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A Thneed's a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!

Welcome to Thneed, a site dedicated to creating poetry for your pets! Inspired by the great works of Dr. Suess and other artists, this site aims to bring you poems that fit the characters you've created for your pets. You're welcome to use Thneed poems on applications, pet lookups, or character pages! However, before you continue on, please make sure to read all of the rules. There aren't many, and if you follow everything then I'll gladly accept your request!

Requests are currently: open


1. Please leave a credit on all poems. The most preferred form is to have "~Thneed" at the end of your poem and have it link back to this site. If that doesn't fit the theme you're trying to create with your poem {i.e. it would fit with your story to pretend it comes from ancient texts, etc.} then you can neomail me and I'll be willing to discuss another way of crediting with you. But the first way is the most preferred!

2. This should be covered by the above rule, but please do not claim my poetry as your own work!

3. I have specific forms for the type of poetry requested! Please send the one that matches with the type you're requesting. If you're requesting something not covered by one of the forms, neomail me information on what you want for a specialized form. If you have read all the rules, please include the word "qwerty" somewhere in your form.

*I am currently only accepting requests for short 3 or 4 stanza poems; if you wish for a saga length poem that tells a story or legend, that's only open for trades.


A Thneed's a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!

Below are the three types of forms I accept. Form one is for neopet/neopian characters, fandom characters, and original characters. Please title all neomails as "Poem Request"

Neopet/neopian characers: Your character is entirely based off of its neopet and exists only in Neopia.
Fandom Characters: Your character is/is based off of an existing character
Original Characters: You entirely created your character.

Neopet Characters

Fandom Characters

Original Characters

*you may send two neomails if your form is too long, but please specify part one and part two in your title


A Thneed's a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!


Power, water, ocean, free,
All describe the god of sea,
Ancient as the day or night,
The world quails from Neptune's might

He moves the waves, controls the tide,
Blows the winds for ships to ride,
He raises storms, he makes typhoons,
The ocean plays his every tune

Power, danger, hope, despair,
All are traits that Neptune bears,
The king of oceans, god of sea,
All must bow to his decree
~for Dayna


The voices whisper in the wind,
Their words are high, their murmurs thin
Of the land's most dark abyss,
These spirits plague the Land of Mysts

They haunt her in both dreams and day,
Urging her to come and play
And Blizzie finds she can't resist,
To join the evil in their midst

She lurks, she lies, she seeks to see,
The world burn in ecstasy
And with the teachings of her home,
Blizze makes her shadows known
~for Lacey

The Guard

Strong of sword and brave of mind,
Salt is of the greatest kind
He's vowed to guard his prince and friend,
Alex, whom he does defend

With quick thoughts and ample skill,
Salt ensures his steady will
Thought others may be caught surprised,
Salt always has a plan devised

His feet strong and steady on a boat,
A dagger tucked into his coat
Salt acts as both guard and guide,
Always at his prince's side

And when they reach the Land of Mysts,
And evil first extends its fist,
Salt is there, his sword in hand,
Ready for a faithful stand
~for Lacey


Born in greed and taught to steal,
For years she plundered with great zeal
But money's glitter can quickly fade,
And soon she felt for those she preyed

Running, Mira fled her life,
It had caused her too much strife
She pushed aside her old ideals,
And pledged to make more moral deals

She took her fate and changed her plight,
Decided she must do what's right
Changed her colors, turned her cloak,
And vowed to never run amok

Moving from the path she'd known,
Mira set out on her own
She stepped into the glowing day,
And left behind that awful grey
~for Finchia

Queenling's Prophecy

Saga poem example

The queenling grows in strength and pride,
Till the day that she must hide,
Escaping to the world below,
She runs away from a powerful foe.

But time again her home does call,
And she returns to cause its fall,
Three deeds of magic it will take,
To close the rift and mend the break.

The first a flute that she must steal,
Made of silver and to heal,
A simple task, first it may seem,
But only truth can make it gleam.

The second knowledge of old age,
Hidden by an ancient sage,
Guarded in a book of eyes,
It lends aid to battle cries.

Last a crown of grass and gold,
A hidden story to unfold,
Its secrets must create a claim,
That only blood can set aflame.

With all these three, at heavy cost,
She will meet the one she lost,
Together they will work to save,
Fighting those both cruel and brave.

But take my warning, heed it well,
Their war will be no easy quell,
And only if they both succeed,
Will these things come to pass as deeds.
~for The Hidden World

Poetry Trades

A Thneed's a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!

Would you prefer to have a more in-depth poem then my requests offer? A collection of poems that all relate to one pet or world? Or even a saga length poem that tells a story or a journey? Lucky for you, while I don't accept requests for those, I'm more than willing to do trades!

Trades are currently: open

How Trades Work

1. There are four types of trades I'm currently interested in: art trades, coding trades, button trades, and writing trades. I always need more art of Thneed, the site's mascot, and I'm actively looking for a personalized layout for this site, so art trades and coding trades are most preferred. However, button and writing trades are also welcome {though there is a higher chance that I might decline these}.

2. If you decide that you wish to do a trade with me, please contact me with a neomail labeled "Poetry Trade." If I do not get back to you within three days, feel free to send it again!

3. Once a trade has been decided on, you'll send several neomails specifying what you'd like your poetry to include and how you'd like it to be formatted. Likewise, I'll explain to you what I'm looking for, and provide references/explanation.

4. Lastly, I respect time! I am aware that trades that one puts effort into take time. I don't expect automatic completion, nor do I believe that it's realistic to expect that from me. :)

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