destroyer II
by 9r_waka_tip

Hubrid Nox: Evil Mastermind, OR A NEOPIAN TREASURE?!
by zirr

Ob-Nox-ious Neohomes
by be2aware

A Report on Hubrid Nox: Zafara style!
by chocolate_lover67

Biography of a Villain: Hubrid Nox
by thropp

The Poogle Apprentice
by crazymomskid1

The Jewel of Souls
by i_live_under_the_bed

Is Magax Destroying You?
by waning

The Magax Mystery
by slsjewelry

Your Friendly Walkthrough to Hubrid's Hero Heist
by danman111111

The Blumaroo That Could
by neolover148289

Hubrid's Hero Heist: Learn the Basics
by dana622

The Ultimate Guide to MAGAX: Destroyer II
by superpepe
& milkypath

One Crazy Day
by birdinggal

How to Take Down Hubrid Nox... Again

The Beginning of a Legend: The Story of Magax
by ilhs11

Hubrid's Halloween
by mygoodguild

Lonely Shadows
by siennacat13

Advanced Hubrid's Hero Heist
by mcdrexel

Magax: What I've Learned From the Destroyer
by ginnyw143

Magax Made Easy
by aluminum_boat

Hubrid's Hero Heist - The Guide
by undeadfortune

My Take on MAGAX: Destroyer
by theblackwolf353

The MAGAX Chronicles (Three Parts)
by grimpixie

A Guide to Magax: Destroyer
by fireandice92

Guide for MAGAX: Destroyer
by dempus

Hubrid's Wrath
by wonderful_aishas

The Shadows of Hubrid Nox (Two Parts)
by iluvpuppies986

Madam Ashiria's Prediction
by iluvpuppies986

Hubrid Nox: New Evil Overlord of Neopia?
by stoneman3x

Hubrid Nox VS. MAGAX
by sidohsam

The Evil Neopet Interviews: Hubrid Nox
by bluescorchio104

The Fine Art of Destruction
by geovii

Behind the Destroyer
by tdyans

by soggydude

When it Wasn't Hubrid Nox
by epk

Hubrid Nox... Chia Flour Gone Bad?
by fly_guy7

Hubrid Nox: Harmless Chia, or Power Hungry Maniac?
by bluescorchio104

The Return of Hubrid Nox
by sidohsam

The Very Evil Hubrid Nox (Three Parts)
by sidohsam

The League of Nox
by herdygerdy

Fort Nox: An Apshai Adventure
by peirigill

Troubled Past - Nox
by karen_mckenzie

Auction of Evil
by herdygerdy

How to Dress Like a Neopian Villain
by martia_elior & amarillida

Villains' Favorite Heroes
by pikachu315111

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