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.:My Friends and Family:.

Christoph is one of my really good friends. His owner Chaka draws really pretty pictures of him (if only Rya could draw that well..). He seems to be slightly obsessed with the Britney Spears Pepsi comercial lately.. =P
(Image © Chaka)

Surfie (Misha):
Misha is another one of my good friends. She used to be a normal split aisha, but then she got rid of her long ears. She can be shy at times, but she's really fun to play with! ^^
(Image © Nightshade100)

Sako and I met on her oekaki board, and she's lots of fun to talk to, even if she is a bit..pessimistic at times. I have lots of fun spending time with Sako, and we like to play together or just kinda walk around and talk.
(Image © Taisei)

Ange and I also met on Sako's oekaki. She was kinda feeling left out one day, so I decided to become her friend~ She can either be a innocent little angel aisha or a.. not so innocent aisha... ^^;
(Image © Lena)


Whee.. fun fun. just copy and paste the code that's to the.. *blink* right of the sprite you want. ^^; And no altering the code! =D