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about the creators of top

* Jas is sixteen and from a lovely place in the world also known as Ohio. When she was seven, with the help of her guildmates and some HTML guides, she learned how to make beautiful codes. * Kayla is twenty years old and resides somewhere near Boston. She taught herself how to code when she was about seven or eight by looking at existing codes and moving stuff around.

using our layouts?

* Please keep the credit up. You may move it if you wish, but keep it visible and don't steal. If you do, we hate you. And we will find you. ;D

* The save button might be hiding from you on some layouts. If this is the case, zoom out a few times and it should show up. If you're still having trouble, please contact one of us.

* If you're gonna edit a layout in any way, go right ahead. However! Don't think it's suddenly your layout now because you changed the color of something. Keep the credit, and mail us! We enjoy seeing what you do to stuff. It fascinates us deeply.

* Don't ask for requests. For the time being, we only want to focus on our own ideas. This may open up in the future. If that time comes, we will let you know.

* We actually enjoy hearing from you! Don't be afraid if you want to neomail us with some comment on our layouts or something, or you just want to tell us about your day. We can be nice people usually.. sort of.

* The only images we use are Neo gifs. This isn't really a rule, just something you need to know in case you're looking for smashing pictures of Harry Potter or something.

* At this time we are not accepting affiliates requests and such. We might list sites we like, but that's just us fangirling over other sites.