Hello stranger, I am temporarybird the Pteri,
welcome to my little webpage :)

Me looking all smart!

I am 52878 hours old and my owner is theoneroyal. I was born in Tyrannia, a very interesting place where anything can happen! Now and again theoneroyal takes me back to Tyrannia and I go to see a rock concert. My favourite band are the Sticks and Stones, but it is very hard to get tickets as everyone wants to see them live.

So where does a Pteri like me live? Well apart from my cosy Neohome, I like to sleep outside under the stars. You just can't beat a nice soft nest made from fresh Lavaberry leaves. This is a photo of me and some of my friends, messing around as usual :)

Some people say that is all us Pterii do, but I don't think so. We just like to have fun and laugh a lot. Its better than being a boring, lazy, old Skeith!

So what does a cute little creature like me enjoy eating?
My favourite food is a piece of Giant Omelette fresh from the rock in Tyrannia. It truly is the nicest thing I have ever tasted. Sausage and pepperoni or carrot and pea are the best!