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June 14th 2010: The results are up! Rhapsody has won the May SOTM! I will have the awards up soon!
June 8th 2010: Sorry I have been inactive, my grand-parents were visiting. I am back! I now have one new affie, Symphonic!
June 3rd 2010: I have decided to postpone the voting deadline to later. I am not sure the exact date yet.
May 31st 2010:
Wow, I fixed lots of things yesterday and accidently forgot to save it! Oh well. Here is a quick summary of what is new:
Alice in Wonderland comes out on DVD and Blueray tommorow!!
I fixed and modernized certain parts of the site. I have been listed at two new directories. Yesterday, I added a new section called 'SOTM early-birds' for all those site owners who apply early. I am currently working on awards; they may be a little late for this month.
I have found out that I have done my rankings wrong and will work on those today or tommorow.
May 23rd 2010: I have been listed at several directories and I have also recieved one new button. This time, instead of a themed button, I went with a pattern. Here is an important notice:
Please ask me before listing my site at any directory
May 19th 2010: One new contestant in the SOTM and the BOTM. I have also received a few votes. I am so sorry that I have not been on for the last two days...
May 17th 2010: One new contestant in the SOTM.
May 15th 2010: We have received our first BOTM entrant! I have not yet opened voting for we only have one entrant. We also have one more entrant for the rankings.
May 14th 2010: New button, plus a few more votes.
May 13th 2010: Wow! already I have received 4 votes! Check out the SOTM page to find out who was voted for... Keep voting!
May 12th 2010: Voting in the SOTM is now open!!! . I have decided that I will open the voting for the SOTM (I have yet to receive my first BOTM entry) so get your 'Vote for Me at...' buttons up. Entering will remain open for about another week due to low numbers.
May 4th 2010: Wow! I have already recieved 3 SOTM contestants and 1 rankings entrant. I think that this month will be a little slow because we are just starting. We are now listed at several directories. I really need affies though....
April 24th 2010: Voting will be closed until May 1st We have 4 contestants in the contests or enough entrants for the rankings, but entering is open for all contests! We are currently being advertised by Little Black Book.
April 19th 2010: Three new buttons (one 'vote for me at' and two plain) and a new layout! The grand opening is set for April 25th 2010! That day I will start making this site known.
April 13th 2010: Three new buttons! One is a 'vote for me at MAAH' button and the other two are just plain 'Mad as a Hatter'.
April 12th 2010: I added a new contest, a BOTM contest. Yay! I will soon have a grand opening for this place! Right now, no one can see this new layout, but I will soon add it to the regular page once I get my banner.
April 11th 2010: Listed at and affies with Moonless directory!

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I am so sorry, but it never turned out how I wanted it to. Please check out my current sites that are much better then Mad as a Hatter ever was. I am working on a new contest, review and rankings site and am using my mistakes to build it up much more stronger then this site.
Thanks to all my supporters. Feel free to remove my link!

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